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Contest: Brooklyn Nets Apparel

Your chance to win some fresh Brooklyn Nets gear, designed by Jay-Z.

For the past couple of months, there’s been a proliferating buzz in anticipation of the Nets’ move from New Jersey to Brooklyn. With the team’s 2012 campaign finished, the organization is already focused on its next chapter. Today, you could say the prologue was written, as the Brooklyn Nets opened for business. The team introduced its brand-new logos, color-scheme (black and white) and a plethora of apparel available for purchase.

Fortunately, our good friends at adidas hooked us up with plenty of Nets gear, and, with a display of some basketball acumen and creativity, you can have some gear too, free of charge. We’ve got an excess of stuff (some of which is in the gallery above), and are ready to give away 10 fresh t-shirts, from casual vintage tees to adidas CLIMALITE short-sleeve practice tops, in both black and white.

Now, your part: To win, tell us your favorite basketball player from Brooklyn, and why, in the comment section.

It can be a player born-and-bred in the borough, like Bernard King, Chris Mullin, Stephon Marbury or Lance Stephenson, for example, or someone who was born in BK but holds only a marginal affiliation, like Michael Jordan or Carmelo Anthony. Drop a compelling, genuine reason or anecdote in the comment section, and you’ll be getting some fresh gear. Ten winners will be picked on Friday and contacted early next week. In the meantime, be sure to follow adidas Basketball and SLAMonline on Twitter. Hello, Brooklyn!

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  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Chris Mullin. Because of his jumper, and his accent. Mainly his accent.

  • Danny

    Plenty of better players, but Sebastian Telfair holds the most sentimental value with me. Through the Fire really piqued my interest in this sport and although he’s a marginal talent, Bassy will always be a compelling figure to me.

  • Tai Butler

    Bernard King.
    One of the best small fowards ever.

  • Michael

    Come on, now! It’s got to be Starbury! Mainly for his infamous video meltdown, but he’s still balling out in China to this day, right? Plus…He Got Game.

  • Brian McGovern

    Jesus Shuttlesworth, kid had game

  • Monty

    I can’t wait for a new rivalry to begin in New York.

  • Randall

    Michael Jordan. Changed the game. Created my favorite shoes

  • Gurinder Sanghera

    Chris Mullen! He had the sweetest stroke in the game and gotta love him at St.Johns.

  • Trevor B

    I have to go with Stephon Marbury because of his face tattoo and affordable basketball sneakers. And for the championship he finally got. In China.

  • Zane Keyes

    Sebastian Telfair, I know everyone will hate my comment, but honestly. Watching Through the Fire the documentary got a lot of kids in my generation interested into, and willing to put in the work ethic needed for basketball. I think Telfair should’ve stayed another year in college but you know what he fought through a lot of adversity and things not necessarily going his way. Now he’s a great role player/back-up for Steve Nash and “trashed” chris paul in two games against the Clippers this season. Give me Telfair or Give me death!

  • Wes


  • Andrew Lief

    Carmelo Anthony because he was a dominant player at Syracuse and helped lead them to a national championship in 2003!!!!

  • Martin C

    Starbury, lol he was so fun to watch at times, too bad he went sour.

  • weez

    It’s gotta be Melo! He’s still holding it down in the Big Apple, and is one of the best scorers of all time.

  • Lee Kaplan

    My favorite Brooklyn baller has to be stephon marbury because his success in China is a true story of redemption after his acrimonious parting of ways with the NBA. I also like how he started a successful business based around the needs of low income people who can’t afford $150 sneakers.

  • Jake


  • JWG

    Chris Mullin – pure gym rat, pure lefty jumper.

  • Mike

    Mark Jackson. “Mama, there goes that man.”


    Michael Jordan…no one had more of an impact on the game than him. Born in Brooklyn, his game and competitiveness is better than anyone that has ever played the game. Without a doubt, MJ is my favorite player from Brooklyn. Great to see basketball returned to the Brooklyn borough. Excited and ready to see what they can do next year.

  • GT

    marbury, he still has the passion (CBA) and 01′ All Star Game

  • Jakob K

    I gotta go with Jesus Shuttlesworth! But in actuality, Sebastian Telfair because of his Lincoln High days.

  • jaycheezy

    Got mad love for Sebastian Telfair. Can you say, ‘hrough the Fire’? It’s not easy to come into the NBA straight from high school as a 6-foot point guard. But if you watched the documentary, it’s not hard to see he has the poise and determination. His tears on draft night showed, making it to the League was all he ever wanted. We still have love for ‘Bassy.

  • George Baskerville

    Gotta go with Starbury, shined everywhere he went including Slam, Ga Tech, Twolves, Suns, Nets and Knicks then took Gotham to China

  • http://pinstripestateofmind.wordpress.com Nate

    Marbury because of his vaseline video and because he has found himself in China while finding a way to win a championship. I also like that he sold affordable sneakers.

  • Waxe

    Being born and bred in australia how could I go past anyone but the kangaroo kid, Billy Cunningham!

  • Curtis

    Michael Jordan because is the best of all time!

  • Reuben

    Would go with MJ, but im gonna go Brooklyn born and say Taj Gibson. Had to of the nastiest slams on the Heat last year and is always a ferocious player on the court.

  • Ben

    Carmelo Anthony. Besides his lethal offensive game and knack for coming through in the clutch, he hasnt’t forgotten about where he’s from. He’s been a New York guy all his life, from his early childhood to his days at Syracuse to his time with the Knicks.

  • http://www.redsarmy.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    Stephon Marbury. Why? When he came to Boston for the end of the 2008-09 season, I had a chance to briefly meet him. The guy is just 100% real. Sure, he’s eccentric, but the guy has really never changed much despite all the money, hype and hangers-on. From that moment on, I had a new-found respect & admiration for Steph. Oh, and did I mention he’s incredibly smart? The way he has reinvented himself and the “Starbury” brand over in China is amazing. Stephon Marbury-love that dude.

  • Hank Tucker

    For me it has to be Mullin, a player with marginal athleticism, personal issues, and has to play while being compared to the likes of Larry Bird. Mullin is the definition of a gym rat and his competitiveness and toughness personify what being a ball player from BK is all about. At his hall of fame induction he said: “Looking out, I realize I’m a long way from Flatbush Ave., but Brooklyn’s definitely in the house tonight.” That is the swagger associated with coming up through Brooklyn.

  • henry

    gotta go with Chris Mullin, arguably the greatest of the GSW franchise and really helped jumpstarting the organization by putting them on the map!

  • Kenneth O’Brien

    I would have to go with Bernard King, I’m too young to really remember watching him play in his heyday but he was drafted by my Nets so I have to show my loyalty. If only things had gone differently and the Nets didn’t have to trade him. If a player who has posted consecutive games of 50 points or more can’t alter the course of a franchise, who can?

  • Seung Woo Raoum

    Bernard King. He has two of the top 5 scoring in MSG. For his career he averaged about 22 points per game, shooting 52% from the field. He has been nominated in the Hall of Fame as well. What else do you need? Of course Marbury is a great player but I would put Bernard King over Stephon Marbury.

  • Danny Breen

    Statbury, his attitude was all Brooklyn and now finally in China it is all class. Also I love the retro look, I would be the coolest guy Downunder if I was sporting some of this gear, not to mention make my two sons so jelous.

  • http://twitter.com/smileyoufckers Bryan

    Stephon Marbury, because he (and Iverson) took me from a close minded Knicks fan to a fan of the game of basketball. I fell in love with his flair and passion early on and never gave up on him. Also sidenote, I can’t prove this but I swear its true, one time when I was like 6 and he was 11, I was watching my dad play streetball and Steph was out there. He didn’t get in the run right away, so I rebounded the ball for him, until he got in and he dominated and I never saw him again. I don’t REALLY know if it was him, but he does have a…distinct head shape, that stands out.

  • https://www.facebook.com/dragos.pop.7 Pop Dragos

    Stephon Marbury

  • Splash

    Jason Kidd! He is arguably the best passer the NBA has seen in awhile. He brought joy to the fans of the Nets and from 2001-2008 put the Nets on the map with the help of Vince Carter. The first year Kidd was on the Nets they had one of the best turnarounds in NBA history. He was the leader of the team and was never selfish. J Kidd!

  • Bhavesh K

    Quincy Douby..Sure MJ was from brooklyn and if we’re arguing stats theres no competition whatsoever, I have a different argument..BY FAR one of the sweetest names ever! The name Chris Mullin in comparison is choosing Sam Cassel as the best looking NBA player..lets be honest.

  • Alvin

    Stephon Marbury because he was the most hyped (thanks to Slam) and arguably the most talented baller to come out of Brooklyn. Congrats on winning the championship over in China. We still support you over here in Brooklyn.

  • Chris

    Sebastian Telfair “Bassy” Watching his documentary really showed me how hard he had to work and the pain he had to endure to get to where he’s at. He might have made the wrong decision to skip college but he is still my favourite player out of the Brooklyn area.

  • Kasper Strand

    I have to go with Stephon Marbury. I remember him as early as back when he was a SLAM Diary feature in High School, to when he was featured on the “Showbiz & KG” cover way back in the ‘Sota days. He was (and still is) the most talented point guard to come out of the “Big Apple”, just sad he never quite got to the level his talent could have taken him. But I’ll never forget Lincoln, Tech, Minny and the years with the Nets and Suns. So my pick is Starbury…

  • Steven

    Carmelo Anthony: 2001 National Championship was the first game I was allowed to stay up late for.

  • scott

    Michael Jordan

  • Steven

    Carmelo Anthony: 2003 National Championship was the first game I was allowed to stay up late for.

  • Shaan M

    Carmelo Anthony! born and raised in BK and now he’s finally in good ol NY.

  • scott

    Micheal Jordan —None of the others with the exception of Jordan even know what moving without the ball means.

  • RG1

    GERALD Squared running for the New Nets = East Coast Lob City

  • Nick Jethwani

    Michael Jordan

  • Jerry

    Michael Jordan. I’m from Chicago were a kid from BK became a god in my city. Seriously. My father wouldn’t even buy me Jordans because kids would get robbed & shot for them. Just to be like Mike.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Emil_Ilgauskas Emil

    Chris Mullin has to be my pick because he changed the game forever by introducing a new style of basketball. He was a great shooter but later moved into a forward role that I always love. He gave a new direction for shooters. Best of all the accent has stuck with him all the way to the games he commentates over now. Many people underrate him as a player but he is one of the greatest players to play at his position. He was a great legend from Brooklyn and always will be

  • Edgar Dominguez

    Chris Mullin- I first started watching basketball in the era of Run TMC.. Chris was just a pure shooter with a hard work ethic.. More players should strive to work like him..

  • Caleb

    Lenny Wilkens – Hall of Fame Coach and Player


    fo sho it has to be LamAR Kardashian!

  • Iman

    Stephon Marbury is my favorite basketball player from Brooklyn because he is a true baller, in every sense of the word. Even after leaving the NBA he went to China and became a basketball legend there overnight. Stephon Marbury does what he wants when he wants and doesn’t care what people think. He continues to prove everyone wrong time and time again, always reppin hard for the city of Brooklyn, and that is why he’s my favorite Brooklyn baller.

  • logues

    michael jordan. he’s been my favorite player since i can remember. greatest athlete of all time. i mean i look back at some of my old pictures when i’m like 5 or 6 years old and im rocking mj shirts and bulls hats… about dang near 20 yrs later and i’m still rocking mj shirts/shoes. what other athlete has ever had that kind of impact? could watch his highlights all day, every day

  • Samy Shihab

    Carmelo Anthony

    Born in red hook Brooklyn played all his basketball in new York all through high school except forgone year at oak hill. Then continued at syracuse and won a national champioship in his obly year there. Then was an MVP and came back to newton to put tem back on the map.

    Samy Shihab

  • jpm34

    Michael Jordan. G.O.A.T. Nuff said.

  • Connor Ritter

    I think it has to be Michael Jordan for how he changed the game and he is still talked about today as the best to ever play. His shoes are also TO KILL FOR. And forget about the Bobcats anyway, he could easily change their record to .500 by playing with them..

  • Adam Pettit

    Chris Mullin – sweet stroke, rough and tumble accent (even if you have no clue who he is you still know he’s from BK) still looks like he could hold his own on the court, and his flat top forever lives!


    Billy Cunnigham. The kangaroo kid needs some love! Monster but slowly being forgotten about. MVP Brooklyn league and first-team all-New York city 1961! NBA all-rookie team 1965! ABA MVP 1972! NBA champ as a player (1967 with Sixers) and as a coach (1983 with Sixers)! Hall of fame class of 1986! Man’s a legend! Plus, a white guy nicknamed the kangaroo kid, you gotta love it!

  • http://slamonline.com Jordan Nafekh

    Gotta go with Lance Stephenson, watching Born Ready pour in the points in high school changed the way I play my game and my appreciation for high school basketball. Now that he’s finally getting some PT for Vogel in Indiana it’s looking like he can start to address some of the hype that SLAM cover gave him!

  • Mehtab

    Chris Mullin

  • MoSlamaJama

    Best player to come out of Brooklyn, James “Fly” Williams. Im pretty none of you guys know him, so let me enlighting you a bit. Fly was born Brownsville Brooklyn and grew up as a kid who enjoyed baseball. Its funny because he was told not to play baseball because of his height considering that is probably one of the weirdiest reasons on not playing baseball. He tried basketball which was tough at first but later adjusted to the game. He played against the greats coming out of NYC coming to mind, The G.O.A.T. Fly got his nickname from the swagger he brought on and off the court, with his swaggin clothes and those moves he used on the floor earned him the nickname. People considered his NBA begining was a disappointment considering all the hype surrounding him coming out of college where he exelled. Whats dishearting is the fact that he had to cut his basketball dreams short because of a robbery with left him with his lung partially torn and a bullut wound in his back. If this never occured, believe me, he would have proved the doubter wrong with ease. Best player to come out of Brooklyn in my opinion and his story leaves a lesson on all of us. Live life as it is because your life can change in the slightest moment.

    BTW Im following you guys on twitter, hit my up @MohamedWarsame_

  • t-sizzle

    Stephon Marbury, no doubt about it. Back when I first started playing basketball, I really looked up to Steph, T-mac, AI, and Stevie Franchise. I was in front of my TV rooting for them every single game. Look at us now 2012 already, how time flies. AI and Franchise are gone, and T-mac is now just a shell of his former self. Marbury on the other hand came to terms with life and learned to be content no matter his situation. He’s still going strong, breaking ankles and knocking down 3′s across the pond in China, and I truly commend his love for the game. And don’t forget his Starbury brand, making shoes affordable for all the little kids out there. This is all reasons why I continue to root for Marbury and I wish him all the best on and off the court.

  • Kyle

    Stephon Marbury. Saw him play at Lincoln High as a Railsplitter and was ecstatic when he came to the Nets in ’99. (And he also was the reason the Nets got future Hall of Famer Jason Kidd!)

  • http://facebook Adrian Banks

    Dwayne the Pearl Washington. He used to just destroy everybody in high school at Boys High. He was our idol growing up in the BK.

  • http://facebook Adrian Banks

    Dwayne “The Pearl” Washington. He used to kill EVERYBODY in high school. We loved The Pearl in Brooklyn back in the day.

  • http://Slamonline Eric jararuse

    Earl the “GOAT” Manigault . All ima say

  • Trippy

    Chris Mullin for sure. The guy was a gym rat with a love for the game that inspires me. Everytime I watch his segment on my “Dream Team” VHS tape narrated by Ahmad Rashad, I think back to my days shooting in my driveway for hours. Bonus: the legendary flat top.

  • rayrayjr

    Going with Connie Hawkins. Held his own at Rucker against legends like Wilt, Kareem and Earl Manigault. Also, despite being barred from the NBA, because his name was rumored and never proven to be involved with point shaving, he dominated in the ABL, with the Globetrotters, and the ABA. He did have a phenomenal NBA Rookie season but unfortunately in the next few years injuries slowly slowed him down. Who knows what could have been if he was let in the NBA right after college…

  • Matt Capotosto

    Bernard King. Bernard was one of the best and most unique scorers in history. For a period of time, before being devastated by injuries, he was as talented as there was in the league. He led some overmatched, to say the least, Knicks teams into the playoffs against some of the most successful teams in history. Unfortunately he will never get the credit he deserves, at least not from basketball fans outside of Brooklyn and New York.

  • Dan Marciano

    Micheal Jordan. hes the greatest player to ever play the sport he won 6 nba finals i think hes the best everyone in the nba looks at him like hes a god

  • RKJ92

    Brian Scalabrine..(he was secretly born in Brooklyn SHHH Lol) and when rules are made for a man not to be able to leave the bench you know your secretly the deadliest player in the history of the league ;) you can mail me my gear whenever.. haha

  • Scott

    Stephon Marbury is my favourite Brooklyn-bred baller. He represents a true BK point god, with the skills to match his swagger. My very first SLAM mag was Steph on a playground in Coney Island, back in his heyday with the Nets. If only they were playing in Brooklyn back then, fans would have been going crazier than when they were asked “Is Brooklyn in the house?!”. Steph represented his borough as well as anyone ever did… As Biggie said, “spread love it’s the Brooklyn way”!

  • PGGP

    Michael Jordan because of SLAM #’s 50 and 100!

  • http://www.borntocompete.com Money$hot

    Anthony Heyward a.k.a. the orginal “half man half amazing ” I know he didn’t make it to the NBA but he was a pioneer for not only street ball, but for Brooklyn basketball as well. A great leaper in his time!

  • Josh Kadlec-Cavanagh

    Lance Stephenson because he has a bright future ahead. After watching Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot, it showed he has a lot of potential to be a big scorer. Big L!

  • jufu

    easily starbury. growing up in jersey from 93-04, the nets were going nowhere quick, and the only two players that i knew, grew up with, were starbury and van horn. i remember my school team and i would get together at someone’s house every time a nets game was playing, and nobody would leave until the game was done, we were so fascinated by the man. and for nets fans, man, did we starve for highlights. starbury is and always will be a hero to me.

  • http://www.twitter.com/IamHagel IamHagel

    Red Holzman, not only played in the NBA but coached the Knicks to their first championship in 1970. His name is hanging from the world’s most famous area, and he was also a jew. Its easy to name players from more recent memory, but you can’t forget a guy like Red Holzman

  • Nick

    Jayvaughn Pinkston. JP is the toughest basketball player i know. Perfect poster child for tough nosed Brooklyn basketball. No he doesn’t have the flashy handles, but I have never seen a more competitive player. He will win at any cost any he has a remarkable high basketball IQ. JP will be special for Villanova next year.

  • Marcus

    Brooklyn born and raised, four time NBA champion, first to win a ring with three different teams. Don’t forget him wearing those coke bottle lens glasses in “Bad Boys”? Who else but John “Spider”Salley

  • ZamirT

    My favorvite player from brooklyn has to be lance stephenson because he chagned the whole highschool scene for the lincoln railsplitters, to think that marbury family and the telfair family went to lincoln they didnt do it like stephenson, stephenson has broke sebastion and stephons record for most points scored and lance loved the game and is always repping brooklyn. You can say that carmelo and jordan are the best players from brooklyn but they didnt do the highschool scene like stephenson and stephenson had cats 10 years older then him talking about him( fat joe) you have to say lance stepheson is the best player from brooklyn to play in brooklyn(he still holding records that sebastion and stephon once had)

  • Pic

    Red Auerbach. When you think of how basketball is supposed to be played, you think Red. Did you know he was Second-Team All-Brooklyn as a high school senior in Williamsburg?

  • LA315

    Melo is my favorite, i have been a fan since i saw him at Syracuse, then denver, and now new-york. i like the way he can go off and just score like no one is guarding, especially that denver VS pacer game a while back that was just crazy. he was just laughing at how everything was just goin in. it will be really interesting later in his career if he decides to leave new york and go to Brooklyn…… REALLY INTERESTING !

  • Steph

    Chris Mullin. He had many levels to his game, from his amazing jumper to great defense. He never gave up and always tried to be the best he can be.

  • B Lewis

    Bernard King is my FAVORITE player from the BK. Reasons and rationales have all been hashed out by everyone from the barbershop on the block to the “Volunteer” hardwood of Tennessee. Bernard was relentless. If I say “tenacious” scorer it will sound like a broken record, a cliche because he ALWAYS described this way. What I will say that isn’t often repeated is that AS A KNICKERBOCKER (via wikipedia) he was “the first player since 1964 to score at least 50 points in consecutive games: scoring 50 points on 20 for 23 shooting with 10 free throws in a 117-113 Knicks victory over the San Antonio Spurs on January 30, and following it up with another 50 point performance in another road victory – this time in a 105-98 win over the Dallas Mavericks – on 20 for 28 shooting and 10 free throws. The next season, on Christmas Day, 1984, King lit up the New Jersey Nets for 60 points, becoming just the tenth player in NBA history to score 60 or more points in a single game. King had scored 40 points by halftime, and finished the game with 19 of 30 shooting from the field and 22 of 26 from the free throw line” and that was after leading the Nets in scoring during his ROOKIE season. The man was a scoring machine and having played on many levels, 6’7″ and 205lbs really isn’t that “big.” He also managed around 3-4 assists per game and averages of 6-7 boards. These numbers bear comparisons to every one of the “great” players who have graced our Nation’s highest league for hoop. You must also keep in mind that Bernard didn’t just do it in the league. He also did it amongst his “peers” in the leagues and parks of NYC. This is Bernard King a NYC Hoop Legend who MADE IT.

  • robb

    Lance Stephenson because he said he was born ready when he wasn’t.

  • Addam

    Shawn Corey Carter, because I want to score some free sh!t!

  • JB

    How about Dwayne “Pearl” Washington!!! Born and raised in Bklyn. Went to Boys and Girls High and did his thing. On to the ‘Cuse where he laughed at defenders and shook em up like he was on the playgrounds of Bklyn. He epitomizes Bklyn basketball. And drafted by the “Nets”!

  • http://slam troy boy


  • Paul

    Chris Mullin. Run TMC. Hall of Famer. One of the craziest shot, with all the lefty swag and everything. But most of all, that guy got class. The way he defended GSW’s new proprio on thr night his number was retired was amazing to me. Shoutout to one of the greatest gentlemen the game has created.

  • Seymiautomatic

    It’s gotta be Michael Jordan for me. I know it would be a common answer but everything I know about playing basketball I learned from watching him play. He’s greatness personified. Kobe’s the closest person I’ve seen to him but there will never be another Michael Jordan.

  • Chris

    It’s gotta be that Kidd and Carter DUO! Even though they were swept in that 2005 playoffs by the heat, Them NETS went CRAZYYY!!! Assists…dunks…everywhere. Miss those days. Go Brooklynn!!! Born and raised.

  • D12FSU

    for me its marbury, not only for his skill, but because he made my favorite “g-d dam” face – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mbLdZlQC1U

  • http://hotmail moses

    Earl the ” GOAT” Manigault. All ima say

  • rob stewart

    I’ve always loved TAJ GIBSON. He comes off the bench and gives instant energy! The guy is a hard worker and has even made Boozer expendable. And please don’t forget his playoff dunk of the year on Dwyane Wade last season!! Hopefully he will score more now that D Rose was injured for the season. Get well soon Rose and hopefully Gibson will give us another playoff Slamadamonth

  • J Blackburn

    Larry “I will coach any and all teams” Brown—solid player and great coach. Only coach to lead eight teams to the playoffs and only coach with championships in both college (NCAA) and the pros (NBA).

  • breakfast klub

    My favorite player isn’t much of a household name, but he gave us a show every time my brother and I would take bus over to see him play at Rucker. John “The Franchise” Strickland will FOREVER be my favorite player. For those who can’t afford to go to Madison Square Garden, that tourney provided an NBA type feeling that not even the NBA could give, and Strick was one of the only few that gave it EVERY GAME. I loved watching him play, and so did everyone who came out to watch him too. He was a star that wasn’t the highest in the sky, but shined the brightest. No one can match the person or player he was. He may not have been Starbury, or Telfair, or even Jordan, but he was all 3 for us, and especially for me. I miss him and so does Brooklyn. They’ll never be another ‘Strick.’

  • Klaustophobik

    Mark Jackson is my fav. player to come out of Brooklyn. Apart from the fact that he is half Dominican he’s always dominated both in and out of the court. He always made everyone around him better and the reason why I love the “tear drop” so much! Also he has always performed with class(high school, college, NBA, Commentator, and now as a Coach). He is the ultimate role model.

  • Knick-a-bocka

    Chris Mullin without a doubt…
    There was a time in the early 1990s where Mullin was considered the best SF in the league. Pippen hadn’t quite developed into the defensive monster and offensively skilled player he’d turn into during the mid 1990s. Bird had several injury issues and his game was clearly on the decline. Nique wasn’t having much team success hence why people didn’t think of him that highly. Worthy was on the decline as well after a few ankle injuries and making deep playoff runs. So, Mullin seized the opportunity and rose to the top with his peak being around 1992 where he was named to the Dream Team and the All-NBA first team.
    I enjoyed watching him play. Terrific shooter from all ranges; one of the best I’ve ever seen. He could also pass really well and played point forward on occasion with Hardaway resting or playing off-ball. Definitely had good court vision.
    His jumper was smooth as butter … dude was wet with that left-handed stroke. Really crafty as well making impossible spin shots by flipping the ball to the basket from all angles (underneath the rim, over bigger defenders etc). Could hit runners, floaters and finished really well with contact due to supreme concentration. He also moved really well off-ball being in the right spot at the right time. Would hit that spot up, catch and shoot jumper in the blink of an eye.
    Underrated defender too. He had really quick hands that resulted in a lot of steals and deflections. Played the passing lanes really well and stripped people straight up although his man defense wasn’t the greatest. He had trouble guarding penetrating and explosive small forwards.
    One thing that always amazed me was his consistency. You knew what you were going to get from him every night. My favorite memory of him is his play in G2 of the Warriors/Lakers showdown in the 1991 playoffs where he absolutely abused Magic Johnson which led to Magic comparing his game to the legendary … Larry Bird.
    It is for these reasons that Mullin is one of my all-time favourites, not just within Brooklyn, but in the world.

  • http://twitter.com/willxdo William Hooker

    My newest favorite player out of Brooklyn is CharlesJenkins (#GSW) from college at Hofstra to his journey into the NBA, Jenkins symbolizes the ethic & passion basketball & Brooklyn share. He wasn’t a lottery pick, but with his hard work this rookie season, he worked his way into the rotation as well as becoming a starter. Despite injuries with GSW, Jenkins is putting in work & developing his game. Another native of Brooklyn, Mark Jackson, can only speak highly of him. Look out for both him & GSW next year!

  • Mike

    Without a doubt my favorite baller from Brooklyn is Sebastian Telfair. Critics say he was a bust. A guy that made the wrong decision by going straight to the NBA instead of college. Just another draft pick that didn’t turn out as planned. But when I think of him, I think of a guy that inspired a whole neighborhood. To the people of Coney Island, Telfair is the image of hope and a one-way ticket out of poverty. They see a guy that has poured countless hours of dedication into something he was good at. It was his passion for the game of basketball and discipline that influenced much of his accomplishments. Sebastian Telfair embodies everything that is Brooklyn: hard work, determination and perseverance. Sounds like a success to me.

  • Mattera James

    Micheal Jordan – yes he is a North Carolina native but he was born in Brooklyn and is the greatest BasketBaller of all time and by looks will be for some time

  • George Burke

    Chris Mullin without a dout
    There was a time in the early 1990s where Mullin was considered the best SF in the league. Pippen hadn’t quite developed into the defensive monster and offensively skilled player he’d turn into during the mid 1990s. Bird had several injury issues and his game was clearly on the decline. Nique wasn’t having much team success hence why people didn’t think of him that highly. Worthy was on the decline as well after a few ankle injuries and making deep playoff runs. So, Mullin seized the opportunity and rose to the top with his peak being around 1992 where he was named to the Dream Team and the All-NBA first team.
    I enjoyed watching him play. Terrific shooter from all ranges; one of the best I’ve ever seen. He could also pass really well and played point forward on occasion with Hardaway resting or playing off-ball. Definitely had good court vision.
    His jumper was smooth as butter … dude was wet with that left-handed stroke. Really crafty as well making impossible spin shots by flipping the ball to the basket from all angles (underneath the rim, over bigger defenders etc). Could hit runners, floaters and finished really well with contact due to supreme concentration. He also moved really well off-ball being in the right spot at the right time. Would hit that spot up, catch and shoot jumper in the blink of an eye.
    Underrated defender too. He had really quick hands that resulted in a lot of steals and deflections. Played the passing lanes really well and stripped people straight up although his man defense wasn’t the greatest. He had trouble guarding penetrating and explosive small forwards.
    One thing that always amazed me was his consistency. You knew what you were going to get from him every night. My favorite memory of him is his play in G2 of the Warriors/Lakers showdown in the 1991 playoffs where he absolutely abused Magic Johnson which led to Magic comparing his game to the legendary … Larry Bird.
    It is for these reasons that Mullin is one of my all-time favourites, not just within Brooklyn, but in the world.

  • Mathew

    Carmelo Anthony – even with his flaws melo is still one of the greatest players of this generation and is a brilliant all round player even with his defensive issues and has the best clutch shot in the NBA

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    FOr me it’s Stephon. I have a lot of respect for him to endure what he endured and then to get a scholarship and become an NBA household name at one point. And so much respect for his off the court prowess. I know what it’s like to not have the cool gear other kids had growing up. WHen Steph came out with his Starbury shoes, wow it was amazing. Give those who can’t afford some stylish shoes a chance to buy some. I love my Starbury 2′s. I have the red white and blue ones that I still wear. Kept them in great shape. Thanks Steph for that. When Steve and Barry’s went under, I was pretty devastated. And I’m really happy that Steph is having a great time in China. He’s now getting a statue because they don’t give Americans rings for a title or something? I forget, but I know he has a statue in China for his basketball title he brought them. Wow, just a kid from Brooklyn who made it big and now has a statue of himself in a foreign country! Proud of you Steph.

  • Mtothes

    Starbury for eating vaseline.

  • bk

    Dwayne Washington because he was the father of the illest dribble move ever…… The killer cross over…. I actually read that bit of info in a Tim hardaway interview in a slam. With out him there would be no killer cross over

  • Linnuse Limonaad

    Stephon Marbury for taking it to another level.

  • Dani

    Mr. Starbury is my favorite for a simple reason. A kid born and raised in BK with a lot of heart for the game and went onto play in the NBA and become an NBA All-Star and part of the Olympic team. He was like a role model to me, I still have his Knicks jersey hanging on my bedroom wall and I’m proud of it. It was good to see him finally win a championship in China, watching the celebration after the final seconds really brought tears to my eyes. It showed that he still has his unconditional love for the game and I hope he can win another one. What a beautiful career!

  • j

    MJ. best there ever was, best there ever will be. raised in carolina, made chicago his home but still born in the bk.

  • Thomas pederson

    My favorite player to come out of Brooklyn is most definitely Michael Jordan . Not only did he average 30.1 pouts per game throughout his career, his playoff numbers were even better (33.4). Besides averaging the most points ever, he was arguebally one of the beat defenders of his time. Michael Jordan was hands down the beat player on the court during his era . His work ethic was phenomenal and even though he moved to north Carolina as a toddler we still get to claim him as a new Yorker!

  • James

    Lenny Cooke. Not for what he could have been but for what he was – the first victim of the new era of young phenoms. His story will be passed down for years as a reminder of the importance of academics and, as the urban poets Public Enemy once said, don’t believe the hype. Had he stayed humble and hungry he would still be in the L, real talk.

  • Jerry

    Who other than Michael Jordan? He’s the NBA’s all-time leading scorer in both the regular season (30.12 points per game average) and playoffs (33.4)which completely changed the way basketball was played. As a kid of the 90′s, “I wanna be like Mike” mean’t we wanted to fly, dunk, get under the skin of our opponents by one upping them in every aspect of the game, and score with our tongue hanging out. Who else from the borough made every kid, from New York to China want to do that? The one and only; His Airness.

  • Mike Fitzpatrick

    Bassy. Because he had talent like Steph, a jumpshot like Jamel Thomas, and a handle like the kid Strawberry nobody’s heard from since “Through the Fire.”

  • MBE18

    John Strickland hands down. I used to watch him play at Dyckman as a kid. He was an animal and a great entertainer on the court. You got to hook me up SLAM because I used to finish my breakfast every morning cause that is what he used to say all the time. Jay-Z even references that in “Public Serice Announcement.”

  • Jason Kidd’s Speed

    Brooklyn Decker, because she would look the best in the new Nets apparel. Oh, wait, why does this not qualify…

  • Mike

    Carmelo Anthony. He bleeds NY. You can see it in his game, his demeanour, and his style. He is my favorite player from NY because of his drive to win, improve and to take over games even when everyone else on his team has given up. I saw a personal side of him when he talked about his first game as a NY Knick. I respect that fact that he loves his hometown and will rep them to the fullest.

  • Max

    I’m only 18, so I didn’t get to the golden age of basketball, but I’m also from Brooklyn, so basketball is in my blood. I know all of the stories and reputations built on the playgrounds throughout the city and even after about 30 years, Chris Mullin still resonates among young and old people in Brooklyn and NYC. He is hands-down the best player from Brooklyn. The first time I saw him shoot I was 11 and he it was on an NBATV game. He caught a pass from Tim Hardaway on a fastbreak and without any hesitation, he let it fly. It was the prettiest shot I had seen and that flick with his wrist just made the ball snap through the net. In terms of basketball, Mully is Brooklyn.

  • Ismael

    Chris Mullin – Flat top – Serious game.

  • Saku 39

    Booger Smith. Watched him play at the Cage and he performed magic on that court. You need to handle the ball like a yo-yo there and none were better than him.

  • D-RAV

    While he’s a fictional character, I gotta go with Jesus Shuttlesworth. Man he had it all; swag, a smooth game, and a lot of action with the females (whoowee!). But in all seriousness, just how he achieved to become the humble, yet incredibly talented person he was on and off the court, despite all the hardships and turbulence he had to endure growing up, is inspiring. I know it’s a cliche, but it just goes to show you how being humble, while committed to working hard, pays off. Lastly, this quote he uttered in the movie “Basketball is like poetry in motion, cross the guy to the left, take him back to the right, he’s fallin’ back, then just J right in his face. Then you look at him and say, “What?”, man that was music to my ears. To this day, I’m still pulling off that exact move whenever I play ball. In fact, it became my go to move.

  • Niio

    I’m going with Fly Williams because he was the reason for one of the greatest fan chants of all time “Fly is OPEN! Let’s go PEAY”

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qNzF0mZUPI MeloMan15

    Clearly… it’s Melo. Since Jordan retired and Vince gave up on the Raptors, he’s pretty much all I’ve had. Everything about him is just smooth. The jumper, the jab steps, the offcourt swag. Through the supspensions, the fights, the first round exits, I’ve always stuck by him and that ain’t never gonna change

  • floe

    Shaq, cos he’s the original son of Jor-El.

  • floe

    oh wait he’s from jersey, same difference.

  • Daud Ali

    Michael Jordan. People forget he’s from Brooklyn. A legend like that transcends area codes and state line. Why? He’s the best to play the game of basketball. He’s the standard everybody in the league strives for.

  • Kevin

    Hands down, MJ. Michael Jordan, was born in Brooklyn, NY on February 17, 1963. Jordan’s family moved to North Carolina when he was a toddler, and he grew up in the Tar Heel state. But the city, or borough, of Brooklyn can claim Jordan as one of its own. The tongue, the swagger, he revolutionized the sport. His appeal was not only in the US but was a global icon.

  • @boweezy24

    Carmelo Anthony, because He Is So Good and Inspiring To So Many People. (Winner) :)

  • Kid Swoosh

    As soon as I saw “favorite basketball player from Brooklyn”, I instantly thought of Sebastian Telfair. I remember back in 04 watching And1 Streetball on ESPN weekday afternoons and one day “Through The Fire” came on afterwards. Don’t remember the documentary very clearly, but I do remember that it showed Bassy as a hometown hero and documented his journey/dream to play in the L. I remember watching that doc hoping that he’d go on to have a great career nd being a 13 yr old hoopshead at the time, to see another young boy doing it gave me a lot of hope about making it to the NBA (though reality soon hit).

    Him and Bron were arguably the 2 most hyped players coming out of hs nd even though their careers have been completely opposite of each other, Bassy’s still making some noise and after a solid season in PHX might finally be coming into his own. After entering the league as an overhyped, flashy point guard nd after facing everything from robbery to gun charges to the journeyman lifestyle, hes still going strong nd hopefully will find a solid role soon. The noise may not be as loud as it was before, but you can definitley still hear the sound.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    Biggie Smalls cuz he’s the original shot calla.

  • Benjamin Epstein

    chris mullen was definently my favorite Broklyn baller! He brought a certain source of toughness and dedication to the game that can only be found in a New Yorker like himself. Along with TMC, they use to kill it in the bay and make for some very entertaining ball.

  • Marlon

    No doubt my favorite player to ever rep BK is Bernard King. Before there was MJ and after Connie Hawkins Bernard took his gritty in your face game to the pros and was the purest scorer in the league for awhile. Be it on a fast break, or a turn around junper on the low box, he was unstoppable. The only thing that temporary slowed him down was a carreer threatening injury, and like a true Brooklynite he didnt let that stop him, he came back not just to play but as an all-star and thats why he will always be my favorite cause he personifide hard work and then perservarance on the court, just like everyone from BK does….

  • http://aol.com Karrim Omer

    Bernard King born in Brooklyn, NY on December 4, 1956. Three great seasons at the University of Tennessee.

  • James from PH

    Michael Jordan. The name speaks for itself. Need I say more ?

  • Nick

    lenny wilkins..one of the few in the NBA to play and coach at the same time. he had to be great in order to do that. and he’s one of the greatest coaches to ever coach.

  • Oscar Osorio

    His Airness Michael Jordan, Why? Because he is the real king of basketball.

  • Tyler

    Lorenzo Charles, he made the best basket in the history of basketball. He stayed and went to high school in Brooklyn.

  • Brian Brennan

    Mark Jackson
    No ones showing any love for mark jackson (hand down man down!!) with all his jacksonisms (momma there goes that man!!) He was born in the Bronx, NY on April 1, 1965 and attended St. John’s from ’83-87 and drafted with the 18th pick in the first round in the 1987 NBA Draft by the New York Knicks!! Born, bred, and balled in New York most of his life, and held career avergaes of 9.6 ppg, 8 asp, and 1.2 spg. His career numbers arent the most impressive part of Mark Jackson’s resume though, along with being a great player for the Knicks, he was also an unbelievable colour commentator with Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy for ABC’s coverage of the NBA. He also had a brief film career, as he appaired in the 1996 NBA-centred movie “Eddie”, in a role as Darren “Preacher” Taylor, which is humourous because Mark Jackson in real life is an actual licensed minister. Mark Jackson as we all know, is currently the head coach for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors; though his first year was trying and his team did not make the playoffs, he developed has had develop young talent, and help the Warriors improve on the defensive end of the floor, showing flashes of a playoff-caliber basketball team. Mark Jackson is certainly a great Bronx baller, but what separates him from the rest is his constant desire to achieve new levels of succes in various areas including broadcasting, preaching and currently in the coaching ranks.

  • BronxBall

    Connie Hawkins. The Hawk was born and raised in Brooklyn. Played in the ABA, NBA, and the Harlem Globetrotters. A Hall of Famer who started playing his hoops on the blacktops of Brooklyn.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2012/01/adipower-howards-contest/ Amer Idris


  • Cole

    Mine would have to be Sebastian Telfair. He grew up a star and was always an exciting high school player with Jay-Z himself watching high school games. And even though in some people’s minds he didn’t live up to the hype, he still is playing in the NBA and just one the hustle award. Very admirable.

  • Jye

    Jordan, Born in Brooklyn, G.O.A.T
    That shoe game was killer too.

  • Leon

    Earl Manigault AKA The GOAT, Is a legend of great talent and human with mistakes just like anybody. His life was like a dream when he has everything to make it big, he has to fight against the struggle and get over and work for the community.

  • David Oommen

    Mine favorite would be Lance Stephenson, because he is what Brooklyn is all about now. He is the future of the Pacers and he has to thanks Brooklyn for shaping him.

  • Jon

    I would have to go a different direction than most and go with Taj Gibson. No, Taj is not a superstar nor did he change the game in a drastic, but his impact is felt in every game. The main thing I like about his game is his obvious passion for the game. The man is one of the most electrifying players in the league when coming off the bench. From his thunderous dunks to his stunning blocks, Taj makes an impact each time he take the court. You can see his passion each time he yells after a huge play or when he waves his arms yelling for the fans in Chicago to make some noise. Another aspect I love about his game is that he knows his role. He knows that he is a bench player and he never lets his ego get in the way. He goes out on the court and tries to play like Taj Gibson, nobody else. The man has an obvious love and passion for the game, and that’s what I love the most about him.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    @Brian Brennan: Nice work on Mark, though you mean Brooklyn not Bronx!

  • Danger Powers

    MJ is from NC…and dont you forget it.

  • Knick-a-bocka

    @ George Burke, care to tell me why you copied and pasted my exact comment on Chris Mullin???
    I’m just hoping the SLAM editor/s pick up on this and don’t give you any credit for it lol…

  • Knick-a-bocka

    ^^^ P.S., not quite sure how you manage to misspell the word ‘doubt’ after copying my entire piece…

  • V

    For me, the best ball player out of Brooklyn has to be Earl ‘the Goat’ Manigault. He redifined the face of New York basketball. Despite being virtually unheard of, he was very well known within the streets of New York because of his ability to dominate the court. I remember when I finally got the chance to play at Rucker Park, and I ask someone who was the best that played here. The guy immediately answered, “Earl the Goat.” Although his career was short lived because of drug addiction, he carried the true heart and soul of New York basketball the moment he stepped on the court and off it as well.

  • L

    Omar Cook is from Brooklyn and is a player that has truly inspired me. The guy had that crazy shimmy shake, sick handle,great court vision and charisma. He stayed true to himslef, went to St John’s and had a great run. That battle in the tournament against Scoonie Penn and Michael Redd of Ohio State is still fresh in my mind. I remember that Slam article about how he was the next best thing coming out of Brooklyn. Of course the guy had no jump shot and couldn’t play D. He left school too early and was out of the league in 2years.
    He still made a very honorable career in Europe. He was not as good as advertised but he still managed to achieve what very few people can do : make a living out of your passion. L

  • RIP – Shaquille Jones

    The concensus will be droping posts for MJ, Marbury Bros, and even 30 Piece Bernard King — all legends in their own right, but my post goes out to the every day baller who left this temporary world a bit short…
    Brooklyns very own SHAQUILLE JONES that was fatally shot at the tender age of 16 in Brooklyn. He was only a junior and played for the South Shore Vikings basketball team.

    RIP Shaquille!

  • Todd

    Going out on a limb on this one…but wanted to think outside the box and not submit a typical answer. “Lady Magic”, or better known as Nancy Lieberman. Brooklyn born,played on the first womans olympic team in 76 and was the youngest medalist at 18. Inaugural WNBA player for the Mercury and also became the first woman to coach a professional mens team in the NBDL. Highly regarded as one of the best players ever in woman’s basketball. Not your normal answer but give differnt a chance.

  • Kevin Wilson

    Chris Mullin. He battled substance abuse, won two gold medals, had more staying power than the rest of Run TMC … and he managed to get an announcing job despite his overwhelming Brooklyn accent.

  • http://N/A J DOGG

    Got to be Larry Brown in the 60′s. The man could pass better than D-Will, but craftier than Steph Curry. Brooklyn was never the same once they produced this Basketball Icon!

  • http://Mylove4thelord.blogspot.com Kevin

    In considering the best baller from Brooklyn one has to consider who truly embodies a true brooklyn mindset. For that reason you have to take Michael Jordan, everything from his competitive nature to his accomplishments and especially his ability to rise to the occasion. Whenever they said he couldn’t do something he worked his tail off in the off-season and made that weakness a strength. Besides he transcended and changed the game not only for his generation but for generations to come.

  • DJ Promy

    I’m gonna go with Jammal Tinsley. I remember being 12-13 years old & watching him throw these unbelievable passes. Early on, him & J-Kidd were the reason i wanted to play PG. & His rookie season with the Pacers he looked like he was going to be the next great PG. Like so many others, it’s a shame he got sidetracked with BS but he also never had a coach who believed in him enough to let him play through his mistakes.

  • kdtrey5

    i am not going to say a player i’m saying the city it self the ball parks in the city madision square garden and without brooklyn basketball would not be what it is today

  • mike

    My favorite player from Brooklyn is Carmelo Anthony. He has a youthful smile and passion for the game. He may not get all the love but has been to the playoffs every year in his NBA career. Lebron cant say that. Carmelo seems true to himself and is very exciting to watch play. Stop snitching!

  • @EWOLmma

    My favourite Brooklyn-baller of all time is Stephon Marbury. Him & Garnett together on the T-Wolves was awesome! When I went to summer basketball camps as a youngster, I always made sure my Mom sent me with the coolest gear –> AND1

  • al jordan

    I would have to go with Julius the Doctor Erving. He had style, swag, and Linsanity like no other player. Dr. J look like he did everything with ease, and he had a very successful career in the ABA and NBA, he represented Brooklyn to the fullest!

  • al jordan

    or at least, let me say Dr. J is my favorite New York born player. Stephon Marbury was always one of my favorite players as well, because he always remain true to himself. He worked hard in the NBA, and although, things didn’t exactly turn out as plan, he was able to revibe himself in China, and win a championship!

    Not only that, but what he did with his Starbury shoes was representing Brooklyn to the fullest, he was unselfish and gave back to his community.. not with a 200 dollar shoe no one could afford, but tight basketball shoes you could be proud to rock, and fresh hoodies and tees. And when I think of Starbury, I will also always remember the beginning of And 1.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Thanks for all the great entries! We’re closing comments now and winners will be contacted by someone from the staff shortly…

  • Devin Moultrie

    i have to say my favorite player would be Deron William cause every time him step on the court he puts a smile on my face. And the game when they played the New York Knicks and made 8 3 pointer was amazing i have never seen that in my life. he inspire me to work hard so i can get to where his at.

  • boris

    JoeJohnson because he was so good on Atlanta and now he is on my favorite team brooklyn

  • JTray

    Deron Williams, he is a great player