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James Harden Day-to-Day With Concussion Symptoms

As everyone awaits word of the inevitable hammer the NBA will drop on Metta World Peace and the Lakers, the OKC Thunder provided a brief update on James Harden’s condition. From the Oklahoman: “After undergoing further tests for concussion symptoms, Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden has been listed as day-to-day, the team announced Monday. It is unlikely that Harden will play in the team’s final two regular season games, which will be played in Oklahoma City on Tuesday against Sacramento and Wednesday against Denver. Harden underwent a battery of tests on Monday in Oklahoma City in accordance with NBA protocol and will be re-evaluated once again Tuesday. ‘Harden participated in a series of limited activities per NBA guidelines, but has additional steps that must be taken under the league-mandated concussion policy before he can make his return to the court,’ the team said in a release. Harden was knocked out of Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers late in the first half after being hit in the head by a vicious elbow thrown by Metta World Peace. Harden originally was set to return to the game after halftime but returned to the locker room and was held out when symptoms worsened.”

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  • AsadSaleh3

    Metta World Peace shouldn’t be seen the rest of the season however long the Lakers last. No one celebrates a dunk by throwing elbows at people’s heads regardless of what he says. Same old Ron Ron.

  • Pam McGhee

    I say if Artest can point to any footage of himself celebrating a dunk by throwing neck high tiger elbows ONLY to his left then he should get a 2 game suspension. Otherwise, he needs to sit out for the rest of this year. Ron Artest is crazy!!! SO much so that he thinks his “unintentional elbow during celebration” excuse will suffice. It wont. Nobody knows what artest intended but we do have precedent to reference……..yeah that. Any “benefit of doubt” Ron Artest would ever hope to receive should be LONG LONG LONG gone. Stern should simply pull the plug on this guy for the rest of the year. WHat else does artest have to do!!?? He’s clearly the very same unstable man that justified running into the crowd and wailing on a fan who he thought poured some beer on him. (The wrong guy mind you). Regardless, artest is unstable and cannot prove that he can play basketball without incident for extended amounts of time.

  • http://slamonline.com samoaninlondon

    boooo hoooo – in rugby and rugby league we get concussions on a regular basis.

  • abaci

    I hope Harden has a speedy recovery

  • http://slamonline.com samoaninlondon
  • Pais

    @samoaninlondon – Wow, thanks for contributing.

  • ALD

    That’s what Harden gets for stepping up to a crazy person. Had he been smart he doesn’t run up on him. Would anyone here step in front of a Mack truck speeding down the hwy? Thought so.

  • http://www.borntocompete.com Money$hot

    Unfortunately MWP was playing basketball not rugby and if MWP is legally crazy which I think he is he doesn’t need to be a professional basketball player

  • Pais

    @samoaninlondon – my 10:21 comment was based on your first comment. I guess the link you posted was being moderated at the time cause it came out of nowhere and slapped itself right in front of my comment. I want to point this out to you lest you think I’m thanking you for your link…cause I’m not. Who cares about your stupid rugby, this is basketball and people who play basketball should generally be able to expect NOT getting concussions on a regular basis. Otherwise I guess they’d play rugby, and people would talk about it on website dedicated to rugby.

  • http://leipzig-eagles.de/ Speedy

    No logic in your comment.
    If it is like you say, ( Ron is a crazy person ) then it’s not the task of the players to stay away from such people but the task of the NBA to make sure dudes like that don’t play in the league.

  • ALD

    If you play where I play at you don’t come up on somebody and not expect a to get shook up. You must be from the suburbs. Harden is not. He’s from LA and should’ve known better. I’m not saying Artest was in his right but Harden shouldn’t have been that dumb.

  • Kane

    hardens the man !! hell be back for playoffs ! &to win that tittle along side durant and westbrook ! (ron arrtest is gettin suspended 10 games ) <loser

  • Pam McGhee

    Yeah because there are only suburbs in LA. How dare Harden occupy space and time on a basketball court. The nerve of that prick! Ron Artest had every right to throw forcefull elbow at his head! ALD, you tell em son! If professional athelete and vote leader for 6th man of the year in the NBA played where you play (youth center or shoddy outdoor court you jump the elementary school fence to have access to), he’d know not to be tryin that weak stuff! Get em ALD!!!! Its yo world baby!

  • ALD

    You don’t run up on some one. Just saying mam.

  • http://slamonline.com samoaninlondon

    @pais – thanks for thanking me for my link. im glad you liked it, appreciate your feed back. regards, samoan in london.

  • http://www.nba.com VanCityBBall

    and if you come from the planet earth, you would know nobody expects a flying elbow to the head in a PROFESSIONAL basketball league…