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Kevin Durant vs. Kobe Bryant Scoring Race Comes Down to Final Game

One of the closest scoring races in NBA history will come down to the last day of the season, as Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant jostle for top scoring honors. The Oklahoman breaks the race down: “After 65 games, the race for the 2011-12 scoring title is all up to one final contest each for Thunder forward Kevin Durant and Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant. ‘Hopefully it’s a fun one,’ Durant said of the final showdown. ‘That’s what the fans want to see.’ After scoring a game-high 32 points in Tuesday’s 118-110 victory over Sacramento, Durant increased his narrow lead over Bryant to .11 points. The actual averages are 27.97 points for Durant to Bryant’s 27.86 points. Bryant has the advantage of taking the floor last in a Thursday finale at Sacramento, while Durant and the Thunder close the season at home against Denver on Wednesday. But if Durant scores less than 30, Bryant will have to top Durant’s output by at least seven points. If Durant posts more than 30, Bryant must outscore Durant by at least six. The necessary differential would narrow more the more each player scores. The discrepancy is caused by Bryant playing seven fewer games. The scoring title is determined by scoring average. ‘Kobe’s an unbelievable scorer, man, and he’s having a great season as well,’ Durant said. ‘If it happens, then it’s cool. If not, then I’m not worried about it. I’m just going to go out there and play my game. I’m not going to force anything just so I can score more points than Kobe.’”

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  • Jer Dawg

    Its a game and it’s competition. I don’t believe it’s taboo to chase a goal especially when it’s this close of a race. It will be interesting. It’s history in the making!

  • http://kb24.com x-DrEw_MaiN-x

    Kobe is playing a weak team though while Durant is actually playing a playoff team for their last game of the season…

  • FnF

    I don’t think this is even in question. Kobe plays on the last day. He will already know how much he needs to score. History is on the line, he’d be one scoring title closer to Jordan, him winning the scoring title will make that Dr. in Germany a bagillionaire, the Final game (possibly) for Sacramento… Kobe is well aware of it all and will probably find time to get 40 shots up while pretending to have a massive underbite.

  • abaci

    I hope Durant takes it.

  • Dungeon Family

    Too Risky I want Kobe to Rest Forget a scoring title

    Only One title matters In LA

  • Drig

    Kobe better play within the O and get that title while playing no more than 32 minutes……if he actually cares anymore about it. Almost everyone on Sac guarding Kobe are gonna make Kobe grin wide. Rest Pau, get Hill out there, make Bynum play like a man on D and let Kobe get the title. It’s crazy he can still get it in his 16th effing season. Make it happen, Kob!

  • Drig

    And Kobe needs to play BTW. He looked rusty vs OKC till that Q4 blitz.

  • Brahsef

    If Kobe plays, he’s going for 81.

  • vtrobot

    Never been a big Mamba fan, but have to give a ton of credit for the season that he’s had. He came out of the gates scoring and hasn’t looked back. Pretty impressive that he can still lead the league in scoring this far into his career. @ FnF: “pretending to have a massive underbite.” Nice one. Hate that sh!t.

  • VanCityVibe

    He’s going for 100

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    Kobe’s got the last game and its agains Sactown, unless Mike Brown rests him, he’s gonna try and get it if it’s within reach.

  • @boweezy24

    You Know Kobe Wants That Scoring Title. Deep Down He Wants It! Lol Kobe A Beast Tho.

  • bike

    If Kobe has to jack up 50 shots to get this, he will.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dagger

    Kobe’s been chucking all year. He won’t stop now.

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    Durant will get passes from his teammates because they want him to get the title. He will pass back to them and finish with 30 points and 7 assists.
    Kobe will get passes from his teammates because they’re terrified of him. He will finish with 48 points on 37%.

  • toinefan88

    Kobe WILL score 82 points.

  • http://www.slamonline.com kiyon walden

    Both of them are my favorite players. so irdc, but i think kobe should let Durant have it. What more does Kobe have to prove. He a beast. The only title he should worry about is the playoffs

  • http://www.slamonline.com Kiyon Walden

    King Kobe

  • http://www.bsandlaw.com Karma

    It is 23yrs old vs 33 yrs ….
    and I don’t see a question here. Kobe should get this one. Kobe is the king

  • pk

    x-DrEw_MaiN-x that might not necessarily be a huge disadvantage, the nuggets might not go 100% since there playoff spot is locked in. Then again, since the nuggets are a team with no real star power, it’s not like they have anybody really vital to rest.

  • GE

    Kobe will take the scoring title and will be MVP in the Finals with a 6th Title. Go LAKERS…………………

  • Mike

    Nuggets will get owned and Durants putting down at least 30. You can tell he’s going after it by the way the thunder have been playing. Not sure why so much Kobe love when the last dude to 3 peat on the scoring title was MJ, I think that’s some shit. Durants making history.

  • http://bleacherreport oworld

    Noboby should let anyone have nothing, if Durant wants it he has to take it, Kobe should lay down for nobody…teams with nothing to lose are always dangerous no matter what their record is or star power they lack..one game can turn a nobody into a super star in the making…Go Kobe add on to your legacy.

  • Drig

    It’s not like Kobe’s taking tons of shots just because he wants to get his. Since Sessions’ arrived, I’m pretty sure his FGA are back in line around 19FGA per game. Would he have managed to get 27 PPG per game if he did it the entire season? No. But he would’ve been a solid 25.5 if his teammates played solid through the season.

  • Rainman

    cosign FnF. He knows how close he is , he’ll know how much he needs to score, he wants that scoring title. And plus, he wants one last chance to eat the hearts of Sacramento King fans.

    Shout out to game 6 of the 2002 WCF.

  • Rainman

    @ pik: in no way is Denvers SEEDING in the playoffs locked in tho, Dallas still wants that 6th seed to avoid OKC, and try to get another shot at the Lakers man, its a big game for both teams. I dont see Denver resting their players. Unless they’re dumb (and want to face OKC) or know something the rest of us dont (feel like they match up favourably to OKC)

  • Ben from granada hills

    Durant will score 16 PTs today. And Kobe will erupt go 44 PTs . Or more .

  • Jay

    @Ugh stop with all the Kobe shoots to much crap…..He shoots alot because he’s one of the greatest shooters to ever pick up a basketball. And you cant say his team doesnt love him, he’s brought them 5 championships and he demands greatness. Thats what wins championships not being friends. Kobe get you that record boy, nobody deserves it more then you.

  • jim

    Durant doesn’t need anybodys charity, however I am sure when he takes the title Kobe will claim he gave it to him. because that is the kind of punk he is.

  • Jase

    Kobe is great. Durant is great. I’m a die-hard OKC fan, but I won’t be upset either way. Like many of you have said, this title is minuscule to both of these guys and that’s what’s cool about it. OKC World Champions. Good luck to both guys tomorrow night!

  • Neil

    To Drew-Main the douche. Unless you didn’t notice kevin played sacremento yesterday to get the lead over kobe so dont give any excuses on why durant would be runner up before it happens. Just saying kobe is the present durants the future.

  • will

    kobe is gonna score 82, book it. we all know he wants it

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    “I’m just gonna play my game and continue to get better, and help my teammates win.” – Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and EVERY player in the NBA to every question ever asked by a reporter ever. Ever ever? Ever.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I’m a big Durant fan, but I hate those stock answers with a passion.