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Kyle Korver Offers Bulls Fans Hope After Derrick Rose’s Injury … on Facebook

After news of Derrick Rose’s season-ending knee injury broke, teammate Kyle Korver posted the following heartfelt message on his Facebook page: “Right about now, the disbelief has faded, anger has subsided and were all wondering… why? Why. Why. Why Derrick, again? Derrick is more than an MVP to our team. He’s our friend, our brother he inspires us to be the very best we can be, just by who he is and how hard he plays. That he has spent so much time this year hurt, was frustrating. Now that he is out for the rest of the season, well its just plain sad. No one is to blame; what happened, did. We send him our prayers, our love, our good wishes that he heals and comes back stronger, better, healthier than ever before. Bulls fans. Now is not the time to ask why or to get bitter. Now is the time to refocus and ask ‘How are we going to win this Championship?’ We have the best Team in the league. This season has proven, we are a TEAM and it has taken us ALL to have the best record. Lets focus on whats ahead. This is an incredible opportunity for All of Us to step up and make it happen. We’re all gonna have to work harder and smarter. We are all gonna have to believe in ourselves. That we are more than the sum of our parts. We need YOU to believe with Us. We need You to believe for Us. We are going to keep going strong. One quarter, one game, one round at a time. Until its over. That’s how we’re gonna do it.”

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  • stewart anderson

    Deep stuff from Korver. Shame they will not be going deep into the playoffs.

  • http://moontain.org Fredd

    You’re you own Believer, great one.

  • huami

    As a sixers fan, im inspired by this. Thought I am not sure if these words will inspire them all the way to the finals. Still, my sixers are hard-pressed to win over these bulls. But I still believe. Let’s go sixers!

  • ash

    I have nothing but respect for Bulls, they really play as a team. I think they will get pass the 76ers and Celtics or Hawks to make it to ECF but that is it

  • bull22

    bulls still a championship team, derrick will be sorely missed. anything the bulls do now i will definitely consider a success. true bulls fans will rally around the new team. all the bulls can do is take their best SHOT and see what happens.

  • droseisthebusiness

    This was a very inspirational post by Kyle Korver. The Bulls have got to believe in themselves in order for them to win a championship this season without the MVP. Like he said, they have a TEAM. Not just one player, or two, but 13 who are just as hungry as Derrick was for a championship.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com Seth

    I’ll be rooting hard for the Rose-less Bulls. I don’t want to see the Heat in the finals again.

  • trueballer4life

    heats gonna hammer them in the conference finals woo!

  • hushabomb

    Remember Rip plays better in the playoffs. Lucas and Watson will need to step up with their PG duties. This team has been battle tested. They will be tested especially now.

  • Fat Lever

    If the Sixers can control the rebounding disparity, they have a legit shot in this series, as it currently stands.

  • http://bulls.com airs

    @Fat, that’s a big if.
    Its not like they lost noah, boozer, asik, and gibson.
    I see bulls going to ecf and putting up a fight with miami, but no further unfortunately. But if there’s any team to rally around its the bulls.
    …or the spurs!

  • Dubclub

    I believe #bullsnation

  • DreDay

    Oooh, I hope they make everyone EAT THEIR WORDS!!
    GO BULLS!!!

  • Mike Mihalow

    The bigger market team will always have the ref’s advantage. This is the NBA.

  • jayrose

    I believe in them #BullsNation

  • Fat Lever

    @airs, that’s why I think giving ET 30+ mins a game is critical. He’s one of the best, if not the best, defensive rebounding guard in the league. I don’t expect anything out of Charmin Hawes. EB and ET are our two best rebounders that get significant playing time. That also goes to a second point, if the Sixers have to get a large majority of their points from the halfcourt set, they have no shot against this defense. ET grabbing boards and starting the break is critical to any success the Sixers hope to have.

  • huami

    what fat lever said. The Sixers have a legitimate shot at this. They just need to control the boards. If they do, they will have their chance. Hawes have to man up, or don’t play at all. Total no-show game 1. Might as well have Vucevic play.

  • Lloyd

    I like the Bulls even without Rose, but he was the dude who was going to elevate them to their big wins. Can’t see them going all the way without him. With DRose out, Rondo about to be suspended, and Ray Allen in bad shape, looks like the pieces are just falling into place for Miami to stroll to the finals.

  • Rich


  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Not trying to be a d!ck, but I heard Kyle is illiterate, (or not too bright at the very least) But that was pretty well written.. I wish the Bulls luck… :D

  • bike

    Try reading that while ‘Eye of the Tiger’ plays in the backround.

  • Joan

    I think the Bulls will do just fine in the playoffs. As long as CJ WATSON AND JOHN LUCAS remember to pass the ball. Try to hit Kyle on the run, that’s when he’s best. Catch and shoot Kyle! Somebody needs to teach Omer how to shoot a FREE throw. Getting fouled doesn’t help if you don’t deliver. BULLS WIN!!