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New Orleans Hornets to Change Team Name Once Sold?

Once the NBA finds a buyer for the Hornets, there’s talk that it could result in a name change for New Orleans‘ hoops team. Reports SI (via the Times-Picayune): “In years to come, there promises to be a new cable-TV partnership, the NBA All-Star Game will return to the city, the New Orleans Arena will undergo $50 million in improvements, and the franchise, in all likelihood, will be rebranded. The ‘Hornets’ nickname, which followed the team to New Orleans during its 2002 relocation from Charlotte, will probably be replaced by an identity more fitting to the city to which the team is now married, for better and for worse. Though everyone involved hopes the worst is now far behind them. [...] The most interesting decision of the new owner may be whether to rebrand the franchise. Will the ‘Hornets’ nickname be relinquished and enabled to return to Charlotte, where owner Michael Jordan could rebrand his own underperforming franchise? If so, how would the basketball team of New Orleans rename itself? No suggestions will be made here, for the new name would have to represent the resilient spirit of New Orleans and its fans. It would be the finishing act of a franchise that has been reinvented, a team committed to the city that wouldn’t let go.”

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  • el_larsen

    new orleans jazz,then charlotte bobcats,then utah mormons

  • el_larsen

    sorry i meant charlotte hornets

  • bike

    New Orleans Blues.

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    I really, really hope this happens. Changing the name and uniforms back to the Charlotte Hornets days would be such an improvement over the current situation. Hurry up and find an owner Stern!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Beelieve-Charlottetake-back-your-Hornets/110429122320741?sk=wall John Morgan

    NOLA wants it; Charlotte wants it.

    All that’s left is the paperwork!!!

    The time is right…


  • jay

    i agree. Lets have a 3 team trade off
    Utah Bobcats
    New Orleans Jazz
    Charlotte Hornets

  • jay

    for New Orleans it would have to be music related. Or else it’s alcohol or food related. obviously Jazz isn’t happening. New Orleans Crawfish? no. New Orleans Blues (like someone above stated). Better. and get rid of those ugly uniforms. They have a decent future. Two lottery picks this year. Cap space. New arena that’s already getting upgrades.

  • riggs

    New Orleans Beads

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com Seth

    In some way, New Orleans needs to retain their Jazz name again. If it means two teams called the Jazz, so be it!

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Seattle Super Hornet Sonics.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Leave the team name, change the city name…..errr location.

  • MIGZ

    NEW ORLEAN Jazz lol……..it sounds better than Utah

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    that’s where the Jazz started dude.

  • RunNGun

    I agree with the above posters but I don’t see the Utah wanting in on giving back the Jazz name to NOLA without some kind of acknowledgement of the accomplishments of Jerry Sloan, Malone, and so on in Utah. Ideally, it’d be the following: Charlotte Hornets, New Orleans Jazz, and Utah Saints. Saints because it will be acknowledging Utah’s history with Brigham Young who lead the Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) to Salt Lake City. But as another poster said it previously, it likely will become the NOLA Blues. The Bobcat name just needs to die a quick and painless death in Charlotte.

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    Utah Saints! U-u-u-utah Saints!
    How about the New Orleans Dixies? The New Orleans Satchmos? The New Orleans Trumpets? The New Orleans Loa?

  • http://dgcoursereview.com Bro.D.

    The Bobcats are awesome! Great name!

  • C-Mac

    Haha Ugh, New Orleans Satchmos has my vote!

  • Sonicproof

    Love, New Orleans Blues and I would like to see if Utah will give name back. Bring back the Bullets and Supersonics. St. Louis Spirit.
    New Orleans Blues. Nice!

  • Nutria Man

    New Orleans Nutria! Or New Orleans Zydeco.

  • cadan

    New Orleans VooDoo!

  • dd

    The New Orleans Krewe

  • RTF

    New Orleans Cajuns, New Orleans Bishops, New Orleans Knights, New Orleans Gators, or New Orleans Maskers

  • oshauk

    New Orleans Demons

  • Greg

    The New Orleans College Girls With Low Self-Esteem.

  • Bill

    1) New Orleans Blues
    2) New Orleans Royals
    3) New Orleans Hurricanes

  • Katie

    NOLA definitely needs its jazz name back… but voodoo or blues sounds great

  • dwayne

    New orleans Storm

  • Mark

    Name them the New Orleans Saints like the football team. And give them black and gold unis. Same city, same owner, same brand.

  • Jay Hawkins

    New Orleans Spirit!!!!

  • Mike

    Bourbon Street Ballers

  • dean

    the new orleans knights
    the new orleans cajuns
    the new orleans voodoo
    the new orleans creole
    the louisiana pelicans (state bird)
    the new orleans catahoulas (state dog)
    the louisiana bayou
    the new orleans brass
    the new orleans zydeco

  • Weezy

    New Orleans Pirates, because we use to have pirates here. You could put a crossbones on the back of the jersey above the name and also on the shorts. And instead of black and gold make them black and silver. ba dum bum ba da bum ba da bum bum.(Raiders song)I also like New orleans Bishops and yesterday someone said Crescent City Angels. These are good if you want to stay with the religous theme. I want a solid mascot no more vague names like heat, magic, thunder, brass, blues. the only one I would want is Jazz if we could get that back or Tropics if we could get Will Farrel to announce all of the games.

  • Mike

    They’d have to get permission from the St Louis Blues to use the Blues name. Why not just be original?

  • Alex Carlock

    I really really really hope it is the “Krewe”, nod to Mardi Gras. I also like Po Boys and Big Chiefs but I don’t see them being popular enough. Ones I see as possiblities: Knights/Nights (nod to Nitelife), Pirates/Buccaneers (nod to the former NOLA ABA team), Gators (LSU fans might not like pulling for Gators ha). BUT I WANT IT TO BE KREWE! PEOPLE FROM NEW ORLEANS LET IT BE KNOWN IT’S GONNA BE KREWE!!!

  • Alex Carlock

    Blues (uhhhhh….not a Blues town it’s a Jazz town)
    Hurricanes (smh, please go to sleep or something)
    Brass (former Minor League Hockey team)
    Voodoo (already a football team by the name of Voodoo there)

    I Love Catahoulas!!! I think that’d be a great name for a small college team in Louisiana. And I like Pelicans and Zydeco but no one knows what the heck Zydeco is.


  • http://rightbeforrapture.com Henson Mansfield


  • http://rightbeforrapture.com Henson Mansfield

    I think the Ragin Cajuns is a great name and would make them sound tougf

  • Pippen what u smokin?

    Ragin’ Cajuns is already used by Louisana Lafayette University. I like Voodoo but like someone stated above they already have an arena team by that name. Some of my suggestions are: Louisana Soul, New Orleans Creoles, New Orleans Cajuns, Louisana Gators, Louisana Bayou, New Orleans Krewe, New Orleans Catfish…

  • Sandra Robichaux

    I am submitting the name “Flambeaux” for the Hornets since it represents the flavor of the city.

  • don

    Louisiana Legend with a werewolf or large gator as its mascot. Let’s not forget the cajun legend of the Rougarou (spelled several different ways). Could have a 3-scratched appearance on the jersey. Full moon over LA, etc., etc. Seems like a winner to me.

  • Spoony

    New Orleans Rhythm
    New Orleans Satchmos (Louis Armstrong reference)
    New Orleans Steamers (riverboat reference)
    Louisiana Kingfish (Huey P. Long reference)
    New Orleans Second Liners
    New Orleans Funk (musical genre… the Meters, Prof Longhair, etc.)
    New Orleans Krewe (Mardi Gras reference)
    New Orleans Bayou Gators
    New Orleans Pelicans

  • Carmen

    Blue Dogs!

  • Anthony

    Spirit is ok
    Blues is ok also (but that would mean another blue and light blue team?)
    BAYOU is another option

    Dont really like Angels, although it compliments the Saints. It would be expecially nice if they adopted a White black and Gold uniform which NO OTHER TEAM HAS

  • DJ

    New Orleans Rising Suns