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Report: Dwight Howard ‘Likely’ to Miss Playoffs Due to Back Injury

A strangely sourced story out of Orlando claims that Dwight Howard’s back injury will keep him out of the postseason, and that he’s still peeved at his head coach (it’s worth noting that this from the same outlet that broke news of Howard asking management to fire Stan Van Gundy, before SVG confirmed the story.) Per WKMG Local 6: “According to his sources, Howard is still upset with Van Gundy confirming Pingalore’s report from earlier this month that Howard went to Magic management asking for Van Gundy to be fired. On Friday, the Magic had their physical therapist Ed Manalo travel with Howard to Los Angeles, where Howard went to have his back diagnosed. Dr. Robert Watkins, of Marina del Rey, California, diagnosed Howard with a herniated disk. After visiting Los Angeles, sources confirmed that Howard was adamant about joining the team in Cleveland but the Magic asked him to return to Orlando. Howard would eventually travel to Cleveland. However, Howard sat in the hotel for the game Sunday evening and rejoined the team as they traveled back to Orlando. ‘It was strange since that Howard wanted to go to Cleveland and offer support but never made it to the game,’ said [a source]. Howard would also likely sit out the postseason, according to the source.”

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  • ALD

    Dwight is a Bitc#… glad my team didnt trade for em

  • Justin G.

    Personally I’m glad Van Gundy confirmed the report. Expose him even more for the little b*tch he is

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    I think “SMH” would be appropriate for the last year’s worth of Dwight articles.

  • GMoney

    Hey Dwight…time to fire your physical therapist Ed Manalo…right?

    Dwight Howard…his initials are DH..we all know what else those two letters stand for…quite fitting wouldn’t you say?

  • zero

    ahah who know D12 sits and Magic will go far..ahah

  • Sactownking


  • http://msnhotmail.com belinda

    Would somebody please explain to me why in the heck was Dwight Howard trying to go to New Jersery Nets? They are not even going to make the playoffs but the Orlando Magic is in the playoffs. I guess this just goes to show you the level of maturity he has.

  • bull22

    what an incredible gift to recieve in the playoffs in getting a d12less team.
    team that plays them can punch their ticket into the second round LOL.

  • Fran

    Looks like howard’s value might have just taken a nosedive. I personally feel that Stan Van Gundy done the right thing by making the announcement that he did. There is entirely too much meddling going on by the players, too much giving up to get a coaching change (D Williams – Utah Jazz & Jerry Sloan, Carmelo Anthony – Denver Nuggets & George Carl, L James & Cleveland Cavaliers, and more). These players were signed to a contract to play, if they choose to try to get the coach fired, then I feel they are not performing according to the contract, therefore the contract can and should be declared null and void. The players, if guilty, should not be allowed to sign up or play for another team until the term of the original contract is met. If the owners stlll allow this type of conduct, well then they deserve what they get.

  • LA Huey

    Ewing Theory?

  • Cheema

    damn alot of dwight haters on here.

  • Belindaisadumbass

    He wants to go to the Brooklyn Nets… Which they will be next year. No one wants to come to NJ. He wants to come to Brooklyn… #NBAcommensense

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542782613 The White Steve Smith

    Thats just one less team for the Heat to worry about has they go and get a second championship

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    I’d love to see the Magic go far in the playoffs without Dwight. Think his value might tumble even more then?

  • http://hotmail.com GBtha G

    Thats good newz.

  • bnets


  • Huh

    Somebody, anybody, that is proud of Van Gundy for calling out management and Howard in public name me one superstar that will be jumping at the chance to play for a Van Gundy coached team. Redick, Anderson and Hedo aren’t stars, they are role players so they don’t count. Will he coach again? Yes. Will it be for a contender that already has stars in place? Can’t see it happening. That’s great for the casual fans, but not good enough for teams with championship aspirations. People acting like these teams are better without their star players are delusional and don’t care about winning-and in pro sports, winning is everything. Were the Knicks really better without Melo? Is Utah better without Williams? Is New Orleans better without Paul? Is Chicago better without Rose, or Miami without Wade? Orlando without Howard? I’d imagine some of you may think so. For everyone that is so in love with Van Gundy, maybe you can wear a mock turtle neck to the games in support. Somebody is buying those Howard jerseys though. They must be basketball fans.

  • gogs

    So is Dwight just spitting the dummy cause he’s been exposed as a whingeing quitter.

  • Mooney10

    Sad that he is hurt, that is karma for you, if I were a Magic fan this to me would be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Thay have no chance going anywhere without Dwight, just disappointing after all his hype with trade or no trade. This is why players should just play and shut up, you never know whne you’ll get hurt than you look like even more of an idiot.

  • drjordan

    You’ll obviously my all be Magic fans. My response to you and any other player is that if you’re not happy where you work you have every right to leave. If I was working for a dead beat boss that didn’t know how to grow his company and all signs where showing that there was a potential for me not to reach my personal potential, then of course I would be the hell out of there. BTW I’m sure the Magic and their fans will be a two weeks’ notice. To hell with all the haters.