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Washington’s Tony Wroten Jr. Declares for NBA Draft

Washington freshman guard Tony Wroten Jr. today announced he will forgo his sophomore season and instead enter the NBA Draft. Via The Herald:  “Wroten made the announcement through the Huskies’ athletic department on Tuesday morning. ‘I have been talking with my friends and family and I just felt like this was the right time,’ Wroten said in a statement released through the school. ‘I love the University of Washington, but I just feel that it’s best for me to make the jump.’ Wroten added that he made the announcement Tuesday to coincide with his mother’s birthday. The 6-foot-5 point guard was UW’s leading scorer during the regular season but eventually finished second on the team, at 16.0 points per game. Leading scorer Terrence Ross (16.4 points per game) announced Sunday that he would leave after his sophomore season to join the NBA. Both players are projected as mid- to late-first-round draft picks.”

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  • Jazz Man

    L.O.E. In The Building!!! Let’s Get It Poppin’ Better Grind And Work On That “J”…I Wish Him The Best Though!!!

  • birdman

    SMH Tony Wroten is weak. Cant shoot. Has no right hand. Cant make a free throw. Cant not turn the ball over. Cant make a good decision. He needs to stay for at least 2 more years. He has a ton of potential but he is NOT ready. He is a knucklehead

  • toinefan88

    Wroten is a beast I saw him diddy bop John Wall in summer league.

  • wesjet23

    why Tony, you would be the best point gaurd in the draft next year, lottery pick

  • joe

    hes the best now

  • SikhWitIt

    This has Sebastian Telfair written all over it. I’m not sure who’s been in this guy’s ear but he is not a first round pick…yet. He didn’t do a sound job of showcasing the fundamentals of his game this year and would stand to benefit from another couple years at UDub. He frequently makes poor decisions; when was the last time a PG was selected in the first round who recorded more TOs (132) than ASTs (130)? On top of that, he’s a horrendous free throw shooter, frequently exhibits his mental immaturity (something the NBA spotlight certainly won’t remedy) and can’t seem to make the simple play. If he stayed in school, he would be guaranteeing himself millions more on that first contract. This is a massive risk and I don’t see it working out well.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla


  • Mega

    Dang, r his ppl tellin him his stock is peakin rite now?

    After 1 year in the turrible, turrible pac 12 and an NIT exit?!

  • roybot

    Could def benefit from another year or so at UW, but he’s still gonna get drafted, so I guess he’s just impatient.


    It’s almost as comical the level of haters on this board as it is sad. So let me get this straight. Wroten averages 16.7 ppg on 44%FG, Moe Harkless 15.5 ppg on 45%FG, and Rivers 15.4 ppg on 43%FG. But Rivers is ready and Harkless and Wroten aren’t? SMH. It’s amazing how hype clouds folk judgement. Wroten, I applaud his decision. And Harkless’ as well. If Rivers can go, I KNOW they can do anything he can do….maybe more. First rounder, bet.

  • Mega

    TRUTH stop being so emotional and read wat was typed. Every single person complimented his game. HAH! U r an Idiot!

  • Bobbito

    I think he could definitely benefit from another year, that doesn’t mean he isn’t ready. A lot of people don’t realize that nobody can really shoot free throws in college. Most big men barely shoot 50% at the college level, and go on to do ok in the nba. Not to mention coach cal would have had a ring previous to this year if a certain MVP guard could shoot free throws. The turnovers are mostly because he wasnt ised to playing pff the ball so much. I’m pretty sure Tyreke and Stephon Curry had similar assist/turnover numbers and I can guarantee it’s the same if not better than Rivers’. He’ll be good in the league and this probably was his best time to go. There are no real solid pure PG’s in this draft class other than Lillard, Teague, & Kabongo if he chooses to come out. Those 2 are questionable, & other than that it’s a few combo guards including himself. So I can’t knock his decision, just wish I could have seen him in the tourney once with UW.


    @Mega Bro, I don’t know why you choose to put yourself on blast like that. YOU need to READ these comments again (assuming you can read properly). SikhWiltl said he is NOT a first rounder and makes poor decisions and is not ready for the NBA. Birdman said he is weak and can’t shoot. Your own comment (before the one referring to me) sounds like a sarcastic remark about his “stock”. With that being said, did YOU leave school after one year? Seems like it since you can’t read. And I am the idiot? LOL. At least get your GRE, son.


    Oh!!! My bad!!! I’m the one working on my GRE (the idiot). I mean you NEED your GED. LOL.


    Oh! I’m the one working on my GRE (yes, me the idiot). You work on your GED…son.

  • LA Huey

    I don’t blame a dude for going early if he’s projected to go in the 1st round. Wroten better not do any workouts if they’re asking him to shoot free throws though.

  • canon

    6’7 PG too much potential. I would easily take him in the lottery.

  • http://slam.com CentralD Original

    Tony Wroten can have an impact near term and in the future as long as
    he focuses on the basics and is patient but persistent.He comes from an
    unbelieveable family pedigree and community(seattle’s central district)
    home of the best basketball talent in the state,easily.Brandon Roy and
    Jason Terry,Nate Robinson,Isaiah Thomas,Avery Bradley,Spencer Hawes….
    Marvin Williams,Payton Silva,Terrence Williams,Jamal Crawford.I KNOW he
    will have a major impact on the nba just like his fellow and future state
    brethern (206)forever,let’s get it going 2012-13