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Derrick Rose to Be Out 8-12 Months Following Knee Surgery

NBA fans won’t be seeing Derrick Rose and his surgically-repaired knee in action for quite a while, according to the doctor who operated on the Chicago Bulls’ superstar point guard. From the AP and Chicago Tribune: “The assessment by Dr. Brian Cole on Tuesday means the star point guard could return around Feb. 1 or miss next season. The doctor adds there is a chance Rose could be back sooner, but ‘we’re not going to rush it.’ The Bulls had already said Rose has a torn ligament in his left knee. Cole says there is there is also a small cartilage tear. He says Rose is ‘doing great’ and surgery went ‘extremely well.’ [...] ‘It’s impossible to predict tomorrow,’ Cole said. ‘Statistically, he should be that player and then some. That doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed.’ Asked if he knew what caused the injury, Cole said, ‘This could be anything from a completely random event to maybe conditioning. We’ll never know with certainty.’ He noted that Rose did not tear his medial collateral ligament, which made his preparation for surgery much smoother.”

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  • Lin4President

    Damn that sucks. Hope D Rose makes a smooth recovery.

  • http://youtube.com charliewinning


  • fruizm

    Poor Rose. I dont even play pro ball and I recently had a surgery that kept me out of the game 3 WEEKS and they seemed like the 3 longest weeks of my life. Imagine what this guy is feeling!

  • http://www.slamonline.com the_unknown

    I pray to God that this isn’t the Brandon Roy story all over again.

  • ENDS

    He’s Done in the sense he’s never gonna regain that explosivness with out the fear of injury

  • http://kb24.com x-DrEw_MaiN-x

    My thoughts and prayers to DRose. Hope u have a speedy recovery man. I’ma miss watching u play, ur an inspiration to all the bball players out there.

  • jinolin

    Hope he comes back,
    This my be a gift and a curse (he needs to become a better shooter, with the long rehab he may hone his skill set more) The saddest part of this is that he is arguably the most humble superstar in the L.

  • jinolin


  • 602shorty

    Hey Asad, or Assad, if you’re reading I hope you read the doctor’s quote. It’s the same thing I said that got your panties in a bunch. Hopefully Rose heals fast. Jinolin also suggested the same thing I did about Rose focusing on his shooting more. He’ll come out of this a better player. He works too hard not to.

  • jayrose

    I wish a speedy recovery rose. Your an amazing baller and person. As much as we want to see you on the court and yourself as well please be patient with the recovery. Hope to see the rose we all know.

  • Bmack

    Oh god as soon as I heard someone mention Brandon Roy my heart dropped. One of my favorite players before Rose. God I hope Brandon’s doing good out there.

  • Ronald

    This is suprising. I thought the time frame for an ACL reconstruction was 6-9 months. 8-12 months seem to indicate a more serious issue.

  • PnoyVibe

    They should do that german procedure that Kobe went through to prevent him from more future injuries

  • greg

    Ronald, six to nine months would be to get a regular person’s strength back, but to get someone like rose back will take a while because they have to get him back to MVP form before they bring him back. too many guys have come back too soon from acl surguries, and its ruined their careers. I think he will physically recover, but he may go to his floater and pull up jumper because of a fear of attacking

  • http://chicagotribune.com Diesel

    All I want is Rose to take his time and not rush to get back and have this linger his entire career. Get 100% healthy, let the bulls tank a season and get a high draft pick, let everyone come back strong in two years.

  • Cameron

    Well as long as the Bulls make the playoffs in a weak eastern conference, they should be fine. Boozer better step up and Steve Nash would be a good FA to sign for now. Then you could just start 2 PGs anyways, Nash won’t need to score. Or you could just move Rose to SG.

  • b-nEWT

    Cameron, that’s a pretty solid plan!

  • http://chicagotribune.com Diesel

    Bulls have some serious salary cap issues next year. Rose’s contract kicks in and they’re basically at the cap with just their starter’s salary. Brewer, Watson, Korver, and most likely Asik are all likely gone. Bulls have the mini mid level exception to sign someone. Nash would need to take a serious pay cut. I don’t think its happening.

  • AlbZ

    9-12 months out… harsh. Plus it normally takes a full season to get back to full speed.

  • PnoyVibe

    ^It’s probably 9-12 months including getting back in full shape,I hope.

  • http://www.slamonline.com house

    give Rose Boozer’s left ACL, Boozer never does anything with it anyway.

  • LaKid

    Cameron, the East used to be weak, but don’t you think it’s on an upswing? They just got beat by the 8 seed without Rose..

  • http://slamonline.com samoaninlondon

    The next Penny Hardaway/Grant Hill :(

  • Mike From Spain

    Will Rose adjust his game to the slight loss of explosiveness right after the comeback? I am interested to see if he will be intelligent enough to change his game and slowly get in his former shape.

  • REM CC.

    Hello Brandon roy, Grant Hill, Trace Mccrady, Penny Hardaway..

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jahmai

    I know he will work as hard as anyone to recover and I’m following Adrian Peterson’s rehab pretty close and he’s doing great. He’s as explosive as anyone and if he can get back to the AP we all know and love coming back from an ACL AND MCL tear, I know Rose will be fine as well.

  • lakernation

    He will never be the same…. Sorry Bulls fans.

  • Sxxmi

    Trace Mccrady was so good back in ’01 ’02 ’03 ’04

  • JMM

    People who say things like “He’s done” are the lowest form of jerks. It’s obvious the pleasure you take in saying it. Assholes.

  • http://slamonline.com samoaninlondon

    Trace Mccrady LOL

  • jay

    he’ll still be a great player but he depends on an explosive first step. He’s going to lose at least half a step no matter what. Rose will have to work on other parts of his game.

  • LP

    Robert Griffin III never regained his explosiveness after his ACL injury either, he only ran a 4.38 at the combine……………. cmon guys, its 2012, he will come back maybe better, he may tweak his game, you never know. THis is his first year missing games, and most of those were due to the condensed schedule..I hope he misses next year, no point in coming back…Bulls get a 6 seed, and a decent first round pick, one year closer to getting rid of BOOZER(!), and hopefully we pick up where we left off in 2013-2014…

  • http://www.acb.com A l a n

    I love Rose demeanor, he’s my favorite young star. I hope he comes back healthy, whenever that happens. Wish him the best.

  • @boweezy24

    He’ll Be Posting Up Other Guards.