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Doc Rivers May Sit Ray Allen For A Game

Hampered by painful bone spurs in his ankles, Ray Allen‘s postseason struggles have been well-documented. And after playing 39 minutes and scoring just 6 points on 1-7 shooting in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he is considering sitting Allen out for a game. ESPN has the details: “’It’s a tough call with him,’ Rivers said Tuesday afternoon. ‘We’re trying to figure out a different minute rotation for him, maybe that will help him. We’re even considering sitting him for a game, getting him a longer rest and then playing him, and then sitting him for a game. We don’t know what the right thing is.’ Part of what makes Allen’s situation difficult is the Celtics don’t have great options behind him if he sits out a game. Avery Bradley, who had taken over the starting spot from Allen, is out for the rest of the playoffs after shoulder surgery. Losing Allen would thrust Mickael Pietrus into the starting lineup. ‘We don’t have a lot of options, with Avery out and then with Ray being injured,’ Rivers said. ‘MP (Pietrus) is going to have to be important. Whether Ray plays or not in games, I think MP is going to be big for us, he has to be.’”

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  • MeloMan15


  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    it’s hard to watch ray play right now, 60 % freethrowns smh. avery bradley would be nice to have right now

  • Heals

    Same story different player, this is the story of the C’s season. I’d take their injured team over the Bobcats all day. Bradley-RayRay-Green-Wilcox-JO…

  • Sizzle

    Might actually not be a bad idea. See how MP defends Wade for a game and (if he does well) consider starting MP and bring Jesus off the bench. At this point what is there to lose doc? You will likely lose Game 2 anyway…

  • barnabusb

    So when Ray Allen gets to the gym hours and hours before the game starts like the TV says he does, is he shooting 60% then as well? Maybe he needs to tone down the pre-game warmup.

  • Ldub

    Problem with MP is that he isnt the offensive threat Allen is. So him guarding Wade is one thing, but youre giving the Heat a break on defense. They dont have the run around screens like the would with Allen. And if battier, miller or jones is guarding MP then it really wouldnt matter. Wade is gonna sink into the paint like KOBE when he is guarding Rondo. Which basically has him saving all of his energy for offense. Thus making it still hard for MP to try and guard him. Regardless of who Doc puts in…the C’s have to concentrate on other players. Let Wade and James get there 25-30 pts each…thats only 60. But stopping Miller, Battier, Chalmers and Haslem is the key. Easier said than done with an injured roster.

  • http://moontain.org Fredd

    lets say MP is banking a three or two then it’s a different story … people have to remember the Magic’ Pietrus, which was a player able to get hot and choke people on defense ( of course, it’s from time to time now ) …

    so … hope is in the place, still it doesn’t win you games.