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Dwyane Wade Happy to Play Second Fiddle to LeBron James

LeBron James has assumed the leadership mantle from Dwyane Wade in Miami this season, and the longtime Heat superstar is more than happy to step aside for the reigning MVP. From the Miami Herald: “Wade knows the Heat will always be his in terms of Miami’s embrace. He always will be more beloved here than James if only for the seven-year head start on earning fans’ respect and emotional bond. There is other lingering deference to Wade. He is still the cleanup hitter in pregame introductions, his name saved for last. And Wade still usually has the ball in his hands on final possessions when games are on the line (although increasingly you get the idea that baton might be handed to James as well). In every other way, though, the team is LeBron’s now. He carries the scoring load. When you look at the consistency of his rebound and assist totals and his ability as a shut-down defender, you understand he carries the load, period. [...] ‘I know what he can do. I know that when he wants to, he’s unstoppable,’ Wade told The Palm Beach Post recently. ‘It’s not a sensitive subject with me. I get it.’ [...] ‘My confidence ain’t going to change, but I realize and understand where he is at this point in his career,’ Wade said of James. ‘At certain times in the league, Coach Riley has felt I was the best player. I don’t change the way I approach the game and what I think of myself at all by saying [James] is the best in the world right now.’”

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  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher


  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    they r better of with wade as the second option as long as the ball is in his hands when the clock is winding down

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jahmai

    Man, you Miami folks are some lucky people, when you have a player like Dwyane Wade. My respect for Wade has always been high and this kind of stuff only elevates it. I can understand why LeBron James wants to play with him.

  • Zabbah

    Lebron’s got a bigger penis too. I know because it was in my mouth the other night.

  • http://www.twitter.com/kevinchung Kevin

    lmao ^

  • Iggi

    I can beleive you said that, if you are a girl that hell funny, but if are a dude that’s gay. No wonder why this guy is my favorite player in the NBA, D. Wade is player that people can look up to. and he a hot girlfriend. you da man D. Wade.

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHOLIDAY

    This is why I hope the Heat win the chip… because a guy like Wade deserves it. Has put it all on the line for his team since Day 1, and has never let his ego get in the way of anything!

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance

    What I find funny is that if LeBron would have said these same things about Wade last year when he first got there, he would have got KILLED for it by everyone. Wade says it about LeBron and he gets kudos. Not talking about anyone above that commented, its just the double standard for all things LeBron is crazy.

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHOLIDAY

    @dfrance, I completely agree with you. Lebron cant win no matter what he says or does… Once he decided to leave Cleveland and team up with Wade and Bosh, he’s been Public Enemy #1. Sad, but it’s just the way it is at this point!

  • misso

    hopefully they lose again

  • SylvioMac

    lmao @zabbah

  • jose

    Always will be Wade’s Team. . . No amount of accolades by LeBron while he’s with Miami can change that. . .

  • Ldub

    Nothing wrong with this. Do what you gotta do, to get the job done. LBJ is a better overall player than Wade. This allows Wade to pick his spots. I think this mentality has allowed him to shoot so well this year. Knowing that he doesnt have to be the man for 48 minutes.

  • T-Money

    jose: for who? for you?

  • me

    T-Money: For those who are not fan of James only but for the HEAT.

  • bike

    Another missleading title. LeBron is the current MVP, DWade is not, that’ all.

  • Ldub

    @bike….what this means is…its Wade’s team (city) based on the love and loyalty he has shown to the city of Miami. But as far as 1-2 combo its LBJ then Wade. And like I said..there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to get technical…you could say Wade has a championship and Lebron does not. Individual awards mean nothing (when it comes to winning, and HOW youre going to put your best foot forward).

  • Kareem

    After he wins a championship this year, haters will still say it’s Wade’s team.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Mr. Rupert Davis

    What a noble stand in this regard on the part of Mr. Dwayane Wade! Such a sterling quality demonstrates the true gentleman that is part of this exemplary individual’s character. Hats off and all the best to this endearing young man!

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Lets be honest, this will hurt Wade in his career. Why is wade Happy to be second fiddle or to be on a team when another player gets MVP, when you feel you are a top player. Wade should feel disrespected and upset that the Media thought so poorly of him, that Lebron could win MVP. Wade needs to get his FIRE back. BOOK IT!!

  • DWadeMVP

    People who believe this are dum..Dwade is 10x better then lebron..Hes going to dominate this whole series then lead Miami to the championship..During offseason hes going to work hard and get stronger and better and come back next year MVP and will tell lebron step aside its my turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dwade!!!!!!!:))))))))

  • Ldub

    @The Seed…..WTH? If Wade can be, westbrook/pippen/parker/etc, and win championships with LBJ, how is that hurting his career? He has a much better chance of winning the whole thing with LBJ than without…and if we are all being “honest”…then honestly championships should be the only things that matter. You can definitely have 2 top players on the same squad. Thats part of being humble and doing whats best for the team and the ring! Lebron deserved the MVP…the statline proves that easily over Wade.

  • DWadeMVP

    @The Seed your definitely right..I think hes going to dominate this whole playoffs and lead Miami to the championship then work very hard in the off-season and get stronger and better and come back as old Dwyane Wade and win the MVP award..I feel it hes going to tell lebron step aside robin ..its my time..Dwade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))))))))))))))

  • trueballer4life

    true humble man much respect!..

  • Pokemon Master Ash Your Mother

    Lebron > Wade.. by a long shot

  • http://bellsouth daddy glp

    Let’s be honest with ourself LBJ, and D Wade, are good players so while people are going to say whatever they. I do think upper management had a big part in this decison,go back and look at last year game when they lost to Dallas. LBJ, D Wade get your and shut down the haters.

  • wishuwould247

    This is why Dwade is my favorite player. He only cares about winning, nothing else. Lebron can have the regular season MVP but wait and see whos Final MVP.

  • Pokemon Master Ash Your Mother

    lebron james is better than mj.. BOOK ITTTTTTTTTT

  • jeremys6226

    DWade has always been dedicated to his team and only cares about the championship. He shows real leadership to be able to speak openly about this and the Heat look unstoppable with both LBJ and Wade (I’d still go to Wade in the clutch)