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Kobe Bryant Came Up Short at Crunchtime in Game 2

Long celebrated for his ability to pull out wins in the game’s dying moments, Kobe Bryant played terribly down the stretch last night in OKC, and his Lakers now find themselves in a very deep 0-2 hole. From ESPN: “After negotiating his way to 20 points despite a paucity of good looks (in addition to handing out all four Lakers assists through the first 27 minutes), Bryant missed all four of his shots in the final 5:31, had a turnover that led directly to a Kevin Durant dunk and had another tipped pass go off his arm and out of bounds. This wasn’t a case of Bryant playing his gastroenteritis-drained guts out and his teammates failing to match him, like Game 6 in Denver. This was a collective effort putting the Lakers in position to get the victory in Oklahoma City they need to win the series, and Kobe bobbling it away. Kobe’s past performances prohibit us from saying he never comes through in the clutch. But his recent history tells us it’s been four years since he hit a game-winning shot in the playoffs, and the ledger is starting to pile up on the negative side. This is not about discussing the totality of his career. Not when there is the immediate task of competing for the 2012 championship at hand. Kobe talks about his desire to give his supporters as much ammo as possible for the debate about his place among the greats … and now, with the Lakers down 2-0 heading for back-to-back games at Staples Center this weekend, there’s a distinct possibility that the conference finals and NBA Finals will arrive without him having a chance to contribute anything else to the argument. Bryant credited a ‘great play by Durant’ for the steal, blamed the missed shots on being ‘too far from the basket’ and that was all he had to say about his performance down the stretch.”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    There’s a pretty strong possibility that this “wonderous” talent, “on par” with guys like Magic, Michael and Larry, and his team, will be swept out of two straight playoff years. That’s actually heartwarming.

  • Michal

    Yep, his mistakes cost the Lakers a pretty good shot at winning the game. I didn’t realize It’s been four years since hitting a game winner in the playoffs though, that’s pretty wild. Seeing Kobe not play very well at the end of games frequently gives me the impression that he’s not physically cutting it anymore.

  • Kobester


  • Scott

    Kobe blew it, and I’m not talking about MJ’s bratwurst.

  • Realist

    The black mamba very quickly becoming the black rattlesnake… lol nothing stays gold forever but if kobe is going to be name one of the greats he also has to be great towards the end of his career and not the way he is playing right now.

  • AFB

    @Michal, “Game Winner” is such a subjective term. There were plenty of instances of Kobe hitting big shots to prevent a loss in the playoffs. I can name a few (i.e. Game 1 in Finals against Orlando, the whole Phoenix WCF series, Game 5 of the Finals against Boston). None of those shots were last second, “game winners” per se, but they were necessary shots to either create or prevent momentum. But re: last night, the laziness and poor shots fall on Kobe. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown…”

  • Michal

    Well, it’s true that the Lakers wouldn’t have got the lead without Kobe in the first place, and Kobe bailed his team out when no one but him had it going on, but you gotta admit that with that 7 point lead, it was him that cost the Lakers the game.

  • the king

    I said it b4 kobe is washed up all down hill from here fakers need to reload if they find a sucker give him away

  • CubicleWorker

    Dude has been battling injuries all season, there is probably stuff that nobody knows about that he’s dealing with right now. You can see it in his inconsistencies… He has five years, has been one of the top 5 players for the past 10 years. Give the guy a break.

  • Bruno

    how many titles does Kobe have eboy? not 1 not 2 not 3, he has … it dont matter cause is more than nothin’ hahahaha

  • whooo!

    Micael, they probably woulda had as good a lead without Kobe forcing some shots. A beauty when these greatly defended shots go in, but he only shot 9/25… 25 shots to get 20pts

  • lakernation

    If Steve Blake hits the last shot we wouldnt be sitting here talking about how washed up Kobe is…… would we? Kobe was on his game in the 4th and thats all that matters. Yall act like there’s no defenders out there give the Thunder some credit. They played good defense up until the Blake shot cause he was wide open.

  • whooo!

    my beef is that they say “Artest held Durant in check” because he shot 60% for 22pts (plus 7rbds & 5 assists)!? just cuz a guy didn’t force his shots doesn’t mean he was held in check — he let the game come to him and though he shoulda gotten involved earlier, he still came up big when it mattered. and if 22pts on 60% is “held in check”, let’s credit the OKC defense too for forcing 20pts on 36% shooting.

  • http://slamonline.com Realist

    The black mamba very quickly becoming the black rattlesnake… lol nothing stays gold forever but if kobe is going to be name one of the greats he also has to be great towards the end of his career and not the way he is playing right now. And yes there are always “what ifs” but there are just that. The fact of the matter is he is shooting too much and making to little…

  • the king

    @lakermation the way kobe played is y kd got that still kobe is y the it was a 2 point gaameit all down hill from here

  • http://slamonline.com Sergio

    Tragic Magic. Bird missing dunk to win game against Knicks in the 1989 playoffs. MJ’s said it best in Failure commercial (26 times missing game winning shot). It happens to everyone. You can’t win if you don’t lose.

  • kobesBESTfriend

    Mike Brown drew up some dumb plays in the last 2 minutes and wasted 2 timeouts…i miss PJ so much

  • Riggs

    Meh im cutting him a break cause he rarely does mess up like that (and i dont even like kobe)

  • bike

    Durant wanted that game more than anyone else; hence OKC’s win. Gumby man wants to be one of the greatist and I’m thinking he’s gonna do it.

  • Mike

    He blew it plain & simple. If we get on Lebron 4 failing, not even failing I should say failing 2 attempt 2 fail is more accurate then we have 2 lay blame where it lies. But at least he attempted 2 fail, if you catch my drift.

  • http://www.twitter.com_dfrance dfrance21

    The no game winners in the last 4 years “stat” is so bogus. Hasn’t he won 2 out of the last 4 championships??? I’m not a Kobe fan either, but I respect all that he’s accomplished and a bad last 5 minutes, or last 5 games doesn’t mean he’s washed.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    I think what people keep forgetting is that Kobe is not anywhere near his prime. His peak as an athlete was SIX years ago. The fact that he’s still out trying to hang with the young guys is pretty impressive…but he’s clearly starting to get old. He can string together consistent stretches, but his shooting against top teams falters and he struggles to get his shot off most of the time. With that being said, he’s been playing very unselfishly most of these playoffs and really just wants to win, but nobody wants to talk about that because it deviates from the “Kobe is a ball hog!” narrative.

  • Sizzle

    Just generally annoyed how everyone, sports/media/fans write players legacies in the present. It’s such a joke, I could only imagine what would be written/said/heard these days in the seasons leading up to MJ’s first championship. Wait till a player’s career is OVER as in out of the league before writing them off…

  • Jzakoni

    Well he is statistically one of the WORST clutch players ever, why is this a story when most have known this for years?

  • http://juan.garcia@computershare.com PutUrMomma2Wrk

    The Mamba giveth… the Mamba taketh away

  • JoeMaMa

    I just realized that half of all slamonline commenters are the type of fans who, should you be so lucky as to attend an actual game with friends and family, ruin the experience with their outward and shameless haterism. Sigh.

  • T-Money

    kobe has no special ability to make clutch shots, he just has the mental fortitude (or foolishness) to take all of his team’s clutch shots. i’ve said it numerous times: mamba’s most important trait in crunch time is predictability – all of his teammates know exactly what’s going down so the guards can space the floor for him in case he’s trapped and the bigs know when to crash the boards.

  • Mike From Spain

    Kobe 9 of 25? Really, he shot the Lakers out of the game. Not hating. Not saying anything about his five rings. Just looking at the stats from last nights game.

  • Conor O.

    Yes, he cost Los Angeles the game nearly exclusively, but that doesn’t take away from his talent or resumé in any way imaginable. The media has harvested an audience of frontrunners.

  • moshe

    i want to make a bold statement
    kobe will have two more rings before he retireshe bynum gasol meta sessions and a bench that can put 20points ave per game and 2013 and 14 is laker time

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    This nonsense about who’s clutch and who’s not has become the most useless debate ever concoted by the media. I guess the first 47 mins of games don’t matter anymore.

  • http://none kbdumas

    Kobe and the lakers start chokin’ cuz he got Lebum’s choker in crime Mike brown coachin’ him down there. See Eboy what family of chokers do to other people? Huh?

    Lebron sez ” I do not choke, not 1, not 2, not 3….errrrrr ” and Riley’s on facepalm

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    CubicleWorker’s “There is probably stuff he is dealing with that nobody knows about” argument was just ridiculous

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    Lot of “ifs” and excuses coming from some butt hurt fans. Get over it he played like sh*t down the stretch it is what it is. LeBron gets killed for it yesterday and you’re all over him Kobe gets criticized for the same thing it happens. You have off games sometimes and make mistakes so what no need to get your panties in a bunch.

  • Jay Cathcart

    What I love to hear is people saying that hes washed up and his careers over…..Didnt he lead the league in scoring almost the whole season? Doesnt sound like a washed up player to me. I am also sick of hearing he shoots low % in the clutch…Thats because he has the guts to take the shot and has taken 2 times more then anyone else. He has no 2nd man to go to in the clutch unlike baby Bron who needs Wade to pull him out of it everynight. I will say last night he did fall apart on us in the last 5 mins, but lets not put it all on his sholders. Mike Brown should have called a T.O with 2 mins left while we were up by 7 and pulled his guys aside and said run the shot clock to 5 and get it to Bynum. If we took it down ran the clock down roughly 20 seconds and dished it to bynum he would have a good chance of making it, if he didnt and OKC scord we come down and do the same thing again. By the end of the 2nd possession the clock would have been down to almost 1 min and we would still at least have a 3 point lead and what are the odds Bynum is gonna miss all 3 he was beasting.

  • Jamaal87

    Eboy is the biggest hater on this site.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    He had Shaq and now he has Gasol/Bynum, doesn’t sound like no ones to me.

  • Ill Smith

    Kobe played like a bucket of dog sh*t last nite. As a Celtics fan….I LOVED IT!!! But seriously LAkers fans should understand by now Kobe is jacking any & everything up the last 3 minutes of a close game, & the W or L depends on his misses/makes. Gift & the curse baby.

  • http://slamonline.com realists

    “The Black Rattlesnake” not as dangerous…

  • Bruce

    You gotta love reading the stuff the Kobe fans(often a totally separate entity from Laker fans who have an understanding of what real basketball is all about) write. Their “defense” of Kobe always starts with “his” five titles,his high scoring games like 81 points or 61 in three quarters and his “clutch” shooting. Break it down one part at a time.
    1. The five title thing is one of the most absurd of all. Sure Kobe has been on TEAMS that have won five titles. No mention that in 13 or 14 of his sixteen seasons he has played on TEAMS with the most dominating or at worst the second most dominating front line in the league. Obviously Shaq was the MVP and leader of the first three title teams. That ended against the Pistons in 2004 when Kobe decided he wanted to be the MVP and in trying to play hero bricked the Pistons on to the title by missing 62% of his shots and igniting the Piston fast breaks. That led to Shaq leaving and Phil “retiring”. A couple of very lean seasons followed. Some of Kobe’s best individual stats,but quick elimination or no playoffs. Then the Lakers were gifted with Pau Gasol and with Odom already in place and Bynum on the roster learning the game they once again had the first or second most dominating front line. Also Ron “World Peace” Artest who could 4 or 5 positions and rebound. A loss to Boston in the 2008 finals,victory over the Magic in 2009 ,and another title in 2010 over Boston. The victory in 2010 would never have occurred without Gasol and Artest. Kobe once again got over hyped up and shot 6 for 24, trying to insure the MVP award he got anyway. Kobe’s biggest contribution to that was his “clutch” play. The “Kobe assist”(or brick depending on if you are a Kobephile or an honest fan) as I like to call those plays ended up as a Gasol basket that won the game. When you look at the frontlines of those winning teams,it is obvious that Kobe did not win by himself. Contrast that with the bigs that Jordan played with. He never had a dominating big man to help him. Sure,he had Scottie and some good teammates but the Bulls never dominated inside like Kobe’s Laker teams.
    2. The 81 point game, 61 point game etc. Pure theatre. AA lot of players could score that many points if they took as many shots as Kobe. The fact is the greatest players are more concerned with TEAM success
    and developing team play than Kobe is. You don’t see most of them jacking up a lot of shots once their team has a big lead or against mediocre teams to pad their stats. Big scoring totals aren’t relevant to greatness when taken out of the context of the game and how efficiently they are scored.
    3. The “clutch” label is contrary to fact. Sure Kobe has hit a ton of them. the fact is he hits no higher percentage than the average NBA player and because of his personal needs he takes 85% of the Laker shots in those situations. Many times he’ll try to force it over two or three defenders with teammates wide open.In his mind it is much better for him to take a shot like that than give it to a teammate with an open 15 footer or even a layup. Just last night you saw him yelling at World Peace for making the right play giving the ball to Blake for an open shot when Kobe was tightly covered and Bryant had already missed 3 or 4 shots in those last two minutes. Bottom line is he makes about 30% of those clutch shots. That is fact and that is about league average. Sure.Kobe is a better than average shooter,but when he forces shots (which he does at least half the time in those situations) it cuts down his percentage when others had an open shot.
    Lastly,with the Laker personnel advantage up front and two seven footers who make over 50% from the field there is no excuse other than Kobe using to much ball time for the Lakers to even find themselves in so many close games against largely inferior opponents. Why not let the bigs do the damage more effectively early and avoid those situations early,instead of trying to win a scoring championship while missing 57% of your shots as Kobe did this year? Note that the other top scorers in the league were over 50%,tops on their teams. Kobe’s fg% was below the average fg% of the rest of the team combined.
    And of course the last defense. Stats don’t matter(even though they are a record of what actually happened on the court). Anyone who can’t see Kobe is the greatest clutch player in the game is a” hater”.The actual game statistics kept in those situations say it loud and clear,Kobe is average(maybe not in ability,but because he considers himself the only option and wont pass) in those situations. He gets into them way more times than should be necessary because of his reluctance to have any Laker player outscore him nbo matter how many shots he has to take or how few he has to allot to guys like Shaq,Bynun and Gasol.

  • Sparker

    no phil, big problems

  • MeloMan15

    4 years.. wow?

  • feez_22

    I read something funny on twitter last night. Someone was replying to my friend and said (paraphrasing) something like how kobe should get a pass here because guys like lebron james haven’t shown their playoff clutch gene. That led me to go to the stats. I don’t use stats for every argument… but its telling as it pertains to kobe’s perceived playoff clutch. Does anybody want to know what kobe’s true GW make/miss is in his playoff career? Its 7/25. I know for sure its 7 makes. 25 or 26 misses (which would have been 26/27 misses had he tried again v. the thunder last night). What is more hilarious is if you look at lebron’s playoff clutch make-miss… its 5/12. I just found that awfully funny. Kobe… the guy that has made 2 more game winners to 13 missed ones is the more clutch one and has the playoff clutch gene… See this is why people need to STOP watching espn.

  • feez_22

    By the way… If lebron did what kobe did in the final 2 minutes, a whole e-60 would be dedicated to it. It would have been front page news everywhere. Why is it that kobe is getting a semi-pass for it? When kobe comes up unclutch, all most laker fans do is bring up 5 rings and lebron’s unclutchness. Funny though because 5 rings are 3 riding shaq and 2 with the best frontcourt in the nba. Clearly had help and was bailed out by his teammates more than not in his ring quest. & since i already debunked the kobe clutch playoff gene myth… there is nothing else 2 say. Kobe blew 2 of the 4 PO games v. dallas in this way and did the same this game. in the span of 2 minutes, kobe had 2 turnovers that led 2 baskets, harden blew by him for the first in a string of thunder points, kobe missed 2 jumpers airballing the 2nd one, kobe dribbled the ball for 10 seconds trying to play hero ball before he was fouled and at the end of the game KOBE was mad at his TEAMMATES? What kind of crap is that? Thats no leadership. Its kobe’s fault they lost that lead. 2 straight turnovers? with 1 looking like u were passing it directly to durant? Thats an all out choke.

  • tomtom

    This is hilarious. How bias can this website be? Lebron and Dwade choked like crazy in the closing moments of game 2, missed FT’s layups, bad shot selection. At least it’s news when Kobe messes up, which he did, i guess with Bron it’s business as usual. By the way, the second turnover, not Kobe’s fault, that’s a poor pass from Steve Blake. Also, not excusing Kobe’s turnover, Mike Brown made a huge mistake burning a timeout for no reason, that gave us no chance of playing the freethrow game if we missed a shot.

  • bdogg

    as much as i am a kobe fan his throwawy to durant and the 50-50 westbrook steal cost the lakers a W. maybe it was blake’s fault on the pass but kobe should have caught the ball. that said..all they needed was 1 free throw to ice it in 2min and the game was over…SMH! no excuses but he looked gased last night. this is why as i said last week. if you can close in 5 games..you close!

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    tomtom pretty sure they got crucified by this site after their choke job c’mon man you know that.

  • Heals

    I hear ya riggs, I wanted to jump on the “Kob blew it” bandwagon too, but it happens (see PP34 last 2 games). I just don’t like how he visibly shows up teammates in a manner that let’s everyone playing/watching that he’s upset with how (insert play here) turned out. Much love for taking the time Bruce…

  • http://www.yahoo,com berkamore

    Not a Kobe fan but it’s not all on him. What about Steve Blake who missed a wide open shot? I mean, we all remember Paxon and Kerr hitting clutch jumpers for the Bulls. Give Kob a break…. and one other thing. I disagree with the clutch or money time being at the end of games. To me, clutch time is anytime the momentum of the game shifts. And the Jordan Bulls were great at that. You could just see them grab a game over 3-4 possessions and never relinquish it until the end. And the Lakers could have put this game away towards the end of the third quarter and in the first half of the fourth quarter, you could just see the Thunder doubting and getting frustrated with the Lakers physical play. Anyway, Kobe can’t do it by himself in “clutch time.”

  • http://www.crappyrappers.com Simon Caine

    You guys are right. Lebron, Jordan, Magic, Bird, etc never came up short in games. Never. Boo, Kobe, boo.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    ^Really? That’s what you took from the conversation? Interesting.

  • ti-sizzle

    Simon, you need to learn how to read cuz no one said that. All we’re sayin is Kobe came up shorter than Lakeshow’s dic. He blew this game like JTaylor in prison.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVM11tMaMWg LakeShow

    My penis is small. This is true.
    Taylor you really blow guys in prison? Didn’t take you for the type…

  • Bruce

    Let’s put it this way,if you take the true greats of the game(Russell,West,Robertson,Magic,Kareem,Jordan,Wilt,Duncan and Bird to name a few),they almost always made the best basketball play for the TEAM by taking a good shot if open or passing the ball to a teammate with a more open shot if they weren’t open. All(except Russell who is in a category all his own) were 50% or close to it shooters for their career. None of them(except Russell again) missed 55% of their shots like Kobe has over his career. Without exception whether they were the leading scorer on their team or not you rarely if ever heard teammates complain about the shots they took. Maybe some on Jordan’s team may have complained but none made a higher percentage of shots than they did. I don’ think Kobe has ever even made 47% of his shots in a season(West’s career average).
    As for Russell,he made about 44% of his shots(even lower than Kobe),but he concentrated on what wins games,rebounding,defense and leadership. Talk about winning with different players,11 titles in 13 seasons and the only person with him almost all that time was K.C. Jones and he was a reserve on the early championship teams. Oh yes,tons of his teammates were in the HOF ,but I guarantee you,had they not been on those Celtic teams a lot of them would have just been good players. Because of the unity on those teams(thank Russell and Auerbach) those teams were by far the most successful in NBA. because of those teams guys all time greats like Robertson(1),West(1),Baylor(0),Pettit (1)and even Wilt ended up with 0,1 or 2(Wilt) titles. Russell averaged 15 points per game,but because of his competitive nature(not used to insure he was the high scorer on the team every game,but to insure victories for his team),yet by Kobephile standards HIS TEAM(and there was no denying he was the leader of every one of those teams except maybe the first time when I believe Cousy who was already a big star before Russell came into the league got the MVP.) In Kobe’s case it’s hard to say he ever was the most important player on his team because he was never the most efficient scorer,never able to control the paint and played with the best bigs in the business for 90% of his career. Guys like Jordan,West,Robertson and Magic would probably have won 8 to 10 titles at least if you subtracted kobe from the team and inserted one of them in his place.

  • doe

    AT least Kobe wants to take the shot!!! 3 time MVP Lebron passes the ball! I don’t understand why Big Shot KD IS NOT THE MVP!! Hard work beats talent ask Durant!!!!!

  • hero

    co sign to my boy bruce!!!
    kobe is the most over rated player of all time.

  • hero

    co sign to my boy bruce!!!

  • Bruce

    I totally agree with your comment and that is my whole point. It is certainly not that Kobe is a bad player,he has tons of talent and knowledge of the game. I think more and more as people look at actual statistics(which over a career reflect actual events and give a big picture) along with the talented bigs he has played with 85% of his career will realize that Kobe has traded much of his potential as a winner and a teammate for a high(though not that efficient )scoring average. He has underutilized his bigs and even competed with them for shots(though his lifetime fg% is 10% below any of the three of them. That is why I said guys like West,Robertson and Magic would have won three or four more titles than kobe has had they played with the front courts Kobe has. None of them had any reluctance to share the ball. While Jordan wasn’t as good about sharing the ball as the other three,I don’t think he would have been nearly as reluctant to share the balwith them as kobe has been. He too would have more titles than kobe,but maybe an Mvp or two less had he played with those bigs.
    It’s really nothing about Blake missing an open shot. Blake had a far better shot at winning(he makes 47% of his three pointers from that spot and was wide open.World Peace absolutely made the best possible play getting the ball to an uncovered Blake in a spot where he stood a very good chance of making it as opposed to forcing a pass to a Kobe who was tightly covered and who would have had to have forced a shot. The record shows that Kobe would have had a 30% chance of making that shot(less actually because it was a three) and Kobe would have to have struggled just to receive the pass. All of that does not even consider that Kobe had three shots previous to that through the last two or three minutes and missed them all,most pretty badly.
    My comments had little to do with that game. It is more about Kobe’s mindset his whole career.Most people(Kobephiles excepted KNOW that neither Kobe nor anyone else including Jordan is going to come up clutch all the time or even half the time). The best shooting guards make 50% shooting good shots(though jordan made some tough ones as does Kobe). The point is that by Kobe’s selfishness(and that is not just a clutch thing,he does that during the game too) he is taking his own players out of the game and trying to beat teams one on five. The greats maximize teammates(prime examples Russell,Magic,Bird,Duncan) and that creates opportunities for everyone. The only one of those who is that close to Kobe in career scoring average per game is Bird and he did it making close to 50% of his shots,yet all were far better teammates than Kobe because teammates followed their lead. If you play that kind of ball you have less clutch situations in the first place and everyone has an easier time scoring. That’s where kobe’s mindset is a detriment to his team because he overdribbles and tries to go one on one when ball movement with everyone involved creates opportunities to score more efficiently for everyone(including Kobe if he had the patience to try it).
    Without a doubt kobe is a HOF player,but in no way is he top ten of all time.I put him sixth all time on just the Laker list and my list excludes players like Mikan(who was the leader of five laker championship teams in far less time than it took KOBE Tto win “his five”). I exclude him because his talent just didn’t match Kobe’s ,but he was more dominant than Kobe,a good team player and the LEADER of all the teams he played on. He knew when to quit too,right before Russell entered the league. I also exclude Wilt who is obviously greater than Kobe because he had so few years with the Lakers and he was well past his peak when he got to LA. Here’s my list 1. Magic 2. Kareem(2nd only because he was past his prime during his time with the Lakers) 3. West(better teammate than kobe,higher fg% and made many shots would have been threes in the NBA today but they only counted for two then. Also more assists and rebounds per game than Kobe. 4. Shaq
    He loses points for his part in the failure to get along with Kobe. Unquestionable leader of three title team and recognized as such by his teammates and coach. 5. Baylor who was Jordan and Dr. J. before there was a Jordan or Dr. j. he was a fearsome rebounder even playing against the likes of Russell and Chamberlain. He could hang in the air seemingly forever and create moves while up there. truly poetry in motion. Unfortunately his knees were totally shot by the time Wilt got to the Lakersand he retired early in the year the Lakers won the title with West,Wilt and some younger future stars. 6. Kobe. Low field goal percentage for a guy who scores that many points indicating he should have passed the ball more and taken less bad shots. Still a great and exciting player to watch. Just not a player who should be compared to Jordan who has him beat in every conceivable category and even in Kobe’s specialty,scoring,scored five more points per game than Kobe while shooting at 5% better clip than Kobe(not to mention he had the highest fg% on his teams so he wasn’t taking shots away from more efficient players to score his points . That’s not even tallying up playoff and regular season MVPs and he buries Kobe in both those categories.