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Rajon Rondo Feels Like Boston Already Won the Series vs Atlanta

by Marcel Mutoni @marcel_mutoni

Rajon Rondo wasn’t exactly apologetic about being forced to sit out a Playoff game due to his suspension, but he sure was happy that his teammates were able to pull out the critical Game 2 win without him in Atlanta.

As the first round series shifts to Boston for games 3 and 4, the Boston Celtics’ star point guard is encouraged by his squad’s resolve. So much so, that Rondo feels as though Boston has basically already won the series (which is currently tied at 1 game apiece.)

From the Boston Herald:

Doc Rivers had told reporters that Rondo thanked his teammates for defeating the Hawks without him and evening the series at 1-1 on Tuesday. But the petulant point guard wasn’t carrying any contrition when he stepped onto the practice court and into the firing squad of pens and microphones and cameras yesterday. “The end result is all that matters,” Rondo said. “If there had been a different result, it would have been very difficult. But since we won, it felt like we won the series already.”

Rondo was asked about the appreciation he showed to his teammates — he ran down the tunnel at Philips Arena and hugged Kevin Garnett — and whether he felt he let his teammates down by missing the game. “I didn’t feel like I needed to say thank you for getting this win,” Rondo replied. “We’re trying to get as many wins as possible. You know, they’ve won without me before, so it’s not the first game I’ve missed. I’ve missed (for) injuries and suspensions. It’s just a big win because this is the playoffs. You know, every win counts.” And about the letting them down thing? “No,” he told the TV reporter. “Do you feel like I let them down?”

Despite having given the embattled Hawks plenty of bulletin board material with his comment about the Celtics feeling like they have the series in the bag, Rajon Rondo has reason to feel confident. Ray Allen appears to be on the mend, and Atlanta might have to go into battle tonight sans Josh Smith.

Rondo has done plenty of talking; now he’s gotta back it up.

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  • ClydeSays

    Dumbass thing to say, RR. Shut up & play.

  • bike

    Uh, yes Rondo, you did let your teammates down.

  • Heals

    Win the series and he’s “the man;” miss some FT’s down the stretch in a close one that costs em’ the series and he’ll have to wear this for a while. Here’s to an angry RR from here on out…

  • Jerome

    “Stop trippin’ Rondo!” – Smokey

  • dsleepy

    c’mon man…just keep your head down and play.

  • http://nba.com/celtics lights out

    He said it FELT like it, meaning it was such big victory that it felt like it shifted things in their favor. very different from him saying he feels like the series is over. Slam, you always do this. You either misinterpret quotes or deliberately twist them for the sake of a catchy headline.

  • vtrobot

    Someone’s gonna be in the mood to mess around tonight! RONNNNNDDDDOOOOOOO!

  • abaci

    C’mon guys it worked for TMac….

  • Kilo

    That was a dumb move. The Celtics will lose at least one agme in Boaston and their not going to win the title anyway. Don’t know why I

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    This is a bad move, considering this is the playoffs and it’s tied. But if the Celts without Rondo is bad, ATL without Smith is turrible.

  • http://www.borntocompete.com Money$hot

    Rondo must have had a conversation with Stackhouse

  • cusefan

    R. Rhondo whats the point in giving the Hawks bulletin board material, be like Clyde Frazier keep your mouth shut and school your opponent C’mon man

  • cusefan

    Love KG he’s a freaking MAN

    and Pierce & Bradley helped out tremendously

    Bass and Peitrus need to step up we need inside presence.,,, miss PERK

  • Heals

    I see you working M$, and props to RR for spicing things up in these playoffs. With OKC, Mia, SA and LAL rolling shht has been somewhat ho-hum as far as the extra stuff…

  • LOVE


  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    I see what ya’ll are saying about saying felt like… but this is still something they can use against him. Josh smith won’t be out forever yo. be careful RR

  • jason

    rondo you need to be more worried about being the ugliest muthaf’a in the nba. along with sporting the ugliest uniforms in the nba. anyway just stfu and try and get past the hawks. cause even if you do… you old ass celtics aint going any further. get real you clowns.

  • Cameron

    Haha, Jason. We’re gettin past the Hawks and the Sixers/Bulls, regardless of who wins that series. Keep Hatin’ on the C’s too. But on the real, RR needs to be careful with what he says.


    @Lights Out: Don’t even bother bringing common sense and logic here, some people only read the headline before they comment.

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    Saying “it felt like we won the series already,” vs “We have this series won already” mean the exact same thing. Not figuratively – literally.

  • Shifty

    Triple double tonight. Bet you.

  • Heals

    Shiftyadamus on point, didn’t “feel” like it for about 90% of the game tonight. Whheewwwwwuuu (forhead swipe)…

  • Shifty

    And a triple double was delivered! You beauty

  • NajeetheRipper

    only reason the celts won yesterday is cuz jsmoove did not play. hawks gonna win this series

  • Cameron

    The C’s played without Rondo when the Hawks had Jsmoove and still won. Hawks are finished.

  • http://Something. Ugh

    @rIGGS – Some people don’t even do that.

  • Feros

    Rondoooo your ma man!but u have to start knocking some jump shots.i mean ur the best point guard in the nba with team IQ and leadership.lets finish the hawks quickly and get ready for the sixers they are very fast!go rondo i mean say watever u want but dnt mess up on court!

  • Brent

    RR obviously didn’t “let his team down.” If anything it helped. It showed his competitive side and will to win at any costs. If anything it helped the C’s up their intensity in game 2. Rondo is the best pg in the league and if you don’t respect him, don’t even bother commenting haters! Who’s more fun to watch play then Rondo? NO ONE

  • LeBrOn 4 MvP!

    roNDO need to learn t oshoot those j’s you feel me yo? then i can think about him being the BEST imo, yall know?

  • What

    Rondo shut all you haters up tonight !

  • lakernation

    Rondo doesnt need a jumper he’s a true PG. As long as he can hit the layup and hit the open man… Also, win the damn game! He’s the floor general. I will take him over any PG today, no direspect to the homey CP3…. it would be a toss up any of those two will do. But anyways yeah this Series is over.