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Report: Allen Iverson Wants Estranged Wife Jailed for Robbing Him

The latest news from the messy domestic life of one Allen Iverson, is that of A.I. accusing his estranged wife of robbing him while he was out of the country. Per TMZ: “A.I. recently filed a motion for contempt in Georgia against his estranged wife Tawanna Iverson, claiming he had a basketball gig in Asia earlier this month and when he returned home, his house was totally gutted. According to the [legal] docs, Iverson’s wife infiltrated his home while he was gone — pillaging furniture, art, memorabilia and a large sum of cash. Iverson says he’s asked Tawanna several times to return the stuff — but so far, she’s refused. Tawannna and A.I. have been warring since she filed for divorce last year. Last month she requested a restraining order, claiming her ex was harassing and threatening her. Now, A.I. wants a judge to hold Tawanna in contempt for harassing him and throw her in jail, at least until she returns the stolen goods. He also wants an order barring her from entering the home.”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Aaron

    dang Iverson

  • http://onthacorner.com/forum Kevin

    SMH h*es these days

  • http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com Shock Exchange

    Never trust a woman … first ones to run tell Oprah “what had happened” and “what they done seen or heard” but the ___ they do … they keep that quiet.

  • Purveyor of fine things

    That is straight up breaking and entering,
    not a theft, not a theft….not a theft, we’re talking about breaking and entering

  • http://abcnews.com charliewinning

    If she didn’t get arrested that means neither the police nor judge think she committed a crime. If he needs a judge’s permission to bar her from the crib that means she currently has legal access to it. Divorces suck and are messy. Be a better husband or wife and you won’t have to deal with this sh*t.

  • bike

    No good can ever come out of marrying a woman named Tawanna. It rhymes with I WANNA.

  • Feez_22

    Oh Boy…

  • http://slamonline.com Jones

    “Arrest that bitch. She stole my heart. Oh, and my furniture too.” -Iverson

  • Itzplayz

    You can take the h*e out the ghetto, but you cant take the ghetto out the h*e…SMH why would you wanna be with anyone name TAWANNA anyways these ball players have no sense at all

  • Greg

    is anyone, whether you’re a fan of AI or not (Im not) are you REALLY shocked/surprised that he’s going through mad mad drama? Can you imagine him sitting down with his accountant/lawyer etc and actually planning for the future, like a pre-nup for example? He never watched tape of opposing players, practice was optional, shot waaaay too much etc. Im not celebrating or glad that he’s going through this, just not shocked…

  • alexico

    slap dat biatch!!


    Greg, you sound like you’re celebrating . . .

  • sixurrs

    Iverson never shot “WAYYY too much” as Greg wrote above. If anything he PASSED too much. I saw almost every game of his career. He should’ve been suspended for giving Chris Webber 20 shots a game for two years.

  • http://abcnews.com DrewtheDude

    There is NEVER one victim or one culprit in a nasty divorce. If any of you ghey virgins in here had any type of life experience you wouldn’t be so quick to bash women. Dude was a known womanizer, so it ain’t like he’s some innocent victim. Stop the hero worship. It’s creepy.

  • http://bebe310.blogspot.com/ anonymous

    The only thing that is shocking here is that people actually believe something that TMZ (aka #1 Celebrity Gossip Source in the US) reports.
    Call me crazy but I find it very odd that TMZ has been the first and only news source breaking these most recent stories of this alleged Iverson feud. Like all news sources, I am just speculating but TMZ seems to be overly zealous, and highly imaginative in many of these reports. Not to mention the fact, that some of them already have been refuted.
    Whenever I see a news report directly from TMZ or an article beginning with (Per TMZ, From TMZ, According to TMZ, etc.), I know right off the bat that more times than not the story is neither reliable nor accurate. I am not saying that every TMZ story is a lie or a journalistic error but I would not base factual information on their credibility. TMZ is everything that is wrong with journalism today.
    here are recent TMZ reports on the Iversons:
    05-30-12 “Throw My Wife in Jail”
    05-26-12 “Allen Iverson: My Wife`s a Dirty Liar”
    04-29-12 “Allen Iverson`s Wife: Wants a Restraining Order”
    03-27-12 “Allen Iverson: I Wanna Pull the Plug on My Divorce”
    03-20-12 “Allen Iverson Divorce: Ex Wants a List of Everyone He`s Slept With”
    >>>Iverson was asked to list lovers, contrary to wife`s new denial
    [1] 03-23-12 “Iverson was asked to list lovers, contrary to wife`s new denial”
    [2] 03-22-12 “Iverson`s Wife Denies Sex Partner List Report”
    [3] 03-22-12 “TMZ Disputes Iverson`s Wife`s Claim”
    03-10-12 “Allen Iverson: On the Right Side of a Financial Ruling”
    01-30-12 “Judge to Allen Iverson: I`m Garnishing Your Wages to Pay Back Your Jeweler”
    12-10-11 “Allen Iverson`s Estranged Wife: He`s Buying Diamonds …And I Can`t Pay Rent”
    06-18-11 “Iverson Divorce: ‘Nothing to Do with Another Woman”
    06-16-11 “Allen Iverson`s Wife Files for Divorce … Again”
    03-31-11 “Allen Iverson`s Lambo in Lock-up”
    >>>Atlanta Police Department Falsifying Police Reports
    [3] 03-30-11 http://www.ajc.com/news/atlanta/iversons-friend-atlanta-cops-904074.html
    If there were only 2 or 3 stories then that would be plausible, but this is multiple stories over a span of a year. When the same source is the first one to break almost every single report on a particular person/persons, I can`t help but be suspicious.

  • http://bebe310.blogspot.com/ anonymous
  • http://bebe310.blogspot.com/ anonymous
  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    ^chill out bro

  • Mega

    greg got owned. greg did u watch AI play? who was he gonna pass it too? tyrone hill, eric snow, aaron mckey, macculloch, kevin ollie, pepe sanchez or maybe the great matt geiger? Dude carried his team like no individual ive ever seen in the NBA. He had no help, other then Mutumbo on D

  • http://bebe310.blogspot.com/ anonymous

    @spit I know. I recently took up mass comm and I`ve been learning about the kind of negative, biased influence that media entities like TMZ that are only based on rumors can have on society. I am too involved. I need to re-find my center.

  • Innocent

    Tawanna didnt rob him , Tawanna has a key and AI told her and his friends where he keep his money at ..Its not robbery, its called taking your alimaony money well he still has it ….Ai is a sissy for call his ex wife out liek this after all those drunk nights his friends and stripper lovers robber him ….TeamTawanna get your money before his other 4 baby mama’s start filing child support claims ..Yup Ai had for 4 kids his wife and when he was in Turkey, the European media called him out on it and he lied and said he only has 5 kids and he really has 9..

  • rob stewart

    I feel like in 5 years it might be possible that I randomly run into Iverson just sitting on the corner chilling.

  • djb

    @innocent @rob @greg @drew Its amazing how an Allen Iverson mention regarding a personal issue can still bring out all of the bitter kooks, emotionally scorned, and off-balanced delusional people in the world. Im praying for you all.

  • DrewtheDude

    DJB, keep the prayers for yourself. Just because I’m grown enough to not start bashing girls or making a victim outta somebody just because they’re my favorite ball player doesn’t mean I’m bitter or hating. Grow up, lil kid. You, kevin, and itsplayaz sound like a dumb school boys who never had a girlfriend, much less a serious relationship.

  • djb

    @drew honey, Im grown and I stay impartial on sports forums. I dont base my opinions on lazy, entitled females who would rather waste their lives chasing celebs and making unsupported claims of bearing their illegitimate child after she doesnt get what she wants. I know that story all too well. If you choose to believe every Tamika and Sahara that tweet, text, skype, or posts this sh** on facebook then thats on you. But calling someone a “womanizer” is a serious accusation. And unless you are the woman or you know of the woman who slept with AI (because she got it on video), you cant go around calling someone “that” and then expect people to think that you dont have something against that person. Allen and Tawanna are going through enough right now in trying to protect their children from reports such as this one. So, Im especially praying for the kids in addition to Allen and Tawanna.

  • DrewtheDude

    The fact that you just referenced twitter gossip shows me that you are neither grown nor a man. You sound stupid. You know that she’s a lazy broad how exactly? You met her? The woman he had five kids with? The woman he was with before he made it to the league? You’re making assumptions about her and every other woman because you idolize a complete stranger just because you like his talent. That’s not being impartial, that’s being a 19 year old who thinks having a gf in high school makes him qualified to talk about marriage. Like I said, divorces are nasty, there is seldom a single victim, and a dude who smashed a chic that I actually know is indeed a womanizer. It’s not judging to state something unless you place a value judgement on it. You’re being sensitive about a stranger’s personal life, at the same time as ignoring all the mysonginistic comments here. It makes your opinion irrelevent. I’m a married man with kids so don’t talk to me about having something personal against my favorite player. I don’t have to worship him as a man. It’s called life experience. Holla at me when you get some youngin’.

  • DrewtheDude

    And men don’t call other men honey. Not cool.

  • DrewtheDude


  • abaci

    Did Tawanna tell you that ?

  • Mega


  • djb

    @Mega Im a female and thats my go-to fake nice salutation when someone makes ignorant remarks.

  • djb

    @drew When did I call Tawanna lazy? I used “lazy, entitled females” as a general reference to all women who throw themselves at athletes/celebs like “the chic that you know who alleged smashed AI.” Allen and Tawanna have been on and off since they were 15. If you read with the objective of understanding you would see that I didnt mention Tawanna until the final 2 sentences. Your reading comprehension is a joke. You just wasted 3 posts on a misinterpretation. How can I develop an attitude towards someone in which I know very little to nothing about? And by the way, I am a 28-yr old female so dont be trying to figure me out.

  • djb

    @drew All of my replies to you have been in response to the label of “womanizer” that you used to describe Allen. Unless “you” are the woman or saw a video of the woman who allegedly “smashed” AI you dont have any business calling somebody that. All you have done is proven my point. Making accusations like “a dude who smashed a chic that I actually know is indeed a womanizer” lets me know exactly how gullible and ignorant you really are. “Words without actions are meaningless” – because saying something doesnt make it a true.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    drew, what does you being “a married man with kids” have to do with with anything?! It definitely doesn’t make your opinion less right or wrong. Nor does it give you more credentials in supporting your opinion. That’s like me saying “My neighbor has 2 rabbits, so don’t talk to me about the NBA draft not being rigged”.

  • http://Somethingsomething. Ugh

    I enjoyed the person taking TMZ news seriously saying nobody should marry someone named Tawanna. That was a great example of someone who is quite self-unaware.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2012/05/how-the-new-orleans-hornets-won-the-nba-draft-lottery/ thePhoenix

    So fair punishment for being a “womanizer” is to have your house burgled for thousands of $ worth of stuff. Right. Vigilante injustice.


    So this is the New Dieon vs. Pillar Sanders soap Opera for the summer… starring Tawana and Allen… SMH

  • hyperactive

    @ugh It`s both strange and funny to me too that people would take tmz seriously. maybe people don`t realize that tmz is based on gossip and rumors not journalism.

  • DrewtheDude

    djb: Considering that I was actually in the club in ’02 when the chic made her way to the VIP section, and was there when she left with him I think my opinion has a lot more validity that yours. I’m not going to defend whether or not someone I actually know is a liar with a complete stranger on the net. His wife made the same womanizer accusation so go somewhere with your defense of a dude you don’t even know. The “serious” accusation you speak of is a fairly common one. Clearly you are a woman who spends to much time on celebrity gossip since you’re so worked up over this issue. I stated my status because I have actual insight into these back and forth situations having gone though it myself at one point. YOU addressed my original comment, which you have no counter for other than you don’t like that I reiterated a view of him that was shared by his own wife. Get over it. Da-Meat-Hook: Yes, experience actually does make an opinion more valid than others. If you don’t understand that basic premise than I can’t help ya. No one can.

  • beasting

    @drew dude, you got problems. I know what type of dude would be that concerned with who another dude may have walked out of the club with 10 years ago. you need to check yourself into the nearest self-help clinic. that`s not normal.

  • beasting

    *I “don`t” know what

  • beasting

    *(I “don`t” know what)

  • DrewtheDude

    Since my comment didn’t post I’ll write again: beasting, fall back. You don’t even know what the word concerned means if you used it in reference to me. Go look it up, then get back at me.

  • beasting

    @drew yeh. nice comeback.
    you`re a fruit. You`re a married man with kids but you all over another dude about something that you think went down 10 years ago?
    naw, I`m straight. so you can fall back and out of AI`s business. I`m done with you.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Nah Drew, there are plenty of men that are married with kids that don’t have a clue about life. Bobby Brown was married with kids. Dennis Rodman was married with kids. Does that make them anymore of an expert on life?

    Should have stayed in school, Drew.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Regardless of your argument being right or wrong, bringing up the fact that you’re married with kids is a horrible way of trying to back your argument. If you can’t grasp that, then you really need to check yourself.

  • djb

    @drew If I was to say that I know a woman who slept with Obama, should I take her word for it and label him a womanizer or does this seem less believable because of who he is in contrast to Iverson? If I saw a woman walk into the oval office with him, am I supposed to infer that he had an affair? Based on your concept of guilt, anyone even accused of a crime or infidelity is indeed guilty. Isnt the burden of proof on the prosecution? Isnt the defendant innocent until proven guilty?

  • djb

    @drew No, youre right. AI is a “womanizer” because this chic told you that she “smashed” him and/or you claim that you saw them walk out of a club together 10 yrs ago. drew, things dont work that way because accusations by themselves are meaningless. Rumors, implications, and inferences do not equal a guilty verdict. The concepts of proof and innocence still apply. If you want to use a hyperactive imagination to justify your “womanizer” label, then thats up to you but that only makes you more susceptible to criticism from people who take a more rational viewpoint in regards to facts, rumors, and illusions.

  • djb

    cosign @meathook @beasting @hyperactive @ugh. Im out.

  • DrewtheDude

    Beasting, you sound defensive about AI like you’re sleeping with him. Run along now…Meat Hook, bringing up the fact that I have experience with both marriage and divorce is never a horrible way to back up an argument for the point that nasty divorces don’t have just one victim. If you can’t grasp that then idk what else to tell you. It’s too simple to break down further…djb: This is a blog not a courtroom. He is a basketball player, not your friend, not your family member. I’m not going to keep trying to “prove his guilt” because you are no more than an overly concerned fan. I don’t care whether or not you believe something a person I know told me. I don’t care whether or not you believe what this man’s wife has said about him. In the end, you are stressing the opinion of a stranger about another stranger. Now I’m sure you’re heavy into the celebrity gossip thing, so you’ve probably researched the goings on of this divorce. All I have is a real memory and the rare, random article on a news site or sports site. Bottom line, you’re taking comments about a total stranger and his relationship way too serious. Nobody died and appointed you protector of A.I libel. Have yourself a good night.

  • Suede

    LOL can someone explain to me wtf is up with all emotional azz responses. Ball players f around, accusations get thrown around, girls lie, men lie blah blah blah but most importantly none of this ish has anything to do with any of ya’ll lives. I’m prolly the biggest A.I fan on planet earth but I’ll be damned if I’m in here like a groupie gettin mad at comments made about him. Y’all need to connect more with real ppl cuz this ish is weird.

  • DrewtheDude

    Ugh Meat Hook, when did I say that marriage makes anyone an expert life? Go find where I said that. I specifically said experience makes an opinion more valid. You really have trouble comprehending what you read if listing a bunch of men with failed marriages is a proper counter to my point about experienced opinions vs. non experienced opinions. And yes, even a failed marriage is an experience worth listening to over that of someone who has no idea what’s it’s like to be married if that person learned from those failures. You’re getting schooled right now.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    May 31, 2012 @ 6:26, you wrote “I’m a married man with kids so don’t talk to me about having something personal against my favorite player.”You’re getting owned!!!

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    class dismissed, drew!

  • DrewtheDude

    You were a bit slow in school weren’t you? Okay, let me spell it out slowly since you don’t understand what you read.That was in reference to my original post about nasty divorces. Me being a married man with kids is where my opinion on the matter comes from, not having something personal against Iverson. Meaning, he is my favorite player so my opinion does not stem from a personal dislike, but rather from my situation. Do you get that? Is that hard to understand? Do you need it in another language?

  • DrewtheDude

    Run along now. I’m sure it’s past your bedtime.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    So you being a married man with kids makes your opinion on divorce more insightful than that of others??? Your original post tries to insult others by calling them “gay virgins”. You try to belittle others by suggesting that they are young and lack life experience. So you’re not gay, you’re not a virgin, you’re married and have kids, that makes you more credible?! Every comment you post just shows how narrow-minded you are and how you need to resort to name-calling to validate yourself. Face it, you got absolutely owned on this thread, and the toddler-like reasoning you use to formulate your opinions makes me, and several other commentors to question your intelligence. Perhaps you weren’t exposed to logical thinking during your majestic journey towards becoming the “All Knowing” via life experience…

  • pier

    Good Job! A.I.! :-)

  • resolute4088

    Perhaps, Alvin should look what the term Robbery means……I doubt she could rob him, if he were out of the country!