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Report: Josh Smith Sprained His Left Knee

In addition to losing Game 2 to the short-handed Boston Celtics last night, the Atlanta Hawks may have potentially lost Josh Smith for some time. Yahoo! Sports reports on Smith’s knee sprain: “Atlanta’s Josh Smith has sprained patella ligament in knee, source says. ‘He walked out of arena with no help, just gingerly,’ source says. Smith will have an MRI exam on Wednesday in Atlanta.”

(h/t: @jose3030)

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  • Myung

    If Josh can play Game 4 on (let’s assume he sits out Game 3), then we still have a shot at making the ECF. If Josh can’t play for the rest of this series, then we’re going to lose this thing 4-1 and we’re going fishing. Joe and Jeff can’t carry us to 3 more wins on their own.

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHOLIDAY

    They should just start calling injuries schedules! Josh Smith scheduled his knee last night! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT DAVID STERN! All these damn schedules (aka injuries) are crazy! Too many games in a short period of time… smh

  • Elliot

    even if he comes back Game 4, you aint gonna win.

  • http://www.borntocompete.com Money$hot

    Man I hope for the Hawks sake that Josh can play, they really should have taken advantage of that opportunity and won last night.

  • Heals

    Sad for him, but welcome to Boston’s world…

  • FnF

    Adidas FTW. This season just has not been there year. Drose(every joint in his lower body), Dwight(back), Josh Smith(Knee), TMAC(bench). I’m interested to see how they rebound from this.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Hopefully it’s just a mild sprain and Josh can comeback within a couple of games. Gonna be tough though, because he relies on his explosiveness so much.

    Heals, were you for or against Paul Pierce “Tebowing” during and after the game? He had a MONSTER of a game, but it kinda rubbed me the wrong way . . .

  • finnthehuman

    another adidas guy down…

  • Brent

    This feels like coincidence only. It has seemed like Adidas stars have been snake bitten by the injury bug suddenly.
    I think There is something to be said about footwear, but Nike sponsors Steph Curry and ankles are a big deal in basketball. No amount of air max helped Greg Oden. Jeremy Lin had surgery after 1/4 of a season wearing Nike.
    I think if Adidas improved their cushioning it would help. I like lots of different brands of sneakers and their designs, but cushioning is important. I stay away from only forefoot zoom air shoes. Adiprene isnt good enough for me. Eva doesn’t do enough for today’s competitive Ballers.

  • Myung

    First of all, Heals, I just wanted to come on here and commend your squad for the win last night. Truly played like champs last night. I can’t stand KG and Pierce, but I have the utmost respect for them and they both played big when the team needed it the most. But c’mon, my friend… “Welcome to Boston’s world?” I know you guys lost some guys this year, and I especially pray and hope the two most seriously injured guys make full recoveries (Green and Wilcox). Those injuries are BEYOND basketball. I just hope they can lead healthy lives, regardless of if they make it back to the court or not. But let’s not act like the Hawks have been a picture of perfect health. We lost our 2 time All Star (Al Horford) for essentially the entire season, and he still hasn’t suited up for us in the postseason. Zaza (our fill in at center with Horford out) is also injured. Kirk Hinrich missed a ton of games to start the year, and Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams and Willie Green also missed several games during the regular year. There were times this year when we had ZERO healthy shooting guards on our roster, and right now, we have ZERO healthy bigs (I don’t count Jason Collins because he’s such a bad NBA player). Remember, with Zaza and Al out, Josh was often playing CENTER for us the past few weeks. So now our best “big” men are Ivan Johnson (who’s probably 6’7″), Jason Collins, and Erick Dampier (who is also not 100% healthy and is a 100% terrible player). I know you guys miss Ray and have battled injuries this year, but don’t act like the C’s are the only team in this series to be at less than 100%. Injuries are part of the game. And… Miami has never had an easier path to the Finals. Between NY, Atlanta, Boston, Orlando, and Chicago (just 5 of the best 6 non-Heat teams in the East, not counting Indiana, which is been relatively healthy right now) facing injury concerns, Miami has ZERO excuses not to make the Finals this season.

  • Heals

    Mixed DMH, he’s just goofy like that. I believe him that it was spontaneous, but I’ve always been of the mind (and Doc usually agrees) that harmless or not, there’s no need to give an opponent any extra incentive to rip your behind…

  • http://Www.youtube.com/users/aarongutan Awkwardaaron


  • Heals

    Myung always so defensive? Rondo missed a chunk of games, Pierce started out the year hurt (only few games), Green all year, Wilcox just as he found a role, RayRay the last 2 weeks and into the playoffs, Pietrus was carried off the court vomiting from a concussion, Steisma doesn’t practice he only plays games because of PlanterFasch. Don’t talk to me about injuries. I wasn’t even brining the C’s injuries up. I was referring to them having to play without their best/2nd best player, you know like the C’s just did with Rajon(plus RayRay). And as far as those injuries being “BEYOND basketball” yeah you’re right which makes ALL that much more difficult for a team to overcome…

  • Myung

    Chip on my shoulder from being a hawks fan = defensive


    Myung – Miami has zero exuses to get to the finals. Yes. I expect them to get to the finals every year over the next 5-10 years, even when all the other teans are healthy next year there will be no excuses feel me ? Dont try to put em down with your fluff talk.

  • Myung


  • Björn Atli

    Myung the Celtics would have been able to defend their title in 2009 if KG hadn’t missed the playoffs and probably would have won it again in 2010 if Perkins hadn’t gone down.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    The shortened grueling season curse is more like it. Atlanta’s done, PP caught the Holy Ghost and destroyed the Hawks confidence with that fine Tebow pose.

  • ClydeSays

    I can’t believe Stern defending this crazy schedule. Any doctor will tell you that stressing your body without proper recovery is going to lead to injury.