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Amar’e Stoudemire Apologized for Gay Slur on Twitter

Amar’e Stoudemire used a gay slur when lashing out at a fan in a message on Twitter, and had to issue an apology once the story blew up online. Per the NY Daily News: “In a case of atrocious timing, Knicks superstar Amar’e Stoudemire chose Gay Pride weekend to hurl a homophobic slur at a fan on Twitter. The NBA All-Star sent the crude remark Saturday in a direct message response to Brian Ferrelli’s tweet that he’d ‘better come back a lot stronger and quicker to make up for this past season.’ Ferrelli — known on Twitter as Knicks superfan ‘B ForReal!’ — didn’t keep their covert exchange to himself. He retweeted for public consumption a screen-save of Stoudemire’s direct message, including its anti-gay slur: ‘F— you! I don’t have to do any thing f–.’ Once Ferrelli’s tweet of Stoudemire’s derogatory comment became a trend topic on Twitter and blew up on the sports blog Deadspin.com, the player made a quick mea culpa. ‘I apologize for what I said earlier. I just got off a plane and had time to think about it. Sorry bro!! No Excuses. Won’t happen again,’ Stoudemire wrote in another direct message, which Ferrelli posted for all to see on Twitter.”

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  • Rolltide

    seriously needs to get traded.

  • Ben

    You NYK fans disgust me.

  • http://grantland.com StuBaby

    Amare is metro. He should know better lol

  • floe

    its dumasses like him that need to get off twitter.

  • Heals

    So Amare’ used “Fa9″ on twitter, so I’m guessing that’s the worst thing anybody’s ever typed on it right? Is there anyone who HONESTLY believes this is evidence of his homophobia? It’s a word a large segment of males used often as adolescents without any connontation to one’s sexuality. I understand the outrage over the use of the word, but I also get annoyed when those same outraged people apply imjplications to it’s use when those of us in that segment described earlier have no intentions of using it as such…

  • lakernation

    people are too soft these days getting all butt hurt over the word “Fa9″
    SO FREAKING WHAT! This twitter stuff is the worst thing that could of happened to social media.

  • jason

    so what. amare is better than all your fathers. you can all suck on my beef and amare’s beef. NY knicks^^^^

  • http://grantland.com StuBaby

    Like I said, Amare should know that only fa99ots can call other people fa99ots. It’s like an unwritten rule or something.

  • http://leavei.tumblr.com leavei

    I think Amar’e should know better than to argue with an idiot over twitter

  • Blamo

    No gays!!!!!! Y’all need prayer,no apologies

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    As a heterosexual male, would y’all take offense to a homosexual calling another homsexual a “Hetero” as an insult?

  • angus

    Dude who cares, when he called him a f– he didnt mean “I am shaming homosexuality” he just said it in a way that meant , loser, chump, sucker ect. Yall homo’s need to quite crying and stop trying to bring attention to yourselfs, im not saying its wrong or right but not everyone needs to hear about it.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    Whats the big deal? acting like some homos.

  • http://blackamericaweb.com charliewinning

    He should have known better. Way to play into the whole ‘dumb athlete’ stereotype STAT.

  • http://www.slamonline.com danfields

    this pc stuff is really annoying. i also use gay slurs to taunt or insult people for fun, just coz im used to by childhood. i dont have anything against gay people n also have gay friends who dont have problems with that coz they know when i say smth like u f*gg” everybody knows theres nothing behind it, just an empty line / frase / word. i think its the same with stat.

    i also cant believe any knick fan who wants him to be traded. he played through many smaller injuries last season and i think he can contribute really well when he used the summer to get back in shape. plus i havent forgot how he brought the knicks back last year. i think we shouldnt be too quick on asking for his head after what he did for us, even though hes a little overpaid lol

  • PnoyVibe

    wtf Why are people so butt-hurt about this? At least he apologized

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Slam never changes.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    Wow, I’m actually surprised at the responses here.

  • l2ising Phoenix

    Athletes aren’t allowed to have emotions I guess..

  • clydesays

    However anybody feels about the use of that word, if you’re a public figure & multimillionaire, you need to check yourself if you’re sending out messages to a public forum. Amare should know better.

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    It will pass.

  • bike

    It was a clown thing to say, bro.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Redd

    Cant question if he belongs in new York that’s for sure lol.

  • Dale

    Stupid thing to say. If he didn’t know before, know he does. And knowing is half the battle.

  • vtrobot

    Allenp, I was wondering when you were going shake your head at some of this. I hope that anyone using the term “butt hurt” is still in junior high, because that’s what it makes you sound like. Like most of you, I don’t give a f*ck who says what to who, behind closed doors, when you’re kidding around, etc. But when you argue that it’s OK to use a word which a group of people holds as the most hateful word that you can use to describe them, you sound like a fool. I know that no one likes to compare the power/history of the “n-word” vs. “fa9″, but they do have one strong similarity: Brain-dead fu(ks used both of those words as they were killing members of those two groups of people out of hatred. Show some respect for others. Peace.

  • Heals

    @Ap, df21, and vbot I hear you guys and couldn’t argue if I wanted, but it’s approach to the issue that bothers me most (still annoyed at how TracyMorgan was treated given he was doing stand-up). The phrase “chose Gay Pride weekend to hurl,” is sooo loaded it’s not even funny (or accurate, but that’s a whole nother story). It’s not reporting as much as it is “baiting” individuals for their reactions to get more “tread” out of a news anecdote…

  • R32

    Cut those braids off Amare.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7C0vd-L5lg Munky

    click my name for the truth

  • http://minusthebars.blogspot.com don

    Guaranteed money assures that Amare really doesn’t have to do anything if he doesn’t want.

  • http://blackamericaweb.com charliewinning

    @Red, what the hell does him hurling homophobic insult have to do with whether or not he belongs in the country’s most liberal and socially progressive city? You’re an idiot and you prove it every day. Why don’t you surprise us all and say something intelligent for once.

  • G$

    The case that held that fire extinguisher was sooooo gay.
    What did the five fingers say to the fire extinguisher?
    Black Jesus.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    First of all, I’m against the use of any slurs–but at the same time, I am sick and tired of liberals and their closet imperialist bullsh**. There’s nothing a liberal likes more than to feign outrage while maintaining his privilege.
    This is the same America where people will fawn over the president’s “endorsement” of gay marriage while completely ignoring the fact that he hasn’t actually legalize gay marriage! What kind of delusional, ignorant ish is that?
    The logic of liberals is to show as much outrage as you can over something insignificant, like someone’s comments, without addressing anything of substance. Reminds me of the civil rights era when wh!te liberals rallied so that they could eat with black people at restaurants… but did absolutely NOTHING to support real socioeconomic progress. Liberals make me wanna puke. At least conservatives let you know how racist and homophobic they really are. They’re at least somewhat honest.

  • OTB

    For every intelligent and well-spoken commenter on SLAM (Allen, nbk, Teddy, Lakeshow, etc), there are 5-10 immature kids that read SLAM. Unfortunately, I think they’ve all congregated on this topic.

  • OTB

    @Teddy – “he logic of liberals is to show as much outrage as you can over something insignificant”….that actually sounds more like something a conservative would do.

  • http://blackamericaweb.com charliewinning

    It sounds like anyone who is stupid enough to box their beliefs into a neat little political label. When you are determined to identify yourself as a ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ you are bound to adopt contradicting views. It’s just silly.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMo_HcRBnUY LakeShow

    Teddy, you crack me up dood.
    !*Ron Paul 2012*!
    Thanks for the shout out OTB. Your in that convo too. You always bring good stuff to the table when you have something you want to share. Respect.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ OTB: Lol true… I don’t usually like to get into that conservative vs. liberal debate because I don’t think they’re very different. Like charlie says, they’re just labels. The range of acceptable political views in the US is very narrow. But you of course have the “freedom” to debate as lively as you want within that spectrum!
    You’re right though, conservatives do show outrage at insignificant things. The difference is that, going back to Obama’s “endorsement” of gay marriage, they were probably p!ssed off about it, while liberals were happy. At the end of the day though, both completely ignored that Obama hasn’t (and I’m 100% sure he won’t) done anything to legalize gay marriage. Conservatives would be happy about this too if Obama weren’t a Democrat, while liberals–well, they don’t really care. As long as he says he endorses it, who cares about concrete results? At least he isn’t a Republican!

  • http://blackamericaweb.com charliewinning

    ^^Let’s not forget the fact that there are equal amounts of war mongers on both sides of the aisle. Besides hypocrisy, that’s probably the single biggest thing they have in common.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear


  • http://www.slamonline.com danfields

    that whole conversation here is pretty gay

  • z

    Basically what you guys are articulating right now is the general disgust that most intelligent folks feel with our rotten-to-the-core political system. When you got NO limits on how much a corporation can donate to a politician/party then the corruption is open and obvious. The question is what are egalitarians like yourselves going to do so that we can have SOLUTIONS instead of the pathetic stagnation we’ve lived thru. And you can absolutely tie the liberals and conservatives into the same group. As for amare i just cosign everything of vtrobot post.

  • Gdub

    I’m a bisexual male, and I almost never get offended by the word. Maybe because I’m closeted and don’t really acknowledge that side of myself anyway? Maybe. But, still. Fact of the matter is, people get offended by it and you just can’t say things like that. That’s ignorant. He knew it was wrong, that’s why he Direct Messaged the guy. At the same time though, people are looking for bullets to run into. It’s hard to win in a world like that.

  • MikeC.

    I think the main thing we need to take away from this is: why are we getting bent out of shape over something an athlete says? I like Amare Stoudemire because he’s one of the best in the world at finishing a pick and roll, not because of his political and social comments on Twitter. Off the court, I don’t hold him to any higher standard than I do any other person in the world. On the court, I just want him to hit the boards and keep hitting his FTs. So he said something rash and foolish. So have we all. The only difference is that when he says it, there are people listening.

  • O

    Damnit, Amare. First you sucked this year, then you destroy your hand in the playoffs, then you wear a jean vest with a top hat to the Heat playoff game, and now this? What you mean you “don’t have to do any thing”?? (isn’t anything one word btw?) Amare, you have to do A LOT! You have to learn how to play defense. Figure out how to box out so you can get more rebounds. Learn how to hold the ball so you ain’t constantly stripped of your possessions like your name is Yung Berg. Work on developing a fade-a-way jumpshot cause you’re not as explosive as you used to be and will only get slower. Learn how to play with Melo. And above alllll else, stay healthy! So nah, kid. You have A LOT of things to do this off season and the foreseeable future. If the Knicks were REALLY smart they’d poach Phoenix’s medical staff and trainers.

  • KidCongo

    “I don’t have to do anything” will not get you rings.

  • Pais

    @O – thank you for recognizing the real issue here. Only a real fa99oty type fa9 would would take offense to his choice of words. I take offense at the fact he got all bent out of shape at the suggestion that he needs to get better. That’s the outrage here, he needs to reassert himself as a top tier player.
    Yes, people under the spotlight need to choose their words wisely…but c’mon people. When I want to go ball at the park and my friend says he doesn’t feel like it, my general response is something like “c’mon don’t be a fa9″. You think I’m saying people who don’t want to play ball at the park have a yearning for penis?..give me a break. Now had I invited him to the park to play with my balls…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkhGPrEMx5c The Mauve Avenger

    @Da-Meat-Hook lol point well made but then again is it surprising homosexuals are so sensitive?

  • http://snasty10.tumblr.com/ snasty10

    lol @ O for the young berg reference

  • RunNGun

    Wow… this is why twitter sucks (when people harass you all the time like the “super fans”) and why when you choose to make a response (especially one that is emotionally charged), be ready to take on the consequences.