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Boston Celtics Reportedly Interested in Trading for OJ Mayo

Just in time, the annual OJ Mayo trade rumor machine is revving up once again. Reports CSNNE: “The Boston Celtics came close to trading for Memphis’ O.J. Mayo just before March’s trading deadline, and it appears their interest remains just as strong now. A league source said the C’s continue to be enamored with the 6-foot-5 shooting guard, and are considering making another run at him. The source said no deal is imminent, but it appears the Celtics are willing to offer up Brandon Bass via a sign and trade. Bass, who opted out of his contract to become an unrestricted free agent this summer, would have to agree to such a deal. While he indicated that his first preference is to return to Boston with a multi-year deal, he will be looking for a significant bump in salary from the $4.25 million he made this past season. It was initially believed that Bass would be seeking a similar deal to former Celtic Glen Davis’ four-year, $26 million contract.”

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  • MychelS

    2012 wouldnt be the same if we didnt hear this rumor yet again

  • Heals

    Very delicate dance the C’s are trying to pull off with BB…

  • grizz grind grit

    involving ray allen would be the only way id consider it

  • http://nba.com GP23

    It seems as though with OJ Mayo that his career has gotten progressively worse since his rookie year. Don’t you think? I mean, I know he doesn’t start for the Grizz.. but still.

  • Riggs

    I think bass fits extremely well with the C’s, way more than mayo does. Plus does Mayo play defense?

  • Charles

    No, Mayo does not play D…

  • Buyout


  • Ldub

    Agreed with Riggs…Idk why you would even want to trade BB. Dude came up huge in the playoffs for them. I guess he becomes expendable with their recent draft pick though (in their opinion). I wouldnt want to go to MEM if i was BB. But if a team is trying to trade you…its apparent they kind of dont want you anymore.

  • Ernie D

    When they originally got Bass, it was because it gave them salary flexibility for next season, but it hasn’t changed their plans for the future. Unless he would take less money, but I’d be happy to give him Big Baby money.

  • Cam

    Allen, via sign and trade, a 2013 2nd round pick, 2014 2nd round pick, and cash considerations for OJ mayo and A player to be named later

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    I still believe OJ can be an all-star especially playing alongside Rondo who can get him some great looks.

  • Brad Machado

    Danny Ainge needs to go do “Sister Wive’s”. The only two trades that moron has made that have worked out for the C’s are the one for Garnett and the one for Allen. I’m sure he’s busy right now trying to sign Greg Oden to a mult-year contract.

  • jose

    I’d pay Bass Big Baby money, i’m sure he surprised alot of folks with how well he performed in Bean town

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    OJ Mayo is a poor man’s Kobe Bryant and he is not being used right in Memphis. OJ would flourish with a point guard like Rajon rondo.

  • basketball_iQ

    OJ would do well in boston. Memphis aint getting 2(!)second round picks for him though. thats a one-for-one trade, maybe some considerations bc Ray is still highly valued. He may come back.
    I believe he has to come off the bench in memphis bc of all the scorers in the starting lineup (Z-bo, Gay, Gasol all require touches). When memphis needed him after the RudyGay injury, they inserted him into the starting lineup and he got buckets NIGHTLY! And he’ll have to do the samething in Boston, GET BUCKETS MAN!
    PS… You have no choice but to play defense in Boston, as long as KG&Doc are present.

  • Ethan

    I’d take BB over mayo anyday. Plus where would he fit, behind Rondo and Bradley

  • basketball_iQ

    And signing Greg Oden wouldnt be a bad idea… just the “for YEARS” part is bad.. lol … a one year trial is order and thats only after the doctors review him and trainers work him out.

    Oh yeah:
    Maybe BrandonBass & Ray for OJ & Speights

  • benatown10

    you guys are stupid…. mayo is a very good defender and a scorer wich we need… bass isnt in our plans… we drafted sullinger and melo… we will reisgn garnett and we are looking at kris humpries who is a rebouning machine… id trade bass for mayo without even blinking

  • kd3

    I’d consider Bass for Mayo but not Allen. Allen needs to stay in Beantown.

  • ChipS

    Mayo still has alot of talent. And he does play defense. He needs a change of scenery, him coming off the bench in Memphis was a sacrifice for the team, and he handled it better than some other former 3rd overall picks would. A Rondo and Mayo backcourt will be pests to other teams with both being like nats that you want to swat away.

  • Basketball iQ

    @ChipS … i definitely agree. And no way RayAllen stays when Mayo gets here. Youre thinking fantasy basketball now bro.

  • Basketball iQ

    If Sullinger brings that paint game to the league and is consistant with it THIS YEAR, BBass will be a memory & Boston will be right back in the mix of things. They wont miss a beat. The object is to get youngER while still improving things moving forward. Getting Mayo would do that & this draft class for them was the 1st step.

  • flimo

    If KG comes back he wants to play PF, we have Sullinger too, Bass is expendable.

  • O

    Mayo is a unrestricted free agent. It’s on the C’s to make him an offer he can’t refuse without having to trade anyone on they roster.

  • Eric

    Ill trade BB & pietrius for mayo & speights.leave allen in Boston.

  • Clydesays

    Don’t understand Ainge’s man crush on Mayo. He’s basically a decent bench guy at this point. Never seemed to live up to his gifts…

  • slamfan4life

    CHICAGO needs to get mayo asap

  • Marcel

    Clydedays, mayo isnt gettin a oppurtunity in memphis with rudy gay,marc gasol,and zach randolph being the 4th option, this guy could be a 20ppg scorer easily

  • eyal

    WTF?! Rashard lewis made 22 million this year while Brandon Bass made 4.25 million!

  • BostonBaller

    1: Do not let Ray go
    2:Ainge did the Bass deal and he did not surprise many people
    3: Keep Bass but not at Baby money even though he is better than Baby (I loved Baby) The c’s want him but not at the expense of not having money for other players.
    4: The Oden idea should be a dead idea
    5: I think Mayo is a good player who might shine beside RR but let us not forget the emergence of Bradley
    6: WHEN KG comes back he will play center AND PF..depending on who is on the floor (STEEZ)
    7: Before Bass is expendable you have Wilcox, Hollins & ONeil who can go off the books..Can Green come back?
    8: Is Sullinger healthy?
    9: Everyone good player seems like a 20 ppg scorer when they come off the bench and play primarily against other bench players
    10: Aaaawww, back home in this Bama atmosphere feels sooooo great!!! Blessings Fam

  • jsmallz

    No that he is a unrestricted free agent they should try for him just in the case ray doesnt sign back. Plus if Ray does sign back only means that the celtics have more depth . Get a slight bit younger to well keep core players if at the right place

  • Bgriffin222

    The Cs cant afford to wait for Rays decision and be stuck withoutanother quality SG if Ray does decide to go somewhere else. And who knows how Mayo will perform in a new situation. He averaged 18 ppg as a rookie playing 38 min a game but hasnt averaged more than like 27 min since. And I think the Celtics are the perfect place to get the most out of him.

  • Danny

    Any thing better than Jason Terry to Boston !!!