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Brandon Roy: ‘I’m Preparing For A Return Next Year’

The 27-year-old Brandon Roy said he’s working out daily in preparation for his NBA comeback and hopes to play in ’12-13. Roy, who is scheduled to play in Jamal Crawford’s Pro-Am event this weekend, answered questions on Twitter about his comeback on Friday night (via HoopsWorld): “It sounds like Brandon Roy will attempt to make an NBA comeback next season. After months of rumors and speculation, he confirmed the news last night on Twitter. Last night, Roy took to Twitter to answer questions from fans. Since he doesn’t have an account on the social media website, he used the account of his close friend and fellow Seattle player Will Conroy to interact with fans and comment on the rumors. ‘Lord willing, I will play again soon,’ Roy wrote in a series of tweets. ‘Yes, I’m preparing for a comeback. I’m training daily. I’m preparing for a return next year. I appreciate the love. Hopefully I’ll be back on the floor soon. Health is good.’ When asked if he would return to the Portland Trail Blazers, Roy said it’s unlikely. ‘I wish, but due to the NBA rules I cannot play in Portland until 2014-2015,’ Roy tweeted. ‘I’m looking to return sooner. Thanks for your support. I’m fortunate to have played for such a great fan base. No matter where I play, Portland will always have a special place in my heart.’ Sources close to Roy say that his training is going well and he’s feeling great. He’ll likely work out in Seattle as he prepares for the upcoming season.”

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  • JML-G

    Portland fans must feel pissed off

  • Sheed


  • Shawn

    He would be a good fit for the Lakers. They need a scorer. If he is willing to come of the bench, there is no better place to make a comeback. The media attention and exposure he would get in one year on the Lakers could prime him for a comeback with another team.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    good luck roy, it would be nice to see u out there again. and portland fans shouldn’t be tripping, they probably saved a lot of money by having him retire.

  • thor

    Come to Atlanta and replace T-mac…. Please.

  • http://www.nba.com Redd

    Chicago, please. My 1st & 2nd favorite players playing together.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    ^u like boozer that much?

  • D12FSU

    Orlando please! I don’t care if he has no knees, he’d be the best SG we’ve had since T-Mac

  • spurs4life

    Come to San Antonio and be the replacement for Danny Green

  • Exile

    Roy – Love to see you play again… Just don’t blow out whats left of those knees. Still want lots of time on those things before they retire on you.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rwDluFZQmtQ Max


  • Tyquez foster

    @thor yeah we need dat Jamal Crawford type player back and get bass lol squad bench would be huge Kurt,Roy,bass,zaza,green….

  • l2ising Phoenix

    Starting 2 gaurd for the Knicks, that would be lovely..

  • permaculture james

    Roy’s problem is that he has degrading cartilage – right?

    Why doesn’t he have bilateral micro fracture done?

  • Hart

    Come to the Garden Brandon! NY could use you

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    i want him on the lakers, but for Brandon’s sake, why not Phoenix? Amazing training staff. I thought Michael Redd died. ended up playing really well for them. Nash, Shaq, Grant Hill, the list goes on

  • Alex

    Brandon Roy Needs To Come To The Bulls. The Team Lacks A Number 2 Guy And The Scoring Pressure Needs To Be Taken Off of Rose And Deng. If he is willing to play Tom Thibodeau defense Roy should fit perfectly.

  • thor

    @tyques, I would love to get Bass over as well. Pretty good backup to Josh If he doesn’t get traded. And hell if Brandon shows up ballin’ he can take Mavins spot any time and joe could move up to the 3.

  • Waggle

    So how did his knees get so much better? Kobe treatment in Germany?

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    ^probably just a lot of time of

  • Downtownmbrown

    @thor… Tmac has played up to expectation in ATL and is a good chemistry guy to have around. While at his age Roy is an upgrade, you could do a lot worse than Tracy Lamar Mcgrady

  • ALD

    roy should go to the nets or magic

  • http://slamonline.com Datkid

    B.rizzy! go to phoenix. I can’t guarantee you’ll have the best teammates but at least you’re knees will be straight.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Chubachuchi

    Lol @ Spit. Man you better stop.

  • billups

    B ROY, B ROY, B ROY, B ROY, B ROY!!!!!!!! the real is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Reds

    I was “chuba”

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    Their medical staff.

  • bdogg

    i hope it works out but i do not seeing this end well for him. i hope i am wrong!

  • http://www.nba.com VanCityBBall

    ^^ co-sign The Philosopher… roy and greg oden should go there to get all fixed up, even shaq said he admired the PHX medics after getting all banged up the year before

  • Sophia

    Come to the Lakers, please.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Reds

    Wtf is PHX doing and why hasn’t the rest of the league caught up.

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Lakers fans….y’all are pathetic. Have you seen your salary cap? Stop dreaming. You’re stuck with a decaying team as long as Kobe still has a contract.

  • fruizm

    Why is everyone acting like if Roy is going to read the comments?

  • Basketball iQ

    Why would BrandonRoy, former allstar, be willing to come off the bench if hes fully healthy??? AND to the Lakers, whom Portland fans despise??? I mean think, All the teams that need 2guards right now?,, hes going to get an opportunity with a nice team and HES GOING TO START!
    Boston, Chicago, Clippers to name 3 where he could get an opportunity off bat to start… Dallas, and Memphis have open 2guard problems also. He could push someone over the top. The Lakers will wooing Nash and DWill to come over with no dough tho… hahahahaha! blow it up

  • Basketball iQ

    It makes my day to see Laker fans begging… lets me know that trash is over

  • http://www.slamonline.com Redd

    Y haven’t the other NBA teams invested in what PHX is doing?! And I was ‘Chuba’.

  • RunNGun

    Roy can go to the KNiCKS with those bum knees. Make it happen, Dolan.

  • Cameron

    Why would Portland be mad? They used the amnesty clause on him.

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    I asked Brandon roy to suck my dic once but he didnt. What an ass

  • Dungeon Family

    whoever cloning Nbk need to be banned

  • ptrain

    He will ruin his legacy

  • Atsushi

    more problematic for him. He will ruin he’s knees.

  • Atsushi


  • http://slamonline marquis

    im glad that b roy is coming back i wish that AI came back

  • http://www.thesmashbrothas.com zen garden

    dude is buttah on the hard wood no homo

  • http://bebe310.blogspot.com/ anonymous

    I don`t want to be the bearer of bad news but I don`t believe roy`s knee health hasn`t suddenly improved. He has degrading cartilage in them which limited him to a reserve role while still only managing to play about half the season. His knees will get progressively worse. If this knee-cartilage situation hasn`t changed which he doesn`t allude in his statement, then investing in him doesn`t make sense. But I wish him all the best.

  • http://bebe310.blogspot.com/ anonymous

    @marquis absolutely. It would be great to see both Iverson and Roy back on the hardwood.

  • Mike

    If he gets to 80 percent of his old self he’s the missing piece that could make a couple of teams contenders

  • Basketball iQ

    @camron they used the amnesty on him because he retired first. amnesty takes money off the books so it wont count against the salary cap numbers. no foul there.
    @anonymous hopefully he knows something we dont know. maybe he some time off and he feels hellah better.

  • Dingo Rob

    Ruin his legacy? I don’t think so this adds to it and shows passion and heart

  • Lin4President

    I don’t understand how Roy goes from he needs to retire immediately other wise he won’t walk due to his knees, to now making a comeback. Either serious misdiagnosis, or Roy, like many great athletes just can’t let it go.

  • http://www.huwlhopkins.com #6marjon

    I’d love to see him back. Hope he doesn’t hurt himself though, dude’s a good guy.
    @marquis, you’re dreaming about AI, that would be one colossal failure. No team would pick up that option

  • ron wealsy

    At whatever percentage he comes back, he will not be a game changer. and will not help a team win a title

  • 3ong

    those med staffs/trainers @ phoenix are amazing…

  • DreDay


  • kobe

    Phoenix if he wants to have a longer stink with the comeback look at grant hill

  • http://bebe310.blogspot.com/ anonymous

    @marjon AI has a better a chance of making a successful comeback because he`s healthy and doesnt have to worry about degrading knees or any other pre-owned career ending injuries. It`s simple logic. As an owner there`s no way I would sign roy unless a doctor of my own selection assures me that his knees are 100%. resting for an entire season or two or three will not miraculously resolve the lack of cartilage. So, I sincerely hope that roy`s desire to return is fueled by a sudden renewed health (knee-cartilage resolution) due to surgery rather than irrational wishful thinking. It`s a little strange that roy doesnt refer to his knees, having knee surgery, or any other operation to eradicate this permanent medical issue which leads me to believe that it`s still an issue. But I hope Roy and AI will both be back on the court next season.