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Charlotte Bobcats Looking to Trade Tyrus Thomas

The Charlotte Bobcats’ front-office is one of the busier ones around the NBA Draft this year, as they look to unload bad contracts. The WaPo reports that Charlotte would very much like for another team to take Tyrus Thomas off their hands: “The Wizards have interest in three players — Beal, Kidd-Gilchrist and Harrison Barnes — and believe they are in a great position to address their needs for an upgrade in perimeter talent. It would likely take a knockout offer for the Wizards to budge, but they are picking up the phone. According to multiple sources, the Bobcats are trying to convince teams interested in the second pick to also take back disappointing power forward Tyrus Thomas, who has more than $26 million remaining on his contract. Thomas is coming off the worst season since his rookie year as he averaged just 5.6 points and 3.7 rebounds. When asked if teams would be willing to touch Thomas, one Western Conference executive said, ‘I don’t think so.’ [...] If Charlotte deals the No. 2 pick and blocks the Wizards from taking the best perimeter option on their draft board, it would be interesting to see if Washington stands in the way of the Bobcats taking Robinson. This is a crazy draft game.”

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  • thor

    Well of course they are. They should be.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    And if he don’t wanna leave, we’ll jus call big silas on his azz.

  • http://www.nba.com/bulls The Babe

    It would be a waste but couldn’t they just amnesty him?

  • FnF

    @The Babe, step back and think about it for a minute. The Bobcats don’t want to pay him at all. Even if he is amnestied, they’d still owe him the difference between his current contract and his new contract. Assuming the Cavs were dead serious about trading all 3 picks just for the number 2 spot, and MJ came with a counter-offer than included Tyrus… then the Cavs slowly hung up the phone and acted like none of that ever happened. How can 1 player be so bad, that he outweights the reward of having the number 2 pick?

  • L Dribble

    “After the Rockets acquired an additional first round pick from the Timberwolves Tuesday, there were reports that they would then offer two of their first round picks plus Kyle Lowry to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for the No. 5 pick and Tyreke Evans.”

  • http://thahiphopcorner.com Kevin

    Hearing about how Paul Silas jacked Tyrus Thomas up was one of my favorite NBA stories this year lol

  • http://slamonline.com 19821982

    “Charlotte Bobcats to have Yard Sale”

  • Brad09

    is there anyone besides kemba that an nba team would want, its literally the worst roster ive seen in the history of the world. if kentucky had a month or so to scrimmage against different nba teams, they would probably beat charlotte. Slam should give this team as much press as they do the wnba because its on the same level

  • basketballgenius

    Tyrus Thomas had a bad year but I think if he went to another team he would play better. If he was respected more on the bobcats the cats gotta make him play up to his full potential especially if your paying him that much cash

  • Basketball iQ


  • Dungeon Family

    That’s Like trying to sale a Used Condom

  • Caleb

    u know what… the bobcats TO THE WNBA

  • Caleb

    you know what… the bobcats TO THE WNBA

  • Esmooth

    Everyone comments here are good but I feel they are giving on a young tyrus thomas too soon. He is 6’10,pf/sf who can defend mutiple positions,great shot blocker,and can jump. He just need to develop a go to post move,a great mid range game,if a three pointer that would make him all star talent player for years to come.We all have seen multiple players arise in one years times as stars and key role players over the years. If he work on those things,and build his confidence this guy can make chicago and bobcats and the whole 2006 draft scouts for not believe him.Please comment on this tell me how u feel about this. I feel a turnaround season for him if he gets traded into something special.

  • Wall Ball

    @Esmooth great way to write positively but you said it. Tyrus was drafted in 2006. I’m one of the few people back then who will openly admit that I preferred Tyrus then over Aldridge. Tyrus has been in the league 6 years now and has not improved his game on any level. You mentioned specifics that will take a whole summer to work on. You mentioned go to post move, mid range game and three point shot. It won’t happen because Tyrus thinks he’s better than what he is. That’s just like a person who thinks they know it all, you can’t teach them anything because they already know it….

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    good one caleb. not.