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Chris Bosh Says Miami Needs to Attack the Rim More Against Thunder

Chris Bosh saw too many ill-advised jump shots from his team in their Game 1 loss to the OKC Thunder last night, and says that the Miami Heat need to focus on getting to the hoop in Game 2. Per ESPN: “One game is all the Thunder won on Tuesday in protecting their home court at the outset of the series. But the outcome of that singular performance shows that Miami’s Game 1 strategy might not keep them competitive, let alone win it. And as a result, Erik Spoelstra immediately went into adjustment mode because this way of doing things grew stale in a hurry. Spoelstra hinted at three vital adjustments the Heat might make for Game 2 as they attempt to steal one of the first two before the series shifts to Miami for the next three. It starts with Chris Bosh, who could regain his starting assignment after struggling to find his rhythm off the bench Tuesday against the Thunder. Bosh had big moments in Game 7 of the Boston series as a reserve, but it might be time to get him going from the opening tip against the Thunder. Bosh was never a factor Tuesday. His long jumpers didn’t fall consistently, he didn’t attack well enough to get to the free throw line and he grabbed only five rebounds despite playing 34 minutes in his fourth game back from an abdominal injury. ‘We will be able to get him closer to his game,’ Spoelstra said of Bosh. ‘He’s been very accepting of just trying to fit in. But I think we’re going to need more from him offensively and try to get him in spots where he is able to be aggressive — right before he got hurt — at a high level.’ The same plan the Heat had to spread the floor against Boston by spotting shooters up on the perimeter didn’t go over as well against the Thunder. Bosh agrees that a more aggressive approach needs to be taken into Game 2. ‘We have to do a better job of executing our offense,’ Bosh said. ‘Sometimes we have to attack the rim, because if you’re not making shots and you’re shooting jumper after jumper, (Oklahoma City) is getting out in the open court, and that’s what they do.’ Another tweak Spoelstra mentioned was the need to expand his playing rotation. Miami relied primarily on six players, with Bosh being the lone reserve to log more than 10 minutes.”

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  • http://slamonline.com raylan

    says a man who shot 3s

  • Joey Jo Jo

    Coming from you, Bosh? SMH

  • baller23

    Bosh! u need rehab!

  • http://www.twitter.com/hurstysyd Hursty

    Goodness, Dwyane Wade was awful all game. Stats be damned. That was terrible. Far too much over-dribbling, then picking up the ball & holding it after the Heat iso/space out for him.
    You cannot get 17points from Battier, and double digits by Chalmers, with a virtual double-double by Haslem, & still lose that game.
    It’s on Wade. Sure, LeBron will get blamed, and so will Bosh. But Haslem was grabbing everything defensively for the Heat. And Wade making incredibly mediocre plays both on offense and defense limited put-back/2nd shot attempts by the Heat offensively. How are you gonna let Derek Fisher, the oldest, slowest player on the court *zoom* by you in a semi-transition play for a lay-up.. without even putting up a hand to contest..? Sigh. Then making Bosh go backcourt from your flailing around whinging for a foul when you simple lose the ball?
    Wade has had crazy consistency issues this entire playoff run. A 7pt game, then a 30 and 40pt game vs Indiana. Average play vs the Knicks. Blah.
    I swear, I was YELLING at the TV whenever the Heat got a defensive rebound, to push the ball up court faster than a walk. But noooo.. Wade wants to play domineering PG and slow everything down so the Heat run stagger screens and shuffle cuts for him. At least TRY and get a quick-hitter in semi-trans. Run some drag screens with Haslem or Bosh, who are both athletic enough to get down the floor, and then hit a J or roll to the basket. If nothing comes out of it, you still have 15-17 seconds on the shot-clock to get through whatever you originally would’ve run while walking the ball up. Gawd, it was frustrating.Transition was what got the Heat the lead originally, (that and shots in the key which then opened up outside space for 3′s, further drives etc).
    I’m not even a Miami fan – I just want to see good basketball.
    Adjustments for game 2:
    Run, run, run. OKC at least jogged up the court offensively. Paid dividends.
    Attack the basket more. Heat are an inside>out team. No, they don’t have superior interior threat, but they play their best when attacking the basket. Which leads to dunks/3′s/FT’s/open looks at least.
    More Chalmers/LeBron P’N'R.
    Most importantly, continue to move the ball offensively.
    *rant over haha*

  • Heals

    Exactly raylan. They’re great when they go in, but CB4 looking for 3′s is not a good thing for Mia.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    says the 6 ’10 jump shooter, lead by example dude, trust your abdominal muscle and do hard to the rim

  • Los2Amigos

    “try to get him in spots where he is able to be aggressive”: The only spot I can think of is his house with his masseuse…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542782613 The White Charles Barkley

    Spoelstra makes the dumbest rotations in the finals

  • ash

    Spolestra needs to put in Norris Cole and Miami needs to push the ball and stop shooting more jumpers. At the same time you have to give credit to OKC defense. One lacking characteristic is a leader on that team.

  • amateur GM

    That’s hilarious coming from him.

    34 minutes, 0 blocks, 0 offensive rebounds. Paying max money for this type of player on this type of team is exactly what is holding them back. They’d be much better off spreading the money around and getting a player or two that can play inside.


    damn dwade was killin it for the thunder. And people will say lebron wasn’t assertive in the 4th or whatever they say but truth is dwade was the primary ballhandler for much of the 4th and he ruined a lot of the heat’s offensive possessions with his take a few dribbles and then take a deep 2 over durant plays

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Oh Bosh… you’ve fallen in love with the three ball at the worst of times.

    I don’t know how this looks to you guys, but IF the Heat don’t win this finals campaign…who do you trade Dwayne Wade for? LaMarcus Aldridge…?

  • http://slamonline.com Caboose

    I be trollin