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Contest: Win A Draft-Day Hat From Each Lottery Team

Leave a comment and win 13 fresh hats!

The 2012 NBA Draft is just two days away, and it’s still anybody’s guess who will be taken where, with the exception of Anthony Davis. Regardless of which guys go to which teams, 60 players will hear their name called Thursday and put on their new NBA team hat for the first time.

In honor of the Draft and SLAM 160, we are handing out a Draft-Day hat from each team which had a chance to win the lottery—all 13 of them*—to one lucky fan!

All you have to do to enter the contest is leave a comment on this post (please provide your real email address) that says who the second-best player in this draft is and why. There’s nothin’ else to it.

The winner of the contest will be picked Friday and contacted early next week. Good luck to everyone and a special thanks to adidas for all of the Draft hats!

*New Orleans has two lottery picks.

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  • Steve Norton

    im loving the brooklyn, and warriors hats, too fresh!!

  • Garrett Geiger

    I LOVE SLAM!!! Slam is the best out there. I want these hats so bad i would do anything to have these so i really hope i win…. I love the NBA and i love SLAM!!!

  • http://www.BoiseFundamentals.com Ryan Lundgren

    If I had the #2 pick, I would take Bradley Beal. He is arguably the most pure scorer in the draft, and despite a lot of critics saying he’s too one-dimensional, the guy averaged 4 rebounds and 4 assists this past year with Florida. Beal has the potential to be the top player from this draft class, and I think the Bobcats may be sleeping on him!!!

  • Jake Belmont

    I think the 2nd best player in the draft is Thomas Robinson. I think he can end up with a similar game to Lamarcus Aldridge a few years into his NBA career.

  • The Champ

    Bradley Beal, I guess

  • Gary

    Andre Drummond – in an era of lost big men my man Drummond has all the potential in the world to surpass Dwight as the best big man in the league, yup I said it.

  • Anthony A

    Thomas Robinson- He’s freaky athletic, rebounding champ and whoever passes on him will regret it! Check the stats!

  • Blake Johnson

    Thomas Robinson, he dominated every game against elite competition. He also has a motor and physicality to his game that translates to the next level. You can’t teach heart.

  • Josh M

    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is the second best player in the draft. He has NBA size at the small forward position and showed his versatility throughout the NCAA tournament. He also carried the offensive load for Kentucky in the championship game when Anthony Davis had trouble scoring.

    Then again, players with hyphenated last names might be fool’s gold. Just ask Chris Douglas-Roberts…

  • https://twitter.com/#!/evansdonnelly Evan Donnelly

    I got to win these snap backs they’re wearing draft night

  • Asad Chevel

    The 2nd best player in this draft is Bradley Beal because he is a versatile Shooting Guard who is 6’4 and has a great body and jump shot, he can take it into the key once in a while and has great confidence. He may end up being the ROY if something goes wrong with Anthony Davis. Even though he is a possible top 3 pick in this draft, he could be the best underdog after Damian Lillard.

  • Logan Bean

    Thomas Robinson because he has the size and strength you look for in a big man, but he is also athletic enough to get up and down the floor and to have the ability to play god defense. He has all of the intangibles.

  • Emmanuel Cortez

    Aye liking those hats!!! This is going to be a great Draft!!

  • Ashley

    Thomas Robinson. 18 ppg 12 rpg. 692 points 11-12 season. overcame everything with his family and the deaths. taking care of his little sister. helped his team to the national championship game. enough said.

  • Blake Johnson

    Thomas Robinson. He outplayed all the other bigs in his position in the draft head to head, he is a proven winner, and has a good work ethic. There is no reason why he can’t make an immediate impact in the league. You can’t teach heart.

  • jcards

    Hook me up please! those are too fresh

  • http://Slamonline.com Liam Callahan

    Jeremy lamb is the second best player he can score the ball like nobody else or Andrew nicholson from st.bonavrnture he is a monster in the paint.

  • Brad Sigl

    The second best player in the draft had got to be Thomas Robertson!! He’s the realest out there since the great depression! Took care of his sister after his mom died. The bobcats need a front line he is 6’10!! He can flat out play look out for this guy. Thank you slam magazine keep on Slammin!

  • Denise Raunig

    Jared Sullinger. You can’t teach drive and a chip on someone’s shoulder. Everybody is doubting him and disrecpting him, he will refocus his energy to make 1 team very happy, and to prove all the doubters wrong.

  • Hurley

    Harrison Barnes. Good size. Great mid range game, able to get up and down in transition game. Solid movement without the ball. Has the size and potential to be a
    Great defender, just has to put in the time and work.

    Player with best potential would have to be Andre Drummond though.

  • Mujeeb Ahmed

    I think the second best player in this draft is gonna be Austin Rivers. I know he’s not in the Top 5 mock drafts but his game is built for the NBA & I really believe that he’s going to take the NBA because of his “supar” college career at Duke. He’s got unlimited range, lightning quick handles, fearless around the basket, has the size to play SG in the NBA & isn’t scared to stab you in the heart with an ice cold 3 point dagger ( You mad North Carolina? ). Austin Rivers could be a Rookie of The Year candidate in my eyes.

  • kjmelnis

    Andre Drummond is the second best player in the draft. Great combination of size, strenght and quickness. Explosive player who is fun to watch.

  • Rishi Patel

    I think the second best player is Bradley Beal, great upside! He is one of the most nba ready players in the draft, he’ll make an impact immediately

  • Blake

    Harrison Barnes. he is an assasin. He lets his game do the talking and before you even know it he has 30. Plus, his game translates better to the NBA game, more of a 1 on 1 iso player, similar to Melo. Watch and see, he will be Rookie of the year if we gets on a team that allows him to get the ball.

  • QOP

    Harrison Barnes! Quit sleepin’! Incredible skill set, great strength, speed and size, solid D, but still much to work on.

  • Rishi Patel

    Has to be Bradley Beal!

  • Corey

    Bradley Beal is my pick for the second best player in this draft. He has the most polished all-around game I’ve seen from a freshman 2 guard in a long long time.

  • Adam

    The second best player in this draft is Kidd-Gilchrist, he hustles and plays with a lot of energy. He needs to work on his shooting, but he has a great work ethic and will get better throughout his career. You could make a case for Robinson, but Kidd-Gilchrist has a higher ceiling and could potentially be an all-star in 5 years

  • Shawne

    These hats are dope and would be nice to have. Man i’d kill to get those. Hopefully the lottery picks wear em as good as i would if i won!

  • Jake K

    I think brad beal is definitely the 2nd best player in the 2012 draft. I’ve watched him play many times, being a Florida student. He has a high basketball IQ and finds ways to contribute other than by simply scoring. In my opinion Beal was not used to his full potential offensively. Florida did not allow Beal to isolate very often, and instead allowed more experienced players like erving walker and Kenny boynton create and facilitate. Beal
    did not shoot the 3 as well as expected, but there is no denying the superior aesthetics of his jumper, and eventually his percentages will reflect that. I also don’t think beal’s ability to get to the hole is given enough credit. He got to the hole
    With ease and finished strong with dunks, one notable finish on Alabama’s seven footer, or hard earned trips
    to the free throw line. His rebounding has been well documented, rightfully so, and I think this was due to the fact that Beal knew he had to contribute in other ways without his jumper falling and because Billy Donovan did not utilize him to his fullest. This adaptation to his game shows how special he is and what a talent he will be. Beal seems to be intelligent and willing to contribute in any way necessary to help his team to victory, and I believe that is what separates him from the Thomas Robinsons and MKG’s of this draft class.

  • Chad Hunt

    It all depends on the team needs and the BOBCATS need a big. They need Thomas Robinson, he’s big, athletic, and he’s a hard worker. I think he can come in and help them from day one with low post scoring and REBOUNDING!!!

  • http://samsarcasticsportsblog.wordpress.com/ Sam Goldman

    Harrison Barnes is the second best player in the NBA draft because he is the best point guard in the draft. Point guards have the most control of any postion in sports. Barnes has the ability to pick up the game and twist it around like a Rubix cube

  • Daniel Mandziuk

    Michael Kidd-Ghilchrist – he can do it all, the complete package. Has the length and IQ to be a great defensive player. Can pour in some points on the offensive end and is a great teammate, doesn’t try and get his, plays for the team.

  • Amir McManus

    Kansas Forward Thomas Robinson is the second best player in the draft. Robinson has an NBA ready body that will help him transition to the association more smoothly than fellow rookie big men. With a high motor, explosiveness, and a polished post game, Robinson is the best big men after Kentucky’s Anthony Davis.

  • Christos

    Thomas Robinson- he is a born winner, he was the best player in college bball last year. He was also most imporant to his team unlike Davis. Without Davis the wildcats still get to the tourney but Robinson’s jay hawks would not have without him. Whoever drafts Robinson is going to get a guy who has a great motor and brings a great attitude to heir team. That’s why Thomas Robinson is the 2nd best player on the entire 2012 NBA Draft.

  • Ed Morris

    If I had the #2 pick I would be taking Dion Waiters out of Syracuse. After Davis he has the most potential in this Draft class. He can play point or 2 guard, he has the quickness for the NBA and is going to surprise a lot of people. Been a fan of Slam since I was 6. Congrats on all the success.

  • Juan

    Austin “Sub-Zero” Rivers I know sound crazy but here me out? Rivers will ultimately Pan out two be the second best player in the draft, given the fact that his game is molded for the NBA prodatipycal scoring guard his quickness is undeniable and he will surprise with his athleticism in the next level with more space to operated. His court vision is underrated and he will utilizes his teammates to his advantages(This will be the biggest surprise since the conseceous is he’s got Tunnel vision) He need to make a conscious effort to defend and rebound consistently but these are attributes he can develop with time. Let not forget his supreme confidence and his basketball pedigree, if he continues to work hard and make improvement like he did from the first half of the duke season the sky the limit.

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice

    Thomas Robinson. He has the skill set that teams covet. Good post game, strong face up game. SOLID rebounder. Great defender. He is very coachable and has been WELL coached at KU. He has an NBA body right now, he’s built like a greek god. Plus givin what’s happened to him w his family tragedies, he’s is very well equipped to handle adversity. He wasn’t a starter till last season so there is lots of room for him to improve, so his ceiling could still be very high. In his first year as a starter at KU he immediately became the team leader on a team with a senior pg. Any team that passes on T-Rob will be sorely punished by him in the coming years. Toughness Toughness Toughness. Rock Chalk!!!

  • jayyychau

    Andre Drummond. As experts like to say it, you can’t teach height; you can’t teach size. He’s got lots of room to fill, and once he develops, he will be a brute force in the paint. Take a quite peek at Dwight Howard, now look back at Andre: he is a beast.

  • Tyson Taylor

    Gonna be nice to see where everyone goes this year. Hears to the akward handshakes with Mr. Stern, the mispronounced Euro names and the suits that don’t quite fit yet. Hopefully in the next few years we can toss in a Vancouver and/or a Seattle cap for the Draft!

    PS, I just re-upped my subscription to the best magazine around!

  • Ace Egger

    Thomas Robinson is 2nd best player, and will be a double double machine in the league.

  • johnson

    Damian Lillard. The most prolific scorer in this draft, with an average going for just under 25ppg. Don’t be fooled though: he NEEDED to score for the team back in Weber St., but in the NBA he won’t only showcase his scoring ability, but will also show the high point-guard IQ that he possesses. He will flourish in the League.

  • tmPHX24

    Harrison Barnes! Not just the best SLAM high school diary keeper in recent memory, but with his special combination of size, length and shooting range, Barnes deserves to go second because of his ability, not just his NC career (we see you MJ).

  • Monty

    Thomas Robinson. 7’1″ Wingspan. Strong rebounder, good jump shooter with explosive leaping ability. Has a very good upside and potential.

  • Goo

    Dion Waiters: Most NBA ready body and skill set… He has the Kobe/MJ killer instinct… The next Dwyane Wade… He WILL be ROY… DionWaiters.edu/TakingTheDraftToSchool

  • Jake Thompson

    The second best player in the draft is Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, because he has the athleticism and scoring ability to come into the league and be a quality player for the Bobcats right away.

  • Ken

    The bulls need to trade Deng and get UConn Jeremy Lamb

  • Nick Prichodko

    The second pick should be used to take Robbie Hummel. Hummel is a natural leader and fighter in the locker room and on the hardwood. This Purdue Boilermaker had the most outstanding individual performance of anybody in the entire 2012 tourney as he dropped 26 against KU and T Rob. While suffering more than one acl injury, he persevered in his senior season to be named to his fourth All Big Ten team. (perhaps the best conference in the country) Hummel is a winner.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/Flight_Davis14 Derrick Davis

    Harrison Barnes is the 2nd best player in this NBA Draft. First he has the size to compete at the SF position on the NBA level. Second, his skill set as a rookie will be great. He has decent range, the best mid range game in the entire class, a good post game, and he can also attack the basket effectively. His work ethic is also admired by the entire UNC staff. This work ethic coupled with him coming from a winning program with a legendary coach will also serve him well in the league. Barnes has a high IQ (On and off the court) and he has his head on straight which will make him a fan favorite quickly in any city. Last but not least, his greatest weakness was found to be a strength during the pre-draft camp. His athleticism was questioned before the draft but he quieted critics with great testing in all areas. To conclude, Harrison Barnes is the 2nd best player in the 2012 draft class and soon, I’ll have a handful of hats to validate that.

  • Curtis

    Thomas Robinson. NBA body and skill set. Will make an immediate impact.

  • Julian Gonzalez

    The Charlotte Bobcats should take Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with the second pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. They do not need immediate help as they are building from the ground up. Kidd-Gilchrist is not the most talented or polished player in this year’s draft, but he has a great work ethic and lots of heart which will help the franchise in the long run. And that is what the Bobcats need: a promising future and all-star potential to build a franchise and fan base around.

  • Dan

    I’m going with Bradley Beal. He’s a grown man, understands the game and can be a great leader. Despite being a guard he is a great rebounder and can defend the basket well. But the main thing is his jumper. It seems to me that he’s a bit underrated when it comes to jump shooting and that’s what makes him stand out for me. He will turn into a three point shooting machine, trust me, by the time people realize his potential, he is gonna be a clutch player on his squad, knocking down late threes and winning games. I wish him luck with his career, he seems like a potential role model to kids.

  • Harald frey

    Looking forward to draft day!

  • Harald Frey

    I think Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is going to go 2nd i the draft.

  • ZelenakP

    Austin Rivers, because i`m sure, that his father gave him the best of his experiences, and working methods.

  • Peter Cruz

    Draft day where dreams come true and where the hard work pays off. Thomas Robinson is the second best player.

  • kevin

    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. He plays tenacious on-ball defense and makes the kind of hustle plays that differentiate over-hyped prospects from sure-to-be NBA stars. His leadership, work ethic and maturity are well beyond his years.He can be that shutdown defender at the 3 position. That position that encompasses the likes of Lebron, Durant, Dirk, etc. Having a solid wing defender at the 3 spot is crucial now. To be able long enough to defend and athletic enough to stay in front. Kidd-Gilchrist has those physical qualities and has those intangibles to have a solid impact in the game.

  • http://twitter.com/dustinmew Dustin Mew

    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is the second best player. You know what you’ll get with him. Very athletic, hardworking, defense playing wing. Hoping the Bobcats taking. Realizing they probably won’t because, well… they’re the Bobcats.

  • Virginio Monteiro

    The second best player in the 2012 NBA Draft is Harrison Barnes. Young, plays smart basketball, is strong and has skills and a shooting touch that can make him an all-star in years to come.

  • Luffy

    i know he’s probably not the second best to pretty much everyone, but I gotta go with Tony Wroten. UW Represent! He averaged 16 ppg in his freshman year and is a great passer. He works hard and is only 19 years old. He is going to have growing pains, but once he is in the 20′s, I see him being a great point/combo guard in the league for years to come. People always underestimate the Huskies! (Isaiah Thomas)

    Let’s go Huskies!

  • Ali Soofizada

    Bradley beal

  • Ali Soofizada

    Bradley beal best game and potential in my opinion kid can hoop

  • MychelS

    Thomas Robinson is by far the second best player in the 2012 NBA Draft. According to his profile on Draft Express, Robinson stands 6-9′, weighs 244 pounds, and posses a 35.5 inch vertical leap. This tells me that he has all of the physical tools needed to succeed at the power-forward position in the NBA. But what seperates him from guys like Stromile Swift and Hakim Warrick is that his game is more that just dunks and put-backs. He is able to make plays for himself as well as his teammates from the high post, he has arguably the best develped post game in the draft, and he has shooting range out to 15-18 feet from the basket. When you add in the fact that he is active on the defensive end, shows great leadership on and off the court, and gives 110% percent effort in every game, you realize that Anthony Davis is not the only big-time player in this year’s draft. I expect Thomas Robinson to have a long, successful career in the NBA, and with his skillset and drive he will become one of the best power-forwards in the league.

  • Billions

    MKG is the second best player in the draft.. I am going with that decision because he has proved he is a winner and not just a player living his dreams. He was a terrfic HS player that made the leap to college without stumbling. I truly believe that he will make the same transition into the NBA. Mark these words. “The 2nd pick in the NBA 2012 Draft is Michael Kidd-Gilchrist”

  • Ndem Nkem

    Austin rivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you can’t teach heart and he’s on a mission.he wants to be the best.no other players in the draft have his confidence and drive.besides davis he has that it factor.plus with his quickness and ball handling skills he’ll excel.

  • Jordan

    Drummond is the second-best player in the draft. He is a beast, physically, and has a high ceiling.

  • Alex

    Thomas Robinson is by far the second best player in the draft. In his first two years, he wasn’t considered a top player because he was playing behind Marcus and Markieff Morris. Last Season, he showed that he was a National POY candidate with his play leading Kansas to the National Championship game and still averaging 17 points and 9 rebounds. Had Anthony Davis not been in the NCAA last season, Thomas Robinson would also have a NCAA Tornament Most Outstanding Player award. He is strong and can play with the best of the best players.

  • MychelS

    Just a few extra points I wanted to emphasize; Thomas Robinson’s collegiate success on the basketball court included being named the 2012 ESPN.com’s National Player of the Year, 2012 Big 12 Conference Men’s Basketball Player of the Year, 2012 Associated Press Big 12 Player of the Year, along with several other prestigious awards and achievements. These awards indicate that he will succeed at the next level because he will strive to continue working hard and will show everyone why he recieved those awards.

  • Nj C.

    In my opinion, Austin Rivers. This guy is quick; His ball-handling skills fakes everyone out; He can shoot 3s; and he can dunk like crazy!

  • mattm

    Thomas Robinson is the BEST #2 option. Should be an effective player for the Bobcats. Thank you for this opportunity to win these hats.

  • Ben Paquin

    Michael Kidd Gilchrist is the second best player in this draft. He is the youngest player in this really deep draft class, he is complete because he is first-team all SEC and SEC all defensive team just in his freshman year, he has the best motor and an undying desire to win. Now he will be building on his fundamental foundation by enhancing his ball-handling, shooting, and shot creation. His physical measurements are mint for a SF and he could possibly still be growing (like Paul George last off-season). I hear too many questions about other current prospect’s work ethic in this draft and there is no question that MKG exceeds that topic and will quickly move on to the ROY topic.

  • Aaron

    The #2 player is Damian Lillard. Not many people know about him, but he led his Weber State team pretty much singlehandedly. He has an ideal point guard physique, and has demonstrated a clear interest in becoming a better player. Although underrated, and not on most Mock Draft boards until Mid-First-Round, I guarantee that Damian will be a big surprise in the NBA, and all those teams that pass up on him will definitely regret doing so.

  • Christian

    I just watched a documentary about the history of the Rucker Park League and it got me pumped for the summer and the NBA draft. I still love the NBA and wish nothing but the best for these potential rookies. Chances are Anthony Davis will not be the best player to come out of this draft. If I had the pick I would still take him at one, but would be happy to let Thomas Robinson fall to me at 2. Wish it wasnt hthe Bobcats that are going to get him. Does Houston move up to the two spot and grab Robinson? He might be that good.

  • The Diesel

    Two words, size and athleticism, it can’t be taught. I can find a Thomas Robinson any year , a big power forward with a high motor, or an athletic SF like MKG, even a shaky point guard like Rivers. But what you can’t find every year or even teach is size and athleticism, bottom line. That’s why I propose something a little off kilter and unconventional…… the 2nd pick should be Meyers Leonard. Skill set wise he lies somewhere between Howard and Bynum . Leonard is now 7-1 and 250 , currently bigger than Howard, imagine when he gets on an NBA workout program, and this isn’t saying a lot but he also has better post moves at this point than D12. He is a excellent passing big man who also averaged close to two blocks a game this year. He will be a more than effective player at his position throughout his career based off size and skill set alone and the scary thing is that the Hornets could select him at ten to pair with Davis. Scary indeed!

  • Diesel

    You can’t teach size and athleticism, period. That’s why at number 2 you gotta go with Meyers Leonard.Hear me out on this but He is 7-1 and 250pds and currently bigger than Dwight , imagine how big hell be once he gets in an NBA weight room. He is a great passer as well and averages almost 2 blocks a game. The guy is extremely athletic for his size and runs the court well with a great front facing post game. Bottom line is you can draft a Thomas Robinson, Brad Beal, or an MKG any year, you can’t always draft someone who maybe somewhere between Howard or Bynum skill set and size wise. The scary thing is that he may be paired with Davis next year.

  • Matt G

    I cannot get enough draft coverage its Christmas in June every year! Hope my Blazers do something epic or, at the least, draft Lillard… maybe Westbrook in the making?? Time will tell!

  • Dorian

    The second best player of the 2012 NBA Draft would be Michael Kidd-Gilchrist aka (MKG). I’m big fan of kids that can ball, let me tell you watching him ball at Kentucky impressed me with his skills on the court especially his strength and toughness he aint no crybaby and his dunks are something else to see.I can see MKG be a one heck of a player.

  • IamYOU

    Thomas Robinson! He’s a great rebounder and He’s an athletic freak! Plus he’s got tats so he looks like an NBA thug now. But nothing can beat Davis’ uni-brow, that’s why TR is the best second player in the draft.

  • Tony

    I am loving the WARRIORS hat!!!

  • http://me_losh50@yahoo.com Milos Sotirovic

    I think the second best (if not, the best) player in the draft is Thomas Robinson, from Kansas. People forget that Robinson actually posted better numbers than Anthony Davis. Robinson is a hounding defender and has the athleticism to compete in the league. He is an explosive leaper with great size at the forward position. Robinson is very long, with a 7’1″ wingspan, and quick feet that will help him battle against NBA bigs. I think his successful career in Kansas should translate into success in the NBA. I definitely expect Robinson to compete for Rookie of the Year honors next season!

    P.S. Did I mention I have a soft spot for NBA snapbacks? So sweet, gotta have ‘em!

  • Scott swiger

    MKG #14!
    He is a great leader! Anthony davis was the dominate player. But MKG lead the team!

  • Jon

    The 2nd best player in the draft is Thomas Robinson. He is without a doubt the 2nd best player as of NOW. A lot of these other players are freshman and the teams are drafting them based on potential. Thomas Robinson dominated the college game last year in all aspects. Offensively, rebounding and defensively. Give the man credit.

  • Benjamin Epstein

    Bradley Beal hands down! with his ability to tear trough defenses and weaken them with his ridiculous shooting touch in my eyes he will be a perfect addition to where ever he lands in the draft! because what team doesn’t need an offensive contributor that is as consistent as Beal, i mean whoever has the most points dose win the game! haha just my vote from a dedicated slam reader!

  • http://Slam160 Barb

    Thomas Robinson should definitely be the 2nd pick. He has incredible skill, heart, size and ability. All of that should translate to a star NBA player. Good luck tomorrow Thomas Robinson. You are going to make your Momma proud!

  • Andrew Chen

    Meyers Leonard. I know it may seem completely unconventional, but these are the facts. Every year there are usually no more than 10 players from a draft that become starters by their 4th year. This means I want a player who has tremendous upside. Leonard already has that NBA body, but is a complete project. His post game and footwork need time, but the passion he showed when he played for a sub-par Illinois team sold it to me. His breakout sophomore year was no fluke. In five years, I can totally picture Leonard battling with the best bigs of the NBA.

  • sideburn2go

    Brad beal is second best for next year, but long term I think its gonna be Tony Wroten… I just see something special in him every time I watch him step on the court, He’s explosive like John Wall with amazing floor vision and passing touch

  • rob stewart

    He is alot like Michael Jordan in that his numbers were stunted due to his commitment to his teams structure UNC. But like Mike he will put up bigger and better numbers in the isolation game called the NBA. I also heard his combine numbers were through the roof. His reported 38 inch standing vertical is a greater symbol that he is leaps and bounds above his peers (except Anthony Davis of course)!

  • John Ogle

    The second best player in this draft is Bradley Beal. It is better to draft a guard and sign big men as free agents. Over the years, there have been plenty of busts picked at number two – Darko Milicic and Shawn Bradley are two of them and both are big men. It is clear that there are not many great shooters in the NBA these days, so a team should draft one when they see the opportunity. Harrison Barnes (too much like Marvin Williams), Thomas Robinson (lack of size) and Andre Drummond (low motor) have too many questions. MKG is another candidate for second best player in this draft, but Beal will have a clear role and thus be an immediate contributor.

  • Kartik Raghuram

    I think Jeremy Lamb is going to be the best player from this draft. He has a Reggie Miller aspect to his game and can shoot the lights out.

  • Christen

    I think Thomas Robinson is the second best player because he has improved since his first year of college and is a role model to a lot of people.

  • J Blackburn

    Thomas Robinson for sure will go #2!!!! Please SLAM I need to rock these hats in my podunk town.

  • Jayygee

    Harrison Barnes. He’s a solid forward. He can finish at the rim and is an excellent transition scorer. He’s a hard worker and is a tremendous athlete. 38 inch vertical. Nuff said.

  • Jose Franco

    Thomas Robinson will take the Sacramento Kings to the title! Along with T.Evans and D.Cousins. He is the most NBA ready player in the Draft.

  • http://slamonline.com Eldon Khorshidi

    Thanks a lot for all the great entries! We’re closing comments now and winners will be contacted by someone from the staff shortly…