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Dallas Mavericks Fearing Deron Williams Will Sign With Brooklyn Nets?

According to CBS Sports, there is a sense of growing concern within the Dallas Mavericks’ front-office that their dream of landing Deron Williams is an ill-fated one. As always, it comes down to money: “Four rival executives and a fifth person familiar with Williams’ thinking said that the Mavericks are becoming increasingly worried that the All-Star point guard will stay with the Nets when the free-agent floodgates open Sunday. While optimists in the Mavs’ camp are holding out hope that they still have a ’50-50′ chance of landing Williams, who grew up in Dallas, executives working the phones Tuesday have detected a real concern from the Mavs that Williams will opt to join the Nets in Brooklyn next season. Free agency opens at 12:01 a.m. ET Sunday, and Williams will have a very clear financial decision in front of him. Under new CBA rules, the Nets can offer Williams a five-year deal worth approximately $100 million — one year and about $26 million more than the Mavs, the only other team the All-Star is believed to be considering. The recent vibe executives are getting from Dallas contradicts the word in the sneaker industry only last week. A high-ranking person in that field said that the feeling among sneaker execs was that Williams would prefer to join his hometown team at a discount rather than stay with the Nets. Such a decision, the person said, would be based on the understanding that Mavs owner Mark Cuban would be able to sway Williams that any lost earnings could be made up via endorsements and by the Mavs being better positioned to reload their roster around Williams and Dirk Nowitzki and compete for a championship.”

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  • AT33

    who cares where he goes! but he’d be stupid to leave 26mil on the table to go to an aging mavs team!

  • ALD

    being the face of BK is big…. why go to a boring town and play with players who want to play for the MIAMI NWO

  • mask

    I think he will, ALL that MONEY!!! I wouldnt care if i was on an elite team or not. riding through brooklyn in a lambo is just as satisfying.

  • Wixurrs

    i’d turn down $226 million just so i wouldn’t have to play for Billy King.

  • Ash

    What a hard decision! I don’t think he can make up the endorsement in Dallas. I don’t think Nets can win without D. Howard.

  • likeaboss

    Its funny how often these top level players go for the slightly higher offer and then gripe for the next five years about being on a losing team. Unless you’re Jordan, it takes a TEAM to consistently win in the NBA. And if your big salary means management has to surround you with a bunch of spares instead of talent, in the words of Herman Cain, “Blame Yourself” when you consistently miss out on the playoffs.

    The Mavs are competitive every single year. They have the second longest playoff appearance streak in the NBA. Their owner is willing to do whatever it takes to win. The Nets, meanwhile, haven’t even made the playoffs since 2007. Even with Willams on the team, the Nets couldn’t make the playoffs, and have been losing 2 games for every game they win.

    So, Williams can either take a marginally larger contract, or he can still get paid out of the wazoo and actually have a real shot at winning a championship.

  • Drew

    @ALD Dallas is quite the opposite of a boring town… it’s a huge metropolitan area with 5 professional teams and the fifth biggest media market. A lot more spacious and relaxing than NY.

  • Drew

    If D-Will truly wants to win now, which he keeps emphasizing, the choice is obvious… Dallas

  • Ldub

    I dont think the Nets can win WITH Howard. Who else would they bring in? Remember, they are going to have to contend with the Heat, Chi and Bos,IND and if NY gets their heads right…throw them in there too. But Keeping DWill and adding Howard doesnt make them immediate contenders. Even with those two, it will take time to compete. Will they be all-stars? Sure they will. But will they win is debatable. I think they will make the playoffs but advancing and challenging the best every year is another question.

  • Bryce

    This is ridiculous. If he wants the extra year and he can get it and go to the Mavs. Does everyone forget this was the argument for the Cavs to pay Lebron more? The Cavs and Raptors both did sign and trades with Miami. If Williams wants to play for Dallas then the Nets will do a sign and trade so he gets the extra year and money and the Nets will then get at least a draft pick or two out of the deal.

    Also Nets are the 5th most important team in NY no one cares about them so saying he would be better off in that market is ridiculous. Dallas is 5th largest market and only team bigger in Dallas is the Cowboys. People in Dallas love the Mavs and D-Will could get a lot of endorsement money from Cuban’s other businesses.

  • Ldub

    likeaboss….what do you mean “unless youre Jordan”?? You do realize that MJ didnt win anything by himself. The teams he was on were definitely molded around him but if you take PIP, Grant, Harper, Rodman etc out of those teams…I dont believe Jordan would have won. Granted a player can make his teammates better (ala Lebron James), but if your role players arent very good…youre not going to win. If you placed Jordan in his prime on the team that Williams played with last night…they wouldnt win either.

  • http://blackamericaweb.com charliewinning

    Dallas is old. The Nets will be awful for a while. Either way he won’t be winning soon so he may as well get money in Bk and build a huge offseason mansion back in Dallas.


    Dallas is not a contender with deron williams and an aging nowitzski as a core. Nets aren’t either but they have more potential in the long term, with or without a howard trade this summer. Players like humphries, marshon brooks and lopez will be a good core when paired with williams. Plus BK is a great attractive place for future free agents.

  • Ldub

    Junkie…you do realize he played there last season right? All of those dudes played there last season. Yes lopez was hurt, but that wouldnt have made much of a difference. With Dirk only having 3-4 years left (if that) and Brooklyn not becoming a contender any time soon…Dwill shouldnt waste his prime fiddling with either of the teams. I personally think he should go to LAL. Pair with Kobe…his chances are much better anywhere else. And when Kobe leaves…He and Bynum could be the duo (ala he and DH) along with whomever else gets picked up/traded. And his market would be huge in LA!

  • l2ising Phoenix

    This is simple… 100 mill contract.. done deal

  • Drew

    @JUNKIE You sound like the Mavs critics in 2010-2011 before Dirk led the Mavs to a championship. Dirk was the only All-Star on that team and hasn’t lost much in his game, if anything since then. With D-Will in the fold, Dallas is obviously an immediate contender. How quickly they forget…


    @Drew I’m not denying that dirk is still a phenomenal player and is definitely still a superstar on his team and in the league. Mavs are obviously also still a great team but think about their aging core, jason kidd is 38, dirk is 34, shawn marion is 34, vince carter is 35; odom is probably going to walk and jet dreams about the Heat. There isn’t a lot of youth in their key players and yes they’ll be contenders with dwill but its hard to see them being a championship team.

    @Ldub come on he’d be great on the lakers but deron williams has already stated that he’ll only sign with either the dallas or the nets. The Lakers also have 0 cap room unless you amnesty kobe your roster has no flexibility, between Kobe’s 28 mil, Gasol’s 20 mil and Bynum’s 16 mil, your team will be lucky to hire the cleaning crew to fill out their roster.

  • http://www.pisforprops.com jadams12

    yo i don’t think they can do sign and trades anymore in the new CBA because of Carmelo Anthony. @Bryce

  • bonK

    He’ll stay in bk. He’s not bout winning . He’s bout the money. No that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • ALD

    dwill and dwight can beat miami with a few tweeks and enhancements…… BOOK IT!!!

  • http://slamonline.com Datkid

    Dwight, Dwill and Dirk w/ some shooters and a half decent backup center couldn’t win immediately?? oh.. For the record the nets probably could’ve made the playoffs if brook lopez wasn’t injured the entire time D.will was there.

  • lakernation

    Brooklyn Nets will resign him, Dwill made his value go up by saying he would prefer to play for dallas if the nets aint talking the right cash amount. Its not really about the team its about the green.

  • Rainman

    @ Ldub: u say” kobe” like he has anything more than 3-5 years left in the tank himself…

  • Ldub

    Junkie. With Pau swirling in trade talks…it could happen. Do i think it is going to happen? NO! But it would be the BEST scenario for him as far as winning. Best 2 guard with the best (arguably) center in the game. @Rainman I say Kobe because I recognize that he is still the best 2 guard in the game and if he has ONLY has 3 years left…thats 3 chances for DWill that are better than going to any other team. (better than Dallas and better than Brooklyn). A tandem of Williams and Bryant are far much greater than that of a Williams and Dirk!

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com Dutch Rich

    The potential upside of the BK situation is tremendous. You guys will see during the next 2 years.
    2.5 million potential fans is nothing to scoff at (that’s just BK, not considering Long Island, the old fans from NJ and the Dutch…kidding). That’s comparable with Chicago and only smaller than LA (2 NBA teams). Everything will drastically change when Barclays Center opens. The long wait has lulled everybody to sleep on this franchise…just wait and see!!!!!!! Deron would be an absolute moron to walk away from this, when the wait is finally about over.

  • Ldub

    @ALD…Dwill and Dwight can beat Miami? Who would guard James, Wade and Bosh? Youre best 2 players are the 1 and 5. Miami’s best are 2-4. The matchups favor Miami. And with Miami’s defense, I think that Dwight would have problems in the paint (to some degree, more so than other teams) and with only really Dwill to pass to, that limits the offense tremendously. Even if you did make some “tweeks”….who would you try and bring in? Isnt G-wallace on his way out too? If you match up Dwill and Dwight…you have room for 2-3 other semi decent players or another possible star. But who is available that would benefit the team?

  • http://bebe310.blogspot.com/ anonymous

    if bk gets dwight theyd be only 2-4 moves away from being serious contenders. mia`s major strengths are 2-3-4 (wade-bron-bosh) and defense; major weaknesses are depth and size (outside of bosh). bk should build a team that can expose the weaknesses: a strong backcourt, good size/rebounding and depth. they already have a solid bench: farmar, morrow, g green, shawne will, bogans, maybe shelden will? and petro? deron needs a starting guard that compliments his game while taking pressure away from him to score and pass so one thats able to do both. humpries and dwight would kill on the boards. and if deron and dwight signs then g wallace would probably also. plus avery johnson took a defensive 2006 dal to the finals and played for popovich so he`s a defensive minded coach who has great experience.


    i think if gerald green continues to develop he can become that backcourt partner for dwill, the kid was phenomenal last year in the games that he played and he seems to be working hard to improve. @anonymous is right Crash will resign if they land a dwill-howard tandem, his value is also low. I’m saying that bk will be a contender in 3 years.

  • http://www.hoopsworld.com IamYOU

    FEARING? Really? Stay with the B-Nets DWill!

  • http://bebe310.blogspot.com/ anonymous

    @junkie not sure if people know this but g green was drafted by bos in 2005 straight out of hschool and hes been going from the nba-to-nbdl since then. perhaps he remains in the league this time but he surely cant be counted upon to suddenly develop into a starter for a contending team after 7 nba/nbdl seasons. thats not going to happen. hes a veteran already. bk needs a proven starting guard to join deron in the backcourt and they have a little flexibility in size since deron is 6-3 and the best 2 in the East (who I`ll say is wade) is 6-4. the next starting backcourt guard for bk should be capable of putting up 20 ppg easy so bk could assemble their own big 3 (deron-dwight-another guard?). humpries and gerald wallace or maybe even trevor ariza if wallace doesnt return could round out the starters. bk-deron-dwight probably wants to win now and they have the ability to win now if they make the right moves (ala bos 2007-08). I have very little faith in “organization killer” billy king though. he would do better listening and taking advice from knowledgeable fans than going off on his own and making stupid moves.

  • http://bebe310.blogspot.com/ anonymous

    plus gerald green is a sf. hes 6-8. regardless of his position bk doesnt need to wait 3 years or more for him to see if he will POSSIBLY develop into a good/great starter. but I do like him as a reserve. his game oozes of energy so I would seem as though he would be a great energizer of the bench.

  • PsyberKayos

    But look at the teams that gave MIA trouble last post-season.. oftentimes they had a talented 5 (Pacers) or both a talented 1 and 5 (Spurs).

  • PsyberKayos

    How long is a while?

  • PsyberKayos

    Things change