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Deron Williams Unsure if the Lakers Can Afford to Sign Him

Deron Williams will soon be an unrestricted free agent, and he knows that he’ll be a very hot commodity. Regarding the Los Angeles Lakers, DWill is fully aware of their worrisome payroll issues. Per the LA Times: “I know they don’t have any money to just go out and sign me,’ said Williams, who has a player option for $17.8 million next season with New Jersey. ‘It’ll have to be some kind of deal.’ [...] Even though the Lakers bolstered their backcourt by acquiring Ramon Sessions before the March 15 deadline, he averaged only 6.8 points on 35.3% shooting in the team’s Western Conference semifinals loss to Oklahoma City. Sessions is reportedly expected to opt out of his $4.55-million player option in hopes of getting a long-term contract. Meanwhile, Williams’ skill set vastly exceeds Sessions. Williams’ 21 points per game ranked third among the NBA’s guards and his 8.8 assists per game ranked sixth among guards. ‘I used to hate them. They pushed us out of the playoffs three years in a row,’ Williams said of the Lakers, referring to when they beat Williams’ Utah Jazz each postseason from 2008 through 2010. ‘We’ll see.’ The Lakers have already committed $78.4 million to only seven players next season. It appears likely they will shop forward Pau Gasol, whom they owe $38.3 million over the next two years — a contract that appears extra-hefty considering his reduced role and 12.5-point in the 2012 playoffs. But numerous reports have indicated a Gasol-for-Williams swap would be unrealistic.”

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  • Marc

    As much as I want this to happen because Deron and Kobe are my favorite players I doubt this is going to go through.

  • Josh

    Gasol for D-Will won’t happen. BN would be crazy to take Gasol and his huge salary for a star pg who still has a lot left. Only realistic deal I could see the Nets going for is Bynum for D-Will. Bynum was a major disappointment after his monster game 1 in the first round against NOLA. Bynum and Gasol will more than likely be gone next season. Prediction for LAL starting 5 next year is: PG- Deron Williams, SG- Kobe Bryant, SF- Metta World Peace/Michael Beasley, PF-Luis Scola/Lamar Odom, C- Jordan Hill

  • Sean B

    Josh you need to check into rehab

  • bdogg

    he and the mamba get along..we should have cp3….thanks lord stern! did not know we were filming star wars 4!!! Lord stern the sith lord!

  • CubicleWorker

    Lol @ Sean B – it’s like some readers just comment based on NBA 2K12 ratings

  • 23

    kind of off topic, but im just curious to other peoples opinions. right now, who is the lakers #1 priority, kobe or bynum? imo kobe can still get you a couple more rings with some better help. im not so sure bynum is the type of guy you want to build a team around. not knocking bynums talent. but i dont want my “leader” ignoring his coach, giving up on a game when he is not gettting touches, or acting like everybody owes him something.

  • Fat Lever

    It probably would have made the most sense to trade D-will for some picks back when he was under contract for the Nets. Why wouldn’t they start from scratch in a brand new city and arena? This false hope is only going to bite them in the end. Imagine if they had 2 top 7 picks in this draft? That would have been a great starting block for a “new” franchise.

  • sixurrs

    Billy King – running quality franchises into the ground since 2002.

  • sixurrs

    King traded 3 first round picks (all unprotected), Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, M. Okur, S. Williams, and cash for one losing season of Deron Williams and Gerald Wallace.
    Good Job Billy!!!!

  • Sean B

    @cubicleworker haha if that’s the case they should pick up my little brother because his player is pretty good in 2k12. Oh ya, go lakers.

  • Pearl

    Deron is an unrestricted free agent. The Lakers don’t need to make a trade with old Nets, just steal it. The old Nets had the opportunity to make a deal, if now they don’t receive nothing as compensation is his problem as Cavs with Lebron. Just send Gasol to another team for pics or young talent or expiring contracts and clear space to afford sign Deron. Lakers need a PG of his caliber. They can find out there someone to put Gasol numbers with more effort. KG is free this summer. Or Kris Humphries. Or Chris Kaman. They also can go cheap and sign Kirk Hinrich to play alongside with Sessions (awful playoffs). But the most important is the bench. Lakers have the worst production of the league. They need help: Antawn Jamison, Jason Terry, O.J. Mayo, Michael Beasley… And a coach who knew run a offense. Magic will be a good general manager, has blood and don’t hesitate. And look Howard situation in Orlando if is not true that he don’t like the Lakers as destination.

  • kobeBEST friend

    Guess DWill aint interested in winning rings aye

  • ALD

    deron is staying ……

  • Marc

    Oh. The key moment of the season was the trade Gasol-Rondo. With Rondo this team will be a different story.

  • blkpres

    D-Will is coming to Dallas. Perfect fit perfect team, plus its his hometown. What better place to come home and be the face of his hometown team and more importantly WIN. Nets are not gonna win anything anytime soon! Thats real talk no matter which way you cut the cake or check. Sorry Jet man we love ya wish you would stay as well, but get your money. Atleast here with the Mavs he (Deron Williams) has a fighting chance of winning a ring constantly with Dirty Dirk Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson. D-Will man you think you are loved in NYC come home to the Mavs lol and get some real love and raise your family here in TX. Think of it this way bro you turned out pretty good lol. GO MAVS!!!!

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    deron is turned on by lakeshow’s feet

  • Da-REAL-Meat-Hook

    No he isn’t. It’s the balls

  • LP

    homie said Jordan Hill starting at center for the lakers lmaaaaaaaoooo..some people don’t know ANYTHING about basketball…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Real Player

    The lakers have made some big mistakes in the front office in response to last years playoff loss to the Mavs. They let Odom go for nada, they they were reckless in how they managed Gasol’s delicate ego…but the worst mistake was hiring Mike Brown Who is soo in over his head. homie has no clue how to manage the ego’s of Kobe pau and Andrew, and that’s just the tip of the iceberge, the guy has no concept of how to lead an elite NBA team offensively and withought an expert team leader on the court it’s an even bigger problom for the Lakes than it was in clev. Does Kup’ really expect to still be able to draw guys like D Will to wanna play for the the Lakers org in it’s current state? Even if LA had the $$$ not sure Dwill would want to play for LA.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Real Player

    that said, he blew up the Jazz organization and dipped to the Nets soo…on second thought maybe his IS that guy…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Real Player


  • blkpres

    sorry FAKER fans D Will aint coming your way. LOL good luck with all the drama yall got going on. lol I wouldnt know where to begin to fix that mess. I agree with Real Player Mike Brown sucks. Metta World Peace lol need I say more lol. Bynum is a head case as well. Remember Gasol wasnht anything in Memphis lol I would much rather have his younger brother. Then there is Mitch Kupkakes thanks for sending us LaMarr (useless)Odom here is the middle finger for that one lol only good thing that came out of that was the view of Kims big ASS (LOL DAMM THAT WAS WORTH A COUPLE OF GAMES LOL) and then there is the Drama Queen Kobe lmao yea yall got issues D Will aint goin there. Sorry!!! Go Mavs!!!!!!

  • Linda Singleton

    I sure hope that management don’t go overboard like they tried to do with the Chris Paul trade and get rid of viable players. I don’t think Deron Williams would be worth our front line. These negative comments about “Fakers” are just ignorance being spread, because outside of the Celtics, there are no other teams with the amount of championships the Lakers have..so if that indicates that they are “Fakers” then keep the negative comments coming. That shows the jealousy they have there is no anecdote for it. Management is not too bright right now and has made some bad moves, but the Lakers still manage to overcome. Hopefully they recover this time. They don’t need to break the bank to acquire D Williams.


    people sure suggest some crazy trades why would anyone in boston agree to a rondo-gasol trade.

    i’ve been watching jordan hill since he came into the l hoping he turns into a star the guy is great in bursts that’s about it

  • blkpres

    Not jealous of the Lakers back in the day and even just a few years ago The Lakers were and always will be one of the crown jewels of the NBA. So much respect to the Lakers of old!!! And very much love for them. Now the current crop of Fakers however cannot hold any of those Lakers jockstraps with the exception of Kobe. Everything about this team is wack starting from Metta World Peace to Lame brain Andrew Bynum and a coach that doesnt know what to do lol I give him one more year if he makes it that far before someone else comes in. By the way just read an article that Kupcakes is willing to take Odom back yea theres a loophole of sorts in the cba all sides win that is if you call getting odom back winning lol you dont need that head case back for sure. Not sure that they will overcome any time soon with the current state of affairs regarding management or players. But we here in Mavs Land have our own issues as well. But what I stated is fact not fiction. Not hate but truth. I only fear that the Lakers will stay Fakers cause of the boneheads running the team.

  • sid

    @sixurrs if brooklyn is serious about their franchise they will go hard after phil jackson, jerry sloan or a gm with a good track record – anyone besides billy king. king screwed up Philly`s franchise when he took over after Croce left and that g wallace trade was yet again another senseless transaction under his direction. all brooklyn needs to do is trade for d howard, sign him to a long extension and everything else will fall into place, i.e. d williams will sign with them.

  • blkpres

    not gonna happen

  • Ldub

    Does Williams want to contend or pick up a pay check? Any team in the west that is a serious contender already has a PG (except for the Lakers). He would have another 3-4 years playing with Kobe…and if Gasol gets shipped (possibly to Bulls for Boozer)…he would reunite with him). A lineup of Williams, Bryant, WMP, Boozer and Bynum would be nice. Sessions or blake of the bench to fill their actual backup pg roles), williams can slide to the 2 spot, barnes at the 3…they just need a backup 4 and 5. Although Hill played great down the stretch. Just adding Williams and Boozer would bring alot to the lakers. I doubt we would see the bulls boozer playing with the pass first pg in williams. Plus that chemisty would be crazy. I (as a bball fan), not a laker fan…would like to see it!