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Doc Rivers Confident Kevin Garnett Will Re-Sign With Celtics

The Boston Celtics may still be in the dark as to what Kevin Garnett’s plans are going forward, but head coach Doc Rivers appears to have little doubt that KG is heading back to Beantown. From the Boston Herald: “Asked during a panel discussion if the 36-year-old will again play for the Celtics, Rivers said, ‘Absolutely … Let’s just say yes. Positive thinking.’ [...] ‘I hope he comes back, and I think he will,’ said the Celtics’ coach. ‘I have no basis for that. I just believe that he will.’ Rivers added that Garnett and his people have been in contact with director of basketball operations Danny Ainge and are discussing the particulars. If Garnett does come back to the Celts, it’s likely he will again play in the middle. ‘Yeah, unless we get a center,’ said Rivers with a laugh. ‘Kevin can play either position,’ he added, referring also to the power forward spot. ‘I don’t think it really matters. For us, it’s whatever we have around him, we’ll put him in the opposite spot.’”

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  • Heals

    Just do it July 1st big man, love ya, but $21mil is too pricey for anybody not named LBJ right now…

  • T-Money

    boobie gibson (of all people) announced kg’s retirement on twitter.

  • R32

    If Celtics retained KG in addition to off-season pickups to offset the workload, then cool. But if KG is going to be that 1st/2nd option again, its going to be a tough 2013 season.

  • BostonBaller

    2012 ws a tough season and we were still in the Final Four..NBA style. lol.