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Hakeem Olajuwon Asks LeBron James Critics to ‘Shut Up’

Hakeem Olajuwon famously became LeBron James’ tutor in the post, and has become an unabashed LBJ fan throughout the process. The Dream had a message for the haters after The King won his first NBA title last night, per Fox Sports: “Now, all the critics can shut up,’ Olajuwon said. Olajuwon calls James his ‘little brother.’ The legendary center worked out with James last summer at his ranch outside Houston, showing him post moves. Olajuwon lives half the year in Amman, Jordan. That’s where he was for Game 5, watching on television when it started at 4 a.m. local time Friday. ‘I’m just so happy for him,’ Olajuwon said. ‘It’s so well deserved. It’s so special. I feel so proud to have contributed to his career.’ James won his third MVP award during the regular season. Now that he has added one championship, Olajuwon believes there will be more. ‘He’s an iconic superstar, and he’s becoming a legend,’ said Olajuwon, who won titles with Houston in 1994 and 1995 and both times was Finals MVP. ‘He will only get better. I think he will win many more championships.’ Olajuwon said he plans to call James ‘as soon as possible’ to congratulate him. He talked to James three times early in the playoffs when Olajuwon was in Texas before he returned to Jordan. ‘I just tried to tell him to rely on some of the things we had gone over,’ Olajuwon said. ‘There were so many times when it looked like they might not get out of a series, but he had that determination and confidence level to overcome that.’”

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  • Bravo

    Done and done
    LBJ is to sick just admit it alrdy

  • Bravo


  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    The Dream has spoken.

  • TTWS3

    I love the fact that LBJ rarely took the bait to go for his jumper but rather went to what The Dream taught him. If there was ever a teacher to learn post moves from it would be him and, if he weren’t coaching the Rockets, Kevin McHale.

  • Wixurrs

    u have to admit Lebron’s post game was a huge surprise this year. He’s setting himself up for his 30s with a game like that.

  • Treshiq

    Listen. I remember when KOBE lost in 2008 ( maybe earlier) nad he went to work out with Hakeem… I knew the critisism of Bron was his lack of a post game. That is no more… He was simply BEASTLY this whole playoff run. LeBron is the best player on the FACE of the planet and
    I would argue that if he gets 2 more he’ll be in the “greatest to ever do it category…I honestly think at this point NO one can be compared to him. His strenght alone is remarkable…when Fish got a flagrant last night…that was just him trying to avoid being in a coma. as much as I hate the HEAT…( the heat , the team) I can’t be mad at Lebron..he made a bone head couple of choices 2 yrs ago…but that’s over. He solidified himself as great last night.

  • Rainman

    I think the main critique of his was him being more magic than jordan, considering he came into the league wanting to be jordan, with the hype, and the #23 on his jersey. Nothing wrong with being more magic tho, magic won rings, and was an all time great. I think ppl wud still want some clutchness from him, in the last 2 minutes of a game, take control and win the game. He still averaged like what? 5? 6? 7? Points just? In 4th quarters in the finals? All im saying, is the critics wont go anywhere imo. They will still wanna see that killer win games to come outta bron.

  • permaculture james

    Hail the Dream. Great to see LBJ in the low post – damn he has the body for it. Suddenly this season he can play anywhere on the court. With his ability to draw a double team down low and his court vision, this spells ‘headache’ for other teams. Love the way he creates contact for spacing. The future is wide open. 13 assts in the G7 Finals is but a glimpse. I was impressed by his maturity/humility in the post game interviews. He earned this one (and so did his teammates).

  • LA Huey

    Dream’s such a cool dude. One of my top 5 of all time.

  • http://www.hoopsworld.com IamYOU

    Dream is right STFU!

  • Iskandar

    Legendary Brotherhood. Now Lebron gets another Assassin in Ray Allen. Look out below. Gives new meaning to “How you like them apples?”