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Keyon Dooling Wants the Miami Heat to ‘Keep Complaining’ to Refs

Taking a page out of teammate Rajon Rondo’s trash talk playbook, Keyon Dooling said he hopes that the Miami Heat keep whining for calls from referees. It’s to the Celtics’ advantage, according to Dooling. Per SRI (via 98.5 the Sports Hub): “On Miami complaining to the officials: ‘I want them to keep complaining. That’s fine with me. I hope they break that habit after this series so we can continue to take advantage of our fast break opportunities. Don’t let the cat out of the bag. Let them keep complaining.’ Whether he always saw this kind of complaining from the players on the Heat: ‘When we see them complaining it means they’re frustrated. That means we’re doing our job, that means we’re aggravating them on defense, we’re agitating, we’re contesting shots and that means we’re making things hard for them so I kind of like to see that but it’s been a frustrating series for them. They thought they were just going to walk in and have their way with us and we saw it a little bit different.’”

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  • sixurrs

    both teams have been crying equally. I can’t even watch this series. I miss the days when players just played like real men.

  • http://www.nba.com/bulls The Babe

    @sixurrs you clearly haven’t been watching the series if you think they’re complaining equally

  • SeanMagicJuan

    They are complaining equally, every team in the league now has employed this Euro style flopping with every instance of body contact and forcing referees to make some call. Players now think that having a good flop disposition is a valuable tool in their arsenal. On a side note, Boston seems TOO confident now and this doesn’t bode well. Heat 89 Boston 83.

  • http://aol.com The Iron Lung

    @the babe. I have been watching the games. And I also think they both are complaining equally.

  • lakernation

    Him and everyone else in the League!

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    Complaining about the Heat complaining is just as bed, just shut up and play. Both teams complain, but Miami is more demonstrative and they also complain at the expense of getting back on defense. Boston is much more subtle most times.

  • Ash

    This is getting annoying. I’m with you guys I hope Miami beats the in Game 6 and 7…Everyone in the league complains last night Ginobali and Tony Parker complained about no calls and Harden and Fisher flop to get offensive fouls called on Spurs. Miami is not the only team. Smh

  • Seth

    Keyon is the last guy who should be talking, but he’s right.

  • nofkksgiven

    LMAO – i mean…him talking about it is counterproductive…luckily Dooling doesn’t play a lot of minutes and I don’t think the C’s are overconfident…they aren’t any more or less confident than they were to start,or when they were down by 2, or when they tied it, the MEDIA is now more confident in the Celtics because they have an opportunity to close it out tonight….if they are the smart vets that we know they are, they should come out and handle business like Popovich said about the Spurs “If we lose tonight, we’re obviously not a championship team.” Tonight will be good because BOTH teams have to show what they’re made of.

  • R32

    In Tagalog, “Duling” (pronounced Dooling), means cross-eyed.

  • capostat

    He never heard the “sleeping dogs” saying.

  • Purveyor of fine things

    Thank you @Capostat!!!!! Why would he OR rondo bring any of their oversights to their attention!! Not sure what kind of psychology that is but it seems counterproductive

  • Bill

    Keyon Whooling?

  • Metrobus

    Why is it that has-been or never-will-leave-the-bench players are the ones talking smack? This fool should not have said anything, since I recall, bum-a$$ Stephenson taunted them with the lead in the series and now hes is somewhere beating his baby-momma again, along with the semi-tough Pacers. Heat in 7

  • bike

    Betting LeBron drops 40 and Heat win by 15.

  • sixurrs

    I remember when even the little guys were too proud to flop (Iverson, Blaylock, Tim Hardaway, insert 170lb guy here____). Now you’ve got 250lb power forwards flopping when a PG is posting them up. Don’t people have pride?

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    I love how MIA is considered to be the only team that complains, flops, showboats, and frontruns.

  • Justin G.

    cosign JTaylor…you know, watching these guys flop all over the place like this has made me be embarrassed for them. I’m talking all teams now. I mean, I’m 6’3, 225 lbs and I know for a fact that if I’m getting posted up I’m not getting knocked straight to my back on a guy’s first move into me. It’s a natural reaction to try and backpedal to gain your balance and watching these guys get bumped and immediately fall to their back with no backstep like a wrestler getting clotheslined is so beyond ridiculous. Start T’ing them up already and that nonsense will stop real quick

  • Lan

    Vlade Divac is laughing!!!!