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LeBron James Hopes to Team Up With Ray Allen in Miami

Rumors have linked free agent Ray Allen to the Miami Heat ever since the NBA season ended, and LeBron James sent out a tweet last night expressing his desire for Allen to take his talents to South Beach: “While watching the Draft my son Bryce asked, ‘Is Ray Allen gonna play for the Heat’? I said, ‘I don’t know, I hope so.’”

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  • http://www.hoopsworld.com IamYOU

    Let wade talk to ray, He’s a good persuader.

  • Heals

    Back off Bryce! If he does go to Mia it’s all about the ring then, cause he have to take less $$$ and come off the bench. Bos, LAC and Chi all have more $$$ and mins to offer…

  • marchalmadness

    @heals i think he’d rather have a ring then more money… he has lots off money already and will get plenty off playing time in miami anyway!

  • http://slam FLIGHT 9


  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Wade and Ray’s minutes combined would make the Heat’s 2 spot the most devastating in the L…..if they both stay healthy. But sharing minutes and not wearing either out would do wonders for both. Like they said last night during the draft, coming off the bench behind Avery Bradley is a slap in the face. Coming off the bench behind D-Wade is a realistic option.

  • Lloyd

    @Eboy it’s only a slap in the face if you’re too proud to do it. Ray is the one who approached Doc and suggested Bradley keep starting since he played so well when Ray was sidelined with injury.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    The real question is will BOS stick with Ray coming off the bench/Bradley in the lineup given that they played so well going with that strategy.
    Having Bradley out there with Rondo/KG gives them a devastating defensive lineup and doesn’t hurt them as much on the offensive end because Bradley became a reliable shooter.
    Bradley’s defense is more valuable than Ray’s shooting (at this point in his career)

  • bike

    Assuming Ray is willing to play a little second fiddle, he would be a perfect replacement for Miller if he decideds to call it quits.

  • Bishop1405

    the rich get richer

  • quest

    He better not expect his Jersey retired in Boston if he signs in Miami

  • ash

    I would love for Ray Allen coming to Miami but I don’t see that happening. He’s older and I would think more money would be the #1 factor. He has a chance of winning a championship with Chicago, Clippers, and Boston

  • Robb

    @Lloyd: Your facts and logic are not welcomed here!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Lloyd, it made sense because Ray was ailing. If he’s healthy, that’s ridiculous.

  • http://eurosport.com Bow down to the Chosen One King James

    he is old,he has enough money,thats why it would make sense to take lesser now,BECAUSE he is againg,durant or westbrook would not do dat right now…would love to see ray ray with the heat…get another ring

  • Ldub

    Ray didnt go to Rivers and say he didnt want to start. Like Eboy said..he was injured and it would have benefited the team for Bradley to start. A classy move from a classy guy. But he, in no way, would make that suggestion if not for his own injuries. And how much time do you think he would get in LAC? A team that is stacked at the guard spot with Paul, Billups, Bledsoe, Young, Foye and Butler who can pay either 2/3. That wouldnt be smart, plus LAC isnt going to win/challenge for the title. They cant beat OKC or SA at this point . IMO Miami is the best fit. Yes he would spell Wade but a lineup of Wade, Allen, James, Battier and Bosh is deadly. I think he should come to Miami. Where else would he go to compete?

  • Ben Ireland

    Actually, I’ve heard Ray went to Doc to say keep Bradley starting because he’s OCD and very superstituos… They were winning at the time. Like he tried to make Pierce miss a 360 dunk in warmups before every game cos they won… Soon as they were losing, Ray got his job back, although Avery’s health was a big factor too of course.

  • Hell

    what the ….????when chris paul was going to LAL that fu….(stern) broke the deal.why???cause in that way lakers was going to be too hig.now Miami got every stars and superstars.now where is stern???and why he is silent,god only knows.but I think we all know why…

  • Mary D

    I’m hoping Allen stays with Boston where he belongs. He’s talented, classy and most important well respected. As for Allen going with the Heat? WTF? In my view, that would make Heat bball very boring to watch. How many big names can you have on one team? I think it’s time for Stern to step down. He showed his worth through this play off season

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    bike, and by second fiddle u mean 4th fiddle right?

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Why’s it not a “slap in the face” for Thabo to start over Harden? Green over Manu? Meeks over Williams? West over Terry? Oh, but when it’s Ray Allen and all that Celtic Pride bs, then it’s ridiculous.

  • Ldub

    @hell…you do realize this wouldnt be a “trade” right? That was a unique circumstance because the NBA owned the Hornets at the time. This is a signing from a FA. Completely different. Regardless of his accomplishments and achievements, he shouldnt be knocked for possibly going to a team where there are other stars (still in their prime). He is older and it increases his chances of winning another ring…which I believe is whats most important at this point of his career.

  • http://twitter kaleb

    I really hope Ray Allen goes to the Miami Heat.

  • http://Slamonline Suita_J83

    It sounds like a lot of haters don’t want this to happen because the next 2 yrs is a for sure lock that the HEAT will win multiple titles if the entire roster stays healthy damn I feel sorry for all you haters get ready to blow your brains out because the hate will be too much for you to stand , south beach sounds a lot better than Boston market what is there in Boston besides Sam Adams oh yea snow

  • http://Slamonline Suita_J83

    Yes please bring Jesus Shuttlesworth to the HEAT because HE’s GOT GAME

  • http://Slamonline Suita_J83

    I wonder how long it’s going to take the fake basketball fans out there to figure that one out

  • Heals

    ^^^Wait what do you mean, you cleverness is too deceptive for my amatuer reading comp skills. Not looking for an argument, but it was well reported that RayRay approached Doc just as it was about to happen. It was inevitable and Ray knew it (plus the whole team was in a “do anything for this year” mode at the time so it was a no brainer on his part) as the team was winning (in impressive fashion at that too) and the bench was non existent offensively. @JT21′s last point, and I’ll add (for that team)…

  • Marcus

    No way Ray re-signs with Boston after they insulted him last year trying to trade him and then benching him for a pretty awful player in Avery Bradley.

    I don’t think he’ll go to Miami though, he loves Boston too much. Clippers and Mavericks will be front-runners for his services

  • jasont.

    Why are haters complaining about the heat having to many stars when yall was talking down about bosh& as for stars every team has multiple guys look at the mavs kidd dirk vince carter shawn marion but it was all win they won huh

  • Lloyd

    ‘It’s an ego thing to start, and my ego is not that big where I feel I have to be in the starting lineup.’ He gets the same amount of minutes and that seems to be what he cares about more. Iunno I’m old-fashioned and would like to see Ray retire a Celtic.

  • http://None Mac1

    Back off flight 9, the heat will repeat! Yes, Allen would be a perfect fir for Miami & get plenty of playing time.

  • http://Slam Doctor

    Ray Allen please take your to South Beach Florida for some quality time while you can still enjoy your game. As a brother and getting OLD ” MIAMI ” will just be PERFECT for you & your GOD given family. I think you OWE that to your family and what they’ve given you all these years while you’ve been playing your games.
    Besides! A little change will do you & your family a whole lot of GOOD. In GODS name brother move on to MIAMI HEAT ! You’re and will be their missing HERO!!!

  • Nathaniel White

    I’m looking at Miami and i don’t see any help in the post even when Bosh
    and James are in the game. Miami need them a shot blocker to protect the rim like Ebka of okc. Ray would certainly take the pressure off Wade and James and open up that middle for some easy baskets or nice assists.

  • Rev

    Miami is the best passing team in the BA…..Ray will have shots in Miami because of Bron. Every other star is a ball hog!!!!

  • LeBron the coward

    I am a Ray Allen fan. Always have been, but if goes to the Heat, I lose all respect for the man. It’s pretty ridiculous how cowardly it is do have all these people on one team. With LeBron, Wade, Noah,and add Allen, they would have absolutely no excuse to not win the title again. If they have all these big name players on their team and don’t win every championship while they have on these players on their team, it will be the biggest failure in the history of the NBA. LeBron will never and should never compare himself to Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan didn’t need a starting line up of all-stars to win 6 titles. Everyone says finally LeBron won a title so he is one of the greatest players ever, but he needed to other all-stars to do it! That’s not talent! How could anyone give LeBron any credit? The NBA is only going to have 5 or 6 really good teams in a few years if all the all-stars keep wanting to play with each other. All these teams are ruining the competiveness of the NBA. I don’t how anyone could root for such a cowardly team. Grow a pair Miami!

  • LeBron the coward

    I mean Bosh, not Noah

  • fernandogarcia

    @LeBron the coward….we are not talking about a Ray Allen in his prime, he is 36 years old. Just because Miami is able to bring in talent doesn’t mean that you have to hate them. Pat Riley is able too bring in talent because he is a genius about the game, and knows how to convince players to want to play for him.

  • people_the_stupid

    @LeBron the coward… Mj didn’t have an all-star starting 5? he had pippen and grant by his side, both all stars. kobe has (had) pau, bynum and that rodman equivalent (mettah world peace). check your nba history, fool! each team (except for NO) has about 2 to 3 outstanding players, thats why the level in the nba is so high. Ray Allen has the same right to change teams as he or his management suggests as the next player, be it jared dudley or lebron james. and… why would you lose your respect for rayray if the heat assemble the “uberteam”? you should question your motivation to give or deny respect to a person! fool…

    and btw… lebron is on the way to the top 10 all time! I admit greatness when I see it!

  • Nick

    @ lebron the coward.
    Lebron couldn’t win a title back in cleveland because his team wasn’t built properly, wait what team. They were outmatched in every position except the small forward. When jordan scored 30 smth per game, he was the scoring champion, not the nba champion. same with kobe. Lebron James has truly changed as a person and a player. Wade wasn’t playing at a consistently high level, bosh was out for nearly 2 series, his role players weren’t contributing until the finals, don’t give him credit? he’s the best player there is, and he played like one. take him out of the equation and miami would’ve never made the finals. Please don’t let your hate blind you into making unreasonable statements. You can hate him as a person, but don’t you dare undermine him as a great player, one of the greatest we’ve seen. oh and btw, lebron doesn’t need to be jordan, lebron is his own unique player.
    How how are you even talking about losing respect for allen when they had THE super team put together in 07? the big 3 were all around 30 years old and were still in their primes, and soon to be hall-of-famers. Now that allen is already 36.. he’s no longer a super star, or even an all-star, just a very effective shooter. Think about it , a decade ago gary payton, karl malone, shaq and kobe were all on the same team, but malone and payton were at the end of their careers.. Allen maybe a big name, but he’s not gonna be able to play as many minutes as he used to, which is why playing off the bench would prolong his career and help a team positively.

  • Boston9

    I’m a fan of Ray Allen and the Celtics I want Ray to stay in the Celtics because with out him The Celtics will have a hard time winning games.So I hope Ray will stay in the Celtics!

  • BostonCeltics

    Big Ray Allen fan, would hate to see him in a Heat uniform with the coward lebron. Lebron james took the coward way out to get his ring. He was famous in Cleveland because he didnt have great supporting players like Wade and Bosh, yet he still took his team far in the playoffs. Yeah he is still playing good and putting up big numbers but thats just because teams have to pay attention to wade and bosh too not just him. Now LBJ wants Allen in Miami….why?? Is he scared because they barely beat a Boston team(with injuries).

  • Nick

    So what if he was famous in Cleveland? so what if he took his team far into the playoffs. He still got swept in 4 games by the spurs cuz no one on the team could share the load offensively! He is not a coward. he is a smart person, because he knows that cleveland will make no effort to build around him, and he understands perfectly that if he is to WIN, it will not be in cleveland. Kobe and Jordan had so many all stars and even hall of famers playing along them, why are they not criticized for being cowards?! if thats cowardly, then they were the FIRST cowards. just cuz those other players were drafted or traded for means that its any better? your standards were biased to begin with and you are not a true fan of basketball, just a hater that doesn’t appreciate greatness.

  • http://www.gmail.com sleepless in seattle

    cowerd what… i am a ray allen fan since he was in seattle. i am glad he got a chance to get and win a ring in boston along with p.p. and k.g.however i do not beleive the celetics have a chance at another ring… ray has plenty of $$ and a ring.. he is one of if not the best pure shooters to ever play the game…HOWEVER there is one thing he dont have…a for sure HALL OF FAME carrer…if he had one more possibley two more rings he would make it for sure…and the best team to give him that chance at his age is the miami heat regaurdless if he plays off the bench or not… as for labron although he made it to the play offs in clevend they could not find enough team chemistry to go to a championship i fault the couching staff for that…phil jackson put together M.J. scotty pippin and yes yet another superstar dennis rodmen dont forget and they had a very deep bench and what they had was very good team chemistrey and phil jackson did the same thing with the KOBE and the lakers…although in my opinion MJ is the best player of all time HOWEVER there where not as many high caliber players when he played as there is now and couching makes a big differnce… so do not discredit labron or kobe for they are right there ……. CERTINLEY NOT COWARD…(IDIOT)…..