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LeBron James Was Hurt By Letter from Cavs Owner When He Left Cleveland

The city of Cleveland lost its collective mind when LeBron James infamously left in the summer of 2010. James admitted to Oprah Winfrey (during an interview that will air this Sunday) that the batsh*t crazy letter that Cavs owner Dan Gilbert fired off shortly after “The Decision” hurt his feelings. Per Fox Sports: “Winfrey interviewed James and fellow Heat stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh shortly after they wrapped up the title for the show ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter.’ Part one will air 8 p.m. EDT Sunday on the Oprah Winfrey Network with part two at 8 p.m. EDT July 8. The network made available Thursday a clip with James’ response when Winfrey asked him about Gilbert’s letter. ‘It was hurtful because I know how much I put into that organization, and every night I’m out on the floor I tried to give it my all and I tried to bring a championship to that city every single night,’ said James, who didn’t win a title with the Cavaliers from 2003-10, losing 4-0 to San Antonio in 2007 in their only Finals appearance. ‘But, at the same time, I understood that everyone has their opinion. Everybody has a right to say what they want to say and there’s nothing I can do about that.’ [...] Gilbert’s letter was written after James said in July 2010 on the ESPN-aired “The Decision” that he would be leaving Cleveland for Miami. NBA commissioner David Stern fined him $100,000 for writing it. In the letter, Gilbert wrote, ‘I personally guarantee that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win an NBA championship before the self-titled former ‘King’ wins one. You can take it to the bank.’ That, obviously, did not happen.”

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  • jk

    Lebron, needs to get over himself and grow up. You finally got your ring. So move on to the next chapter in your career.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    I think he said he was hurt. Key word “was”.

  • bike

    Although LeBron never said it, I can’t help but think Gilbert was a big reason he left.

  • heatmaniac

    keep shittin on ur haters LJ lhhh! you got ur ring now and the dynasty has already began. smart move showing emotion on the biggest female watched television show. your cleaning up ur image, showing your humble, showing you are a champion now winning the lady fan base over saying your feelings were hurt lhhhhh He cant lose right now cause all he doing is winning at every angle. Lets get this ring collection up Miami and keep winning back to back. LJ doing wat he suppose to be doing. people relate better to him saying he was hurt over anger. he still winning LETS GO HEAT!!!!!!

  • thenatural

    True – he may have given his all every single night, BUT leaving a city that prospered because of him and then rubbing it in their face with “the Decision” was a dick move… that’s why he should’ve paid for their meals.

  • http://www.blogspot.com LLC#12

    jx, the article says he was asked a question about the letter, I’m sure he’s completely over it, but he was just answering a question man

  • Dagger

    JK: you realized he was asked the question, right? He didn’t bring it up. Smfh

  • Fat Lever

    How is it that Lebron still comes off as more professional than the owner of an NBA franchise? Gilbert is a clown, and obviously still bitter since he couldn’t even man up and congratulate the Heat and Lebron personally in his tweet. Gilbert should be mad at himself for picking a leadership team that thought surrounding Lebron with a #2 like Mo Williams was enough to get them a title. The only #2 Mo Williams is good for is when he drops one in the playoffs with the lights on.

  • Wixurrs

    Lebron didn’t leave any city. HE DIDN’T HAVE A CITY. He was a basketball player without a team or contract. That’s what an unrestricted free-agent is. They’re no different than a D-Leaguer trying to get signed.

  • http://nba.com/celtics lights out

    does anyone watch the show Friday Night Lights? Dan Gilbert=Joe McCoy. rich entitled asshole.

  • Fat Lever

    And everyone that’s mad about “Lebron didn’t even have the decency to let the Cavs know first”, I have two points. Point #1, if you are mad at Lebron for that, then I hope you are mad at the Clippers franchise for letting Eric Gordon know he was traded while he was on a bus at a charity event. Point #2, based on how Gilbert reacted, do you really think he would have acted rationally and mature? He would have probably taken to his twitter account and wrote in Comic Sans, “Lebron totally just told me he’s going to Miami…LOLZ”

  • MychelS

    JK- so when lebron is asked a question he cant just answer it honestly? Its only natural to feel hurt in that situation, give the guy a break

  • Ldub

    Wixxurs….Lebron from from Ohio, played HS in Ohio…and then got drafted by Ohio! So yes it was HIS city/his team. He was idolized there. The decision was/is probably his biggest mistake. Not so much leaving, but how he left. Cosign Dagger and MychelS. Its apparent that “jk” didnt read the article and responded based on the title.

  • fresh

    “Lebron, needs to get over himself and grow up. You finally got your ring. So move on to the next chapter in your career.”
    jk you idiot do you not know what an interview is. You think he randomly brought up the letter? obviously Oprah asked him about the letter. And Lebron said how he felt. I’m sure now he doesn’t even give a f*ck about that letter. How is this not growing up. He did move on to the next chapter in his career: CHAMPION STATUS.

  • IGGI

    No one should play for this guy, He’s a losser.

  • IGGI

    @thenatural–It’s obvious that you are a Cav fan. Gilbert and all the Cav fan should say thanks LeBron for that you did for us.

  • 23

    I think the decision was overblown anyways. He didn’t.say anything negative about the Cavs. He talked about how hard the choice was. And the celebration for heat season ticket holders was an attempt to get the city behind the New team. And when he was talking about rings, Idk if anyone noticed the smile and chuckles. Smh, people need to get their heads out their behinds. LeBron is a great player and an awesome person.

  • Joey

    In the end, people are bitter that Lebron, Dwade and Bosh changed their own destiny. After generations of athletes being traded and signed like business assets, I love what the big 3 did. Collusion? Sure… more players should time their contracts together!

  • Jordan

    Larry bird had 4 hall of famers with him to start, magic Johnson had abdul-jabaar and worthy, mj had pippin and at times rodman Paxon, livingston, longly, Kerr, Harper. Kobe had shaq and a veteran point guard. Who did an 18 year old kid out of highschool have? Boozer? Then an inconsistent mo, a broken foot Z and an old tired shaq? So he finally wants to play with good players and gets scrutinized… To all this who hate, you have no life or understanding of sport and being competitive. Lebron is a true champion.

  • Roi

    He gave it his all this year

  • MikeC.

    @Joey – collusion amongst the players is fairly common, with players working behind the scenes to try to get other good players to sign or be traded to their team. What sticks with me is that I don’t think they could have pulled it off without Riley knowing what was going on. If he had even a whiff that this was happening, and he encouraged it in any way (Wade recruiting James and Bosh while still under contract), it’s tampering. Riley knows a thing or two about tampering while under contract, so it wouldn’t surprise me. Regardless, Gilbert acted like a 13 year old girl. Comic Sans font makes me giggle every time I see it now.

  • Sizzle

    Didn’t matter if LeBron had a one hour special announcing his decision or if he tweeted he was going to Miami, fact is the whole city would have reacted the same way. The only thing that may have changed is those people’s opinions outside of Ohio. But you can bet there would still be a lot of hate for this guy. I am glad he did it though the way he did it, because without it, we may have not got the petulant child letter from an owner who looks like an @ss now with a bottom-feeding team…

  • Andy

    Gilbert did not and does not owe James anything.

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    Dan Gilbert and Mark Cuban can both go fu*k themselves. I hope Lebron never goes back to the Cavs. #kinghasaring.

  • Jeff

    I agree with Jordan up above. Let me add on, how about bringing Moses to the 76ers with Doctor J?

    Well, let’s see who had the most to lose … if Lebron left Cleveland. It is …. Dan Gilbert as the franchise value fell off the cliff and Dan lost a lot of money and market value.

    Seems like it is in our DNA to love and hate, for people who are having a miserable life to want to hate, punish, torture and witness another person having it worst than them. This way, they can brainwash themselves that their life is not that miserable.

    Deny, minimize, blame others, etc. All self defense mechanisms without correcting oneself.

    Lebron was in Sports Illustrated as a teenager, came into the league as a teenager, not yet fully matured, grew up in the the spotlight, had tremendous pressure put upon him, etc.

    Give the guy a break, he seems to be a good citizen, American, mate, father, and a great basketball player.

    To all these people who hate Lebron, they should take a look in the mirror themselves.

    Dan Gilbert probably spent Big money to hire public relations firms on how to smear Lebron’s name and make the public hate him.

  • 23

    not to mention the spurs. duncan had robinson, then parker, ginobili. a lock down perimeter defender in bowen. not to mention the great coach pop. jordan, kobe, shaq had P jax. magic had riley. great coaches can enhance a players legacy

  • Cliff

    Lebron and Gilbert are both jerks. As a cavs fan I could care less that James left. Honestly what gets me upset is the bandwagon heat fans always insist that Cleveland is still bitter. They are not bitter. Everyone knows lebron couldn’t win it alone he needed two allstars with him. No big deal the dudes a good basketball player but far from elite. His size makes up for a lot of short falls.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    @Cliff not elite? In the words of JTaylor oh lawd.

  • http://www.slamonline.com megatron

    Cliff you seem pretty bitter to me…

  • http://www.slamonline.com megatron

    lol T-Ray thats one of those statements where as soon as you read it you know that person can never be taken seriously again

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    Lol right? I had to put my glasses on to make sure I was reading that right smh

  • RunNGun

    After all this time, LBJ still doesn’t understand. SMH No one dislikes him for leaving Cleveland (well, maybe except for the Cavs fans, Skip Bayless, and Dan Gilbert); he had every right to leave Cleveland as a free agent. People disliked the way he did it.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Redd

    Lebron will always be a douche. He’s made too many jerk moves. And forget the stats, wins, etc Lebron can never capture the moment like those before him. I mean he cramped up during the Finals game! I know that was out of his control, he was just unlucky.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nick Tha Quick

    “His size makes up for a lot of short falls” That’s not what she said.

  • Ldub

    Amazing that people hate this dude so much. Incredible how many are so quick to judge the decisions of a dude in his early 20′s. There was a lot of hype that came along with Bron. And aside from the 9 years it took to get a ring…he has lived up to it. People want to see him fail. And for someone to claim he has made a lot of mistakes, without actually living his (or an NBA players lifestyle) is just crazy. Everyone is definitely entitled to their opinion…but give some valid reasons for not liking this dude. If you really have to search to find some…you need a life of your own. and CLIFF….name one player in the NBA since say….the 80′s that has one a championship without another great/star player next to them. So what if he didnt win in Cleveland. He played his heart out for that city. And they never surrounded him with talented enough players to win the whole thing. Is that his fault? No!

  • Ldub

    RunNGun….alot of people dislike lebron for leaving….outside of Ohio. Even if he would have just signed with the Heat without “the decision”. People would still hate and say he couldnt do it alone. Compare him to Jordan etc (not realizing he had assistance/other stars too). Its compounded by the fact that he has another future hall of famer in wade and top 10 (maybe 15) pf in bosh. I personally dont think there is anything wrong with pairing up with other cats that are on a similar level as yourself.

  • RunNGun

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that the franchise failed to surround him with talented players; otherwise, how do you explain them at least making one finals appearance without a “big three” cast? Also, they even took his his input into acquiring players (like the Jamison acquisition). Of course, having player input is double-edged sword; after all, what is the use of a front office if players are dictating what the front office and can/can’t do. We don’t know what goes on in the front office and the many business decisions; players don’t get swapped like it’s NBA2K12. They surrounded him with many complimentary players while working under the cap but it just wasn’t enough. If you are a small market owner, do you operate under the cap or over and pay the luxury tax?

  • Ldub

    They made it because Lebron was awesome and there wasnt really any talent in the East the time. This was before Rose, the big 3 in Bos…Wade was hurt etc. But going against a juggernaut like the Spurs was due to a lack of help. When youre the only one capable of doing ANYTHING on the court…then a defense will key in on you. Unfortunately for James…POP and the Spurs were intelligent enough to shut him down. Thats why he didnt score more the 25 points a game in the finals. And if you cant see that his teammates were all basically backup players, youre crazy. Shannon Brown, D. Gibson, Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, Z, Damon Jones, D. Marshall, Ira Newble, Sasha Pavlovic, Scot Pollard, Varejao and Eric Snow. Not one of those dudes was good enough to start for another team at that time frame, except maybe Larry Hughes. And Larry scored 1000 pts that season. Problem is…lebron had twice as many. Problem is, you have a past their prime/before their prime mixture of players and a 22 year old James! So yes…the franchise failed to surround him with good enough players.

  • shlamelio textevez

    When Lebron was with the Cavs, the team and owner Dan Gilbert did EVERYTHING possible to keep him happy. He was a great star and the people of Cleveland loved him and supported him 100%. Because the team finished fairly high with LBJ, they never were able to put together a team that won a championship, although they had the best record in the NBA two years in a row! The team owner spent plenty of money, built beautiful facilities, treated LeBron’s posse like they were part of the team and, in general, gave James anything he wanted.
    Then, in James’ last game in the playoffs against Boston, he seemed to tank it. Nobody could believe that he choked, since he had never done that before (akthough now in hindsight, maybe thats what happened).The town was at a loss as to what happened, because it sure looked like he quit on the team. Crazy rumours floated around that LeBron had found out that his mother was having an affair with one of his teammates. Nobody could believe waht they had seen as LeBron had been so magnificant up to that point in his career.
    He left the team shortly after that and he never had the decency to tell the Cavs that he was leaving. He would not even answer their phone calls. Had he done so, at least the team could have traded him for something valuable. He should have had the loyalty to do at least that, since he obviously knew that he was going to the Heat.
    Then he goes on ESPN and announces that he is “taking his talents to South Beach”, talking about himself in the third person like a jerk.. Cleveland felt like a guy who has always treated his girlfriend like a princess, only to have her break up with him on national tv without having the decency to tell him to his face. Before “THe Decision”, people were sure that he was coming back to the Cavs, since it seemed unbelievable that he would not tell the team anything and then go on tv and tell the world that he was leaving.
    Then he answers his critics with the ” well after the playoffs the fans who don’t like me have to go back to their crappy lives while I go back to my mansion and live like a king” speech. That’s why the people of Cleveland now root against him. We loved him, gave him our hearts and he stomped on them. Since he was a local kid and C-Town has not won a championship of any kind since the early 1960s, it hurts even more. Too bad LBJ did not win a championship for Cleveland, because it would have been far sweeter for our fans than for those frontrunners in Miami.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Yawn….can we move on already?
    I’m tired of hearing what LeBron thinks of Cleveland, what Dan Gilbert thinks of LeBron and what Cleveland thinks of LeBron.
    The Cavs have enough problems to worry about after having botched another top-4 pick.

  • MikeC.

    @Ldub – part of the reason why the Cavs signed/traded for those players was the fact that Lebron signed that shorter contract and wanted input on those signing/trades. It paralyzed the entire organization and they made panic “this better work right now or we’re screwed” moves that were short-term fixes at best. They were painted into a corner by that short contract. They couldn’t say “we have a 5 year plan to develop the team through the draft and carefully spending on the right free agents.” There just wasn’t time. They had to win it all before Lebron became a FA. Total no-win.

  • MikeC.

    @Ldub 7:12 comment: Hakeem, ’94.

  • Benny Ng

    Lebron is just making his move to Miami a TOO BIG DEAL until today! Its all his fault! blame it on yourself

  • http://www.slamonline.com Redd

    How you all seem to overlook that the gap in the 4 game sweep by the Spurs wasn’t that wide. Now compare the 07 with the 12 finals and see that Thunder played better in many regards. http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/playoffs2007/series?series=clesas & http://espn.go.com/nba/playoffs/2012/matchup/_/teams/thunder-heat now quit it Lebron didn’t show up and he won’t ever be great.

  • http://www.hoopsworld.com IamYOU

    BOW DOWN!!!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Chubachuchi

    I’m sorry but the Cav fans’ reaction to the decision was one of the most pathetic things ever.I hope you Clevelanders realize how funny you look since then, on top of your reputation as a poor sports town.

  • Phil the thrill

    Here’s the PR campaign, your still a Dick! Share your feelings on a nobody womens channel you little girl!

  • trueballer4life


  • zach

    first off as a cavs fan i hate heat “fans” way more then lebron second you say we should thank lebron. thank him for what? i mean if we never drafted lebron we could of gotten guys like d wade kevin durant, d rose, 3rd he was hurt by a letter? i was hurt when we lost 26 games in a row, i was hurt when i had to hear the retarded heat “fans”, i was hurt hearing im taking my talents to south beach.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nathan

    People forget too, the decision made good money, which was donated to a Boys&Club Club. LBJ didnt kept a dime and did you knew? Every 26 seconds, a high school teenager drops out??? look it up it’s sad…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nathan

    *Boys & Girls Club. My bad..

  • http://slamonline.co.nz Ugh

    “..every night I’m out on the floor I tried to give it my all.” Look, LeBron, either talk in the present tense or the past, not both in the one phrase.

  • greg

    i wonder what durant woulda done in the same position. i mean he signed his extention with okc when they already had their core well intact. by lebrons 4th year he could see they were gonna just keep getting scrubs for him to inflate till playoffs. flip the situation would durant be hated for leaving cleveland?

  • John P

    The bum still doesn’t get it, of course you gave it your all, it’s your job and u get paid to give it your all. Dan Gilberys checks never bounced so why wouldnt you give it all you had ? Dan Gilbert had every right to say what he said because LeBum stiffed the City and it was refreshing to see a Cleveland owner with some damn passion for a change !

  • John P

    The bum still doesn’t get it, of course you gave it your all, it’s your job and u get paid to give it your all. Dan Gilberys checks never bounced so why wouldnt you give it all you had ? Dan Gilbert had every right to say what he said because LeBum stiffed the City and it was refreshing to see a Cleveland owner with some damn passion for a change !

  • lol

    I never understood how LeBron left Cleveland when there was nothing to leave in the first place.

  • gusisit

    memphis dont need BB, that have arthur and speights

  • gusisit

    ^ woops, wrong thread

  • http://blackamericaweb.com charliewinning

    If you actually make the argument that Lebron had enough support on his team to succeed in Cleveland, your basketball opinion cannot be respected. As a Miami hater I can at least acknowledge his greatness as a player. I won’t even go so far as to call him a jerk because the fact still remains that he is a decent guy off the court. He stays out of legal trouble and does community work, which is way more than his haters do. I guess you’ll think he’s a good guy when he gets accused of r#pe, or drunk driving, or having a gambling problem. Get a life, people.

  • Rev

    The fact that Lebron had the star power to pitch a one hour show and every network in the TV world put a bid on it just shows how much of a star he is. Cleveland’s problem is….nobody wants to come to Cleveland! Bron tried to recruit other stars but they all said NO! I’m sure if Wade and Bosh came to Cleveland this whole thing would have been the total opposite. No one owns another human being and Lebron played out his contract till the end. Owners don’t give a heads up to players when they are going to be released. Players don’t owe owners anything after contracts have expired. Gilbert was mad because Lebron leaving was a bad business deal that he had no control over. Lebron doesn’t have a criminal record, he’s a good father, he’s a model citizen. It seems that the public gravitates toward “hopeless” characters but hate “clean cut ” people. Does Lebron say dumb stuff…..sure! Does he act like a jerk sometimes……sure! But so did Michael Jordan but everyone loves him. Why? He’s a champion! Last time I checked so was Lebron.


    Even though LEbron expressed himself on oprah he didn’t or hasn’t owed the world a damn thing i am a heat and cavs fan but the whole reason for him leaving was the fault of dan gilbert first gilbert was the reason why both lebron and probably the greatest gm the cars will ever have in danny ferry left too. During that summer of the free agency lebron james did an interview with larry king and in the interview larry king noted that the cars are the only team that can pay you the most money in close to somewhere like 200 million dollars in contract money which for an nba star is outrageous!!! Lebron said I’m fortunate to say if something happened and i couldn’t play basketball anymore i am set for life. so money isn’t a factor and dan gilbert didn’t care he said lets just pay him lebron cares about winning not money and he didn’t get anyone here to cleveland to play with lebron not even an attempt to talk to anyone so thats a slap in the face to lebron and he was like I’m going to take my talents where I’m going to be appreciated which was miami

  • http://www.slamonline.com Redd

    Check the box score again, his teammates did alright he just sucked & didn’t show up. And he is a jerk, didn’t know that society’s standards are so low that not getting arrested means that you’re not a jerk.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7C0vd-L5lg Munky

    Redd, you know him personally? You’ve spent time in his presence? Do you do more community work than him? You know how he treats his family and friends? You are judging a person’s character that you’ve never even met before. Watching tv and surfing the net doesn’t mean you know him. Unless you have some first hand knowledge of how he’s a jerk, I think it’s safe to say that people like you in society are the bigger problem. The web makes people like you think they know more about a guy personally than you do…I don’t care about a box score. Real basketball fans watched the series. You can’t be taken seriously when you allow an irrational dislike of a player to sway your opinion on the game. The Cavs were a bum squad that had no business in the Finals that year, much less having a chance to beat the Spurs. You have to be pretty stupid to attempt to argue that they had a shot. Whomever you favorite player is right now, I guarantee he’s not talented enough to pull of a similar feat as Lebron did with those bums that year.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Redd

    Quit it, hold every person to the highest standard, don’t ignore the actions of celebrity. And the community work is required of athletes. I’m not a celebrity but I’ve done extensive work with urban projects & save darfur. All you’ve done is act holy.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Redd

    Crap my comments wont post

  • Dan

    ‘It was hurtful because I know how much I put into that organization, and every night I’m out on the floor I tried to give it my all and I tried to bring a championship to that city every single night,’

    Except when you quit, eh, Lebron? How is that mysterious elbow injury that caused you to have to shoot left handed? How about saying how spoiled Cleveland fans were when you failed them in the playoffs again? You were hurt by his letter? In my opinion… not enough!

    Own up to the fact that it was a classless act against Cleveland in leaving the way you did, admit that you stopped playing for Cleveland long before ‘the decision’ and maybe Cleveland fans will stop hating you more than even Art Modell. I doubt it though. You are the most self absorbed person in the public eye. You were hurt? You were hurt?!? You need to level that eyesore on Idlebrook Drive in Bath, OH and take your unwelcome self to southbeach permanently.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7C0vd-L5lg Munky

    Offseason community work is not required of players past rookie year. They are on vacation, and are pretty much treated as such by the league. Players are not required to create foundations and sponsor non-league sanctioned events. I highly doubt you’d spend as much time on charitable work as Lebron, even if you had his resources. You still have yet to name what this ‘celebrity’ has done that gives a stranger like yourself any more insight about his character than the rest of us. His celebrity affects you more than it affects me, obviously. It makes you feel that a law abiding citizen needs to live up to how you think his personality should be. You think that he should be held to a higher standard than every other human being. He hasn’t hurt anyone that anyone knows of, yet that isn’t enough for people like you. Jordan and other stars were much more self-absorbed. Just admit you are a hater. There is no merit to your opinion.

  • Hahahah

    Lebron is not a true champion. A true champion does not go to a team that already has a superstar player, a true champion builds around him.

  • Jay

    LeBron haters are mad because he isn’t on their favorite team. Lets see how he stacks up to other stars:

    Kobe Bryant gets accused of r@pe, publicly tries to get Bynum traded, publicly tells Laker ownership he wants to be traded, can’t get along with a Hall of Famer while winning rings, and calls a dude a f@g (which was funny).

    Dwight Howard gets his coach and GM fired and demands a trade all year.

    Carmelo Anthony forces a trade to New York.

    Chris Paul forces a trade out of New Orleans.

    LeBron fulfilled his contract with the Cavs and exercised his rights as a free agent. Other than a few speeding tickets, he has a clean record. Was the decision the best thing? Nope, it wasn’t, but he was a 25 year old that made a bone head decision. Let it go people, he’s in Miami and you can boo him just like everyone booed Jordan when he was killing the league to the tune of six championships.

  • hikingagain

    too bad, boo hoo

    It doesn’t compare to his ESPN

    audios to Cleveland debacle.

  • http://timewarner hikingagain

    No, it wasn’t Gilbert. This was all prearranged

    Poor baby….I guess the ESPN audios debacle
    does not count, huh LBJ???

  • Deez Nuts

    Then why did he shoot only 14 times in a critical loss vs Boston in game 5 of the 2010 playoffs? Oh yeah, that elbow injury that went away pretty damn quick and was forgotten about.

    Once they went up 2-1 in that series he quit, either thinking about the Delonte rumors or was thinking its gonna be harder to go to South Beach if we win the whole thing.

  • Jay

    Kobe quit on the Lakers when they played the Suns and demanded a trade, and yet LeBron gets more crap than him? LOL humans are such interesting creatures….

  • Dan

    He held the franchise hostage by not committing to them when they’re trying to bring free agents in. No one will sign when your star won’t say whether or not he’ll sign an extension. The “decision” should have been made a year earlier. If we knew he was going to leave, they could have traded him and got something in return. The way things played out was the worst scenario for the Cavs and their fans. And he didn’t give it his all against Boston.

  • Foggy

    To those of you who criticize Cavs fans for being bitter about Lebron,
    you simply don’t understand the heartache over losing one of your own!
    However, I don’t believe all the Cavs fans understood all the facts at
    the time. I blamed Lebron for the DECESION, but he admitted that was
    probably a mistake and I’m over it. It’s like an old girlfriend, you
    can’t be bitter the rest of your life. It’s time to move on. The facts:
    The Cavs needed a better Playoff coach, and some better players around
    Lebron, even though we loved them all. Also having players that would
    stay away from his mother probably wouldn’t have hurt either! I wasn’t
    sure who i was going to root for but OKC didn’t come to play and wanted
    to blame everyone but themselves. Lebron came to play. Even the Cavs
    fans who are still bitter have to admit that Lebrons performance at
    Boston was nothing short of amazing. To summarize: 1. I still believe
    Lebron still considers himself a Buckeye at heart. 2. Lebron promised
    Cleveland a championship ring. 3. I still believe he will keep his
    promise. Call me a dreamer. Whatever. To the people who make
    Cleveland jokes (go F*** yourselves)! To the Cleveland fans who are
    still bitter, wake up and please forgive me.

  • A real Cavs fan

    Lebron is a great player . I’m from Cleveland and until like 3 or 4 years into his career , the cleveland fans weren’t really supporting the Cavs . They were more interested in a terrible Browns team. So to call Heat fans bandwagon fans when they didn’t support the Cavs until they started winning is Hypocritical. Dan Gilbert only brought the Cavs because Lebron was on the team of course he’s going to be upset but because now his team loses its value but hey he bounced back by building a Casino here . The Cavaliers are not a good organization they have a history of losing talented players. Most of the Cleveland fans and National Sports Commentors were talking about Lebron leaving the city since he was drafted . So I don’t understand why people are surprised or upset when they knew it was coming . They did not put the proper talent around him to win . Cleveland is not his hometown. He is from Akron which are two different places entirely if your from those areas you know that. People try to make it seem like he betrayed the City but what about all the other players on those Cavs teams that didn’t play well. Z also went to Miami and no one got up in arms about it when he had never really did anything to earn his paycheck. “The Decision” has people upset really . When players like Dwight Howard , Kobe Bryant , and Carmelo Anthony throw there teams under the bus and disrupt the team during the season. Lebron James never complained about anything played injuried and still gave his best . Outta all the sports athletes to hate this is the guy the public choses . OH well he only shot 14 times in Game 5 , but he still has a protective sleeve on his elbow now 2 years later. Cleveland Fans need to relax . I’m almost embarrassed to say I’m from Cleveland because of this . If the decision was bad what about the Cleveland fans reaction to it,I mean that was 10x as shameful. The killing part is without the decision they would have done the same thing. There is no excuse for Cleveland fans behavior and do they support the Cavs now No of course not are they supporting the Indians no but they’ll support the terrible browns no matter what Cleveland Fans are bandwagon fans they only support the Teams when there winning unless its the Browns . Oh and if Lebron isn’t an Elite Player why get upset if he left?

  • Lord of NO RINGS!! LBJ

    Lebron James is such a faker. The NBA is trying to make lebron look like a good guy and create a good image for him. The finals were fixed and they wanted lebron to get a ring. Chris bosh is a woman. Hes so dumb he cant remember what day it was he won the finals. Lebron is a lier. The Celtics Cavs game lebron quit. Dont give me that crap that you tried to win a championship every night, as all clevelanders can attest to that. And that garbage that my elbow hurt, shooting lefty freethrows, is made up. If he won a ring in cleveland he would never be able to leave and go play with his buddies d-wade and bosh thats why he lost on purpose. He gets away with so much crap like fouls and 4- step travels and hacks and all that. The nba needs to clean that up.

  • Absolutely

    Some of you are insane with hatred. Particularly (Dan). You think LeBron should have told Wacko Gilbert and the rest of the Crazies that he planned on leaving? Why would you do such a foolish thing? 1. To get traded to an evan worse team than the Cavs. 2. To be accused of much more foolery or 3. Just because… What you fail to realize is that this is a business. Gilbert was running a business and LeBron was trying to win a champion. As long as LeBron was playing for the Calvs, Gilbert was satisfied. Gilbert wasn’t interested in trying to win a Championship. He just wanted a team with a STAR on it.

  • captainhk216

    I hope this clarify how Cleveland felt about the ” decision” Nobody cares he left, its how he did it. No, he didn’t have let Cleveland know he was leaving. Its he’s timing. He had waited till all the other top free-agents signed else where 2 do it. Hell, Im from cleveland & i would have choose Miami over Cleveland too. Especially if Im a 100 + millionaire. But by him doing it like he did set us back for years, when we could have used his money on someone else. If it was your home town team or just a team you like, you will feel the same way. So, that’s why Cleveland blow up like we did. Oh and lets not get how he folded in game 6. Or the fact when the cavs tried 2 get the sidekick he needed here, when that star called him personally to see if he should come. Lbs never gave a answer that he would be there. For years he did this, so who would sign not knowing he would stay. The cavs made his life very comfortable. Even built the practice facilities closer to his home town & the loved him since he was a child. We just feel he could of handle the whole thing better. Then the whole city would still love him.

  • Cory Hughey

    “Owner A” dropped out of college and inherited everything he has his father who founded Carnival Cruise Lines.

    “Owner B” is a self-made billionaire who went to a state school and founded Rock Financial in Grad school. He also owns a casino, Fat Head, Quicken Loans and multiple other businesses.

    Owner A is Mickey Arison. Owner B is Dan Gilbert.

  • Frank

    LeBron does The Decision for charity, and then the charity gets less than half the money he raises? So he can pocket $3,000,000 for himself and his friends?

  • http://www.facebook.com/randlemanb Bradley Randleman

    I am also a Clevelander but take on the situation differs from yours. First of all, Lebron James is arguably the greatest athlete to wear a Cleveland uniform of any sport. I for one could not believe that we had such a special player. He was worshiped here…he was going all out his rookie contract. When he wouldnt sign for the max amount his second contract, the writing was on the wall! Then he got openly disrespectful to the city showing up at games rooting for the other team…with the other teams colors on. NO ONE has done that before him or since! And the suggestion that they wouldnt put players around him is BS…especially since a lot of the players were hand picked by Lebron himself! And to your comment about Akron and Cleveland…I work in a Cleveland hospital with a department full of Akronites! Even they say Lebron is a b**** for what he did… Akron is a stones throw away! The truth of the matter is, Lebron is a bandwagon rider himself! He said he never rooted for Cleveland teams…he rooted for Cowboys and the Yankees…bandwagon all day!! He couldnt get any real players to come to Cleveland because players didnt respect Cleveland and therefore didnt respect HIM! So he resolved to leave Cleveland! I dont what anybody says…you cant blame Dan Gilbert for being mad! He had to watch his employee, the greatest player in the game just give up…a couple of times!! A doctor whose locker was next to mines in the E.R. told me, that Lebron told Dan Gilbert that he was staying in Cleveland…this doctor went to all of the games…had seats behind the bench…knew a lot of the coaches personally! Then the decision happened and the rest is history!!

  • Liam

    What about wade, kg, Duncan, Durant, dirk and Nash? Why’d you leave them out?

  • Liam

    No one booed MJ either

  • Liam

    Durant wouldn’t want to play with wade though

    Or lebron

    Or Kobe

    That’s his competition

  • Bandwagonfan

    Man team really sucks. Shaq? Hes old. Lebron all alone. Let see how longkyrie will last in the crappy cavaliers

  • Bandwagonfan

    Actually kobe being like that is cool.lol . But i also think that lebron haters just mad cus hes so good .

  • Bandwagonfan

    yea he did his best. Now hes a free agent and he should either retire or stay in cavs?

  • Bandwagonfan

    Your good man. Too bad not everyone in cleveland use logiclike u

  • poot

    no one is mad at lebron because he is (good/the best right now/one of the best of all time)
    no one is mad at lebron because he is not playing for their team

    people “hate” lebron because with his actions, he said “i cannot do this the way every other great player before me has. i need to do something that has never been done before, and team up with two young superstars. with that kind of help, with those teammates to take pressure off of me, i can win.”

    look at all previous big 3′s. you will find that most of them happened via draft (the 3rd of the big 3 started as an unproven rookie for that team.) a few happened via trade of OLD players chasing rings in their final years, where their new team gave up a boatload of assets to acquire them. never before had 3 young free agents colluded to join the same team.

    and among all those big 3′s, none had the resume that these guys have. Lebron is the best of the big 3, but in any other grouping, Wade would have been their respective best, considering being a champion, finals MVP, multiple AllStar, multiple AllNBAs, multiple AllDefense. and only 29. Bosh was no slouch himself, a 20/10 7-footer with multiple AllStar, multiple AllNBAs. and he was only 26.
    The only other grouping comparable to that is ’08 Boston, which featured Allen/KG in their 30s and disposal of Al Jefferson, Jeff Green, D.West, G.Green, Szcerbiak, Gomes, Ratliff, Telfair, ’09 #6 pick and 2 more draft picks to acquire them. plus they added them to 30+ Pierce and unproven rookies Rondo/Perkins (who at the time were considered sub-starter level talent.)

    what’s upsetting about this? no one would have cared if Bosh & Wade teamed up on the Heat, or if Lebron & Wade teamed up on the Heat, or if Lebron & Bosh teamed up elsewhere.
    The fact that all 3 joined together on the same team, knowing it was unfair compared to how other teams are built, knowing they will be heavily favored to win not only due to talent but due to starpower building a marketable product and fanbase, knowing everyone will think less of them, and they did it anyway. Lebron is banking on his resume speaking for itself when his career is done, and that writers won’t forever question: “but could he have done anything within the standard NBA guidelines?” Heat homers will say that is a “hater” question. NBA purists cannot ignore the outlier.

    But overall, despite that, the reason everyone hates Lebron most?

    not just that the 3 teamed up, but that they teamed up in MIAMI, the most disgusting offensive trash city of all the NBA, lead by venomous snake Riley. sickening. Put that gross armpit of a ghetto into the spotlight when they were on the verge of being contracted out of the NBA. thanks for setting the NBA and the USA as a whole behind Lebron