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Lil Wayne Denied Free Courtside Seats by OKC Thunder

Big-time celebrities are accustomed to getting whatever they want, and often expect not to pay for such things. Lil Wayne, however, asked for a little too much last night, as he was denied free entry into Game 3 of the San Antonio Spurs/OKC Thunder WCF series. Per the AP: “Thunder spokesman Dan Mahoney says Lil Wayne’s representatives did contact the team requesting tickets but insisted that he sit on the front row, and none of those seats was available. Oklahoma City sold out every home game during the regular season and playoffs this season. Mahoney says: ‘We’d love to have him at a game, but like anyone else, he needs a ticket.’”

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  • thebugg

    He’s a dead set wanker expecting them to just hand over free tickets like that when he hasn’t written a decent song since 2008. Why is he still relevant?

  • Jarvis

    Respect to Thunder management

  • OkC


  • JMM

    Just when you think this muppet can’t be a bigger douche…

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance David Stern

    Don’t really think this is a big deal. The Thunder are popular at home so the seats weren’t available. I’m sure when he calls for seats to the next Miami game, he’ll get as many as he wants. I’m 100% he’s not the only celeb that requests free tickets to a sporting event when they’re in a certain town.

  • Flight

    Am I the only one who read this wrong? I thought the article meant little wayne was offered courtside tickets and than denied them, LoL. Need that coffee.

  • EJ


  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Story I read said he wanted to buy tickets and they told him there were none left. He waited until the last minute to buy them.


    Lil Wayne: “Don’t you know who I am? Im Weezy, baaaby!”

    Thunder: “Go and get your money little duffel bag boy.”

    Lil Wayne: “What?”

    Thunder: “I said go and get your money little duffel bag boy.”

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    Lol @Hammer

  • http://slamonline.com YKnoT

    No moolah baby!!

  • 20folife

    Haha at @hammer

  • Top$helf

    @thebugg when where you ever relevant at all??

  • http://www.espn.com PaulH

    This made me smile. F*ck him and the horse he rode In on. He tweeted that the Thunder would not let him In the building. Egomaniac.

  • http://nba.com GP23

    .. and then he tweeted “Go Spurs” after the altercation.

  • LA Huey

    He’d be the only fan with tattoos in the crowd…and has enough that it averages out to 1 tattoo per fan.

  • ChipS

    Pusha T got in tho……

  • T-Money

    celebrities do this all the time. they wait until the last minute to get tix. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. most of the time, they don’t tweet about it. wayne made it sound as if they didn’t want him in the building at all. what they didn’t want to do is give him preferential treatment.

  • O

    My homie told me that it’s cause Wayne smashed James Harden’s wifey, Trina (yes, the female rapper). I ain’t never seen Harden with Trina tho so who knows if that’s true…

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    Hammer for the win… Also, Wayne asked for free tickets because he’s spending all his money on a time machine; to get his relevance as a rapper back.

  • Suede

    Yea. I’m sure the Thunder’s management didn’t sell already sold courtside seats to a late-requesting rapper because one of their players is smashing a little known female rapper. TMZ azz ninja.

  • http://slamonline rickster

    lil wanye best rapper hands down

  • Kevin Durant

    Truly a Minor League city. OKC is simply not ready for primetime!

  • ricksterisdumb

    Rickster, you have no taste in music. Please, shut up.

  • O

    WOW. Heads still consider Wayne the best? Well, hip-hop is garbage nowadays so yea, he could be considered the king of the hill.

  • O

    And Suede, you right. That was some TMZ ish on my part. My bad.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I ain’t gonna lie.
    Complaining that hip hop is garbage is kind of like complaining about the refs in my mind.
    And I don’t even listen to hip hop like that.
    Also, y’all do realize that when areas really want someone to sit courtside, they find a spot for them courtside, right?

  • Suede

    LOL It’s cool O. You don’t usually be on that… I stopped messin with rap a while ago. Most of these new cats ain’t sayin’ enough for me to listen to their whiny azz voices…The Thunder have a loyal fan base that buy ticks every game. No way they were askin any regular to give up seats to some rapper cat just wanting to be seen.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    Hip Hop ain’t dead it’s in a coma.

  • Budder

    “and none of those seats WAS available”… learn to grammar.

  • O

    @Allenp, you right. Hip-hop is what it is. Take it or leave it. @ Suede, you ain’t lyin’. These new cats just try to copy the formula of whoever’s hot at the moment, and the “hottest” dude is wack! Funny thing is that I always blamed Cash Money and the Hot Boys for ruining hip-hop with all those “bling bling” kind of records that everyone started copying and now everyone says Wayne is the king. How funny is that? And real talk, OKC seems like they don’t care about celebs. But you know Weezy is getting them court seats at Lakers, Miami, NY and soon enough, Brooklyn games. Those spots feel almost obligated to have celebs where everyone can see…

  • Fat Lever

    No shirt, no shoes, no Way(ne).

  • http://www.sportsgrid.com/media/shaq-kobe-highlights/ shutup

    Yeah I’m not sure Wayne is gonna court side seats in Brooklyn. I’m not sure Wayne want’s to go to Brooklyn at all.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Northern cats always blame the south.
    Cash Money rapped about getting money, killing people and sleeping with chicks. Your standard hip hop messages. Bling Bling was a single, and only one of many. Check out the rest of their singles, most of them had more to do with murder than anything else. Murder or sleeping around.
    I agree that cats are copying formulas, but that’s old news. They were doing that when Puffy started sampling Diana Ross and when the West Coast was dominating the game.
    Rappers have been talking about the same stuff for decades now. The South just did it in a southern way. It’s cool if you don’t like it, everybody has their preferences, but I wish you up north cats would stop pretending like the South infected hip hop with some sort of virus it had never seen before. That’s complete horse manure.

  • Veritas

    So we have someone askig for Free seats and only those in the front row will do? Most people would describe such a person as a nut, but Stephen A, Smith is already on ESPN spinnign this into a racial incident.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    The South came through and added their own flavor like every other region did. The East had the story telling ability, the West brought you the real hardcore yet funky filled music, and the South brought the smooth and soul filled music. They didn’t ruin it though I think younger one hit wonders ruined hip hop. Although a lot of new guys are bringing back the focus to lyrics.

  • Fat Lever

    Allen, I think some of the hate stems from the fact that southern cats started moving away from that gritty, soul/jazz sample driven beats to more simple “i can make this beat on my casio keyboard” type of music. The definition of hip hop seems to be the former. You’re right though, it’s pretty much the same content, although save for a few southern cats, the “art of emcee’ing” doesn’t seem to have much importance in southern hip-hop.

  • http://www.nyill.wordpress.com O

    @ Allenp, you right on all counts. It was always easy for NY heads to use southern rappers as scapegoats. Truth is tho that Cash Money were kinda wack. But I remember being a fan of OutKast, Trick Daddy, Scarface (long live Geto Boys) and even 1 or 2 Master P joints and my nuccas was looking at me sideways for it. To most of us it was only about NY or LA. Even when i said Young Bucks first album was the 3rd best out of G-Unit dudes refused to accept that cause he was from the south. I got mad love for any region that can make dope music… I wasnt big on the Crunk Movement tho.

  • Suede

    I think it goes a lot further back than Cash Money. They just did it in a less than clever way. The main problem is the proportion of dumb ish to good ish. Allenp, I can’t front you summed it up pretty well. BIG, Pac, Dre, Snoop, Scarface etc talked about all of that but there was a point where it became the number one source of stupidity. I don’t think it’s as much of a North/South/West thing as it is trash vs. music thing. I’m a NYer that was listening to the Ghetto Boys as much as I was listening to Rakim. I don’t think O is blaming the south as much as he is blaming that generation. For whatever reason when old old No Limit did it, it was more gritty than clownish like Cash Money.

  • Suede

    @ Veritas: I didn’t see Stephen A, but how is anyone getting mad at the Thunder for this? They wouldn’t force a loyal paying customer out of his or her front row seat so that an attention starved celeb could have it? I swear dudes be buggin’. The sense of entitlement is wild in this country.

  • Kadavour

    @AllenP, you can’t deny that the glut of nonsense and unintelligent bullsh*t in the rap game has come from the rise of southern rapper’s prominence in the last 10 years. fyi, 2 of my top 3 are from the south.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I respect what you said. Cash Money was always hotter here in New Orleans than Master P though. And although they spit pure ignorance, it was our ignorance.
    I love Ghost. Love what he does what he brings to the game. But dammit, let’s keep it 100. As much as WuTang is considered classic, a lot of what they are is a bunch of New York dudes rapping gibberish over muffled beats. Big Baby Jesus or whatever he was called gets a pass lyrically. RZA gets a pass lyrically? But Juvenile, BG and Wayne are ruining the game?
    Is Baby really that much worse than Puffy as a rapper? Isn’t Jim Jones from the freaking North?
    Has everyone forgotten with the freaking DIPLOMATS ruled the hip hop world with a mixture of ignorance, homoeroticism and materialism that has rarely been seen in the annals of music?
    You up North cats, at least some of y’all, got funny members.
    Bottom line, Northerners hate on Southern music because y’all are just good at hatin’. Your music testifies to how much hatin’ y’all deal with on a regular basis from each other. Plus, people up north have always seen people from the South as bumpkins and punks. This is despite the fact that people up north are the ones paying ridiculous sums of money for property they will never own, and are the descendants of folks who ran from the South because they couldn’t handle the white folks.
    I’m just sayin’.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Funny “members” is mad pause worthy. Should have been funny “memories.”
    Anyway, I think the world in general and music in particularly has been sliding towards cheap sex and horrible content for decades. Our standards of decency have just changed. Most likely, rampant hardcore p0(rn is to blame.
    I think the South has just as many good cats as horrid cats. Just like the North. And the West. Most cats just want to get paid. Whatever it takes.

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  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    Someone from Dipset was writing for Wayne; Relationship with Dipset went south, Wayne went south… lyrically.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    ^If you really believe that, then hey what can I say.
    I’m not a Lil Wayne fan.
    But I’ve been listening to him since he got started. Listened to him when he put himself through hip hop boot camp with that whole Squad Up free mixtape phase.
    Dude created his own sound. What he did on Block is Hot, is different from what he did on 500 degreez, and Tha Carter 1 and 2.
    And that’s different from 3 and 4.
    If he found somebody to ghost write his lyrics every step of the way, he’s amazing.
    I can’t see it. I listened to do remake himself as a rapper though trial and error on those freaking mixtapes. It’s the single thing I find impressive about him as a rapper.

  • O

    @ Allenp, you have a valid point as far as the ignorance belonging to specific regions which is why it’s supported in that region. And you right again, northerners hate on southerners for whatever reason. But real talk, even tho I like how Dip Set try they best to keep NY on the map, they are seriously OVERRATED. As a group they only had like 3 joints I liked. Cam is nice, Juelz has his moments, but Jim Jones is like the perfect example of a rapper who can’t rap but can get rich doing it. And they didn’t necessarily rule the world. G-Unit was ruling at the time Dip Set was popping off hard. That’s why everyone wanted a G-Unit/Dip Set beef. Remember when Jim Jones wanted to pound out DJ Sickamore cause he said Dip Set were the Mets and G-Unit was the Yankees of the game? Too funny. And Yeah, Ghost be spitting lines that don’t even make sense sometimes, but “Supreme Clientele” was in-f*ckin-credible. And Wu drops A LOT of godbody jewels and phrases on they records which might throw a lot of people off. And for the record, I began liking Wayne when he did that first Drama mixtape where he blew up the spot and I thought The Carter 2 was his best album. But the majority of people ain’t hop on his d*ck till The Carter 3. All those heads really missed out if they ain’t even bother going back one album. Now he just spits gibberish most of the time. I do remember when he said Juelz was the best MC in the game. Whateva happened to their “I Can’t Feel My Face” album??

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I agree that he spits a lot of gibberish now. It started shortly after Carter 2.
    My point about Diplomats was that they were BRIMMING with ridiculous, subpar talent and lyrics that hurt the world’s growth.
    And they weren’t from the South and were a dominant force in the game. G-Unit was dominant in the game and that were definitely northern in vibe.
    I don’t care if people hate Southern music honestly. I’m just bothered by the blame shifting. Everybody from everywhere is to blame.

  • T-Money

    the difference between the north and the south is that northern MCs rap about sex, drugs, money and murders using alliteration and polysyllabic words.

  • T-Money

    wayne just got lazy. as allen said, he was really in the lab perfecting his style during the squad up/gangsta grillz phase. his pronounciation was much clearer and he would step outside the box on cuts like “i feel like dying” or his flawless verse on “hollywood divorce”. now, he mumbles through every bar, raps in a hashtag flow (you ninjas chicken. pollo.), and has a weird fetish for culinary and fecal punch lines.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    The only good consistent cats from the North are Jada, Fab and Nas, the rest are average or just downright garbage. Northern cats are always complaining about down-south rap when they were to first ones to kill the game with all that harlem shake and chicken noodle crap.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Nobody killed the game. The game been the game forever.
    That’s what I don’t understand. Even when people talk about rap’s Golden Age they aren’t even discussing the time when political lyrics were mainstream.
    They are talking about after that phase. Go back and listen to “Express Yourself” on Straight Outta Compton. Dre gives the blueprint for all rap in his verse. Truest thing ever written.

  • Suede

    Allenp: Handle white folks? You guys allow Confederate flags being flown in your faces on a regular bases. The same Dixicrats who ran the south are now the Republicans who are running the south now. These are very people whose conservative policies are so anti-progressive you can literally drive through the south and forget what decade you’re in depending on where you go. Way to “handle” those white folks, guys. I’d gladly pay a grip for where I live than to pay cheaply in a place I’d be miserable. The illusion that having a bunch of open spaces is equal to freedom is still prevalent, as evidenced by your comment. Being able to more articulately express frustration at American urban living doesn’t make one a hater. I make no apologies for being a through and through New Yorker. I don’t even make apologies for the garbage music that comes out of NY sometimes. As much as people hate on us, they pay more attention to what we’re doing than pretty much anywhere else. People in general are critical of anything they feel is native to their region, city, or even generation. I don’t care if it’s artistic like music or fashion, or culinary like wine and food, even athletics. That’s the way things are. When I read comments from dudes like you it reminds me of how sensitive people are.

  • Suede

    Taylor, I don’t defend stupidity but Chicken Noodle Soup was a teenage girl making a dance for kids. The South has plenty of shuck and jive dances to talk about so that’s irrelevant. I just think that every generation is going to be stuck in the golden age of their era. Region has a lot less to do with it than age does.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Suede, I not saying that the South doesn’t have it’s share of dancing BS but Northern cats love to act like the south were the only ones to capitalize off that dancing craze. Don’t forget about the west with their tight-jeans, cat-daddying crowd.
    Okay…maybe the game isn’t dead but it’s not as good as it used to be say..5-10yrs ago.

  • Suede

    Ehhh, I’m not really into dancing but it’s been part of hip-hop culture in general since the beginning. From break dancing to whatever these kids think is cool now. Most of the ish looks stupid to me but I feel like if I were born in 1990 or the late 80′s I might not think so. I guess my pops thought the same when he was doing the hustle and me and my crew were doing the running man.

  • O

    Man, once that dance craze hit everyone and they mama wanted to capitalize off of it. Like I said, it all became a formula that people bit off of to make money. In doing that the music itself suffered and lost it’s essence (the art of MCing). Doesn’t matter who started it or why, but that’s when the game got that much softer. Speaking of golden ages, I wonder if today’s youth consider this a golden age. Does that make Weezy a Tupac? Drake a Nas? Ross a Biggie? Baby a Diddy? I feel bad for this generation if that’s the case. And the tight jean craze needs to really die. Don’t these rappers know that the dude that made that popular is a gay stylist that began that look with a boy band from the Disney channel in like ’05 or something? It’s cool if you don’t wanna wear baggy, but just wear jeans that don’t show the exact change you have in your pockets. Weezy took it to ANOTHER level with the leopard print spandex, teddybears on his sneakers and all kinds of other atrocities that should’ve been got his hood pass REVOKED.

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  • Speak

    I’m sorry but Wayne got better when he started listening to more BIG and Jay. He started playing w/ words more. His wardrobe changed when he started f*ck*n wit Dipset, even though he eventually went over the deep end. and startin lookin crazy. I remember when dude started steppin his rhyme game up he was quoting Jay lines in interviews and sh*t. Gillie the Kid, formerly of Major Figgas, used to help him write around that time. He had a period where he was actually nice, but don’t act like dude reinvented himself by himself. Y’all got selective memory.

  • Midnight

    WHAT??? WHAT!!

  • ai come back

    HIP HOP IS DEAD but kendrick lamar and jay cole are tryin to revive it …..all the guys who were good before cash money took over mainstream (kanye jay em etc.) are still good but to me theyre on a different plane of hip hop right now

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    GOT DAMN, thank you Speak. The shift in Wayne’s talents was AS-STRO-NOMICAL. The dipset theory was my own, but he couldn’t have possibly made that shift alone. To fall off that hard… to go from a song like the doctor song from Carter 3 (can’t remember the name) to the purest trash ever spit that he does now (he pulled a gun out and shot himself on that Pusha T diss.. again) is pure proof that something fishy was up when he was ‘on top’.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    JTaylor; we equally wrote on SLAM about how that hammock/samwich line may have been one of the dopest lines we’ve ever heard. To be hustling backwards THIS HARD? Naa.

  • Jane

    Throw his little arse out! We don’t need him.

  • Pusha T

    Oh no! Lil Wayne ain’t happy with OKC!! Whatevah shall we do???

    Actually I dint no he still alive. Useless.