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NBA Players React to Heat-Thunder Game 1

A tweetcap.

Last night, the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder commenced what will almost certainly be an epic, back-and-forth NBA Finals. In Game 1, the Heat controlled the first half, but #ThunderUp gradually established themselves and eventually restored order in Chesapeake Energy Arena. You already know how it all went down, and it’s safe to say you had some thoughts of your own on the matter, which you may have even taken to social media to express. Well, a plethora of NBA players—those not competing at this time of year—did the same, laying it all out on Twitter before, during, and after the contest. Scroll through the gallery above to check out what some fellow ballers had to say about Game 1.

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  • RJ

    the tweet from hasheem thabeet is the most i’ve heard from/about him in 2 years..

  • swift

    Jimmer has a hot girl

  • Bananas

    MWP apparentely knows all about elbows.

  • http://www.slamonline.com melvin ely

    never thought i’d say this, but metta dropping some knowledge on those tweets

  • ClydeSays

    Brian Cardinal. Looks 50, tweets like a 14 yr old. Sorry Jarrett Jack, but that looooong close up of Brooks mom. Really unnecessary. As far as Game 1, I thought Battier & Chalmers would have career games or they’d fade in the 2nd half. They faded. Spo is going to need more than 6 guys if he wants to win some games. OKC has young legs and a deep bench.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rwDluFZQmtQ Max

    MWP talking bout elbows………
    Oh the irony

  • jose

    i like jenning’s prediction of 5 games then finishes off with “6 games to go. . .” lol

  • el_larsen

    hasheem thabeet calls himself hasheem the dream????????? LOL