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Roy Hibbert Wants to Stay in Indiana, if the Money is Right

This summer, it’s a matter of dollars and sense for Roy Hibbert, who very much wants to remain an Indiana Pacer. From the AP: “Of course this isn’t going to be his last time in Indy, he’s not going anywhere,’ Pacers coach Frank Vogel said. Hibbert is one of six Indiana players who could become a free agent July 1, and at 7-foot-2, he could become one of the hottest commodities on the market. But because he will only be a restricted free agent, the Pacers can match any other offer to keep him. So how much will it take to keep the blossoming 25-year-old? That’s what the Pacers are trying to figure out. Last week, Vogel and team president Larry Bird both indicated they would like the roster to return intact — a combination that would require signing two key restricted free agents, Hibbert and guard George Hill. The Pacers may have enough cap room to work it. Early projections indicate the Pacers will be about $21 million under next season’s salary cap. But Hibbert has not gone public with a price. On Thursday, he stopped short of saying he would give the Pacers a hometown discount. ‘I want to make sure that everyone knows I love Indiana,’ he said. ‘But as the process goes and we try to get something done, that’s something I’m leaving to my agent.’ [...] What the Pacers must decide is whether they can afford to keep him — or if it would be too costly to lose Hibbert. To Vogel, it’s a no-brainer. ‘I love our team so much, there’s such a great positive chemistry and any time you see any of those guys, it just lights up,’ Vogel said. ‘We’re going to get every single one of them (free agents) back. The Pacers are going to shoot for the moon.’”

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  • RunNGun

    Make it happen, Bird.

  • Joshua

    Miami should get this guy..

  • Dipper

    Miami here is your shot..

  • hillbilly

    Indiana wants him, but he can’t go back there.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    miami should get him with what money exactly?

  • MirChilly

    If Miami passes GO 8x’s and sell baltic ave, charles place and 2 rail roads, I’m sure they will be able to muster up the money for Hibbert

  • baba

    MIA won’t be able to afford him

  • RunNGun

    He’s a restricted free agent… no way he leaves INDY unless he gets near max.

  • http://www.slamonline.com keep it real

    Pacers will retain him easy. The team they have now is legit. Good work Larry

  • LA Huey

    How can some people follow the NBA and have NO CLUE about salary caps?

    Anyways, Indy’s hating the Nuggets and Clippers for the money they gave Nene and DeAndre Jordan. Hibbert is AT LEAST as good as those two.

  • Ldub

    LOL if the money is right? He is restricted right? Which means they can still keep him, regardless of what other teams offer him. I think with Dwight leaving…ORL may be looking at him. And they would have solid money to throw. BUUTT like I said…Pacers “should” do everything to retain him. 3 years in and dude is an all-star? Hes gonna be scary good by the time he is in his prime!

  • Gusist

    ^ they can’t keep him no matter what, if a team puts in max money and Indy do match it, he can go there

  • MAS

    5 years-$55 Million. Good deal for both.