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Scott Brooks and OKC Thunder Reportedly Close to New Contract Agreement

Scott Brooks led the Thunder to the Finals; it feels safe to assume OKC would want to hook him up with a new contract, lest he wind up coaching a different squad next season. And according to ESPN, the two parties should soon have an agreement: “The Oklahoma City Thunder and coach Scott Brooks are closing in on a new contract after drawn-out negotiations, according to sources close to the process. Sources told ESPN.com on Friday night that Brooks and the Thunder, after slow-moving talks that had left the sides well apart by the end of the NBA Finals earlier this month, soon will finalize a new four-year deal to follow up the contract that expires Saturday. Although the financial specifics were not yet known, ESPN.com reported last week that the Thunder’s most recent offer was ‘north of $4 million’ annually. ‘They are getting close,’ one source briefed on the discussions said. Brooks earned just $4 million over the past two seasons while the Thunder rose quickly from the team that started 1-12 in 2008-09 in the franchise’s first season in Oklahoma City into the ranks of title contention.”

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  • greg

    lef this scrub, has such basic defensive schemes and offensive schemes, may be good at player development, but he gets outcoached in every series in the playoffs

  • TTWS3

    Everyone bitches and moans about teams not winning until they actually do. Remember when people were against Doc Rivers? Now all of a sudden he’s a great coach. Give the guy some time for Christ sakes.

  • http://www.slamonline.com SirGrey

    true, but apparently coaching is overrated, we just had a an Eric Spoelstra v. Scottie Brooks finals

  • Bill

    If Scottie Brooks gets “outcoached” in every series in every playoffs, how is it each year he’s made it further into the finals every year for the past 3 years? Beating HOF coaches along the way. If he’s a scrub, what does that say about Coach of the Year, future HOFer Gregg Popovich? Phil Jackson?

    Take your meds.

  • Yep

    Scotty Brooks is a great motivational coach. Stan Van Gundy is a great X’s and O’s coach. No one in the NBA wants to play for Stan Van Gundy, yet Russ, Durant, Harden all those guys Want to play for Scott Brooks. Hmmmm….

  • Colleen

    I don’t know why Scotty Brooks is even waiting and not signing. His team wants him, management wants him, the fans want him. Come on Scott and not get greedy. You are associated with a first class organization. the future of this team is astronomical.

  • Basketball iQ

    This teams talent is too big for a ScottBrooks who never did a damn thing in the league. Talent got them to the finals and if i had a bet, i would pick this team to never see that point again at least for a while. Westbrook will be at the 2guard or gone when they do.

  • greg

    he has much more talent thats how they win. obviously… its talent first then coaching, this is the nba not high school. he doesnt force teams baseline like elite defenses do (miami, bos, chi,) rotation schemes arent that good, serge ibaka roams too much and players seem to not know where they should be on defense. nothing outlandish in that statement

  • http://slamonline.com Krishan

    brooks is a horrible, awful coach. okc repeatedly gets burned on the d because of slow sometimes non existent rotations. mike miller and shane battier looked like allstars in the finals for chrissakes. his offense consists of let westbrook dribbling for 18 secs and let whoevers holding the rock with 3 to go just shoot it. its like the offensive equivalent of playing hot potato. if scotty remains with this team and possibly harden and ibaka looking for more dough this ship might sink fastrr than people realize.

  • http://mhlnk.com/34504301 Health4Living

    Alot of true statements, they say Durant will be the next superstar but i think coaching will make or break him!!