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Senior VP of NBA Referee Operations to Resign

Major General Ronald L. Johnson is stepping down from his post as the NBA’s Senior Vice-President of Referee Operations, the League announced today. Mr. Johnson will leave the job at the of July, per the press release: “Following a distinguished 32-year career as an Army combat engineer, Johnson, a two-star General, joined the NBA in 2008 to lead the league’s newly formed Referee Operations department. ‘When I was hired, Commissioner Stern asked me to apply my military and engineering background to improve the management processes and methods of an already superior officiating program,’ General Johnson said. ‘I feel I have accomplished that mission and, with great pride in having led the best referees in the world, I am ready to move on to my next challenge.’ ‘From day one, Ron has worked tirelessly to maximize the on-court performance of NBA referees, while fostering a culture of compliance and discipline that is at the core of any officiating program’s success,’ said NBA Commissioner David Stern. ‘We deeply appreciate Ron’s contributions during his tenure and wish him well in his future endeavors.’”

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  • jay cutler

    A lot of people will click this link expecting to read something more salacious and be disappointed.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Executive of the Year

    Hopefully this will put an end to flopping

  • Heals

    Until I see JoeyCrawford, BillKennedy, EdMalloy, EddieRush, etc. change anything about their approach to reffing it’s not good enough. Has anybody seen a change since the Donaghy scandal and the General’s subsequent hiring in how NBA games are officiated, how ref and player/coach relations have improved. There needs to be consequences for poor performance (that are made public), not only to set straight officials who have agendas (not Donaghy types, but in how they appraoch their job on a nightly basis, what they do/don’t allow to happen, anticiation calls, make-up calls, Flagrant fouls), but to also highlight the ones who get it right. Basketball is benefiting from the fact that MLB’s ump’s and replay system are stuck in the Dark Ages, otherwise the inconsistencies in NBA officiating would be a bigger issue…

  • anonymous

    Scott Foster was Donaghy’s running mate and he still refs. In fact he reffed game 3 or 4 of the finals , I believe. Thats a total ‘F*** You! Watch it!’ from stern. It works, I still watch it.

  • tpathi1

    whose gonna take his spot..joey crawford?