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Tony Parker Sues WiP Nightclub for $20 Million Following Eye Injury

Tony Parker is seeking for damages after he injured his left eye during last week’s infamous Chris Brown/Drake brawl at WIP nightclub in New York City. Per the AP: “San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker is suing a New York City club and its operators for $20 million over a scratched retina he says he suffered during a fight involving singer Chris Brown and members of hip-hop star Drake’s entourage. The suit was filed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Thursday. It says the W.i.P club in SoHo and its operators were negligent in security and supervision, which allowed the fight to take place. Chris Brown, his girlfriend and his bodyguard were among eight injured during the fight inside the club last week. Police say members of Drake’s entourage stopped Brown as he was leaving. The fight escalated and bottles were thrown.”

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  • Mas

    Good job. Good effort. To Tony P’s legal team.

  • JML-G

    lame – it aint clubs fault Drake, Meek and Chris is morons

  • http://blackamericaweb.com charliewinning

    When you see a certain type of rowdiness begin to develop in the club, you leave. I wouldn’t even wanna party with a bunch of rowdy knuckleheads.

  • Exile

    Lame. They aren’t your bodyguards Tony. By proxy… maybe you should be suing the cops as well. I was hoping this was a joke.

  • Fat Lever

    This is just a precursor step. He sues the nightclub, the nightclub(not wanting to pay) will sue Brown and Drake. Good move by TP, I hope those 2 fools have to come out their pockets big time for this lame ish.

  • http://thahiphopcorner.com Kevin

    Good for him. TP got more to lose with his NBA career if he was severely injured than Chris Brown or Drake

  • RunNGun

    Good ups… he could have lost an eye.

  • http://www.nba.com danfields

    20 million for that? really now? thats just sick

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    It’s all fun and games until somebody…

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Imagine if all the fights that ever broke out in clubs sued the clubs for damages…think about that for a second…LOL

  • patrick

    HAHAH, maybe $2000

  • Ldub

    Confused with this move. It obviously cant be for money. Unless he trying to pay Eva out!? But 20mil for an incident that didnt have to do with the actual club itself. What if this happened at Burger King and he got burned with flying fries!

  • ben

    he’s now a true American!

  • http://www.fiba.coms Darksaber

    So, Eva’s lawyers took him for quite a lot then? HALF!!!!??
    Cause this is a ridiculous amount for a guy with a very lucrative Nba contract, dude even owns a bball team in France.
    Opportunistic much?

  • Ryan D.

    This is the right move to make, if things would have went horribly and he lost his eye what would have happened then? He would be forced to retire and subsquently lose millions of dollars in contracts and endorsments. He wont get the full 20 million but the point has been made. Also, you can’t say oh what was he doing there in the first place and if he say something happening he should have left. Incidents like those happen so fast you don’t have time to react even if you are a NBA all star.

  • BBaller

    The girl who got 16 stitches got nothing!!!!!!