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Tony Parker to Blame the Most for the Spurs’ Struggles?

Tony Parker was a one-man wrecking crew during the Western Conference Finals’ first two games, but he has been kept under wraps ever since. And now, with the Spurs on the brink of elimination, much of the blame is falling on Parker. From ESPN: “If the San Antonio Spurs don’t look like the same powerhouse that won 20 consecutive games it’s because they don’t have the same Tony Parker who drove the streak. It’s dangerous to reduce a group — especially one as team-oriented a squad as the Spurs — to an individual, but a successful team is a group of individuals playing well. And the Spurs’ most important individual, their MVP of the regular season, isn’t getting it done. Parker is letting his teammates down, putting his coach in a bind and backing the Spurs up to the brink of elimination after the Oklahoma City Thunder won Game 5, 108-103. So now the Spurs’ 2-0 lead is gone, along with the memory of Parker’s stellar, 34-point Game 2 and the regular season that had him in the discussion for 2011-12′s top player. They’ve been replaced by a Thunder team that looks hungrier and smarter, and a version of Parker that committed five turnovers in the span of 16 minutes in Game 3, missed 10 of 15 shots in Game 4 and had as many turnovers as field goals (five) in Game 5, the swing game that projects the winner in 83.5 percent of the series that are tied 2-2. The Spurs are coming undone with turnovers. And Parker has totaled 11 over the past three games. A convenient turning point in the series was Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks’ decision to switch Thabo Sefolosha on Parker defensively. There has also been the amount of attention the Thunder’s frontline has paid to Parker when he comes off screens.”

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  • Heals

    I like how ESPN gets to declare that “let his teammates down,” really? Really? Who’s the teammate that said “Tony let me/us down?” He doesn’t exist, great “reporting” Mothership…

  • ron

    Spurs played great, but not great enough.

  • lakernation

    I dont blame it on Tony Parker…. I blame it on Pop! When San Antonio wins we say POP is the best coach ever, when they lose we find a player to point the finger at.

  • Kobester

    Without TP, they won’t even be here. Spurs still has a very good chance to advance though.

  • bike

    OKC made an adjustment to corral Parker.
    SA has not been able to counter that adjustment.
    Don’t blame anyone on SA, give kudos to OKC for playing like a championship-caliber team.

  • hambone

    bs meter just went off the scale

  • permaculture james

    cosign bike.

  • Ill Smith

    This blame game is starting to get outta control. If it ain’t LeBron fault, it’s Kobe or Melo or Russ or Tony Parker fault. What happened to win as a team, lose as a team?

  • Ash

    This was a dumb article.

  • loco

    blame, if we are playing the blame game, ok… i blame it on the dirty plays of OKC! how is Parker living on the floor? how is Perkins setting dirty picks so Durant can get open looks? how are the refs allowing this?
    I do get that parker has to adjust and take a hit here and there… but come on!? if the thunder keep getting away with all this ‘playoff’ basketball, then they will keep playing that way and its OK! man, i must say that the spurs have class by not fighting with them, but they should have made a stance a while back, bring blair or anyone just to foul, just to keep them from not seeing the ball go in.. that is exactly how dirty the thunder are doing Parker! >:o

  • don the GSW fan

    i wonder if eva is happy about this.. oh right, this is about basketball.

  • http://www.nba.com VanCityBBall

    or… now just here me out here, this may sound crazy but just maybe WESTBROOK CAN BALL.. tony parker has arguably been the best point gaurd this season and now that they are facing a very talented basketball team his to blame? that makes soooo much sense… smh