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Brandon Roy Returns to the NBA After Putting Career on ‘Pause’

Brandon Roy had his introductory press conference today as a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Roy says that he didn’t retire as was widely reported; no, his career was apparently just on “pause“. From the Star Tribune: “It was never really officially my decision to retire,’ he said. ‘You know, the process in Portland, I met with the team doctor and we talked for a while. We have a really good relationship. He’s been the guy who worked with me for five years, with my knees. I went in for my physical, and he said he thought it would be in my best interests to stop playing basketball.’ Roy’s point was that Portland was driving the train when it came to the decision. After five seasons with the Blazers, because of the chronic knee problems, the Blazers used the amnesty clause on the remainder of his contract with the team. In retrospect, missing last season’s condensed post-lockout schedule might have been the best thing for Roy. Here’s more Roy: ‘For me it was never, ‘I’m retired,’ he said. ‘I knew, with my knees, I’d have to decide whether I wanted to continue playing. And just after a few months of sitting out, I decided, ‘Hey, I don’t want to stop playing basketball.’ It was never a situation where I said, ‘I’m done forever.’ It’s just more of a pause.’ So Roy rested, then started working out. When that went well, he had the Regokine treatment on his knees, the same treatment Kobe Bryant had. ‘I’m not saying I’m Kobe Bryant, but my body felt really good,’ he said. ‘I’ve been working out ever since, and there hasn’t’ been any swelling. I’m excited to get it done. The main reason for doing it was I wanted to play. I wanted to play.’ [...] It took a while, but he finally made it to Minnesota. But here’s another question: can he be great again? ‘Yeah, that’s the goal,’ he said. ‘That’s the goal. That’s the whole reason I’m coming back. I told David (Kahn, the Wolves’ president of basketball operations) when we met. I said, ‘I wouldn’t be coming back if I didn’t think I could reach a high level of basketball.’ You say great, I just call it high level. I want to play at a high level. And, right now, my body is giving me all the signs that I can do that.’”

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  • http://snasty10.tumblr.com/ snasty10

    glad to hear that! Roy was my go to guy in 2k10, he was beast in his prime

  • Yves Gabriel

    The Natural !! Hope it works out for him.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwhaW2nVVcg RunNGun

    Go BRoy. It’s good to see him back in the NBA to give it another go.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Abe Schwadron

    Love a good “pause”

  • http://Slamonline.com 1982

    Wouldn’t have cared if he did actually retire, this is good news.

  • gusisit

    he will play 40 games tops, his knees are of a 65 year old mans

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgvwfvTcNl0 danpowers

    i hope he returns to the blazers after his wolves stint, as soon as he is allowed to. got much love for the twolves but broy has to end and play his carreer out in portland

  • CapitalG


    Another intriguing move by David Kahn. The man gets ripped by his critics may be setting themselves up to look like fools.

    Welcome Back BRoy! TWolves never should have traded you for Foye.

  • http://www.t-mac.com/tmac/index unf*ckwitable

    Goodluck BRoy.

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    Can’t wait to see B-Roy back on the court. Dude was becoming a West Coast D-Wade before the knee problems.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Hope Roy does well!!!

  • http://www.nba.com VanCityBBall

    i have never met anybody that actually didnt like brandon roy… hes got to be one of the most respected players (now in the league)… im trying not to set my expectations too high for him after what hes been through physically but i still wish him the best

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Gotta love the kid. Luckily athleticism was never his go-to move so I think he’ll excel. Best of luck to Mr. Roy.

  • LA Huey

    Yeah, Roy was nasty in 2K10. Made way too many ridiculous layups in traffic.


    Roy was the man on 2 k 10 his cross over was sick

  • anonymous

    feel sorry for roy. his denial is so apparent. he is playing poker with his long term health unnecessarily. he will play 50 plus games if he is lucky and re-aggravate his knee problems because he has a chronic injury that only worsens as more pressure is applied.

  • Percy Jackson

    Hell yea he was a beast in 2k9 and 2k10 his jumper was so easy and he was automatic around the basket

  • Basketball_iQ
  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    The REAL LIFE Brandon Roy isn’t half bad either.. The video game Chris Dudley was an unstoppable beast in the paint, in NBA Live 99..

  • L Dribble

    Great he’s back but his statement doesn’t really chime with previous statements from him and his agent: “Brandon has no intention of returning to professional basketball,” his agent, Greg Lawrence, told Yahoo! Sports. “He has been instructed by several doctors that he has a career-ending injury and needs to stop playing immediately. He has chronic problems in both knees and his long-term health is already in jeopardy. …Playing further will unquestionably have serious consequences.”

  • Zabbah

    I can’t wait for Shaq to come out of retirement, claiming he was on menopause.

  • Drig

    @Caboose…..he depended a lot on his very quick first step…..that’s a part of athleticism no???

  • Mas

    I think a first step is equal parts technique and athleticism. Jordan, Kobe and such players evolved from athletic players to technical players and I believe Roy can do the same. Get better Ricky!

  • http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com Shock Exchange

    The cawk exchange just left a truck stop bathroom. To say, roy is similar to joe johnson.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    ^Been saying for years that Joe Johnson is actually the better player. But that’s just me.

  • Drig

    Joe is/was the better player. However, the upside Roy had before his knees gave out was much higher than Joe’s. It’s kinda like Durant and LBJ I guess on a minuscule level. One guy had the better overall game ( LBJ ) but that doesn’t stop many from rating the other guy as the best player in the L because of how good he still CAN be. IMO, Roy would’ve taken the mantle of best SG from Kobe/Wade/Manu along with EG….Too bad both of them were bitten by the injury bug :(

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    Joe Johnson wasn’t better than Roy…Roy was a more efficient scorer and actually performed in the playoffs.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    He retired for a reason. He is not going to be anything close to the player anybody remembers him being. He just isn’t.

  • toinefan88

    Twolves gonna be hungry wolves, Rubes, Love, AK47, now BRoy. Nice team shaping up.

  • toinefan88

    Twolves gonna be hungry wolves, Rubes, Love, AK47, now BRoy. Nice team shaping up.

  • Sparker

    i seem to remember that there were “character issues” too, ie. he’s a bit of a dick. k love will be so pleased.

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Gotta cosign nbk, but I think realistically we could see 13-4-4 in 30 mpg in 60 games this year?

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance

    I’d give a healthy Roy the edge over Joe Johnson. Roy, in my opinion, was much more assertive in the clutch than JJ is.

  • George

    I’ve seen B Roy in workouts this summer, and believe me….he is back!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/media/slam-tv/2012/07/brandon-roy-plays-in-a-jamal-crawford-pro-am-league-game-video/ titanic

    @george Roy made a recent court appearance and believe me he doesnt look anywhere near the player he was his 1st 2 seasons in portland but this wasnt surprising because he isnt that player anymore. click on my name and watch a clip of Roy`s first public court appearance Saturday July 21, 2012 since his last nba game.

  • Mike From Spain

    I guess that the Wolves will play Roy avoiding heavy minutes. Roy can be a playmaker for others, he can get to the basket, he can shoot from outside. I think that out of the things he can do, he’ll get most minutes to do the ones that require less athleticism out of him, and get unleashed only the last few minutes of games. I guess he’ll play only in second halves in the regular season, and depending on how he feels he might log more or less games. If he gets relatively healthy to the off-season and contributes in a meaningful way (75% of what he was in the Blazers), then he’ll be a better contributor than anything the Wolves as SG last season. Also, having B Roy out there with Love at the end of games makes last shots in close games more difficult to guard for opposing teams. I think that B Roy will help snatch a few more wins in close games.