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Brook Lopez, Nets Agreed to 4-Year $61 Million Max Deal

by Marcel Mutoni @marcel_mutoni

In the end, with the Dwight Howard trade talks having completely fallen apart, the Brooklyn Nets had no choice but to give Brook Lopez his money.

The big fella signed a maximum-level deal, which will keep him in Brooklyn at a cost of $61 million, over the next four seasons (or, at least until January 15th, the earliest date that the Nets can try to trade him away again in the hopes of landing Howard.)

From the Star-Ledger:

Talks between the Nets and Orlando Magic to find a way to trade Howard to the Nets ended today and the Nets moved quickly to lock up Lopez, signing him to a four-year, $60.8 million contract that kills any chance the Nets have of trading for Howard until at least January. That’s when Lopez, a Bird Rights free agent re-signing with his old team, would first be eligible to be traded, according to the CBA.

The Nets were under a deadline to complete a deal for Howard because Lopez, who would have had to agree to a sign-and-trade deal that would have sent him to Orlando to make it happen, had two other teams present him with offer sheets. Had he signed one, the Nets would have matched it and kept him, but then would not have been able to trade the 7-foot center for a year. So the Nets persuaded Lopez and his agent, Arn Tellem, to hold off until 6 p.m. [Wednesday], and gave Orlando that much time to agree to a deal or else they would move on. In getting Lopez under contract, the Nets continued to build their roster for the team’s first season in Brooklyn after 35 seasons in New Jersey.

Congratulations to Lopez on his new monster deal, who can take comfort in his newfound riches once he begins to prepare himself to possibly change addresses all over again a few months from now.

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  • ALD

    Mirza Tetovic is like a poor man’s kevin love from looking at the highlights. He can shoot and put the ball on the floor a little. Hopefully if he makes open shots and rebounds, brook lopez will have every opportunity to dominate.. and if he does, dwill and jj will have fun giving the nets a chance to beat the new world order.

  • Niio

    I would rather they keep him and their bench intact instead of gutting the team for Howard but 61 million is a kinda of a lot.

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com Kholiday

    IMO, 61 mill is a lot for Brook Lopez, but I will never argue a contract again after Steve Novak got $15 mill. I just cant do it.

  • furiousfunkfanatic

    Jim McIlvaine 2.0

  • pposse

    joakim noah worth more than this guy imo

  • ALD

    Again.. if you dnt watch Nets games, why post?

  • pposse

    ALD if you think this signing leapfrogs you over to the 2 seed in the east then you are delusional. Not speaking for anyone else, but i will be posting to make sure BK understands that at best they are 3rd or 4th in the East regardless of this signing or not!

  • ALD

    why cant they be second? give me a logical reason.

  • pposse

    well, as good as dwill is or perceived to be coupled with the fact that he played with Brook Lopez last year, and they did not make the playoffs, it makes it very hard to put them at the #2 spot. Crash is a nice addition, and so is Joe Johnson but they have not proven much individually thruout their careers. Did Joe johnson every prove his contractual worth? Is Crash a multiple time all star player, or did he get there just one year? Meanwhile the Celtics and Bulls are proven and went to the ECF the past two years. (im unsure how much if any playing time brook lopez had last year). I do think BK has a good team, just not the second best team in the east.

  • pposse

    and its just my opinion that they overpaid him a little. I say this because lets say he ends up being a bust, or not worth the money, then guys like Joakim Noah (who i think is better) will be trying to seek max deals citing the Brook Lopez signing. Basically the chances for him to walk are greater if he doesnt get paid comparable money.

  • Mas

    Lopez is at least twice as skilled on offense compared to Noah. On defense it’s a not contest in favor of Noah. But with a guy like Deron dropping dimes at Lopez you just have to stop and think the Lopez can be a solid 20 point guy even if he only grabs 7 or 8 rebounds per game. Humphries and Wallace can pick up the slack both on the defensive side and also some put backs on offense. A solid PG makes a good big man great. Right Amare? As far as the figure in the contract…its the market value for a big man. So don’t blame the Nets or Lopez.

  • moneymaik

    worst contract after the big ones rashard lewis(he wasnt worth it anyway as a spot up shooter), arenas (turned bananas but USED to be a mx player before that), joe johnson (jj is nice, but he dont get u nowwhere but the 1st or 2nd playoff round). i dont care how much he will score, he sucks on defense and is one of the worst rebounders in the league. soft and a bust! i d rather pay noah or somebody less of a scorer 10 million a year than that bum 62 over 4 years!

  • http://www.stillonthebench.blogspot.com triyo

    Lopez will be an all-star this year

  • pposse

    i have no idea how good a scorer lopez is but head to head against noah i would take noah 9 times out of 10 (call me biased if you want). I dont know how their head to head matchups went, but i have a lot more confidence in Noah shutting down Lopez and still getting his offensive numbers, over Lopez dropping 20 pts on Noah

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    DWill didn’t play with Lopez last year. He was hurt. He played with him the year before, average 13 assists a game. And that was with two injured wrists which made his shooting crap.
    It’s $15 million a year. David Lee makes $12 million. DAndre Jordan makes $9 million. It’s the market.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Clearly people don’t know much about Brook Lopez. Dude is methodical and huge in the post. And he has a decent jumper. If he gets deep position and hits the glass he will kill. If he doesn’t, he will look like an overpaid bum.

  • anonymous

    cosign moneymaik to an extent. not a bust but crazy overpaid for sure. offense does not when championships. noah may not have the offensive skill set but his defense and rebounding makes him more valuable than “slow-of-foot” lopez. ppoose is right. this contract will set a standard that better/more valuable players at lopez` position will refer to when asking for a new contract. king has a nasty habit of overpaying for average players. O-V-E-R-P-A-I-D

  • MikeC.

    Wasn’t there a lockout because teams were giving “solid/good players’ ‘star player’ money? Maybe I hallucinated it. Next time owners are grumbling about player contracts and inflated salaries, everybody that owns/works for the Nets better keep quiet.

  • ALD

    if u dnt watch brook lopez or nets games, then your arguments hold no weight due to ignorance @pposse, and @moneymaik

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Well Mike C
    The Knicks would have to be silent as well. AS would the Bobcats and every other team that was willing to give Lopez a max deal. I think Portland was one of them.

  • pposse

    we shall see where your precious nets are seeded come April 2013. If they are any less than the 2 seeed, then you lose.

  • Mas

    Some have them as the 6th seed. I only see them under the Heat and maybe Pacers if the keep Hibbert (I saw Plumlee at summer league game and he is pretty good)…Celtics are good but in an even matchup it would be a toss up. So the very least 4th seed is my pick.

  • LP

    brook is way more offensively skilled than Noah, but defense and rebounds makes up the difference…but Brook got about the market rate for centers…

  • O

    Still can’t believe Novak got $15 mill while JR Smith got $2.8 mil. Not saying JR should’ve gotten more, but Novak should’ve gotten A LOT less. Lopez should’ve gotten like 10 mil a year for 4 years. That would’ve been “reasonable.”

  • NetsRTakingOver

    Big Marvel is bigger and stronger and with Kris Humphries not returning, because there just not enough money for him with already $305 million committed he will improve his rebounding stats

  • ItsNORV

    They gave a max deal to Big Bird???…That had foot issues??/..The Nets are going to be over the luxury tax for the next 4 years, and have NO CHANCE TO WIN AN NBA CHAMPIONSHIP! I thought Prokorov and Jay-z were smart………..wait a minute scratch that,…they named a team after a borough, instead of the entire city! How do you spend money with the intent to take over New York, yet you name the team after one area of the city! Great plan hov!!

  • Fat Lever

    Good for Brook, bad for Brook(lyn).

  • eZ

    Brooklyn will be a fun team. A good team really, all they need is health and some time to develope chemistry and routine.