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Chris Wilcox Re-Signs With Celtics

After missing the end of the season after having heart surgery, Chris Wilcox has agreed to a new deal with the Celtics, reports ESPN.com. He was cleared for contact last week: “Free agent center Chris Wilcox, who spent part of the 2011-12 season with the Boston Celtics before a heart ailment cut his year short, will re-sign with the team, according to a league source. Barring an unexpected use of the biannual exception, Wilcox will return on a minimum deal of $1.35 million for a 10-year veteran (though the league picks up a large portion of that move, putting Boston on the hook for merely $854,389 next season). Last year he played for the taxpayers’ mini-midlevel exception of $3 million. Wilcox appeared in 28 games last season, averaging 5.4 points and 4.4 rebounds over 17.2 minutes per game before a routine screening in March detected an aortic irregularity. He underwent heart surgery later that month at the Cleveland Clinic. Wilcox only this past week resumed basketball activities, but once he completes his rehab he will add much-needed frontcourt depth to the Celtics.”

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  • Heals

    What a disresepctful organization! Anyway glad to see Jeff and Chris come full circle in this process and don the Green again this year. As for the roster this is interesting cause after KG, Bass and prob Sullinger there isn’t quite enough room for Jujuan, SeanWilliams and Fab unless those are the only 6 bigs (even then mins will be scarce for the youngings, especially since Doc is reluctant to give rookies major mins)…

  • Shifty

    Yeah hearing ya heals. Though I thought Wilcox did a excellent job or Boston last season. Yeah we’ve gone from having stuff all bugs to too many!

  • armando

    you are right doc usually doesn’t give rookies enough time but w/ sullinger’s skill i bet he would take more mins than JJJ & moore’s combine mins last season

  • Donte

    Don’t know what doc you talking about… Ready Allen outta town bc doc gave a young’n a shot. Doc gave Steimsma a shot last year & book, he led the team in blocks. If a player can full a role, he’ll play under doc. This is a loaded roster that’ll compete for it ask next year. Imo

  • riggs

    Fab isnt going to have many minutes. With how the last few years turned out, with them losing bigs left and right, docs thinking is better to start out with a lot just in case.

  • Jake

    The English language is lost in this thread. Our forefathers would not be proud.

  • http://whut Ugh

    Clearly the C’s are in “win now” mode with this acquisition… *ahem*

  • shawnkemp4prez

    lol @Jake, I was thinking the same thing…goodness

  • BostonBaller

    When Wilcox is playing well, ppl will forget about the heart surgery and just see the heart of a Champion. He will fill a role and do his job. There are a couple of our Bigs who I wish we didn’t have though.