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Contest: Anthony Davis Signed Basketball

Leave a comment, win a rock autographed by the newest No. 1 pick.

From SLAM 149 to SLAM 160 to the various online contests in recent weeks, we haven’t been shy of our level of admiration and support for the NBA’s newest No. 1 pick, Anthony Davis.

In honor of both the Draft and our newest issue, which features Davis on the cover and is currently on newsstands across the globe, we’re giving away one official Spalding NBA Game Ball (pictured right) signed by none other than Anthony himself.

All you have to do to enter the contest is drop a comment on this post (please provide your real email address) that says how far you think the New Orleans Hornets can go with their core of AD, Austin Rivers, (potentially) Eric Gordon and whomever else GM Dell Demps and head coach Monty Williams bring along. Short-term, long-term, it doesn’t matter; to what degree will Bourbon street be buzzing?

One winner will be picked by this Friday, July 6, and contacted early next week. Good luck!

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  • Mitch

    Anthony Davis will be a great player. I see him being a dominant defensive big man and then developing his offensive game a little bit more.

  • http://twitter.com/4point0show Wes

    I think this team can make the playoffs- but in NBA 2k13? They’re dominating!

  • Anthony Kevin

    I thini Austin Rivers, Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis is a very great combination for the Hornets. These guys can carry the Hornets to the next level of New Orleans basketball. I think they will create their own Hornets’ era. Will be interesting to see them play together.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2012/06/contest-anthony-davis-signed-basketball/ Rohan Pakianathan

    With these 3 additions, the New Orleans Hornets have a bright future.

  • http://Bollingersrevenge.com Robert

    I believe if they get Eric gordon back and stay healthy they will be top ten in their conference. Not playoff ready yet but soon.

  • Preston White

    I think if a solid veteran presence is added at either the 3 or the 5 that the Hornets can instantly contend for a playoff spot!

  • Matt

    New Orleans is improved. Short-term, they may not be a playoff team, but they’ll flirt with .500. I think they still need a few pieces (point guard is now the biggest need), but the Hornets are certainly on their way.

    Long-term, you’ve gotta like their odds. Anthony Davis is a centerpiece for a franchise, and Austin Rivers could blossom into a great scorer. Those two could be the next great duo in the NBA.

  • http://www.the-ball.com Matt Salome

    how far you think the New Orleans Hornets can go with their core of AD, Austin Rivers, (potentially) Eric Gordon and whomever else GM Dell Demps and head coach Monty Williams bring along. Short-term, long-term, it doesn’t matter; to what degree will Bourbon street be buzzing?

    The New Orleans Hornet have a bright future ahead of them. With one draft they have aligned their team with a core of young talented players who can possibly help their team make the playoffs this upcoming season. Anthony Davis is a game changing defensive player who will only get better year after year. Imagine him in 5 years with his athleticism and some great coaching, in addition to putting on some weight. Future All-Star, All-Pro, and Defensive of the Player type talent.

    Austin Rivers will be an immediate offensive option on the team as his game is best suited for the NBA. He can get to the rim, hit threes, and most importantly create his own shot. The Hornets had the best draft of any team as they got two guys who can start on the team for the next 10 years.

    Eric Gordon, assuming they can sign him long term, will mean the Hornet will have a solid core of players to build around for years to come. In an ideal world these 3 alone should be able to help the team possibly make a big jump next year and possibly making the playoffs. The real questions are:

    1. Will Anthony Davis be able to translate his defensive prowess on the next level right away?
    2. Will Eric Gordon sign long term?
    3. Will Austin Rivers learn to play within the flow of the game or will he be a ball stopper who just takes shots whenever he is handed the ball.

  • Andrew Barnes

    I think they are still a couple of players away from being a legitimate playoff team in the West. I have questions about the Hornets, especially since Gordon is unsigned at the moment (once signed can he say healthy?). Also are they really gonna run Rivers at the point? He averaged more TOs than Assists at Duke. Davis ‘s ceiling is pretty astronomical though once he fills out/polishes his O. His fit in Monty’s stingy D should make the hornets even more obnoxious on that end.

  • pbritty

    I’ll say they get the 7th seed this year, losing in the first round to the Lakers.

  • Where there’s Smoke…

    Short-term: competing for 8th seed. Gordon was hurt most of last year, so really, they are adding Gordon, Brow, and Rivers to a 21 win team.

    Long-term: contenders. As long as they don’t make Rivers play point. And They add a decent pg and c… Team is good to go.

  • Dan

    They’re making great moves and I love it, even though I’m not a big Hornets fan. It’ll be interesting to see how they play next season. I’d say they’ll reach the playoffs but won’t go very deep, I expect a first round elimination which wouldn’t be that bad. They’ll get better each year.

  • Jordan

    By 2015, the Hornets will be a serious contender in the Western Conference. The Lakers, Mavericks, and Spurs are aging quickly. Soon, the conference will be up for grabs. There is no reason why New Orleans cannot be in the mix along with the Thunder and Clippers in upcoming seasons. Davis is a once-in-a-generation talent, and Eric Gordon is a gifted scorer. If Rivers pans out, and doesn’t let his cockiness get the best of him, the Hornets will be downright scary.

  • jz

    long term = championship

  • Rafael Garcia

    They will be playoff bound soon but in order to make any real noise their going to have to add some major key additional players.

  • Karlton Grant

    They will go 50% being that it’s almost a whole new team but still yet very talented and fast with A.Davis now running as their post player. With Eric Gordon at the end of last season I remember seeing them maybe 2-4 games above 500 which makes me wonder how good they could’ve been if Eric Gordon was there the whole season. Worst case scenario is A.Rivers getting the starting position at the 2 who is an inch or 2 taller then EG. Looking forward to seeing this Franchise but my Kings better do better lol Trob wattup!!

  • Orel Shoham

    Hornets will be a playoff team begining next season. AD could be a top 5 player within 3 years. Overall, NO has a very bright future!!

  • Ben Paquin

    2012-2013 Season: As long as Austin dishes out to Eric Gordon or to Anthony Davis when he penetrates and involves the rest of his team’s weapons I wouldn’t be surprised if they became an 8th or 9th seed.

    Bourbon street’s buzz could be louder than the Thunder OKC’s fans have been making lately if the Hornets fulfill their potential.

  • Trevon

    I think they’re going to struggle earlier on in the season until they gain real efficient team chemistry.But I believe by at least the middle of the season they will get it together and make the playoffs.

  • Derek Lozinski

    With the core the Hornets have now they have great potential to make a run at eastern conference finals for years. I think they will be rebuilding for a couple years. They will have even more potential and will be even better if they can match the contract offers on Eric Gordon. With the defensive presence of Anthony Davis and his ability to rebound will help the Hornets go a long way for the next couple years. If the Hornets keep Eric Gordon and pair him with another scorer like Austin Rivers, they will be a team other organizations will be fearing them for years to come and I can’t wait to see it.

  • Connor

    I think that Rivers and Davis will start off a little slow but eventually go just above .500. I think with Eric Gordan they will play tough but with a few key free agents, chemistry, and another pick in the draft next year, this team will become one of the elite teams in the NBA in the coming seasons.

  • John

    I want that basketball….please.

  • warren haas

    Long term the New Orleans Hornets have a bright future as long as they resign Eric Gordon. Although there are some question marks that will determine the teams future as a championship quality squad. Can Austin Rivers play point guard in the NBA?? Will Anthony Davis polish up his offensive game and add enough muscle that he wont get pushed around in the post?? Can New Orleans avoid injury and attract free agents? Oklahoma City will dominate the west for the next couple years, but i could see the NO Hornets becoming a team to be reckoned with if a core of Rivers, Davis, and Gordon remains intact.

  • Sumit

    I think that this year, teams will need to watch out for the hornets! I see the 2012-13 hornets being similar to the 09-10 thunder in terms of improvement. Not only do they have AD but they have Gordon and Rivers too! Now the hornets have the pieces and a good coach to make it into the playoffs with at least a 7 seed, if not better. Although it would be awesome if this happened, Eric Gordon could very likely get injured, as shown last season, in which case they’ll probably finish a little under .500 if the injury is not too long-term. As we all know, in the west that’s not playoff caliber. So, ultimately I see the hornets sneaking into the playoffs with a 7 or 8 seed

  • brad

    I believe the hornets will get better. They are a little unsure at the point guard spot but I think Rivers can learn to play the point and Anthony Davis will help Rivers a lot. If they bring Gordon back I think the Hornets can compete for the 8th playoff spot. But in a couple of years they are a sure fire contender in the west.

  • Steve D

    Davis, Rivers and Gordon will form a fantastic young core for this team. Short term will be a little rocky as they develop and form trust in each other. Long-term, the sky is the limit as long as Demps fills in with talent around them. Bourbon street is ALREADY a-buzz with excitement which is great considering the last couple of years. Go Hornets!

  • Scott

    9th seed this year. Then 6th. Then 3rd. Then championship.

  • kjmelnis

    I don’t see them getting in the playoffs next season, but in a year or two they will be in the playoffs. Long term I think they will be pretty decent, but not a championship team.

  • Andrew Palmer

    I believe that the comparison of Anthony Davis to Bill Russell may be a very close one, at least the Russell of this generation. Maybe a more defensively dominating Lamar Odom (big who can handle the ball and have a soft touch).
    The Most important question is… How long before that eyebrow is COMPLETELY full, all the way across?
    With the potential of this current squad I thnik they are a 60 win team. They need fan support though. Hopefully they get it, because they are going to be a very fun and exciting team to watch. I think they miss the playoff this year, but explode on the scene next year and learn really quick. 50 wins this year and 60 next year.

  • Brad Miska

    They won’t make the playoffs this year, at least until Davis bulks up and Rivers develops a feel for the NBA. But, Davis and Rivers have that “Jordan eye”, the intensity and focus to push through obstacles. A huge portion of success is a mind set. Davis grew up watching MJ, I think you can learn a lot just from that. Rivers, his dad.

  • Decipher

    Anthony Davis is going to be a great player,hes got a bright future and can be one of the best in years to come!

  • Derick

    The Hornets with new ownership and this promising young team have the opportunity to be something very special. They still need a few pieces but will compete for the playoffs this season and be in contention for a championship in another four years.

  • Riley Adams

    I’d think the Hornets play somewhere in the .500 range this season assuming the team remains healthy. I see a playoff berth next season, possibly 5-8 seed and going to the second round. In year 3, I see us making it to the WCF and losing a tough series to OKC. Year 4 will be the year where we find out how much the team can handle the national stage and how well our team has developed a chemistry for success. I see us making the Finals that year, maybe the year after. Just my thoughts (and hopes, of course).

  • kenny chung

    They will not make the playoffs next year (2012-2013). They will make the playoffs in 2013-2014.

  • eyc0729

    Anthony Davis — please get rid of your unibrow!!!

  • Brandon

    I see the Hornets as potentially reaching the playoffs next year depending on Gordon’s health. However, for the future, I see them being in contention for a championship possibly.

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice

    AD, Rivers, & possibly Gordon are three really good cornerstones for the franchise moving forward. They are at least 2 yrs away from playoff contention. It is important for them to NOT overpay for Gordon though. With Okafor being moved & Kalamazoo a FA they need serious depth up front. Front court depth will allow AD to learn & have his minutes monitored. They could use a reliable pg & wing scoring(slasher) as well. These three combined with another probable lottery pick next year could very well put them ahead of the learning curve early. They are definitely a franchise that is rebuilding very quickly under new ownership.

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice


  • Rene

    I think they will be the 8th or 9th seed. There division is incredibly tough so i see it hard for them. It will be a huge improvement from last year. 2-3 years from now they have potential to be top 4 in west.

  • NcBred

    Fear the Brow!

  • Joel

    AD23 and AR25 have the potential to be great! Combine those (2) w/ EG10 and you have the makings of a core that can compete in the Western Conf. NOLA still needs to add a ’5′ to play alongside Davis, but they have the framework of a really good basketball team! People in Louisiana are talking more and more about the Hornets which is a change from the Saints centric talks of years ago.

  • Brenan Betro

    The Hornets have vastly improved. With the core of Davis, Gordon, and Rivers the Hornets will be an intriguing team to watch in the coming years. Also, second round pick darius miller should not be overlooked. He could be a solid spark off the bench at small forward as a guy who can come in and shoot the three and drive into the lane. You have to think about the idea of bringing in another big man though, with Kaman possibly leaving and trading Emeka Okafor. I think Carl Landry is a must sign for the Hornets to keep some depth as the team enters free agency with some cap room. New Orleans has a solid rotation so far with Davis and Smith down low, Vasquez and Miller off the bench, a pure shooter in Belinelli, and two crafty players who can play either guard spot in Rivers and Jack. The Hornets are certainly on the rise and will be a totally different team in the next couple seasons!

  • Logan Walker

    I believe Anthony Davis is the real deal. Being a huge Kentucky fan, I have watched him first hand for a full season. I believe he is a game changer, a force in and out of the paint that is unstoppable. I can’t wait to see the city of New Orleans buzzing about him. He and the Hornets will do great things next season.

  • Trevis Batts

    Rivers, Davis, and Miller will bring a huge momentum swing to Nola. But since they traded two veterans away, they will be a young, inexperienced team. Yes, they’ll make the playoffs, but it will be awhile until they are a championship-contending team.

  • kyle caldwell

    i think they can go to the playoffs and maybe the final thats my pick

  • Johanna McDowell

    With New Orleans recruiting both Anthony Davis and Darius Miller from the 2012 National Championship Team the Kentucky Wildcats there is sure to be a championship in their future. I think it will be in the 2013-2014 season. The players need a chance to find their grove and once that happens I think that the Hornets will dominate! Good luck to both Davis and Miller!!

  • Simon

    For the upcoming season, the Hornets will challenge for the 8th seed in the West, pending potential injuries to their star players. If the core of this team doesn’t change in the long term (i.e., by Year 5), I can’t see this team going further than the Western Conference Finals as the best case scenario.

  • The real partymarty

    It all depends on Rivers to me. David will be a star, Gordon is a star, they both may be superstars. Now if Rivers can be a a tremendous player also then we have our own big three. And once your have a big 3, championship hungry role players FOLLOW! It seems as though they will be a great fit, but we still lack a quality center and Aminu has proven much for us at the 3. With that being said, who we get in free agency is a big deal as well. Either or when it comes to Rivers and free agency, the future is BRIGHT in NOLA and if the Saints could do it under Benson then so can the Hornets!!!

  • Ben Ireland

    I see them being pretty entertaining. Davis should be a dominating defensive presence, but will likely struggle offensively. Rivers started off slow in college but his game has always been tailored to the NBA, he’ll try and play point alongside Gordon for the first while, struggle distributing but he’ll findit easy to score in bunches. When Gordon inevitably goes down with injuries, Rivers should star and they’ll make a late surge towards the playoffs, maybe making it as an eighth seed if Davis has an offensive game by the end of the season. And they’ll be really fun to watch on LeaguePass.

  • http://Slamonline.com Joey Lucas

    Anthony davis had only begun. At the beginning of the year he was only dunking and by the end of the tourney he’s was using both hands to shoot with and shooting out side

  • Darin Munn

    I think that Eric Gorgon and Austin Rivers could limit how good AD could really become. Hopefully young Rivers plays his role and works well off of the pick and roll with Davis. Best case scenario – Hornets make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs before being eliminated by a more seasoned team. Worst case, they fall below .500 due to a lack of camaraderie. Either way, they’ll be fun to watch at least some of the time.

  • Kev

    Hope the Brow rebounds from the ankle injury.

  • Evic O.

    I think that this is a great young core similiar to what OKC did but still young and raw so I think they have a winning season but miss the playoffs this year that is for the short term.

    If they get another dominating presence in the middle (or keep a motivated Chris Kaman)I think the future will be bright in New Orleans and the playoffs probably 3 years away.

  • Brian Clay Johnson

    Davis will contribute immediately but he’ll need a few years to become a true superstar. I’m slightly worried about Austin Rivers, but he should be okay with some good coaching. I’d say the Hornets improve their record from last season but they aren’t quite a playoff team yet.

  • Darius Sadeghi

    One thing is certainly clear- success is in the very near future for the Hornets. Anthony Davis is such a unique player that I really believe he will have an extreme impact from day 1. Players like him just dont come along that often. Then throw in Eric Gordon, one of the top scorers in the game, and if Austin Rivers can learn to control the game like a true PG, the Hornets can be scary, maybe even OKC scary. They just need to play their cards right, and continue to grow under Monty. They have some very nice pieces and this year will be the beginning of something special in the Jazz town.

  • Rita Kidd

    The team will go to the playoffs and dominate! Anthony Davis is all that and more!!!

  • https://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway/status/213315516360687617 nbk

    This year they could go as high as the 7 seed in the West. Assuming the team stays healthy and Austin Rivers game translates to the NBA like it should. Although playing him at the Pont is a huge risk. If they keep the core together, they will be competing in the West within the next 5 years. Anthony Davis is a sure thing, and a game changing sure thing at that.

  • BT

    That is a very good young core to build around. Gordon is a young 2 guard and a backcourt of him and Rivers should be really impressive in the future. Rivers is a scorer but I see him improving his decision making and transitioning into a combo guard with the ability to the play the point. Davis is a stud defender whose offense is developing and can be a star. This year I think they are an 8 seed but in the future, I see that trio along with other pieces rivaling a Thunder Big 3 in the Western Conference and challenging for finals berths so Bourbon Street and the City Of New Orleans will be buzzing like the Saints are in the Super Bowl.

  • Cynthia

    I’ve not followed the Hornets before, but with Anthony Davis & Darius Miller there, they’ll definitely be one of my favorite NBA teams (along with Houston). I think they’ll definitely have a winning season, plus make the playoffs! The addition of AD as well as Austin Rivers should really make a difference!

  • Tyler

    The combination of Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon is scary. There GM Dell Demps is killing it in the aspect of getting rid of Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza’s contract, now he just needs to dump Kaman’s contract and there going to have quite a bit of money to go out and get another top level player. I like Austin Rivers and see him as a nice piece off the bench to play combo guard, but not a difference maker. If they keep the team the way it is, they will contend to make the playofffs, but will probably fall short. However, there future looks very bright with a great GM and head coach. They need one more player and the skies the limit for the Hornets.

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    The Hornets won’t make the playoffs this year, unfortunately. Gordon isn’t quite ready to assume control of a team offensively, Austin Rivers needs time, and Jarrett Jack is a serviceable but underwhelming point guard. That said, New Orleans will forge Anthony Davis into a superstar in the same vein as Tyreke Evans his first year in Sacto. 20-12 is not a far-fetched idea. The difference between the Hornets and the Kings rests on the fact that Davis is a franchise talent; Tyreke is not. In three years, Davis will be anchoring one of the best defenses in the league and putting up gaudy numbers without being force-fed. Expect a strong playoff contender in four years. And even then, Davis will only be 23.

  • Duy Pham

    Being a huge hornets fan, I can say that bringing in Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers help the team a lot. Trading Ariza and Emeka Okafor to Wizards for Rashard Lewis was a smart move that gave us cap space for next year. This would lead us to have a good free agency next year to hopefully land Dwight Howard, Bynum or even bring back Chris Paul, as many other amazing good free agents. Hopefully Eric Gordon would still be here (this year, Hornets would pay his max contract) and we can create an amazing core. Monty Williams knew Austin Rivers when Rivers was a toddler since Doc and Monty was teammates back than. Know how Monty push these players to the edge will create a dynasty that can be the Spurs or OKC (small town for the win!) Last year, Williams lost most of the starters and still had some impressive wins with bench players. I can tell you now that he has weapons in a future all star (Davis), great attacking guard (Rivers) and hopefully a healthy guard (Gordon) this would create a trio that will attract many stars. The rave from reporters of Anthony Davis saying he only come in a decade can raise unibrows to the fans and ready for this season. I am definitely excited to see what we bring in this year (even though many players are getting overpaid) and see how the rookies pan out. But more excited the year after when we will have money to spend with these 2 guys who just have a year under their belt. WE just need a SF and a Center to team up with the guys and we will be amazing. I trust in Demps and Williams to use the money wisely! Plus having an owner and knowing Hornets will stay in New Orleans (thank you Benson!) will make these players feel comfortable about this organization. Even though Chris Paul left, we are kind of ecstatic because right now, we probably be in the lottery and not have Anthony Davis (maybe Rivers only) and be a mediocre team.

  • http://me_losh50@yahoo.com Milos Sotirovic

    The Hornets definitely have a nice, young core to build around. Anthony Davis is sure to have an immediate impact in the NBA. There is no denying his presence on defense and his rebounding is to be expected, while his offensive game will still need some time to develop. Eric Gordon has already established himself as a nice shooting guard, combined with Austin Rivers and they should form a pretty nice backcourt duo for years to come. With the impact of these 3 young players, I think the Hornets should be able to contend for a Playoff position in the next few years. I think the Hornets finally have something to “Buzz” about (sorry, had to do it) after losing the face of their franchise in Chris Paul. They have a nice trio of young talent to build around, but still need some pieces to make them a premier team in the West. Plus, Anthony Davis still needs to shave that unibrow if they want a chance at getting some National TV spots…that thing needs to go, sorry.

    Thanks Slam, keep up the great work!

  • Chris

    The Hornets will be an average team this year but when Chris Paul hits free agency next year and comes back they will dominate.

  • Blake

    The sky is the limit for the Hornets. Eric Gordon is perhaps the most underrated scorer in the league, Austin Rivers has the confidence and potential to be a matchup nightmare with his quickness and his ability to shoot the 3. Last but not least, you have a 19 year old with a ridiculous wingspan and who can dribble the rock in the open court? With a young nucleous of these 3, free agents are going to flock to the Big Easy in the off-season. The Hornets are going to be a force to be reckoned with sooner rather than later.

  • trueballer4life

    Anthony davis and Austin rivers along with coaching staff will have much improved core team next year.., The hornets will 1 of the best teams in 2 years..- if eric gordan returns to run the point guard posiion they will have a good run and will make the playoffs 8th seed.., DAVIS is a game changer he’s the type player who controls the tempo of the game, he will block alot of shots in the paint an he will be the anchor of the hornets defense.., RIVERS is combo guard whos game trancends the NBA.., he can shoot the ball with no fear, and slash to the basket np.. austin has the bball genes from his father DOC, Austin is much more talented than his dad.–2014 nola watch out!..,they are my 2 favorite picks in the draft..

  • trueballer4life

    Anthony davis and Austin rivers along with coaching staff will have much improved core team next year.., The hornets will be 1 of the best teams in 2 years..- if eric gordan returns to run the point guard posiion they will have a good run and will make the playoffs 8th seed even if gordan leaves the hornets can build around AD 23 AND AR 25.., DAVIS is a game changer he’s the type player who controls the tempo of the game, he will block alot of shots in the paint an he will be the anchor of the hornets defense.., RIVERS is combo guard whos game trancends the NBA.., he can shoot the ball with no fear, and slash to the basket np.. austin has the bball genes from his father DOC, Austin is much more talented than his dad.–2014 nola watch out!..,they are my 2 favorite picks in the draft..

  • Curtis

    With a few seasoned veterans and good coaching, I think that they can make it to the levels of OKC and Miami in a few years.

  • Kendell

    The NEW Orleans Hornets have a solid foundation to build upon. It will be exciting at times but all will have to remember that they are rookies. There will be some trying times (foul troubles, off-shooting nights, etc.). Still, in the age of these two, they have what could be a youthful foundation ala OKC. Having tied for the worst record in the West last season, they will definitely improve upon that position. I put them in the range of 9-12th in the West… yes, on the outside looking in on the playoffs. For the next 2 years, I’ll give them a 2/3 position rise. I won’t look further than that… We’ll see what the front office does.

  • http://N/A J DOGG

    AD and AR are going to carry the Horn-nets past DH and DW’s Brook-nets in the next 5 years. They will make the playoffs in less than 3 seasons. Louis Armstrong’s Horn-playing days gots nothing on the Horn-nets days playing. It will be “Kiss to Build a ‘Ring’ on!”

  • O

    Like OKC, Nawlins is gonna become that team with a likeable young core that people are gonna root for. They may not make the playoffs this year, but thats OK. They get another lottery pick or 2 and they’ll be OKC’s main rival on the west for years to come. Cant wait for those playoff battles. The Brow vs. The Beard. Gillette will buy up the most air time during those playoff battles lemme tell you.

  • Isiah

    im just gonna be real, no long comments needed!!!! this year they will make the play-offs, and in three years i am 100% sure they will be in the western conference finals. and the year after win the champ!!!! thanks SLAM.

  • Brandon

    The Hornets will narrowly miss the playoffs this year, but will show great improvement compared to last year. Monty Williams will guide this team far and will push all of the players to their best. Anthony will be a massive force offensively and defensively, especially in the paint. Austin Rivers will be an excellent option for scoring. If Eric Gordon re-signs I believe the Hornets will be in the Top 10 if not Top 5 in points per game. This is definitely a team that has a young core and bright future and will accomplish their goal of an NBA Championship in the future!

  • Helena Shear

    If Gordon doesn’t re-sign with the Hornets then we need a point guard as J Jack is not capable of bringing the team to the playoffs. Davis, Rivers, Miller are great additions to the team but trading or not re-signing some of the veteran players such as Kaman, Meka, Ariza really is going to hurt the team. I predict it will take 3 years and a new coach to see the Hornets in the playoffs again.

  • Cody Bisram

    Like OKC, I see a potential big 3 coming along. Let’s see if Eric Gordon signs, or who the Hornets happen to pick up during free agency. It’s always nice seeing a team rebuild.

  • justin05

    I think that the Hornets will still not quite make the playoffs next season. They will improve but it is going to take 2-3 years before they really make any noise.

  • T-Money

    Austin Rivers still needs time to develop but New Orleans will be a much better with a healthy Davis and Gordon. There are still many others issues to address but if the team plays hard every night then I don’t see why they can’t be a 7 or 8 seed in the West.


    I think they would at best be an 8 seed in the west because i think it will take a little time for anthony and austin to adjust to the NBA but once they are comfortable they would be a formidable force and also eric gordon needs to stay healthy during the season because when he is healthy he is very good and runs the offense well but if he doesn’t stay healthy the hornets could have some probelms but one thing i think people need to understand is that just because AD was the No.1 overall draft pick doesn’t mean he will be an instant NBA star.

  • TRose

    I think the Hornet will definitely be this strong this year. Though many people think it will take them a few years to get it together I feel with so many changes in free agency that they’ll take advantage of this and become an early 8th seed team.

  • Denise

    I think in 2 years the Hornets will be in the 5-8 seed range. It’s impossible to say that right off the bat that Rivers and even Anthony Davis will have a big impact on the league. They both are on the skinnier side and need to have their bodies and game mature a bit. However, with Eric Gordon, who is possibly the most underrated 2 guard in the league and the potential of Rivers and Davis, the Hornets should be expecting big things in the future. Also, don’t rule out the possibility of veteran players wanting to join the Hornets during free agency in upcoming seasons.

  • rob stewart

    8th seed in the playoffs is where they’ll be this year. Heck, if MJ’s Bobcats made it to the playoffs a few years ago then surely this team can slip into that spot. Brow Boy, Baby Doc, and Gordita will all be All-Stars at one point in their career and will begin to prove it this season. They will lose a highlight filled first round series to Miami in a surprising Game 6.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Double J

    It’s gonna go down just like this, Anthony Davis = Marcus Camby 2.0. They really need to lock down Eric Gordon for a long term contract and sign a strong forward who can guard the likes of LeBron James and Kevin Durant. As constructed this team will have some season success posting somewhere along the lines of 42-46 wins, with a 1st Round Beatdown in the near future. Give this team a couple years, Austin Rivers will have the confidence to take it to any guard in the league, Eric Gordon will be an All-Star and Anthony Davis will be in talks for Defensive Player of the Year, but without that “Do-It-All Forward” this team isn’t going anywhere. Too bad Ariza got dumped.

  • roybot

    Anthony Davis will need at least two seasons to fully adapt to the NBA grind and hustle. His thin frame will be filled out, but I think that thin players with his long and lanky body type (KG, Kevin Martin, Kobe, Durant, Dirk to a degree) usually do fine in the NBA because they are quicker than others at their respective positions and quite athletic. The Brow is a an athletic specimen who will be the big ticket of NO for many years to come, and they could make deep Western conference runs if that core stays together. Oh, about that Rivers kid, he needs to work on his shooting mechanics a little more, learn the point, and then he’ll be fine.

  • fernandojunior

    Anything can happen in the NBA! That’s why it i so great, with the addition of these two TEENAGERS they have an extremely bright future, i say give them a couple years and they will be a dominant team in the WEST, with everything that is happening to the Saints, who knows, maybe the Horents will become New Orleans team.

  • Dani

    Okay so the New Orleans Hornets are probably going to be the most improved team next year (2012-2013). This year they hit a dry spot when Chris Paul left to the los Angelos Clippers but with every rain storm comes a rainbow, right? Anthony Davis, I believe, will be everything he’s expected to be and more! I’m not saying its set in stone but the Hornets actually could have a chance of making it back to the playoffs, not just cause of Anthony though. Austin Rivers had an amazing year at Duke and I really think that his talents will be brought into the NBA. With the amazing talents of Davis, Rivers, and hopefully Gordon this team, if not this year, soon will be a playoff and maybe even Championship contending team! And with 3 great players there must be a good coach and I believe Monty Williams really can save this team! I hope this team stays together for a long time because I know they can only get better! btw this is a girl writing this so that should be a big reason why i get the ball cause this is all my prior knowledge to this team and these players and coach! Sooooo yeah…GO HORNETS :)

  • IamYOU

    Even with Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers, they won’t be a contender team yet. They are really a young (although I like the lineup)team. Maybe add veterans like Grant Hill or Jason Terry then they(New Orleans) might play on the playoffs. But I’ll wait for them and maybe just maybe I’ll root for the Hornets.

  • Chirag Patel

    I think it will take two years for them to develop a solid mold between Rivers and AD and transition to NBA style ball, but they’re definitely headed in the right direction. This year they may just miss the playoffs, but IMO this combo is the foundation to success in the future. Austin needs to work on his shot, and AD needs to bulk up. A couple of moves here or there by the hornets and they may be headed places.

  • iknowmybasketball

    i know a lot of people here are debating on various issues. me, i would just like to say i love apple pie and hope to win that basketball. have an awesome summer friends and stay classy san diego!

  • Scott

    Short term, I think the Hornets will be able to significantly improve this season with their revamped roster but they still need a few pieces for the team to make the playoffs in the tough West. Long term, after these players develop chemistry and acquire a few more key players, the Hornets will have the whole league buzzing and should be a legitimate contender within the next 5-6 years.

  • Matt

    With the addition of Davis the Hornets have a solid core to their team that I feel will truely shine in years to come. I feel as though people are expecting miracles with this line up but like any team, they need time to grow and really learn each others playing styles. Definitely a team worth watching and following!!

  • Luffy

    Not gonna make the playoffs…

  • TheBUZZ

    Anthony Davis/The Brow/The Big Wasp, the new cornerstone of my team, sprained his ankle during the week, potentially costing him an opportunity to work out against the U.S. Olympic team beginning on Friday.
    Restricted free agent and the key piece of the puzzle Eric Gordon has already visited with the Rockets and Pacers and plans to keep himself open to any opportunities that come up around the league.
    Suddenly there are new reasons to worry as a New Orleans fan. But they’re nothing at all like the old reasons.
    Remember, it was not even 18 months ago when my Hornets had to organize a mid-season ticket drive to fill seats in order to meet an attendance clause that could have triggered an escape clause in their lease.
    Remember, it was less than seven months ago when commissioner David Stern shot down the trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers and delivered us a handful of veteran talent that could have avoided the plummet in the standings.
    Those were days to really worry, before the long-term future of the NBA in New Orleans was secured by the purchase of the team by NFL owner Tom Benson and before we hit the lottery jackpot that delivered us the No. 1 pick and Davis.
    Look where we are now. Has the outlook in any other city changed so dramatically as in the Big Easy?
    Nobody should expect Davis to be LeBron James in terms of instant impact. There will be period of adjustment to the pro game. But he has all of the talent and instincts to eventually be an impact player and to lead the team.
    There may have been questions in many corners about taking Austin Rivers with the No. 10 pick. But he’s got the potential to be another scorer and solid starter for years. Then toss in what many figured was a bonus bonanza at No. 46 when the Hornets plucked Davis’ old Kentucky teammate, small forward Darius Miller. He could wind up being one of the steals of the draft.
    There are always reasons to be edgy when your top pick winds up limping off the floor and when there are teams that want to poach your top young players.
    But our general manager Dell Demps has said all along that matching any offer to the restricted free agent Gordon is the plan. And the word is that even though the sprain to Davis’ ankle has been described as “slight,” the likelihood is that he will not be pushed to work out against Team USA, with the focus shifting more to getting him ready for training camp.
    Time to fret? Time to worry?
    Hardly when the outlook for the my Hornets has come so far, so fast.
    Finally, FINALLY, there is a light at the end of the tunnel as a NOH supporter, and with just a little bit of luck, that light may well be emanating off a future Larry O’Brien Trophy/s.

  • phil brandreth

    he is going to be the next best big man in the league aslong as he works hard, gets bigger and stronger and keeps focused. He may make the Hornets into a playoff team along with help of Austin Rivers

  • Skrill

    Donot sleep on N.O. They are three years away from a powerhouse team, one player away from a dynasty and 1 season away from losing in the semifinals to Miami. Don’t count out Darius Miller, also a N.O. draftee (second round). He played with Davis at UK and knows what it means to build a team, handle pressure, and improve all your weaknesses. If AD has the talent, Miller has the personality. I’m not 100% sold on Rivers and I do believe he will be a trade option. Either way go N.O.

  • JChau

    Young, athletic, talented team. They have a bright future ahead of them, and N.O. fans should be excited. Playoffs isn’t impossible for this coming season, but it may be a close call as this coming season they will need adjustments with experience and chemistry. In AntDavis’ sophomore year, they will sneak into the playoffs and wreak havoc!

  • DJ

    First things first– Bourbon street is always going to be buzzing at a high degree.

    AD and the rest of the team, short-term, will bring a lot to the Hornets organization. Seats will be filled, many pairs of eyes will be wacthing to see what this tandom of Davis, Rivers, and Gordon can do. With a lot of difficult competition in the West, it will be tough for them to produce immediate results. Long term, however, it looks bright. With a nice core put together and pick up a few pieces here and there, and the determination of Monty Williams, this team will be contending with the likes of the Lakers, Mavericks, Thunder.

  • Andrew B

    How far do I think the Hornets will go this season? First, it was a smart move by GM Dell Demps to trade Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza for Rashard Lewis of the Washington Wizards. This allowed the Hornets to have more cap space. If Demps can convince shooting-guard Eric Gordon to re-sign with New Orleans, they will have a better chance at being one of the top 10 teams in NBA. Everyone knows that New Orleans doesn’t want Chris Kaman anymore. I would trade Kaman for a starting Power-Forward or starting Small-Foward, or I would release Kaman and sign a Power-Forward like Antawn Jamison or Ersan Ilysova. If Dell Demps can make a few moves to bring in a star player then the Hornets could be one of the best in the west. Anthony Davis must stay focused and have a breakout year like the one he had at Kentucky. As for Austin Rivers, he needs to score and play great defense. Rivers will help the Hornets because they need as many scorers as they can get. Another key to success is the bench. Monty Williams has to be telling them that everyone who is on this team has to be able to step up in key situations. If the team can stay focused throughout the whole season then I think the Hornets will finish 6th in the west with a 47-35 record. I don’t believe they will win in the first round because they will still be developing. I believe if the Hornets stick together they could become the next San Antonio or OKC. This is all up to the Hornets, are they gonna stay focused and win, or lose everything, it’s all up to the New Orleans Hornets. Good Luck!!!!!!!

    Andrew B
    6th grade/12 years old

  • Lane

    Championship. How could it not happen if all these guys play.

  • JB

    is the NBA going to play with more balls on the court? Just one is not enough with this trio. Gordon and Rivers will be with other NBA teams via trade in a few years. Davis is the cornerstone of the franchise, but building talent around him won’t be easy.

  • Methodmik

    They will be able to make the playoffs in a couple of years, but they have some work ahead of them to be a legit championship team. Davis is the truth, but who knows if Rivers and Gordon and if they can work together.

  • JL

    Teams win with a combination of great defense and offense. Right now, the Hornets have Davis as their long term cornerstone. He’s projected to be a great defensive stopper who I think will be similar in defensive impact as Marcus Camby. Offensively he will be better probably but it’s hard to say how good he will be. Other than him he’s got Austin Rivers, who will probably bee a low percentage high volume shooter. Basically a poor man’s Eric Gordon. Is that what you want to build a team? I think Chris Kaman is still there to be the starting center. Small forward could be Aminu. Starting PG is probably still Jarrett Jack. They also have the pretty good spaniard Vasquez. A solid backup big in Ayon. I think they are shooting for the lottery again. This team has no core right now.

  • sideburn2go

    short term they still won’t be very good. They are going to be EXTREMELY young and they will have growing pains for at least a few years. They are going to need to continue to grow and learn to play together and keep that core intact and continue to build around those three if they want to begin to see success again. They will need to bring in some veterans and continue to stockpile young talent but they have at least started to make good moves. Those three do form a good core but it will take some time before the dividends begin to show from them.

  • Alex R

    Look out for the Hornets. I think they could really surprise people next year. One thing for sure is that they will be a fun team to with in 2k13.

  • http://slamonline.com Eldon Khorshidi

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  • ari

    Teams win with a combination of great defense and offense. Right now,
    the Hornets have Davis as their long term cornerstone. He’s projected
    to be a great defensive stopper who I think will be similar in defensive
    impact as Marcus Camby. Offensively he will be better probably but
    it’s hard to say how good he will be. Other than him he’s got Austin
    Rivers, who will probably bee a low percentage high volume shooter.
    Basically a poor man’s Eric Gordon. Is that what you want to build a
    team? I think Chris Kaman is still there to be the starting center.
    Small forward could be Aminu. Starting PG is probably still Jarrett
    Jack. They also have the pretty good spaniard Vasquez. A solid backup
    big in Ayon. I think they are shooting for the lottery again. This
    team has no core right now.