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Eric Gordon to Meet With Pacers, Rockets, Suns and Trail Blazers

Eric Gordon is a restricted free agent with the New Orleans Hornets, and some reports say they’re likely to match any offer that comes in for the Indiana native. But that won’t stop Gordon from meeting with a few teams and locking down the big money—a max deal, perhaps—that he’s hoping to get, ESPN reports: “Guard Eric Gordon will visit the Indiana Pacers on Sunday, the first day of free agency, according to league sources. Gordon, a restricted free agent with the New Orleans Hornets, will then visit the Houston Rockets on Monday and the Phoenix Suns Tuesday. While Gordon hopes to make his decision before his first Team USA practice in Las Vegas on July 6, he also has a meeting scheduled with Portland on July 5 and he may meet with Charlotte and Dallas, sources said. Gordon is seeking a max contract that will pay him $58 million over four years, and sources say some teams are willing to make that offer.”

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  • Jaime

    Since N.O will match anything according to reports might as well screw them and off him a max contract, but all these gms are wetting their pants cause of stern

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    would be funny if Houston signed him just so they could trade him for Dwight.

  • Wet

    restricted free agents situations suck. NBA needs a franchise tag.

  • JD

    NO isn’t gonna match anything. Dude wants to go home and play ball in Indy, NO isn’t gonna lock up a guy who doesn’t want to be there.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    why not take the qualifyng offer, and then go were ever u want next season without having to worry about NO matching

  • Mack

    He hasnt proven to be a max player IMO so why would team consider that BS? He’s a terrific player but you just throw monsters contracts at him when he’s done relatively nothing

  • Ball.A.BabY

    I admire Eric Gordon’s unique strong and agile game, with an effective shooting touch… but u cannot give Eric Gordon a max deal as he has been sidelined nearly half of his career, I do hope he goes back to Indy so we can see the potential of a happy player, playing on a team he preferred to be with…
    no doubt about he is a balla, but i rather take a chance on B-Roy if i needed to pick up a reliable 2 guard in the league… best of luck to both players…

  • Herbz

    He is not a max contract player.
    He showed some flashes of his potential, but i think he’s around the 10m/yr range.

  • http://slam FLIGHT 9

    Hope he goes to the pacers!!!!!!!! Heat will not repeat indeed!!!!!!

  • bonK

    Flight 9 stop being a heat hater. It’s Jus basketball. Get over it.

  • Anti Rob

    LOL @ those that say he’s not worth 4/58. Do you even follow basketball?

  • JML-G

    nobody will go to Pacers, that team will be done in couple years

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Anti Rob, do you?

  • Anti Rob

    He’s a top 5 SG with the potential to be the best in a few years, I’ll gladly give him 15 a year, especially in a league where Hibbert will make the same money. People overreact to big contracts.

    It’s easy to understand if you actually think about it.

  • roybot

    Eric Gordon is already better than Joe Johnson when healthy, and how much does Joe make?….. Whaaaat? Thank God for the new CBA

  • roybot

    Not that new CBA tones down max contracts, but that new salary cap tax will make teams think harder about who they throw money at and how much.

  • Anti Rob

    The solution is a hard cap. As it stands, LeBron, and players in the elite category, are drastically underpaid.

  • http://Slamonline.com Captain Mar-Vell

    First. No SG who has been dubbed Max or Franchise player (Minus MJ) has won any rings without a top 5 pf or center.

    EG is like ray Allen on the bucks except he’s a little bit better shooter and physically more mature to contribute on the defensive end.

    Now Anthony Davis I don’t think is even a top 5 pf in the league… Klove, BG, dirk, pau, bosh (Garnett and duncan are centers apparently now lol) I’d go as far as to say ibaka, millsap, Jefferson will get at Davis

    Now hornets need to let EG go and look next year for shabazz.

    Hornets have a solid front court forming with Jason smith, Davis, possibly Chris kaman.

    Starting 5:

    Jarret jack (w/o EG)
    Darius Miller
    Jason smith

  • Anti Rob

    Wait, so if Anthony Davis became a top 5 at his position, you agree that they become contenders… Yet you wouldn’t give him the max? Outrageous. You absolutely made my point, in that Gordon is a major key to NO’s future, and him and Davis can be a great 1-2.

  • Anti Rob

    That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve read on here in a long time, haha. Let’s get rid of Gordon and hope we get Muhammed…

  • http://Slamonline.com Captain Mar-Vell

    If EG is given a max now… Financially it’ll be difficult to get Davis and rivers. I don’t think hornets are in position to sign Max player yet until they see rivers and Davis this season.

    Shabazz has attributes to be Eric Gordon-esque and he’ll be cheaper on rookie contract.

    Hornets will not be in contention for next 5 years with thunder,nuggets for sure and then older teams lakers, spurs. Other upcoming teams Kings and warriors

  • http://Slamonline.com Captain Mar-Vell

    Plus I don’t see Davis developing in an allstar until year 4 because he’s physically immature. So why sign EG while Davis matures.

  • http://Slamonline.com Captain Mar-Vell

    When will Anthony Davis be a top 5 pf… I’d say 3-4 years… Klove has it on lock unless BG gets better

  • Anti Rob

    I don’t see what you’re saying at all… Tank for 5 years and hope there are no dynasties in the west by then? Sign EG for 4/58, you have him and Davis for the next 4 years. If Gordon doesn’t work, he is gone before you have to resign Davis. If he and Davis are both stars, you have both for the next 4 years, at least. You seriously suggest that they tank MORE?

  • Anti Rob

    So you’re saying dont resign Gordon, based on your belief that a #1 pick won’t work out? Bias?

  • Anti Rob

    You build on the draft… Potential. Not until one player starts dominating. Then you get stuck in the middle.

  • http://Slamonline.com Captain Mar-Vell

    First. Even if Eric Gordon and Davis are stars. Next 5 years the hornets as a whole will not have enough star power or pieces to beat thunder. They’ll be in second tier with Houston.

    I dont suggest tanking. If they don’t sign Gordon. They’ll be lottery bound. With Gordon they are in purgatory of marginal playoff team

    Also, Davis as according to the hornets management still needs time and they don’t expect a lbj impact or melo or that matter as a rookie… Davis needs time and same with rivers to transition..

    Hornets should be patient and give rivers and Davis time to develop and possibly whoever they get in future lottery picks.
    Within 5 years all older dynasties will be out and thunder for sure as of now will only be challenge in west and bulls or hear in east.

  • http://Slamonline.com Captain Mar-Vell

    Also, within past decade. Of all number 1 picks… Almost All front court players have been busts… Only lbj ( who played pf and dhoward have been good)

  • Anti Rob

    Lololol not responding to this, you say Gordon and Davis would be average, but you just said a top 5 SG and top 5 PF makes a legit contender. Davis will produce before he’s 25. It’s about building a core. You are nonsensical.

  • Torjacko

    He would be okay with the rockets

  • Fresh Boirdee

    Man, wish the Chi could get this dude, but thanks to a big contract buy a player who’s name rhymes with “Loser.” It’s not possible. Really hope this dude can stay healthy.