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Hasheem Thabeet Agreed to 2-Year Deal With OKC Thunder

The OKC Thunder have agreed to a 2-year contract with free agent big man Hasheem Thabeet, reports the Oklahoman: “The deal cannot officially be signed until the league’s free agent moratorium period is lifted on July 11. Financial terms of the deal were not immediately known, but the contract, which will be fully guaranteed for both seasons, is believed to be a minimal salary, or roughly $880,000 in the first year of the contract. Thabeet will join his fourth team in four seasons after being drafted by Memphis in 2009. He was taken one spot ahead of Thunder guard James Harden, but the 7-foot-3 center has had a disappointing start to his professional career after earning Defensive Player of the Year honors in his final two seasons at Connecticut. In 135 games, Thabeet has averaged 2.2 points, 2.7 rebounds and 0.9 blocked shots. Oklahoma City has been enamored with Thabeet since his college days and was widely believed to be strongly considering selecting him, if available, with the third overall pick. Memphis plucked Thabeet second overall in part because the Grizzlies thought Oklahoma City would take him if they didn’t. [...] The addition of Thabeet all but guarantees veteran center Nazr Mohammed will not return to the Thunder. If not, that paves the way for third-year center Cole Aldrich to step into the primary backup role behind starter Kendrick Perkins. Thabeet is expected to be the third-string center.”

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkhGPrEMx5c The Mauve Avenger

    The Thunder get younger and taller once again. Best front office in the NBA.

  • The Shark

    The Avenger that’s madness…what will Thabeet bring to OKC? He can’t play in the NBA at this point, he needs to check himself 1st!

  • Wixurrs

    “Thabeet’s primary role will be ensuring that Kevin Durant is given Fruit Punch Gatorade during timeouts and not Lemon-Lime.”

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Thunder add another top 3 pick… lol

  • Ernie D

    2 years is kind of a waste of space, but I guess everybody wants to kick the tires on the guy. He hasn’t worked out with anybody so far, so I can;t see how he will fare any different in OKC.

  • Niio

    I honestly never saw him play at Uconn nor in the NBA, what kind of player was he comparable to in college?

  • patrick

    This is incredible..#2 overall pick in 2009. And the Thunder just picked him up as a free agent. I guess he’s been a bust? I dunno, haven’t ever really seen him play

  • Wixurrs

    ^^ the tall skinny kid on your CYO team who couldn’t shoot, ran funny, but threw excellent chest passes.

  • Wixurrs

    honestly i hope he turns his career around. Getting drafted by Chris Wallace is a rough way to begin your career but the guy could be a great shot blocker at this level.


    funny how everyone gives oden a chance but thabeet aint worth much. I still have hopes for this kid because he’s still young. Plus the last few teams he was on didnt know how to use him at all (he was sent down to d-league for christs sake). Hope he does well with the thunder.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I like this, I think he’ll thrive in OKC. All he has to do is block shots and stay out of foul trouble. Or, block shots and give 6 good fouls. Either way this is perfect for dude.

  • LA Huey

    Wixurrs description is funny.
    RIGGS, it’s different with Oden. People see Oden as a baller who “if he could just get healthy”. Folks write off Thabeet because they think he’s just a tall dude, not a basketball player.

  • http://slamonline.com Datkid

    Oden had a shot and post moves, i’m not sure thabeet has either but idk. cosign teddy, all he has to do is stop penetration and block shots. he’ll be fine.

  • JL

    If he played 28 minutes a game by his stats last year he would be averaging 9 rebounds and about 8 pts, with 2 blocks. That’s actually better than Kendrick Perkins (28 min 6reb 5pts 1 block). Probably worth 3 pts per game differential just on that. Minus the intangibles, but if OKC just gives him a chance it will be an incredible front line of Thabeet and Ibaka blocking shots like crazy! They will be the mobile shot blockers too not like Bynum and Gasol who are more stand still shot blockers. They will affect shots a lot more than just blocking them.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    They are trying to find a cheap way to replace Serge Ibaka. Good luck.

  • http://thahiphopcorner.com Kevin

    Im honestly mad that I never was 7 feet tall

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice

    I like this move cuz it gives my man Cole Aldrich a chance at some serious burn behind Perk. ROCK CHALK!!!

  • Bernie

    Allenp you think this dude and the guy they drafted can almost do what ibaka has been doing?

  • http://Somethingsomething. Ugh

    Once again, Jordan gets caned for Kwame, but Wallace drafted Thabeet at #2. If he doesn’t get playing time in OKC his career will be over and have been half as long as Kwame’s. Honestly don’t understand how someone 7’3″ would get 2bpg at a projected 28 minutes when he can’t do anything else.

  • ab40

    low risk high reward type deal. I like it. They get Maynor back also. They’ll be in the mix next season. Dallas on the other hand probably won’t. Unless they land Dwight.