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Houston Rockets Consider Amnestying Luis Scola to Chase Dwight Howard

The Rockets continue to up the ante in their desperate attempts to regain relevance in the NBA (by signing a superstar such as Dwight Howard), as they reportedly are willing to amnesty forward Luis Scola to make room for a mega-salary on their books. Per the Houston Chronicle: “Talks on Wednesday grew ‘serious,’ and the sides at one point seemed close to an agreement, according to a person familiar with the process. But the Magic backed off to consider their options. The Rockets are open to the three-team deal in which they would receive Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum, with Howard going to the Lakers, but are primarily working directly with the Magic to acquire Howard, the individual with knowledge of the talks said. Getting in position for the planned next move will be difficult. To create enough cap room for the kind of blockbuster trade that has been proposed, the Rockets are considering making veteran forward Luis Scola an amnesty cut, likely in the next 48 hours, a person with knowledge of the move said. That would create enough cap room for the Rockets to take on the additional contracts necessary to complete a trade for Howard. Scola, 32, is due $21 million guaranteed over the next three seasons. The Rockets could wait until Tuesday to make Scola an amnesty cut, by which he would receive his full guaranteed salary but not count against the salary cap or luxury tax figures. The Rockets’ chances to land Howard greatly improved Wednesday when Brooklyn, Howard’s preferred destination, removed itself from the race. The Nets signed center Brook Lopez to a four-year deal worth $60.8 million. Orlando general manager Rob Hennigan called reports the Magic had broken off trade talks in general ‘false.’ The Rockets were in contact with the Magic throughout the day Wednesday, a person with knowledge of the process said. For the Rockets, a key to either deal would be the ability to take on the contracts of as many as three Orlando veterans.”

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  • http://www.nba.com/knicks danfields

    when looking at a team like houston after they gave i scola or any other team that would have to tear half its roster apart to get howard i wonder what kind of improvement that would be for howards situation in regards of having a shot at the title sooner or later. they had an almost perfect team when they went to the finals against la and then messed it all up. he better signs a long term deal with the magic shuts up n goes out there n play

  • http://www.nba.com/knicks danfields

    gave up, not gave i. xcuse me folks. typing while havin lunch

  • LP

    we just amnesty productive players now???? injury free productive players are getting amnestied??

  • jayrose

    Are Rockets really dumb enough to continue ripping their roster up to get one rental superstar?

  • Fat Lever

    I would love it if they did amnesty him, the Sixers pick him up, provided he gets a fair deal.

  • Rob

    BREAKING: The Houston Rockets are retarded!

  • Bruno

    if they amnesty Scola, LA should sign him so him & Gasol are better than Bynum & Gasol, then trade Bynum but for an all star SF and LA now have a hell of a team … Nash, Kobe, SF (traded for Bynum) Scola & Gasol

  • Patrick

    if scola gets amnestied i have no doubt he will somehow end up on the heat

  • RunNGun

    Morey is digging his grave. Scola will be swallowed up by the highest bidder. From what I understand, this amnesty also includes Kevin Love footprint.

  • ReyzRocketz

    Wtf are the Rockets doing

  • http://bedotwater.bandcamp.com BE.water

    LMAO @ RunNGun do i get the mold with it too?

  • http://slamonline.com Krishan

    Hou + Dwight = Pure comedy gold. For everything that’s good and holy please lord make this happen.

  • EuroForce

    i’d be very surprised if Morey keeps his job for much longer

  • Red Star

    This just proves the owners (Stern) were lying about half the teams losing money. The rule was ment for players like Gilbert Arenas, Rashard Lewis & Eddy Curry!! Don’t get too comfortable in Brooklyn Brook Lopez!!

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    This team desperately needed Dragic or Lowry to run the show. With all these young guys, they need a leader at the 1… Morey is a dumb@ss. Best of luck to Razor Ramone, who is probably jumping with joy at leaving this mess of a franchise.

  • LA Huey

    Morey’s desperate. His job clock is ticking.

  • alpahbeta

    Morey is a dumbass. He thinks he can rip his roster apart and get a rental star for one season and hope that Olajuwon can convince him to stay. What a blithering idiot. Lex Alexander should amnesty Morey first.

  • RunNGun

    [@BE.water] only if he goes to the Heat; even then you have to fight off Eddy Curry. He might boil the shoe for the leather. LOL

  • orl.chris

    @all you dudes saying Morey is a idiot for chasing this deal – why, exactly? If I were a Rockets fan, I’d rather have my GM make big changes trying to sign a superstar (and convince him to resign past this year) than continue to put together a 9-seed quality team. Blow it up for 1 year with Dwight, make some noise and if he leaves, oh well you get a good spot in the draft next year.

    Or keep things the way they are, continue to *just* miss the playoffs, and draft 13th every year. It doesn’t pay to be mediocre in the NBA. You need to either be great, or terrible so that you can become great.