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Houston Rockets Continue to Push for Dwight Howard Trade

Before the Draft, the Houston Rockets were rumored to be stockpiling picks in an attempt to swing a deal for Magic big man Dwight Howard. That didn’t happen, but the Rockets haven’t given up, even as free agency has carried on and DH has reportedly ruled out signing long-term with every NBA team not located in Brooklyn. Per CBS: “The Houston Rockets continue to push hard to acquire draft picks and cap space in an effort to provide a package of assets that will entice the Orlando Magic to trade Dwight Howard, league sources told CBSSports.com Saturday. One of the reasons Houston traded point guard Kyle Lowry to Toronto for what essentially is a guaranteed lottery pick was to sweeten the pot in a potential Howard trade, sources said. In discussions with the Knicks, Heat and now Nets about a sign-and-trade for Marcus Camby, the Rockets are hoping to accumulate more picks to make their trade package for Howard more attractive. ‘The Rockets are definitely trying to make some sort of huge trade,’ said a person briefed on Houston’s plans. ‘That’s why they’re trading all these things to get a bunch of picks. That’s what they’re up to.’ … According to a person familiar with Orlando’s plans, the same teams remain in the mix for a possible Howard deal: the Lakers, Nets, Rockets, Hawks and Mavericks. There has been no indication, however, from Howard or his agent, Dan Fegan, that the All-Star center is willing to relax his insistence on signing a long-term deal only with the Nets if traded.”

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  • http://slam FLIGHT 9

    HOPE they trade all their picks and get dwight…. then howard coward walk out after the season for nothing in return.

  • Dirk Nowitzki’s Mane

    Please fire Daryl Morey.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2010/10/the-sad-case-of-adam-morrison/ vantot fresnedee

    their roster, as currently constructed, is not balanced
    they acquired too many forwards.
    lost two starting caliber point guards.
    has no center.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    houston fans continue to face palm

  • alphabeta

    Daryl Moron..i mean Darly Morey needs to be fired ASAP. Put all you eggs in one basket and then Dwight around your lips is gonna walk next season to what team he wants. Then the Roks will be left with their d*ck in their hands wondering where they went wrong.

  • Ash

    So if they get Dwight for one season he would be in the same situation similar to Deron Williams?? Resign with the same team you can get extra 20M or go to another team and lose the 20M

  • http://slamonline.com Krishan

    Haha houston omg why are some gms so stupid? They trade away all their assets for picks and then trade their picks fot dwight. They get dwight for one season of mediocrity and then he walks away leaving them with no star player and no future draft picks. Virtually gutting a franchise and having its disemboweled corpse play awesomely terrible basketball for years to come. I would love this to happen just for the giggles.

  • Phil the thrill

    Fire Morey, this is ridicules were still talking about it.

  • Rick

    Wow! The same thing is happening to Houston that happened to the Wolves when McHale was the coach! The Rockets might not have made the playoffs in the last few years but they sure were fun to watch! Dwight Howard is NOT going to win a Championship by himself! Morey, pay me $4,000 a month and I will be on the team and I can’t even play! Same thing, the Rockets messed up when they switched coaches and this year I will check the internet instead of paying for NBA Ticket! I would rather watch an all rookie team then this one this year with a cry baby on the roster!

  • james

    ahaha as a magic fan..pls do this trade..ahah

  • http://www.slamonline.com aman from arkansas

    At first I thought Houston where dumb ass hell to trade for Dwight but when I think about it if they trade for Dwight/Hedo they should amnesty Hedo and trade Dwight, players, and draft picks for Brooks,Kris, and B.Lopez. They will get quality players and the center they wanted in Lopez and the Nets will get Dwight. Does that make sense let me know if that a good move for both teams.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    facepalm. face f*cking palm. Although a 1 year rental would still be better than this no PG-no Center season we’re about to have.

  • james

    yeah maybe if the Houston will get Dwight, they will trade him to the Nets

  • RunNGun

    Make it happen, Morey! Then when D12 walks at the end of the season, you can blow it up and rebuild again.

  • http://slamonline.com Krishan

    Teddy: no it won’t. You’ll be dealing with her majesty queen dwight all season long while having to struggle against .500 teams. Then when he walks the next season you’re stuck with a squad of rrole players with no big name free agent wanting to sign with you because your gm is a moron. Imo cut your losses try to sign some of the better free agents left keep your picks and try to rebuild. This entire endevour was folly from the start and if you sign dwight you will be stuck with a bigger mess than when you didn’t.