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Jarrett Jack Calls Ray Allen ‘A Traitor’ For Signing With Heat

Leaving Ubuntu in Boston and joining the Celtics’ rivals in Miami, Ray Allen took less money to pursue his last, best chance at a Championship. Hornets point guard Jarrett Jack questioned Ray Allen for leaving Boston for the team that ended the Celtics’ ’11-12 season.

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  • http://nba.com GP23

    Why does he care?

  • http://minusthebars.blogspot.com don

    Jarrett Jack still has much to learn about life.

  • Greg Gomberg

    I mean, he is trying to win a ring. The dude is going to be coming off the bench anyways. You just got to think of the window of opportunities that are left for this guy and he is going for the best place. Obviously the BIG 3 Garnett, Pierce, and Allen may have all came at the same time, but they sure ain’t all leaving together.

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher


  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    moving on…

  • thor

    And I’m sure you could teach him that, don? It does seem too weird picturing Ray in a Heat uni.

  • LMurray

    A team tries to trade me twice? and signs a player that plays my position? yeah I’m gone too

  • jp

    Ray Allen is going to Hall of Fame… where is th respect?

  • jp

    Ray Allen is going to Hall of Fame… where is th respect?

  • MDubb3

    Oh the relevancy

  • bakers’-dozen

    That’s like Jeter signing with teh Red Sox.

  • eZ

    Now i know why cp3 to the lakers didn’t go through. Stern was influenced by jarret jacks oh so important opinion….
    It’s easybfor jack to say such things, he will never be relevant enough to ever face such dillemma’s.

  • ALD

    he and steve nash are traitors.. but it aint that serious tho

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    Bakers no it isn’t. Celtics/Heat isn’t as serious of a rivalry as Red Sox/Yanks

  • j0hnny

    shouldnt he be more butt hurt that eric gordon decided to sign with the Suns instead of running the back court with him in New Orleans?

  • TRose

    The reaction of the fans, the disrespect, is the exact reason Ray lef. Celtic fans constantly talk about loyalty, where is your loyalty to the man who helped you win a championship, who brought you back to the ship, who constantly hit game winning shots, it’s just unbelievable how people forget this all because Ray wanted to feel respected once more.

    Also to Slamonline, can we get other players reactions to the Ray trade?

  • ashesofman

    The Celtic/Heat rivalry is just as serious, if not more serious than the Red Sox/Yankee rivalry, since baseball is only serious in that it is a seriously boring sport. Ray Allen is the biggest traitor since Judas Iscariot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wealwayswin Hersey

    The C’s tried to trade him twice. Ray wanted to feel loved. Tons of northeasterners move to Miami when they get older.

  • oliver miller

    Who’s Jarett Jack?

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    I had no idea Ray committed treason.

  • MeloMan15

    you people are way too hard on jarett jack… The natural reaction from tons of people to this signing is that ray ray is a traitor, jack just tweeted it

  • pdacres207

    Jarret Jacks Who?

  • Sean B

    Let’s see Celtics wanted to trade Ray Allen how many times over the past few years? If the team can dangle you and make moves at a moment’s notice, people can’t complain when the player also uses his ability to change teams when given the chance.

  • jlove23

    Maaaaan yes he is a traitor. so he wanted his starting job back
    . Hell he definitely not gettin no starting job now playing behind dwade so wats the excuse now he didnt like rondo? please if you cnt deal with one of the best point guards n the nba then something wrong wit ray ray. now he’s on a team wit young superstars n one of the most weakest point guards ever that still think he can compete wit a rondo or deron will or drose or cp3 or russell westbrook. Where’s ray ray relevancy n Miami? to come in off the bench and knock down shots? n boston he was winning games wit those shots he not closer games no more especially wit miami. But he Boston jus got better than they were this year

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    Instead of tweeting some bs why not talk to him like a man? And cosign JT you would have thought Ray gave away nuclear missile locations to North Korea.

  • http://www.google.com john levell starks


  • Pais

    Maybe you agree with JJ, maybe not, but I absolutely hate when couch potato critics try to make out that a NBA player who’s less than hall of fame material isn’t entitled to an opinion regarding something basketball related. Generally speaking it’s a safe bet that a ball boy has an opinion of more value than the vast majority of people commenting on the internet.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    Yeah, they signed his replacement and tried to trade him more than once…he really owes them his loyalty…SMH

  • B.C

    Jarrett Jack has no room to talk, he’s garbage and he’ll never be on Ray Allen’s level.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7C0vd-L5lg Redd

    My butthole is wide

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7C0vd-L5lg Redd

    My butthole is stretched

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7C0vd-L5lg Redd

    My butthole is sore

  • http://www.thesmashbrothas.com zen garden

    who cares what jarret says or does on or off the court

  • ashesofman

    Ray Allen is 36 years old. Does he think he’s going to play forever? Do the Celtics as a team not have the responsibility to train and prepare a replacement for Allen before he becomes too old to play? He should have taken Avery Bradley under his wing and groomed him to assume his position on the court. But, instead he plays the turncloak and jumps onto LeBron’s dick. Miami isn’t going to open a starting position for Ray. Truth be told, he probably took the reduced salary because he wants more bench time during the season. His play has been dwindling slowly since the Celtics aquired him in 07 from the Sonics. His numbers reflect that. He probably wants to spare himself the embarassment of being relied upon and failing like he did this year in Boston. He’s just joining the Miami Beach retirement home along with Juwan Howard.

  • LA Huey

    co-sign Wayno. Though I have nothing against them for doing so, the Celtics shop everyone on their roster. You have to show faith to earn loyalty.

  • http://thahiphopcorner.com Kevin

    Eh I think Ray owed Boston one more year with the way he stunk up the joint in the playoffs

  • http://www.nba.com Shadojoker

    This entire thread is straight hilarity

  • http://abcnews.com charliewinning

    Most of these comments are beyond stupid, but to anyone comparing the Yankees/Red Sox to Heat/Celtics please step away from your computer or phone. You’re too dumb to even own them. A semi-rivalry that is one year old has absolutely no business being compared to a rivalry that pre-dates the births of any of your grandparents. Dumb kids smh. Ray did what he had every right to do. If you have a problem with it then you need to re-evaluate your life.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    Cosign Charlie on the dumbasses comparing this too baseballs greatest rivalry


    Look, Ray Allen was damn near traded by Boston. He figured why take a chance and stay, just to possibly get traded somewhere he doesn’t wanna be later. That made perfect sense to me. Would Boston be considered unloyal if they woulda traded him???…Jarret Jack needs to focus on his own irrelevant career, instead of worrying about a future Hall of Famer…

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    Ray Allen – “whose Jarret Jack?” – not really, but basically. Jack has no ground to say anything. And Boston tried to trade Allen twice last season alone, even told him he was traded at one point. So if I was Allen I would have moved on too.

  • robb

    Ray Allen is one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) shooters of all time, he won a championship with the Celtics, his work ethic is legendary and his commitment with every team he’s been a part of is unquestionable. He can do whatever he wants to do. If a nobody calls him a traitor who cares?

  • Skrill

    Jarret jack? Whow cares…twitter come on son

  • Bostonballer

    whatever….He has his opinion…it’s a business.

  • jeremys6226

    Boston tried to trade him twice and signed Jason Terry so Ray felt crazy disrespected and who gives a fuck what Jarret Jack has to say?

  • billups

    yep the Celtics who have been actively trying to get rid of Ray Allen for the past two years….he should have an undying allegiance to those guys

  • Bill

    He’s a traitor for leaving the Bucks! No, I mean the Sonics! No, I mean I, and everyone else who thinks Allen is a traitor, is a moron!

    None of these tools were shouting “traitor” at Ainge when he traded Perkins and Glen Davis.

  • Sizzle

    I love the idiots calling him a traitor. His team tried to trade him multiple times in the past two seasons, they want bradley to start over him (rightly or wrongly), and then sign Jason Terry, plus the whole Rondo situation. He doesn’t owe them anything. The MAIN reason the Celtics wanted to sign him back was to keep him OFF of the Heat.

  • Flame Heart

    Wasn’t Jarret Jack the guy who praised dwight howard for being “Loyal” to his franchise after signing the one year extension?

    Lol this guy is a joke. The NBA is a business first, everything else second. How can a guy be loyal to a team if the team isn’t loyal to him?

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Jack needs to open his eyes a little. Seriously, how can he see anything?

  • mike

    jarrett would be an upgrade for the heat at point guard. Show some respect. If ray ray wanted a title why not sign with the lake show or okc for the min.? Why the heat?

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    I won’t go as far as to say it was treason, but I’m sure Ray is trying to stick it to Bos a little bit by signing with the Heat.

  • d.macaroni

    Ray should know by now that it’s all business and so should this whole board. Ray’s no traitor…just a whiner. Disrespect…please! Players get traded all-the-damn-time!!!
    That said…go Raps!

  • BulldozeRIP

    Just wait till you see heat utilize dwade as PG on some games while ray starts at SG. its gonna be the sh*t.

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Maybe Jack is calling out Ray because of how Ray called out David West last year? I know Jack and West were friends.

  • js

    Comparing the Heat to the Celtics, Red Sox or Yankees? Come on.

  • jsmallz

    The terry signing would be insurence. The one thing that stops any team AND I MEAN ANY TEAM from winning Thats so a team has many deadly options. What ever it takes in the retool yet rebuild process.

  • Success713

    Ray battled years with Boston. He’s part of the first modern day big three. Man where’s the loyalty? Disrespected or not he disrespected His squad…Danny Ainge tried all season to trade Rondo, and he went and made history..

  • ratguts

    The best part of all of this is that Jack is “SOMEWHERE WATCHING MARTIN”.

  • dahon

    ill tell you what i think…you are nowhere near allen’s game yo.

  • bonK

    Who cares. He’s a free agent. He can do whatever he wants. Get over yourself jack

  • http://www.nba.com/knicks danfields

    sure this aint a classy move by ray allen. im just not so sure if jarret jack did his self a favor by posting his opinion on this publicly

  • Yesse

    Gimme a break.

    He is a grown man and he can make his own decisions.

  • yc

    full of ad hominems here.

  • Brad

    If you are commenting who’s jarrett Jack please realize know one cares for your opinion anymore cause you are obviously not a big basketball fan anyways.

  • R32

    Jarrett Jack is Pikachu, that’s who he is.


    First off the Heat and Celtics aren’t rivals..The Heat have owned the celtics the last two years in the playoffs so I don’t know what the argument is..don’t flatter yourselves Boston fans your team is no way near the same caliber as Miami ..you can’t beat them you JOIN THEM!

  • Heals

    Excellent pick-up Cab! We’ll never know, but good logic…

  • Ernie D

    I had to ask myself who JJ plays for these days. Ray Ray did it for EGO. Best to move on. The new Big three is Pierce, Garnett and Rondo anyways. I also wonder where Jason Terry’s stats will end up next to Ray Rays when they both retire. My guess is not too far off.

  • http://SLAM Richard Johnson

    At Ray Alllens age, he dosen’t have to answer to anybody!! Im a Basketball fan first, & a Heat fan 2nd, & Im here to tell U, Ray Allen gave his heart & soul to all the teams, he has ever played for!!! Anybody that puts the time in the gym, that guy does, should never be questioned!! He has been there done that, & will do it again with the Heat!! My son is 10 & Ray is the person I show him he should, build his work ethic after!

  • philynation

    ^agreed rays best shot at a chip is in miami, so why not?

  • Baller

    Jack is certainly entitled to his opinion but who cares about what he thinks. He’s a nobody.

  • C-TOWN_33

    Why are people saying Celtics/Heat rivalry? The Celtics/Lakers rivalry is, and will always be, not only the best Celtics rivalry, but also sports greatest rivalry.

  • Suita_j83

    Who ?? Oh yeah this guy is a bench player that no one ever says Jack $#it about , nuff said

  • Don369

    Why is it when a player makes a decision it’s scrutinized. The team can cut him and all you can say, it’s business. The MAN made a decision that’s best in his interest. I’m a Philly fan to let you know. I’ll still root against him but I stand up for his choice. Ray Allen you still have to look out for you.

  • lamontfrazier

    How about how they treated him trying trade him seing playing

  • http://Jesush330@hotmail.com Jesus Cordoba

    Mr Jack Jarrett, think that you are living in a time when delayed, now basketball is more tactical and evolved light years from his thought which makes it slow to understand many things. Already be champions is not the elites of the past teams, but whoever best partly defensive and offensive, you have a mental problem which will not allow to develop his game as a player; but his game vengeful and force if there is any match with his team, to which this you are representing.
    Here have no excuses for their words, as other many players you has hurt that the Miami Heat team has been the champion of this year.
    Remember that basketball is just a game which move the appropriate tabs at right time as ajedres game.
    You have to prove to your computer is your talent and justify what it paid for which he was hired to play and be better than many more.
    Finally I want to be clear, if there are people who want to be in the Miami Heat for less money is because a big family in which there is a unification for a good common another Championship and a ring which is what I yearn for many players, because later demonstrate the game and not the language has been created.

    Señor Jarrett, creo que usted esta viviendo en una epoca atrazada, pues el baloncesto de ahora es mas tactico y ha evolucionado a años luz de su pensamiento lo cual lo hace lento de comprender muchas cosas. El ser campeones ya no esta en los equipos elites del pasado, sino quien sea mejor en la parte defensiva y ofensiva, usted tiene un problema mental el cual no le va a permitir desarrollar su juego como jugador; sino su juego vengativo y de fuerza si es que hay algun partido con su equipo, al cual esta usted esta representando.
    Aqui no caben las excusas por sus palabras, usted como a otros tantos jugadores le ha dolido que el equipo de Miami Heat halla sido el campeon de este año.
    Recuerde que el baloncesto es tan solo un juego donde se mueven las fichas apropiadas en su momento oportuno como en juego de ajedres.
    Usted lo que tiene que demostrar ante su equipo es su talento y justificar lo que juega por lo que le pagan por el cual fue contratado y ser mejor que muchos mas.
    Por ultimo quiero serle claro, si hay personas que quieren estar en el Miami Heat por menos dinero es porque se ha creado una gran familia en el cual hay una unificacion por un bien comun otro campeonato y un anillo que es lo que anhelan muchos jugadores, pues adelante demuestrenlo con el juego y no con la lengua

  • http://www.cimas.co.zw R Takawira

    2 things….

    1. Ray Allen moved cause he did not have to put up with Rondo’s antics and the threat of being traded every other daay

    2. Ray Ray saw LBJ’s eyes and knew if you want a ring, you have to be in Miami.

    so it was an easy decision, well not quite, but for peace of mind Miami is the perfect place for Ray Ray

  • jeffrey

    jarrett jack he’s no traitor it’s called business.He could have stayed and got more money.But he said no to the money but yes to the opportunity.It’s about whats best for his family.

  • JakeMc

    This is so clear if you would simply read between the lines…..Allen simply gets more respect in Miami than he did in Boston, and if he can win a championship, in addition to gaining respect, then why not!!
    We welcome you with open arms Ray and appreciate what you will bring to our team….enjoy Florida, golf & the great weather!!

  • Bullslove

    Its not that Ray doesnt have the right to choose his team he dora. And the Celtics owe it to their team and fans to try an stay competative. But RA is a traitor cuz he went to MIAMI. He took the easy way out. Is that a crime? No. But its not luke Celrics wer gona suck. But he chose to jump ship like a coward. All he does is highlight the new trend in sports. Dont work hard. Take easy way out. Of Boston finds away to knock off Miami it will b a HUGE egg on his face. Now can anybody get Howard to come to Chicago????? Lol

  • http://facebook deaksc

    Jack,you still haven’t figure it out yet, this is a business, and that’s what Mr.Ray Allen is doing taking care of Business,get with the program,or you will be just like some of the other star player,beside your team will not do any better than the Boston Celtics’in 2012-2013,you think about that.

  • arthur

    The fans would have been mad at the organization if they had traded Ray Allen. Just as his teammates would be mad at the organization for trading Allen. The point is that Allen betrayed his teammates and the fans is what gets him the title of traitor. the organization offered him a no trade clause and he still declines. His move to Miami was more out of spite than being respected. The fact Is that he has a huge ego and made a selfish move by joining the Heat. Doc eluded that Allen was a bit jealous that the Celtics gave priority to signing garnett as their main move for the off season. What kind of ego its that? To be jealous of your own teammate? Lets be real here. Garnett plays much harder than Allen and is a more productive player. For him to want to be treated as more important than Garnett is ridiculous. He belongs in the heat. Over there they all want to feel wanted because they’re all insecure and have big ego issues they can work on together.

  • Pamela

    Yes I feel you are wrong to be that harsh with out really knowing all the circumstances. What is wrong with a man doing what he feels is right for him. He gave them FIVE great years. If playing for a team is about loyalty then put that into the rules. Not even the teams themselves are loyal to there players. I have seen teams clear there whole roster to start over! They are not saying “oh let’s keep him because he has been loyal to us”. The other point is Boston signed other player to play Ray’s position. That is a big sign right there that they might be going a different direction. So am tired of people always judging the players and the moves! If Dwight, LeBron, Chris Paul Steve Nash and others want to go elsewhere so be it! Who are we to judge and put clauses into there contract that does no exist in the NBA! LOYALTY? Please!

  • ron44wpb

    Who is this Jarrett Jack? That’s the question you need to ask?? ANSWER: WHO CARES!!!!

  • histor ree

    Ray Allen will shoot
    The winning shot as the heat repeat.

  • Tucker Togawa

    Hey Jarrett,

    You’re wrong, Ray is not a traitor, remember he took less money to play with the C’s and he gave them his all. Also, Ray was going to be benched in favor of Bradley. Ray wants to play a bigger role and he will with the current champs. Also, note that Ray is taking less money again to go with the champs. I have more respect for Ray after his decision.



  • Watermelons Fallin

    So let me understand this. Jarrett Jack, an NBA Player, has no right to say anything about Ray Allen signing with the Heat but all of you do??

    Lol I have absolutely no problem with Allen going to the Heat but why is everyone saying such stupid crap about JJ??

    Does anyone know the meaning of being a hypocrite?

  • Devon

    Jarret Jack does not look good in green. In fact, no one in the NBA looks good in green. Last season Lebron was the traitor, now Ray Allen. It’s ridiculous. Every single team in the NBA are rivals. There are no teams working together to get the other into the championships. They’re all trying to get there themselves and that’s what every player wants: to get into the championships. Jarret Jack needs to worry about improving his own skills so a team with championship viability asks him to join their organization. Boom!

  • Stephan24

    Ray Allen Is a Fucking Traitor



  • Grant

    It’s not just you, Jarrett. He is a traitor.

  • Quan

    Bottom line about this is Jarrett Jack doesn’t really matter. He’s using this to get publicity. In the league, Allen has earned his stripes. He can do whatever he wants. This is not like Lebron leaving Cleveland. Not everyone in Boston is like Doc. You do not give respect back to people who do not treat you with respect.

  • Danielle

    This is so dumb…first off I wouldn’t know who Jarret Jack was if he ran up and bit me on the street. Secondly, Ray Allen was put in a position where Rondo told the team “it’s either him or me” and they obviously made their choice by letting Allen go. Celtic’s fans are over reacting. If Ray Allen is a “traitor”, then that would make every NBA player ever to become a FREE AGENT and go to another team a traitor.

  • Tex

    Some of these posts are comical. Some are so poorly written that I’m not sure what the hell they’re saying… and I’m actually pointing to the ones whose first language is the English they never learned to speak or write. That aside… JJ WHO???? If Jack was anywhere the caliber player that someone with money or a team looking for more rings might want, then you know his hypocritical ass would be gone so fast that it’d make the Tasmanian Devil look like he was standing still! If you’ve followed everything NBA, then the one comment here that should stand out is the one that said, “the only reason Boston wanted to re-sign Ray Allen was to keep him from signing with Miami.” For those bitching about his playoff performance, the exact same crap has been spewed about nearly every player who has ever played the game. They all have crappy games and series, with the ultra rare exception of perhaps Michael Jordan, who still got bashed for “bad” games and series, even though his numbers were still well beyond anyone else… they simply were not as Jordanesque as usual. The guy is known for 3-point shooting and has remained a standout in that area… which is what the Heat want out of him – 3-point threat to stretch the defense and open up the lanes for James, Wade, Bosh, et al. All you had to do is actually watch games across the NBA throughout the whole season to know most of this without needing anyone to parrot a bit of sports articles and interviews. AND FINALLY, saying the Heat are the rivals of the Celtics sounds ridiculous and like sacrilege. Their only real rivals as far as I’m concerned have always been the Lakers…. that has been the way it’s been for decades…. and while the Heat are a speed bump right now for the Celtics, when James, Wade and Bosh are no more, it will be back to the Lakers…. that’s what people remember and what history shows.

    Traitor? No. Smart businessman and player, thinking ahead to his legacy and retirement opportunities that increase with more exposure, more talk and more rings? Yes.

    Jack is jacked up and can STFU & GTH. End of story.

  • http://www.bleacherreport.com Coach

    It is a business and in business you sometimes change jobs. Good luck to Ray Allen and his new team next year.

  • Dave

    To those who say, “It’s all business,” lay I remind you that Ray took a deep pay cut. This is emotionalism. But, hey, it’s not like people are getting killed so if he’s a traitor it’s okay.

  • Dave

    Just a business? Allen took a pay cut. This is emotionalism, but it’s okay because nobody gets killed if he is a traitor.

  • http://www.bleacherreport.com Coach

    One more thing…….. Jack needs to work on his game the way Ray has over the years and then maybe he can one day be a HALL of FAMER, but instead he is focusing on Miami’ roster and Ray Allen business.

    Message to JACK….it is okay when fans tweet stupid comments but NBA players should know better.

  • http://www.bleacherreport.com Coach

    A business…..Lebron did too and it worked out well. Once these guys get rich they shoot for the ring…….Who wants sto be another Barkely, Ewing, Malone, etc. great but NO RING.

    I hate it when the Owenr and mgmnt can move players and nobody talks of disloyalty or mention the word traitor. But, when the player makes a move thats best for him and his…..you get dumb tweets and words from theses fans that are FANATICS.

  • Richard

    Jack… ass!…….. enough said!

  • janice

    I think you and every body else needs to mind there business…this is ray allens life hater’s

  • Pancho Billa Sr.

    I think any player should be allowed signing any team, if they are a free agent.Do not Hate The Playa , Hate The Game.Smile.

  • rick

    what does allen leaving boston have to with you?

  • Big O

    For real who is this guy Jarret?
    Get a life!!!

  • m doyle

    Wow Allen feels disrespected? As a fan, I feel screwed. I hope he regrets his decision to join heat as much as I regret his decision to leaVe Boston.

  • Earl

    I don’t believe that the Celtics/Heat rivalry is bigger than the one Celtics have with the Lakers. So all that traitor talk needs to stop. The way I look at it is if you’re not on my team then you’re a rival anyway. Everyone just needs to get off Ray Allen’s dick starting with Jarret “Irrelevant” Jack

  • bcs

    Why do people keep bringing up the fact that Ray was being dangled by the Celtics in trade talks? Rondo was once dangled too and he didn’t let his feelings get hurt. Pierce was also dangled and he didn’t cry about it. Fact is that Ray is now showing how soft he is in being upset in the natural business of the game. Also don’t forget that he also let one bad relationship with one teammate drive him out as well. Yea, some teammate Ray is to turn his back on the rest of his teammates because of one teammate he didn’t like. Now I wish Ray the best of luck because I don’t wish bad things to happen to anyone, but I sure have lost some respect for him in his reasons to why he left.

  • http://blackamericaweb.com charliewinning

    Ray leaving is also part of the business. Why are people crying over Ray leaving while using the excuse that trades are part of the business? He was a free agent. Free agent means he gets to decide where he wants to go for whatever reason he chooses to go. People need to get over it and deal with it. Players do not owe owners and fans their own happiness. You don’t have to approve of his reasons for leaving.

  • delphie5

    Unbelievable – #1 off basketball is a business – plain and simple. if anyone is ignorant enough to love and be passionate about the player rather than the team; well then you are gonna think a whole lot of people are traitors in your lifetime. #2 – the purpose of the players who play because they 1rst love the game – will take less money to get the real goal – the ring/title. those that play for the money will take the money. #3 – refer to #1 and remember the owners, gm’s, etc always remember it is a business. #4 – love the game but never forget the NBA game is always and foremost a business.

  • http://twitter.com/IAmReal247 Derrick Hudson

    At the twilight of his career, Allen wants to add another championship to his hall a fame career so I don’t think anyone should blame him for signing with the Heat. I don’t see nothing wrong with his decision seeing as James and Bosh joined the Heat for that same reason.

  • B. Merideth

    It is sad that Jarrett Jacks can’t respect Ray’s decision, by minding his own affairs, didn’t his mother teach him that some thoughts are best kept to one self. Kind of like the Calvs getting a championship before the heat!!

  • http://Wellrespected20.com Well respected

    I think he realizes that they really don’t stand a chance against the heat now. It’s a business now days and traitor talk really doesn’t matter because he’s been trade bait anyway.

  • http://TeamBleachers ISHINEUSHINE

    Ray is gone and based on what I’ve seen reported; GOOD!!
    Teams can trade when the want, bench you, release you/ amnesty you(but still pay you). When a player is a FREE AGENT he can sign wherever he wants as well!! So it is what it is!!
    Ray is a great player but I’m not feeling his motives. The Celtics were gonna trade Paul Pierce, Rondo, KG & RAY ALLEN at some point; which WE all know. So Ray stop acting you wee the only one. They actually did trade Kendrick Perkins!! Bad move on Ainge’s behalf!! I have know facts what went on between Ray and Rondo as well as Rondo and KG! But once again Ray it wasn’t just you but KG got over before 36 million was offered so why can’t you RAY??!! For the record the Celtics went for a commitment from KG – FIRST!! Why not??? The went after Ray Allen 2nd – 2 years 12 million total w/o the no trade clause!! Later the NO TRADE CLAUSE WAS OFFERED!! Whether because Miami offered it or not!! I’m pretty sure his Agent communicated this was a must!! ONLY Nowitzki and Kobe; NOBODY ELSE!! Not even LBJ, D WADE or D ROSE!! But Ray good negotiating!!! GET IT RIGHT PEOPLE – THE CELTICS PRESENTED RAY ALLEN BEFORE JASON TERRY WAS APPROACHED or even offered a deal!! So was again Ray; C’MON SON!??!!!!!
    Here’s the kicker – how does it look with RAY having a problem with the Celtics pursuing KG before him or him (RAY ALLEN) at the same time?????? Ray has issues; as GREAT as a player he is/was!!! Remember the Perkins trade was done on the low and although Danny Ainge can do what he wants it was communicated back then that the BIG 3 wanted in on what movements might take place. And they were that’s WHY ALL THE SUPOSED TRADES DIDN’T go down!! They all spoke up for one another whether it was Ray Allen or Rondo; which happened to be the most talked about! Even Doc Rivers went to bat for Ray and whoever!!
    I clearly said earlier a player can go where he chooses when he is a free agent but Ray should of or could of talked with his fellow teammates! Don’t no body sit here and tell me that you ain’t see HARMONY with the Celtics on that floor ORCHESTRATED BY RAJON AMONGST EVERYONE!!!
    You can’t get that everywhere Ray!! You left a team down 3 KEY pieces ( Jeff Green, Bradley & Wilcox) that LOST to your NEW (down 1 guy half of Celtics vs Heat series) team by 1 game in the best of 7!! C’mon SON??!!
    People don’t discount the CELTICS VS ( LBJ (cleveland)- D Wade (Miami pre LBJ/Bosh) present Miami & Atlanta as the mini rivalries that they are or have become over the last 5 years!! Because of KG – PIERCE – RAY is the reason DWADE -LBG – BOSH came together!!!
    So good luck Ray Allen and the Miami Heat because the Celtics will be there in the Eastern Conference finals looking for YOU!!!!

  • http://BleacherReport Carlton1232

    There is no loyalty in basketball any more. Gone are the days of bird and magic when you stuck with your team until the end. Shoots, Jordan didn’t even do that. I know Walter Ray Allen is almost past the twilight of his career but when the rivalry is as intense as this, you have to look in the mirror Ray and ask, “What the heck am I doing?” Did Stockton win a ring? No. What about Malone, Barkley, Reggie Miller, Chris Mullen, Eddie Jones and so many countless others. None of them have a ring, but Allen has one that he earned with a great team mates. He has been to the top of the mountain and now the only thing that should matter is the journey. Does Allen really want to be remembered by committing a greater sin than LeBron? Atleast LeBron joined his friends

  • Jeremie Go

    Jarret Jack-ass just want to be famous… BTW.. who wants to hear your comments/ideas? NONE.. Get a LIFE hehehe

  • ged tototy aces

    Shame on you

  • pipi kardozo

    what is the name for managers when they shipped perkins to okc without warning.Is it only the players that do not have any freedom. grow up my friend .Ray allen is a mature man he does what is good for himself and hios family.If he feels the heat is going to treat him better than the celtics he is right to earn your living in dignity and respect is a blessing

  • David

    How do you stick it to the team after they tried to trade you to Memphis…That’s right you sign with their rivals. Now you can stick it to them about 6 times a year…Good job Ray.. Welcome to the Heat Nation…

  • http://yahoo Franklin Rhodes

    Man have to mind thier business and concentrate only on thier family and happiness,to get involved or to comment on another mans destiny is wrong at the end of Mr. Rays playing it is important to do it his way,as far as friends the real ones will understand without question and still be friends.Mr J we r still waiting on ur do u have a ring man group,until then would u mind a real ballplayer i mean a real hallofame carry on a most enjoyable to all of us carrier thank u Mr J.

  • Klobin

    Am I wrong for assuming Jarrett Jack is an idiot of the highest order. If there are any traitors to be talked about it should be the Celtics. The last 2 seasons they have been trying to trade Ray Allen, and during those times how many times has he come up big for them? Answer= Countless. The man is a free agent now and decides that he wants another shot at a ring without having to worry bout getting traded to a bottom tier team and people wanna wine and cry because he went to the best opportunity for him to do that. Live your life Ray, get your ring because your still going into the hall of fame

  • edgar

    Many people lost their respect for Ray Allen.. including me.He left the Cs for less? why is that? and joined last seasons Cs tormentor Heat? why not go to other teams? why the heat for less? whats wrong with you Ray feels like your taking revenge on the Celtics or something like that…they loved you there man and you leave them. Ray Allen will not be a Hall of Famer..He will be in the Hall of shame…. shame on you Ray but have a good day…..

  • mark J

    who is jarrett jack? hey jarrett why can’t you mind your own business? because if Pat Riley approached you about coming to Miami, your dumb ass will be on the next thing “smokin” to south beach. Just shut the hell up and mind your own business; cause ray is definitely minding his.

  • http://twitter mark J

    whoever the individual was that said there is no loyalty in basketball anymore. my question for him would be where have you been? as far as loyalty goes, there never has been any. if anything it is mgmt and the ownership that is not loyal to you. as for lebron james being a traitor, lebron james did exactly what he was mandated to do. he honored his contract with cleveland; he showed up when his presence was required. and he was never in any kind of trouble with the authorities and yet you “numb nutts” want to call the man a traitor. fast forward to a yr later and now it is ray allen that is getting dumped on. you r mad that miami has a world class front office that is on the level with l.a., chicago, and boston and it just eats you a-holes up. well get used to it because mimia is gonna win #3 this coming season. u can start to get mad all over again!!! HEAT in 12-2013!!!

  • Bob sanders

    Cuz CP3, jacks best friend, wanted to stay loyal to the Hornets……. Jack is irrelevant to the NBA.

  • james

    Hold on for a moment, is this a Hall Of Famer questioning another Hall of Famer…..until then shut up !!!!!!!! Who do u play for anyway ?????

  • Russell Rodriguez

    He is a hall of famer your a crum snacher win something then talk your game is week and your soft and you have 2 first names don’t mess with the 305

  • Lazaro Diaz

    How dare you call the 3 point record holder a traitor. Just because he switches to a way better team does not mean he is a traitor. You are nobody to judge Ray Allen or anybody else. You still have a lot to learn youngblood.

  • Bignate

    Please Jarret who are you to say whose a traitor. What have you done in your career thats worth while. Ray allen is the greatest shooter of all time he can go where he pleases.

  • Marc regal

    Im a diehard celtics fan…yes ray allen is a traitor. Thanks for helping, being the third best player , winning us a chip. But u dont take less money to join a hated rival. Your brothers rondo and garnett, at least garnett is his brother, did not even shake these guys hand, and you join them. You ray will forever be looked at differently. To you people who say well they tried to trade him, EVERY player names comes up n trades, even pierce and rondo. And didnt trade him and offered a no trade clause, 6 milly a year for two. Ray ive lost all respect bro, and i really liked the celtics bc south carolina was represented well. Damn ray, damn

  • dave

    jaret jack? who cares about u buddy. u suck anyway.lol

  • Ak47jm

    Regardless of what anyone says, Ray’s move was extremely selfish and is a perfect example of players who only think about themselves and who take the easy way out. He could’ve grinded it out with the team that has been so loyal to him. LeBron did it because there wasn’t any REAL chance of them winning. Ray could’ve possibly done it with the Celtics next season, and if not, you’d still see #20 in the rafters. The Celtics even doubled the offer! He left the fans, more money, and most importantly his Family in the Boston Celtics, to get an easy ring. Selfish and a Traitor. Have fun in South Beach.

  • PeteRocks129

    Its time for ray to move on, the big 3 thing is over. Why not go to the heat? hes need there and he’ll have fun these last few years before retiring. And who is Jerrett jack again?

  • Grown

    Ray wants another ring, he knows where to get it at! We are happy to have him on #TeamHeat welcome Ray Allen.. They did the same ish to Lebron James..SMH @ u ppl! Respect this man he put in work in the NBA..and will go into the hall of fame as one of the greatest that has ever done it! and WTF is Jarrett Jack again? ok moving on!

  • HEAT

    Jarrett Jack you need to try and get a ring before you start running your no ballin ass mouth.

  • Darryl Moore


  • Pakapala

    1st off, I have no idea who J.J is !!!!! He will never have that dilemna. 2nd the NBA is a business, players shouldn’t have to be bound and gagged to one team until they retire. As much as the fans lovetheir star player/s, in a free market they should and have the right to play for whomever they chose.

    Fans should appreciate the players for the times and memorable games they gave their teams, and let them move on if they so chose.

  • Pakapala

    1st off, I have no idea who J.J is !!!!! He will never have that dilemna. 2nd the NBA is a business, players shouldn’t have to be bound and gagged to one team until they retire. As much as the fans lovetheir star player/s, in a free market they should and have the right to play for whomever they chose.

    Fans should appreciate the players for the times and memorable games they gave their teams, and let them move on if they so chose.

  • Ken in Hawaii

    Jarrett Jack like any other person is entitled to his opinion. Since no other basketball player came right out and said it, Jack has opened himself up for criticism. Most of you are calling him a nobody and he’s angered a lot of people. Personally, I am glad he said what a lot of people are thinking.

    Ray Allen chose to go where he thought he would get a ring. He took less money to come off the bench behind Dwyane Wade. I think all the connections his family members made in Boston will forever be broken. On some levels it is not dissimilar to when Lebron left Cleveland. It is not so much that he left, but how he left. Ray took less money. YES, it was personal and emotional. What opportunity does Ray have in South Beach? He was interested in the Clippers until they resigned Billups. Allen painted himself into a corner and was going to leave Boston no matter what.

    I think Ray Allen is a traitor of the worst kind. I think he was more of a problem child and had a sense of entitlement. I think he was bad in the playoffs last season. I think he was terrible in the finals against LA where he missed key shots that would have given the Cs a second ring.

    Most of all, I think Boston will be better off without him.

  • Sue

    Ray is a bad guy. Celtics gave him more money than other teams and a clause of no trade and he signfor less for their hated rival to be the sixth men.

  • ron

    How easy one could forget the Celtics’s been trying to trade Ray. Could not be more agree with the points aforementioned, how could you expect a player to be loyal to the team while the team ain’t loyal to him?

  • http://yahoo gene topacio

    Jarett Jack or whatever his name is.. he is just jealous to Ray Allen because nobody offered him anything in NBA. even Ray’s age he has still received respect from a highly contending NBA team because of his real talent… but J Jack even on his very young age nobody has ever offered him anything even if he will become a Free Agent in the future because he needs more practice to be in the league with Ray Allen….

  • IGGI

    Hey Jarett Jackass, no ones cares what you have to say, so shot the hell-up!!! Go practice to see if maybe you can get close to the lebel of the great Ray Allen.

  • Ldub

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Being a Heat fan…I still would have liked to see Ray finish his career in Bean Town. But trust and believe I am stoked that he decided not to. People can talk about loyalty if they want to. They can call Ray a traitor or whatever. Bottom line though…Ray is going to do whats best for him and his family. Obviously its about the rings. I would choose Miami or Boston (LBJ and Wade over PP/RR and KG). Thats my personal opinion. Others are going to differ, but at the end of the day….Allen has put himself in the best position for himself and his family. That is where his loyalty is.


    first of to that person jlove23 yea RIO is good enough to compete with those guards he did it to westbrook the whole nba finals and helped miami win there championship actually he was a key contributer and people people please ray allen didnt even start his career with the celtics he played with the SUPER SONICS AKA OKC it is the end of his career give him a break he is going to be inducted in the hall of fame no doubt and he wants to win again beforwe he retires so he isn’t a traitor……i bet if any of you were him yall will do the same thing

  • Colette

    I’m tired of hearing that Ray Allen is a traitor. Im pretty sure he’s not the only player to leave a team and go to another team. The same thing happended when Lebron left Cleveland to go to Miami. Fans were saying that he’s a traitor because he left. You should be happy with what he did for the celtics. Plus the celetics have been trying to trade him for two years!! Ray Allen is just trying to get another ring before he retires. I bet he feels like he has a good chance of getting it with the heat and the end of the day it’s his decision. We as fans can say whatever we want to about his decision but it’s not going to change the fact that he left the celetics. He probably doesn’t even care what people are saying. He’s doing what he wants to do and what help him get one more ring.

  • VelvetKnight

    He didn’t get along with Rondo, they pushed him to the side, and dangled him as trade bait for two years. If my bosses treated me that way, I’d get a better job too. Don’t think that would make me a “traitor.”

    What if the Celtics had been successful at pawning him off onto another team? Would Jack be calling the Celtics “traitors” for getting rid of him?

  • R.Browne

    As everyone should know. This is a business. Employees makes decisions to advance their lives and career. I believe the writing was on the wall long before the decision was made to commit to Miami. You do not hear words like tradition and legacy. You hear instead, words like business, entertainment, and profits.

  • Noj Nodnyl

    Life goes on… And then the Celtics beat the Heat in 2012-2013 (how’s that for heated irony? payback? whatever…?). It’s Ray’s life- Celtics gave the Heat the best series in the entire playoffs, and then the Thunder just never even showed up. Celtics could’ve & should’ve beat the Heat. They out-played the Heat 4 straight games, but Game 2 (w/ a couple late minute non-calls) went to Miami in OT. Everyone knows what I mean. Then won the next three… but for some pathetic reason, C’s were a no-show in Boston when they just let James run the court!? Go back a few years to the 2nd time in 3 years when Boston played LA, after Ray Allen put on a 3-point clinic in LA, he couldn’t hit anything??? There was a golden chance for him to win a 2nd ring. This Celtics team is not done. Everyone thought they were, yet they played far better then even Magic expected. Hearts of champions. Ray Allen (thanks for your time in Boston) may be watching from a TV in Miami as the C’s march towards #18 (& we would love to have him helping. Gonna be on the bench, anyway).

  • Jer dawG

    No loyalty in sports. It’s just right here, right now type thing. Somebody pays you to do
    Something you enjoy go do it. Celtics wanted to dangle him for trade bait for the better half of two years why even bother?
    I’m no Celtics fan or Heat fan, but it’s about the person. He’s played the best he could and now he can just be who he wants to be.

  • GMAN

    People seem to forget that the bottom line to all this is these guys have millions. They can pick where they want to go because it’s their family that’s going to live with it not us, if your a true fan of the man then you will be happy for him where ever he or they may land as is the case for king James . I’m a pistons fan but I have a deep respect for great players and the lifestyle that I say their stick with. What I mean but that simply is with all that money their forced to live a different style, remember the KG commercial “I don’t have to worry a house payment”. To wrap it all up these guys are free go and do as they please that’s the loyalty and their right so leave them alone.

  • MajeztyRene’

    Who in the hell is Jarrett Jack ?

  • MajeztyRene’

    If I have to ask…..he’s too new to have that kind of opinion.
    He needs to wait until HE gets ‘jacked’ (sorry) around and/or win a ring before he can speak on Ray.

  • MajeztyRene’

    I just looked up Jarrett Jack….. and he is and will probably remain a non-@#$%^ @#$%% factor. Just sayin.

  • Ray allen baby

    I’m mad he left but it was kindov a good decision. And the celtics are my fav team!!!!

  • Ray allen baby

    Jarrett jack boo boo boo sucks

  • Ray allen baby

    Majezty Rene your good

  • http://gmail.com Gangsta

    Nah u not wrong he’s a traitor.he just made a poor choice.

  • Ray allen baby

    If he wants a championship!!

  • chamlett

    Ray Allen had a better chance winning with the Celtics a team he already knows, a community he already knows. The heat were lucky to get past the Boston Celtics. Paul was hurt, Ray was hurt, Bradley was hurt, Stiemsma was hurt, Oneil quit, wilcox was hurt, Jeff green was hurt and they still took them to game seven. That last game the Celtics bench scored two points, 2 points come on if someone on the bench would have done something bye bye heat. Ray is a sell out. Less money, and coming off the bench come on. What happened to ill do whatever Doc and the team needs me to do. I guess he wasn’t happy doing that. The Heat, of all teams. He’s a mercenary chasing a ring. k.G. did it right. Like Ray wasn’t the only one that trade rumors were about. Hello Paul p and Rondo were about to be traded remember that.

  • Ray allen baby


  • Big Mike

    if i recall steve nash and the suns used to be rivals with the lakers, and i remember the elbows to the eys and things like that, but now he’s a laker, does annybody care?

  • duvatch

    why Jarrett Jack crying for now

  • duvatch

    Jarrett Jack use ray allen’s name for publicity this dude don’t even have a ring yet and he to talk crap .son now is time to get you ass up and chase you ring i bet you will retired with no ring lazy.

  • BallsDeep

    @yc… And hyperbole… and rhetoric… and

  • Rainman

    1. Elbow to the eye was agains the Spurs…
    2. He joined the Lakers mainly because he wanted to stay clsoe to his kids who stay with his ex wife in PHX.
    3. Phoenix hadn’t had a meaningful game against the LAkers in years, so it wasnt like the Suns had just lost (or won) a heartbreaking series to the Lakers and he just went to the LAkers the coming summer. (Like Ray Allen did with Miami)