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Josh Smith Happy With the Atlanta Hawks’ New Direction

It wasn’t too long ago that Josh Smith reportedly wanted out of Atlanta, but after analyzing the Hawks’ roster changes this summer, Smith says he’s excited about the team’s future. Per Hoopsworld: “Atlanta traded away Joe Johnson to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Jordan Farmar, Johan Petro, Anthony Morrow, Jordan Williams, DeShawn Stevenson and a future first-round pick. Shortly after, the Hawks dealt Marvin Williams to the Utah Jazz for Devin Harris, and then signed free agent guard Lou Williams. That’s a lot of change in one offseason, but Smith likes the moves. ‘Since I’ve been in the league, I’ve always been about winning,’ Smith said. ‘I want to one day be able to play for a ring. I want to give myself the opportunity to do that. With a good GM like Danny Ferry and everybody else, I think this organization is heading in a positive direction. Those are guys who can create for themselves and others,’ Smith said of Harris and Williams. ‘We got a guy in Louis Williams who is a pure scorer. He can shoot the ball and really play. Devin Harris is fast, quick and plays similar to Jeff Teague. He can definitely be a facilitator because we have a lot of guys who can really stroke the ball.’ [...] ‘We do have a lot of money coming off the books, especially after this year,’ Smith said. “I don’t know what the plans are. I guess every team that’s unloading money, the media thinks they’re targeting Dwight. And who wouldn’t want a guy like that on your team? He’s the best big man in the league. I’d love to have him. Who wouldn’t? He’s the most dominant big in the game right now.’ Howard and Chris Paul aren’t the only star players who will be unrestricted free agents next summer. Smith is entering the final year of his contract and he’ll be able to weigh his options next offseason. He admitted that players have already started recruiting him, but insists that he’s focused on building a winner in Atlanta. ‘My main concern is playing for the team that I have right now on the Atlanta Hawks and trying to have the best season of my career,’ Smith said. ‘I want to keep getting better as my career progresses and then worry about [free agency] when it comes to that point.’”

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  • Gregg

    I actually like the moves as well. No big names, but it’s a sneaky-good roster, PLUS J-Smoove will be option number one which should work out well so long as he doesn’t jack up 20 footers all night.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    reading the head line i though: josh smith didn’t like joe johnson

  • underdog

    Trading JJ was the best thing that could have happened with this franchise.

  • http://bebe310.blogspot.com/ anonymous

    atl is primed to make at least more trade because having harris, teague and lou will makes for a crowded backcourt. when they traded marvin will for harris I figured they were collecting pieces to go after dwight or someone else.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    This roster isn’t sneaky good. Unless Devin Harris has a complete turnaround in his game they will struggle to make the playoffs.

  • Ldub

    If Josh Smith is the #1 option…this team will not succeed. He can get 24 and 12 with 2 blocks but i wouldnt go to him to close a game out. Dwill type of player would be great in this run n gun offense.

  • pposse

    josh smith and number one option mix like oil and water

  • dma

    josh smith still isn’t going to be getting any shots with black holes in teague, williams and brooks.

  • Mas

    Option #1 Horford, option# 2 Josh, Option# 3 Lou and down the ladder. Farmar and Devin can contribute and Ivan Johnson is solid. It all depends if Al is back strong and ready to go. Korver is a nice pick up too.

  • JL

    J-Smoove’s number one concern should be to work on his jump shot. He must be amongst the league leaders in airballs.

  • http://www.slamonline.com nbk

    You are all about winning, but you like the direction your team is going, which is backward? — Not saying, I don’t think the Hawks are making good moves, just that, if winning is all you care about, this shouldn’t make you happy, your going to win less. — Oh well, i guess this is like Michael Johnson who said disabled athletes who use prosthetic limbs may have an “unfair advantage” and should not be allowed to run in able-body races.
    Yep, because not having legs is an advantage in a foot race, just like winning is the only concern, and winning less makes you happy. Right?

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    More shots for J-Smoove since JJ gone, thats all J-Shoot cares about.

  • http://bebe310.blogspot.com/ anonymous

    there are no players by the last name of brooks on the hawks. farmar who was acquired in the jj trade was always going to be bought out by atlanta and is now set to be waived. smith is not a no. 1 option. maybe smith is happy that jj is gone but atlanta isn`t going anywhere with this current roster. hopefully a trade is imminent. a package deal of horford, teague, harris and their 2013 first rounder for dwight in a 3 or 4 team trade wouldnt be ideal.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Slick Ric

    Josh became their best player last season and should of been an all-star.

  • LA Huey

    I like the Hawks’ moves but it’s hard for me to accept that Josh Smith is capable of seeing the big picture. Makes me feel like he just wants to be higher on the team’s pecking order.

  • Fat Lever

    In other words, “I’m happy I’ll be able to pad my stats in a contract year so that I can get P-A-I-D”

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Fat Lever FTW

  • http://Google Greg T

    You know most people who know Atlanta know we need a winner I think that Josh. I think he can be the player that will lead the team and get better if given the chance he the player that a lot of Teams want and we have him let give him the chance we gave Joe I believe we will not be disappointed in the out come built around him and Al will make the different on the how get better go move DF keep up the good work thank you for coming to Atlanta. And for Josh let them see how you can really ball and. All will not be disappointed he can play better than most just give him chance.

  • http://Google Greg T

    Good moves DM thank for coming to Atlanta

  • http://Google Greg T

    Danny ferry can make the right moves to make Atlanta better he know what Josh can do if you know the game Josh better than James or Kobe if give the chance to shine stop hating on him and let give him some support. Peace