Thursday, July 5th, 2012 at 10:05 am  |  22 responses

Raymond Felton Wants to Play for the Knicks Again

Raymond Felton’s agent tells the NY Post that his client would like to take his act back from Portland to Gotham: “They’ve shown great interest, but there’s stuff they’ve had to get through,’ agent Tony Dutt said. ‘He loved playing in New York. Our choice was to never have left New York. There were no hard feelings. Management handled it the best they could. I don’t think they ever misled us and I never felt they wanted him in that trade.’ The Knicks have the $3.09 million taxpayer mid-level exception to offer Felton, though Dutt said he hoped a sign-and-trade can be done with Portland to get an increased salary. ‘I consider them definitely on his high list,’ Dutt said. ‘He would love to go back. He loved New York and was playing at an all-star level.’”

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  • MirChilly

    Best and most logical pg for the knicks. Lin may have the hype and commercial appeal, but felton has proven that in that system he does extremely well. Plus he doesn’t need to score, good distributor and defender. Just the pg the Knicks need

  • http://www.nba.com Shadojoker

    Charlotte maybe on the list?

  • Mas

    Everyone loves Raymond in NYC.

  • pposse

    what system is that? the one that woodson tried to implement in the last three months? he’s young and foolish to want to be a knick

  • RunNGun

    Everybody wants to play for the Knicks… make it happen, Dolan.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7C0vd-L5lg Munky

    Good match. The Knicks probably won’t retain Lin, and Felton is a better defender. Felt is a mature vet. What league are you watching?

  • http://abcnews.com charliewinning

    I was upset when the Knicks traded him. That was the death of our ball movement. Even though Lin is younger, I actually prefer Felt.

  • mask

    Felton was great in NY and they should definitely try and get him back. let Lin go. I know he is more marketable but when it comes to running the floor felton just does it better.

  • ab40

    dude is at least 250 and has no hops. He’s fat plain and simple. Go to new york as long as they’ve got amare and melo on the same team they’re going nowhere.

  • Drig

    So Melo’s not going to be the only guy outta shape this season?? Fun times……

  • jinolin

    Would be nice to have both Felt and Lin, but at this point a “Fat” Felt > “Fit” Lin (yes some of us NY supporters do favor Defense instead of far east marketability).

  • LA Huey

    Must’ve missed riding Amare’s coat tails.

  • MikeC.

    The only thing that concerns me is how Lin’s potential contract could impact the salary cap. NY cares little about the luxury tax, and Lin’s financial impact negates any negative tax consequences, however a back-loaded deal could choke the cap down the road (enjoy Landry Fields Raptor fans). I’d like to see Felton added and Lin retained. Play them depending on matchups.

  • O

    Lin still hasn’t agreed to anything with Houston. Hopefully he’ll have some kind of loyalty to NYK and sign for a contract that won’t destroy their salary cap. Felton was dope when he signed with NY, but that was in the D’Antoni system. Who knows how he’ll be under Woodson. He didn’t exactly shine in Denver or Portland. Nash was our last hope of being an elite team (not contenders though). But a Lin/Felton PG combo would in the very least be decent.

  • Mas

    How about we send Amare to the Lakers for Gasol? That works with the cap right?

  • O

    @ Max, I thought the same thing, but lets be real, Lakers wouldn’t go for that deal AT ALL.


    TRADE AMAR’E. Also houston really messed with the Knicks on that offer sheet to Lin, knowing they cant match the last 2 years that were backloaded because of their future salary cap.

  • Jason

    Felton over Lin all day….Lin is awful!!!!!!!!!

  • Bernie

    Knicks fans that say trade stat are actually just melo fans

  • jinolin

    @ Bernie— I haven’t seen anything from Stat for a while that entitles him to his salary, I look at it like this, the guy basically missed 6 out of 9 playoff games in 2 seasons while Melo averaged 30 plus in those games, granted Melo dose not commit 100 percent to the game all the time (which is a damn shame to be honest) but between the two you have to lean towards Melo (the franchise guy that can win a few for you).

  • http://slamonline.com Mars

    JKidd IS A TRUMP card

  • C Cornell

    Here’s the difference between Felt in Portland and Felt in NY…He actually wants to play for us!!! Now, I don’t agree with this logic because I’m from the school of thought where you played ya behind off no matter where ya butt is…Not just when you’re where you wanna be. Why? Because had he done that, he would have been able to demand more money. Now….That’s to his detriment…..Not our. We can get him motivate and into tremendous playing shape and even though they didn’t play together both he and Carmelo can possibly get tandem going and if they can make some chemistry with Chandler and Kidd from that championship Dallas squad….NY could have an awesome fornula. Denver may not have won a chip but they sure have gone far in the playoffs a few years in a row…