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Coach Jacque Vaughn Asked Glen Davis to Be in Shape When Season Starts

New Orlando Magic head coach Jacque Vaughn didn’t mince words when he met with forward Glen Davis, asking the big man to make sure he’s in shape when training camp kicks off. From the Orlando Sentinel: “He has met already with Glen Davis, the team’s projected starter at power forward. What was Vaughn’s message to Davis? ‘Just be ready,’ Davis recalled. ‘Just making sure that you’re ready. You’re going to have the opportunity to be a contributor here. You’re going to have the opportunity to do big things, and you just be ready, making sure that you come in [to training camp Oct. 1] the right way, in the right shape, and just holding me accountable.’ Davis entered last season’s training camp, his first with the Magic, a bit out of shape after the five-month NBA lockout. One of his goals this offseason has been to improve his conditioning. Davis attended Vaughn’s introductory press conference Monday and left impressed about his new, 37-year-old coach. [...] ‘I called him a ‘thirsty dog,’ because I know he’s been chomping at the bits to get on that level of coaching. Now he has the opportunity to do that. I’m blessed and fortunate to be in a situation to be his first pupil.’”

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  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Smart coach, LOL

  • Selwyn ( UK )

    In shape ? Round is a shape …. The waist is a terrible thing to mind (Frank Layden)

  • Coach Red

    Huh ? Does this mean Coach Vaughn didn’t greet Davis with “Hi Baby, you seem to be in great shape !” Shocking !!! :-)

  • KC

    Ha i’m sure coaches having been asking him to be in shape for years! Dude obviously loves to eat. If he gets in shape though, he may not be able to play down low because he is very undersized.

  • Brad09


  • bike

    Always nice to ask.

  • RunNGun

    Davis will continue his daily trek to the buffett line followed by Eddy Curry.

  • JL

    Has this guy ever been in shape his whole life? He could be that much quicker if he would just lay off the junk food. eat healthy. it’s directly related to your job performance, so just man up and be a pro.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    This is gonna end badly.

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    Gotta respect vaughns ambition. Directly addressed the elephant in the room at the beginning. Glen does kind of look like an elephant

  • greg

    @jl the peculiar thing is how quick davis is despite being so fat. the guy moves his feet so fast, he would be unstoppable if he was even 270

  • Roscoe

    the new CBA should have a clause that does not allow nba players or nba team dancers to have body fat percentages of 43% or more.