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Dwight Howard Criticized for Skipping His Basketball Camp in Orlando

Needless to say, Dwight Howard’s popularity in the city of Orlando has taken a hit over the last year or so. And now that he’s decided to skip his own basketball camp for kids — preferring to stay in Los Angeles and rehab from back surgery — Howard is facing additional criticism. From the Orlando Sentinel: “According to an official at his annual basketball day camp for children, Dwight Howard will not attend this year, and families who paid the camp’s $199 registration fee were sent e-mail messages Monday to inform them Howard will remain in Southern California in order to continue rehabilitating his back. Originally, Howard was scheduled to be back in Orlando a few days after having out-patient back surgery, but he hasn’t been seen by the Magic in Orlando in more than three months. He has, however, attended at least two Los Angeles Dodgers games and a portion of the adidas Nations basketball tournament in L.A. Howard’s annual camp originally was scheduled for July 1-2 at UCF, and Howard was supposed to attend both days. But it was postponed and rescheduled for Aug. 13-14 at Orlando Volleyball Academy. Although the camp still will be held next week. Andrew Nicholson, the Magic’s first-round draft pick, will fill in for Howard. [...] ‘My 11-year-old grandson loves Dwight Howard, and like probably every other kid signed up for an early registration cost of only $199 … this is another real disappointment to the community and, more importantly, the kids who cherish the thought of seeing and ‘hanging’ with Dwight,’ wrote one disappointed grandparent. Sadly, not only has Howard let down his teammates and the City of Orlando, now he has let down many kids, too. The Dwightmare continues.”

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  • The Mauve Avenger

    Dear Lord can this man do anything right? Definitely my least favorite NBA player and I’m a Magic fan.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    were is dennis scott when u need him? u scared america? say u scared! i’m not scared!

  • peak507

    d howard is a clown

  • T-Money

    this guy…


    lol quickest way to ruin public image, skip out on a youth basketball camp that you’re hosting

  • ThaWindy

    What about the children DW?

  • Red Star

    SMH…imagine being one of those parents who has to explain to their child or children why DW will not be there. I have now lost the little respect I had left for DW. What a clown!

  • Marcos

    I hope fans everywhere remember this. I’m afraid that once he gets back on the court (wherever he lands), and after a coupld dunks, people will be cheering this clown again. Fans should start a campaign saying “I don’t want Howard on my team”.

  • Jub_Al

    Does nobody on his management team or entourage have the balls to tell him that this isn’t good for public image? what kind of ppl does he have around him?!?! Now THAT would be an article I’d be interested in reading about…

  • http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com Shock Exchange

    D12 is probably surrounded by a bunch of “yes men” and sycophants right now telling him what a great public relations move that was. When D12′s career falls off, they’ll be on to the next …

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Dude can do what he wants, easily the best big man in the last 20 years and pro top-3 of all time behind Wilt and Mikan

  • Mr. Goattree

    JTaylor – doing some afternoon drinking again eh?

    Ever heard of Shaq? Olajuwon? Duncan? David Robinson? all easily had better careers than Dwight. If he wants to get ahead of them he’s got to develop an offensive game and win some rings…

  • Mr. Goattree

    and that’s in regards to the last 20 years. The fact that you said all-time and only put him behind Wilt and Mikan is absolutely ridiculous. Bill Russell would have made a fool of Dwight.

  • http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com Shock Exchange

    @Jtaylor21 “Dude can do what he wants” is part of the reason the NBA is in its current predicament. Somewhere Simon Gourdine (former NBA deputy commissioner), Bird, Magic, Dr. J, et al. who were ambassadors for a niche sport must be shaking their heads.

  • pposse

    LOL JTaylor so Dwight is all of a sudden a top 5 bball player of all time?!

  • A.

    If you guys think that’s the real JTaylor21, then…you haven’t been around long enough.

  • http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com Shock Exchange

    ^^ So the Shock Exchange just got punked by the fake JTaylor21. Good one.

  • bike

    Next week’s headline will read “Dwight pushes old lady down a flight of stairs and stomps on her puppy’.

  • http://www.gil1906.com Pve_2

    In his defense he may be legitimately engaged in rehabbing his back. If that is the case his health and career have to come before the kids who wouldn’t want to hang with him if he didn’t have a basketball career.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Not a good look for Dwight at all. The kids just want to see their favorite player. The drama surrounding him up until this point wasn’t all his fault. But this move will haunt him. If he gets traded, whenever he comes back to Orlando, he will be hearing boos close to the ones LeBron got his first time back in Cleveland. Just show up for the kids Dwight. It’s a pretty easy decision to make. Who’s going to replace him? No one wants to see any of the players on the Magic besides Dwight.

  • robb

    That’s the problem with being a fake nice guy. That type of guys eventually get tired of pretending they’re nice and start acting like the doucheb@gs they truly are.

  • JL

    He can’t even show up. Wow. Take a couple days which apparently he’s doing since he’s still going out, but clearly this is a child who can’t even keep his word at much of anything. Can’t commit to a team, can’t commit to the decisions that he makes, can’t commit to a basketball camp with his name on it, just a general indecisive apathetic individual. That’s the best center we have right now in the game? Maybe the Lakers shouldn’t go for him after all? They are still afraid Bynum’s knees will collapse any time, so they will still go for it, but his character is definitely questionable

  • CorySP8

    This guy must have the worst advisors ever, first they told him to sign an extension last season and try to demand a trade this season smh. But to (might as well say) steal money from hard working people and steal dreams from kids is the biggest a-hole move he can make. I hope there is some kind of refund in order.

  • JB

    He was once a role model….now a prima donna like most of the NBA superstars. A$$hole!

  • LeBrOn 4 MvP!

    Yo dWIgHt HoWaRd, You bE On Tht aL DaY, ay BaY bAy, 12 area code ya. no body be reppin 12 these days ya feel me, you just ruin your own reputation with shinanigans like that. brooklyn what! ya heard Me Yo

  • ratguts


  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    He might actually be recovering from surgery…
    Bike, dwight stomping on puppies should be a video game. The more you stomp, the cuter the puppies get. And when dwight stomps on a puppy, blood, rainbows, all star votes and monkey tail palms fly out. …….
    Hedo turkoglu and jj redick will furiously attempt to get the high score from username no.2in03


    Dwight Howard basketball camp ?
    Is he going to teach his one move to go the basket ? right hand hook…
    That should not take to much time and kids can go to Disney see Mickey.

  • miagus23

    @ JTaylor must either be the president of the Dwight Howard fan club or be 8 years old…

  • peak507

    @JTaylor dude you’re clearly drunk