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Allen Iverson – ‘Lord of War’ (WALLPAPER)

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Pound for pound, there may never be another NBA player with as much heart and toughness as Allen Iverson. This wallpaper from Posterizes, the first of its Throwback Series, captures AI conquering his opponent on the court. Download this wallpaper by clicking the links above, or by checking this link out: Allen Iverson Wallpaper.

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  • Caboose

    Can’t wait to play as Ivy in 2k13. Love the wallpaper.

  • datkid

    oh my god so awesome

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    this is so dope.

  • Kevin

    That is badass

  • hyperactive
  • showtime

    Now this is a EPIC wall paper…

  • shutup

    Ehh… was thinking he was gonna be made outta bullets like”the Lord of War” movie poster, Whats that supposed to be the cape from 300?

  • airs


  • http://twitter.com/nahum_dj nhm

    still one of the best ever

  • dan

    He’s carrying the ball

  • Billy Hoyle

    Who was #14…Steve Francis?

  • dooLaa

    Jameer Nelson.

  • http://www.facebook.com/qcollingwood Interdico Scriptor

    Finally.. A homage to a real baller. People forget he was coached by Larry Brown, one of the strictest guys in the L (used to be). Iverson was flat out all heart. I remember seeing him V the Lakers. That year LA were so hyped. No one could stop KB and Shaq.. Apparently. Thing is… no one told Iverson. That day in LA (game one) Iverson flat out balled and took the showbiz Lakers apart. At the time LA was like on a 20 game winning streak. Yeah anyway 48 points later I was an Iverson fan… for life. Before the game started they listed his injuries which literally ran top to toe… then they listed the Lakers and it was like sore this, sprained that. Nevertheless, from that day forth, by his attitude versus Kobe and Shaq’s attitudes, yeah, well.

    Iverson for life!

    How’s this for the meanest 5
    1. Iverson
    2. Jordan
    3. Barkley
    4. Mahorn
    5. R.Wallace (not strictly a 5 but anyway)

  • markymark

    that’s one dope 5. always loved sheed and AI m/

  • ai83

    Sign the A.I. Back 2 NBA Petition http://www.change.org/petition

  • C.31424

    My Top 5:
    C. Paul