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Dwight Howard to Work Out With Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

by Eldon Khorshidi | @eldonadam

Lakers center Dwight Howard has never been shy to reach out to former players, in an effort to gain some insight and work on his game. A few summers ago, Howard seeked out, and then trained with, Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon, to improve his footwork and expand his offensive repertoire.

And now, after only a few weeks in Hollywood, Howard will yet again get in the gym with a storied big man. This time, it’s Laker legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  After Howard mentioned on Twitter that he’d like to work out with Abdul-Jabbar, things came together quickly. On Monday, merely a day later, Howard and Abdul-Jabbar met face to face, and began to forge what is expected to be a long-standing relationship.

More details, via ESPN.com:

“Just sat down with @kaj33,” Howard tweeted after the meeting. “Man God is so good. Was in tears. What a blessing. This is like a dream come true. Go Lakers.” Howard then tweeted a picture of the two of them together with the caption, “Me and @kaj33 together. For many years to come.” The “many years to come” will surely come as music to the ears of Lakers fans worried that Howard might leave after this season when he becomes an unrestricted free agent. Howard said he has not talked about an extension with the Lakers and won’t do so until this season is over. After the meeting, Abdul-Jabbar tweeted the same picture of the two centers and wrote, “#Dwight Howard Great meeting you today – Laker Nation is in great hands for years to come. Now lets WIN a championship.” Abdul-Jabbar added, “#DwightHoward thankful to impart my knowledge to a highly-motivated, gifted, athlete with integrity and focus on the prize – a championship!” The meeting occurred thanks to a simple question asked of Howard by a fan on Twitter. Howard was asked if he was going to work out with Abdul-Jabbar. “I am,” Howard responded. “When I am released.” Howard was referring to getting clearance from his doctors to return to the court after undergoing back surgery in April. The six-time All-Star hopes to be back some time in October. Abdul-Jabbar responded to Howard’s tweet with a tweet of his own on Monday. “Lots of news about me and DH – would be great to coach him but as of now still haven’t met him,”  Abdul-Jabbar worked with Andrew Bynum, who was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers last month in the four-team deal that brought Howard to Los Angeles, as a special assistant coach from 2005-09. The two fell out of favor in 2009, when Bynum reportedly told Phil Jackson and the Lakers’ coaching staff that he no longer wanted to work with the NBA’s all-time scoring leader.

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  • ZOGS

    If Dwight could just remeber FOUR POST MOVES THAT KAREEM TEACHES HIM

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    is Howard actually even started to play basketball after his back surgery.
    iam hoping mcgee destroys him in the playoffs with some hakeem post moves.

  • Feez_22

    Recap: Legends Dwight Howard has worked out with:

    Patrick Ewing- A guy that didn’t have post dominance from the start but worked to attain it to where he scored 25000 points in his career… most similar to Dwight

    Hakeem Olajuwan – Pretty much everyone works with this guy. Hakeem is the most skilled big man I’ve ever seen thats for sure.

    I’m sure there are countless others that have worked with Dwight but these are the notables. Now he will work with kareem, the dude with arguably the most unstoppable move in the history of the game (sky hook). All i know is guys that have worked with hakeem became exponentially better in the post the next year except for dwight. Therefore, its no guarantee that dwight becomes exponentially better working w/ kareem.

  • Max

    Dwight’s game did improve, he’ll make a bank shot every now and than and his hook shots aren’t that bad anymore.

  • Feez_22

    yes it improved but not as exponentially as guys like lebron and kobe, 2 fellow superstars whom with hakeem’s help were able to produce on the block with superior efficiency compared to other players playing their position. We will see if guys like javale and amare also improve like lebron/kobe but dwight still didn’t improve to where he could be relied upon on every post touch to score.

  • Feez_22

    I just think that dwight is way too mechanical on the post. His post game doesn’t have flow and he doesn’t have great touch around the basket. His footwork also is not smooth down in the post. If kareem can help him with these aspects, it will improve his game moreso than learning moves.

  • Zabbah

    Kareem’s move is unstoppable but could someone explain to me how the Sky Hook is distinguishable from any other hook shot? They look absolutely the same to me.

  • Max

    Well, Kobe and LBJ is a different kind of beast than Dwight.
    I think Mcgee will get way better but for Amaré not so much.
    We’ll see

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Dwight actually looks small next to Kareem.

  • Feez_22

    The most distinguishable feature of the skyhook is the extremely high release point. Some hookshots are driving hooks where a player is moving from left to right or vice versa and flings the hookshot up. The skyhook is different as its usually performed by a stationery player and is unique because the arm extends fully away from the player so they cannot block it. You can go to youtube and watch some notable legends do it (kareem, mikan) versus some of the driving hooks players like magic and ewing used.

  • Junior Taylor

    I’m all for players doing whatever it takes to get better, so for once in a long time I commend Howard

  • Max

    With a skyhook you jump with one leg, a hookshot with 2.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Nick Tha Quick

    Also known at “trolling Andrew Bynum” — my city, my team, my spot now my former coach who had absolutely nothing more to teach me?

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    Agreed Max. In the training session McGee looked more relaxed and fluent with his moves but only time will tell.

  • 1982

    So is he cleared to practice or is it just with Legends?

  • shutup

    Wilt was the first player to dunk a hook shot, and Shaq did that already too, but yeah to think Dwight will innovate anything on the offensive end is even bigger of a joke.

  • shutup

    FYI a skyhook can can be shot off two legs and a hook shot can be shot off of one.

  • shutup

    There are actually many different variations of the “hook” shot, you have the baby hook usually done off a short drop step with little wind up (hence the “baby”) it usually starts shoulder up, the “hook” in a hook shot is the sweeping motion which the ball is brought into the shot. There are running hooks like Magic did to win the game against the Celtics, George Mikan used a hook shot but it wasn’t a skyhook, the ball went into offensive motion about waist high, the “skyhook” was named that because of the release (full extension) and the shot is more controlled from the wrist instead of the shoulder, it still goes into offensive motion below the shoulder but ultimately is released with a flick of the wrist, instead of the sweeping “hook” motion of the arm.

  • shutup

    @feez_22:disqus you should watch tape of Kevin McHale, quite possibly the most efficient and skilled post player the NBA has ever seen. Patrick Ewing’s post game was never back to the basket dominant, he is one of the greatest jumpshooting centers off all time, he was a defensive stopper in college and developed his touch much to everyone’s surprise.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Turn the top 50 into a top 100 and get this shit poppin

  • http://www.facebook.com/gametimeweezy Wayne Lee

    gametimeweezy: Thats what Bynum did, for all the ppl that said hes better then D12… Personally I think Dwight is on a whole notha level then Bynum, but he can still learn a thing or 2 from the Captain..

  • http://www.facebook.com/gametimeweezy Wayne Lee

    The Sky Hook is Kareem’s signature shot, nobody has mastered the shot like him.. nobody releases it as high, consistently all net from 16ft and in, it was a high percentage shot at least 65-70%.

  • roscoe

    Look closely at the photo… Kareem’s smile is photo-shopped.

  • Greg

    At this point, between Nash and Dwight, Dr Ho would be more useful to the lakers

  • bogs booni

    Great! Now another great that Dwight will end up not listening to.

  • http://twitter.com/AjpDos Allen Powell

    McGee ‘s feet weren’t right and his base wasn’t that strong. I wouldn’t expect too much although I hope I am wrong.

  • BigbeatsCT

    dwight is only 6’10-6’11 Kareem is just over 7’1 thats why no one could ever block his sky hook he shot the ball down if you could even block it, it would be called a goal tend, I always wonder why more big men don’t try this move, Probably cuz they think they’ll look lame

  • justin05

    He’ll eat McGee’s ass up just like he would yours.

  • justinm05

    He is on another level..and nba fans are about to find that out.

  • shutup

    LMAO @the vote downs, so a running hook doesn’t count as a hookshot? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fySp51bhsQ one-footed hookshot, not a skyhook. LMAO

  • Max

    Haha, guess a running hook is the exception. It kinde looks like a skyhook imo.

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    I didnt think the lakers would make howard eat male asses this quick.
    But your right its still the lakers.

  • shutup

    No not really, heres a video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTOX467D6PY )of George Mikan first shot is a standing one footed hook shot, not a sky hook. The difference being that the Skyhook is released with a flick of the wrist a hookshot is released with the momentum of the swing of the arm, compare Mikan’s to Jabbar’s in the video there is a distinct difference.

  • Max

    Got it, wasn’t thinking bout that.
    I just think about the differences with the feet first when I think about hookshot – skyhook.