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Dwight Howard Wanted to Avoid Being Hated Like LeBron James

Dwight Howard claims that all of his indecision, and the nauseating flip-flopping he did while in Orlando was to avoid becoming a villain in the eyes of some fans the way that LeBron did. Whoops! From ESPN: “While his long-term future remains uncertain, there is one thing Dwight Howard knows for sure — even after countless rounds of talks for his services between several teams over many months. ‘I don’t have any regrets, you know. I think everything happened the way that it was meant to happen,’ Howard said. ‘I really just wish some of the lies and some of the things being said didn’t come out the way it did, you know. But I have an opportunity to do something great here in L.A, and I can’t look back and think about everything that’s behind me.’ [...] ‘That’s one of the lessons that I learned, you know. I can’t make everybody happy,’ Howard said. ‘And it was a tug of war between my feelings and the fans and everybody else and their feelings and what happened to LeBron. And I saw him — everybody hated him for leaving Cleveland and what he did,’ Howard said of LeBron James’ free-agent move from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat in 2010. ‘I never wanted anybody to hate me, you know. I wanted everybody to love me, you know, like me, for sticking around and doing what they wanted me to do. And making everybody else happy. And that was a valuable lesson for me, you know. I can’t make everybody happy.’”

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  • Feez_22

    So… Dwight tried to not be hated like lebron james by doing orlando worse than lebron did cleveland? Makes sense.

  • Zabbah

    Well, no shit Dwight.

  • JML-G

    Dwight Howard with all those annoying comments and his goofy jokes is already far more hated than Lebron.. saying u want to be beloved means that u will get even more hate for telling people what to do lol – start winning and u will be fine, buster

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Dwight had a chance to watch LeBron’s first season after getting to Miami. I hope he saw that he should just play ball and not try to prove anyone wrong on anything. Being liked means nothing. He has his team. He has Adidas. He doesn’t need anything else. Being liked is extremely overrated especially when you’re a public figure and the people (fans) who say they don’t like you don’t really know you personally.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Dwight says he will be who he is. But that playing around and joking stuff won’t fly playing with Kobe and Nash. He better get all of his impressions out now before he suits up because Kobe and Nash are serious dudes when it comes to the game. Neither one of those guys jokes around while playing. Dwight will need to get serious now that he’s on a team that will either win a championship or have a failed season in a lot of people’s eyes. Any kind of pressure he felt in Orlando will be nothing compared to what he feels in LA.

  • c.a.

    Actually watching that interview…. All I saw was Howard as a lost little boy. Everyone on here will comment ‘man up’ etc, but he looked like someone who genuinely didn’t know what the hell to do. When people are burning your jersey at the ago of 20-something that is going to get to you – hell, most people these days cannot deal with being hated on those crappy social network sites. Maybe he is just a good actor but we are so used to seeing these polished, media-savvy robots that you forget to think what the hell YOU would do. I am not really a Dwight fan, but he did seem a bit vulnerable (potentially bad news for the Lakers..)

  • pposse

    wow! how annoying can this guy get?!! Why does he even speak Lebron’s name in his comments? Is he still trying to deflect the negative attention and blame Lebron for it? This fool needs a reality check. I hope Lebron dunks it all over Dwight next year on christmas or whenever they play the lakers!!

  • spit hot fiyah

    win a chip and almost everyone outside of orlando will forget

  • Key_34

    Got no problems with what he said. I don’t think a lot of guys want to deal with what LeBron had to (or still) dealt with in regards to leaving Cleveland. His detractors say it was the Decision, but we all know it was because he left Cleveland mostly. Dwight wanted to leave, but didn’t want to be hated and deal with the LeBron level backlash. Which at the end of the day, probably made it just as bad.

  • pposse

    ‘lost little boys’ shouldnt be making 1/10,000th the amount of money that Dwight makes. He should have just done what Melo did or keep his mouth shut until the deal got done. Instead he interjects interviews where stan van tells the media that dwiight asked for him to get fired..and repeatedly flip flops. Lebron was tight lipped about his decision, his only downfall apparently was telling the world via a tv special while raising 3 million dollars for kids.

  • Zacharie St-Hubert

    Idk why people took him mentioning Lebron to offense. What he saying actually gives credit to Lebron. He is saying that he wanted to be loved and not hated. He later admits that he just has to do what is best for him and that he can’t make people happy. He must only care for himself. He in doing that actually admits to how Lebron made the better decision and how you can’t please everybody.

  • Francis

    FAIL… I’m not one of the fans that’s going to hate on him but, he definitely gets an F if his goal was to not be hated. The haters are going to hate him HARD.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    i think it was pretty clear he was trying to save his image the whole time. but he is more hated than LeBron, especially now that he is a Laker. But wouldn’t have been, had he just done what he wanted in the first place.

  • TV63

    D. Coward isn’t out of the clear yet. HE will feel the wrath once the season begins. Will it be as bad as what Lebron went through? Who knows?

  • Datkid


  • http://twitter.com/AjpDos Allen Powell

    Man, most folks have known this for a long time buddy. It was painfully obvious, and it was the NUMBER ONE reason why you were a sucker. Ol’ pandering, fake n*gga. Grown men make their own decisions. Be a man.

  • Junior Taylor

    I said this since day one. The guy lacked a backbone and was afraid to stand by his own decision.


    looooooooooool this dude is funny

  • bike

    Everyone likes to bash Bynum for being immature and how the Lakers got a major upgrade trading him for DH. Defensively, yes they got an upgrade; maturity, no they may have downgraded slightly.

  • M Cho

    Dwight is the poster boy for this soft generation of ballers.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I disagree. Being indecisive but still putting up 20 and 10 > double-parking in a handicapped spot and shooting 3 pointers. Dwight wins the maturity contest hands down.


    right on point

  • Red Star

    Someone get that fn diva off my team, PLEASE!!!

  • Caboose

    Yes Dwight, you played it well, all us Magic fans love you.
    Wait, what?
    We don’t?
    Oh right.
    Yeah, you couldn’t have done this worse.

  • rreeerrrunnn

    In reality, LeBron is an angel compared to the bullshit that Dwight pulled all last season and on

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    well, what Dwight really wanted was plainly obvious. The media and the Magic just mangled what he wanted into turning him into a villain. Him trying to be liked just made it much much worse.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Dwight’s biggest problem has been his desire to be liked by everyone. I hope he’s let that go. I still put half of the Orlando drama on the organization. Chris Paul handled his situation in New Orleans perfectly. Better than Melo in Denver. Better than LeBron leaving Cleveland as a free agent with the TV show. Better than Deron Williams in Utah. If Dwight wanted to watch someone do it right, he should have watched CP3.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    As for the comparison with Bynum, I’m interested in seeing how he plays as the number one guy in Philly. I still believe Kobe never gave he and Pau enough touches. That team in Philly is solid. The only thing they’re missing is a good/great wing player.

  • Edjing

    Howard making a clean deepSh|t… lolxz

  • errday

    Dwight is WAY more mature than Bynum, on and off the court. Ever seen those flying elbow smackdowns from Dwight?

    Despite this, I like Bynum more now. Sorry Barea, I’m trying to do you good.

  • Yi-Cheng Chen

    precisely, be a man!

  • gezusvs

    i wished more people realized that lebron played out his contract in cleveland h didnt cop the team, the fans and the city trying to make some statement. besides the bonehead decision fiasco he didnt really do anything wrong other than offend a fan base whom he was very good to. he was a free agent, nothing like what melo did and his crying and d howard and his drama.

  • roscoe

    not to take away from the fact dh12 bs over the past year or so was annoying as anything in the history of sports, but. . .
    the anger & hurt Bron bron dished by leavin OH to go to sunnyNhappy MIA will always be worse than shaq or dh12 going 2 la la bc ORL still has the sun & fun things to do while OH is well always going to be OH.

  • L Dribble

    Bynum has shot 9 threes in 392 games – what are you talking about? One clip you watched on Youtube?